Microsoft breaks down new features which help you use Outlook on Apple devices

Outlook and Edge on iOS
Outlook and Edge on iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Outlook will gain several new features across Apple devices.
  • Outlook for iPad will gain Split View multitasking, and Do Not Disturb will roll out to iOS soon.
  • Microsoft outlines upcoming features and some handy current features in a recent post.

Microsoft may have 150 apps and billions of installs on Android, but that doesn't mean the company doesn't care about people on Apple devices. A recent tech community post (opens in new tab) from Microsoft announces new features that will roll out to Outlook on iPads and other iOS devices. It also highlights several ways that people can stay in touch through Outlook on the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Outlook will soon support Split View. This feature allows people to multitask on iPads. Split View itself is several years old, but in the latest version of iPadOS, you can run multiple instances of the same app in Split View. For example, the new feature for Outlook will allow you to open multiple emails at once on your iPad. Outlook on the iPad will also support other multitasking features like drag and drop.

Outlook for iOS will also soon support Do Not Disturb. You can silence notifications for a set amount of time or set a schedule to have notifications not disturb you.

Microsoft's focus on Android and iOS is proving to be the right call

Microsoft's post also highlights the fact that you can use Outlook on your Apple Watch. Apple WatchOS supports customizable complications, and you can use this with Outlook. These allow you to see your schedule easily or quickly access your Outlook inbox. The post also reminds people that they can use Siri Shortcuts for Outlook.

Lastly, the post shows off how people can use Office Lens and inking in Outlook for iOS to take images of documents and annotate them.

The new features outlined in the post will roll out over the next several weeks.

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  • I'm not quite sure how Microsoft would address this, but there are some pretty big issues with using Outlook on iOS. This mostly involved contact sync. 1. Using a Dual SIM iPhone, when syncing contacts from Outlook, if I set SIM card defaults to each contact, they are overwritten at some point by the app. This means I have to rely on last used SIM only. 2. Adding pictures to contacts for iMessage in iOS 13 doesn't really work because of the same reason above. Outlook will remove these from your iOS contacts at some point. It would be great if Apple & Microsoft could partner on this to allow contacts to sync and still use iOS specific features such as Dual SIM defaults and contact pictures.
  • Valid points.
    It would be great if Apple & Microsoft could partner on this to allow contacts to sync and still use iOS specific features such as Dual SIM defaults and contact pictures.
    I'm sure MS would like that too and to work on Your Phone, but from what I understand Microsoft has reached out, but Apple is not interested in cooperating on either.
  • Just get a Mac or at least use Apple's contact system. Stop trying to mix ecosystems.
  • Why? Wouldn't it overall be better to have more options regardless of platform?
  • If you want the headaches, sure.