Microsoft is bringing Minecraft to the Wii U, alongside griefing Creepers

First we had the PC version, then we had the console release. Next up was mobile, and now we have an announcement that sees Microsoft bring Minecraft to the Nintendo Wii U. What's more is those with the console won't have to wait long as the official launch date is December 17. The game itself will cost $29.99 on the eShop and will come bundled with six most popular add-on packs.

The Wii U Edition of Minecraft will support off-TV play, allowing players to continue building blocks on the gamepad, while others enjoy their favorite shows on TV. Are you an owner of the Wii U? If so, let us know in the comments if you'll be picking up Minecraft when it's released.

Source: Mojang

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  • Very wise move for MS.
  • It is a wise move, but it should've happened a long time ago. Now, the timing is weird, as Wii U sales are comparably stagnant and Nintendo is already talking about their next console. It's even more mind-boggling that Minecraft hasn't launched on 3DS yet. That should've happened years ago too. Microsoft would be smart to get that version out as soon as possible too. If Minecraft is going to continue its march towards becoming the best-selling game of all time, picking up a million more on Wii U and several million more on 3DS is a must.
  • Haha, Minecraft on 128 MB RAM? Good luck. I don't think Microsoft can do magic. :'D
  • Wow, I had no idea the 3DS was so underpowered. I was going to point out that Minecraft runs on the Raspberry Pi and then found out that baby has 1GB of RAM. I guess that explains why it isn't on 3DS.
  • Fun fact: The 3DS (which launched in 2011) uses a PICA200 GPU, which was introduced in 2006. In other words, this now 4 year old console, was already incredibly outdated on release.
  • Also, it has 6MB (yes, 6) video RAM.
  • Infact Wii was quite under powered too.
  • N3ds platform maybe original that it launched with no
  • I wonder how MGS:3D was ported on it.
  • Sad thing is the rumored handheld is only slated for Japanese market
  • Much wise
    Wise very
  • Wii u love... That's rare.
  • please don't bring Rare to the subject, lol
  • I don't think he was talking about the company lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Glad to see this happen as it's the perfect match for Nintendo consoles. This will be a very big seller on the system. I own a Wii U but won't be buying as I'm not a player of MC at all but it's good to see.
  • Minecraft Wiindows 10 edition lol!
    Also, eStore?
  • eShop
  • Wonder if they'll do the expensive cross buy Nintendos been promoting
  • Greedy fanboyism hates this... ...but it makes perfect sense. Basically one young kids play the Wii, which is Minecraft's base audience.
  • Thank you, says daughter. Grrr says cash-strapped dad.
  • Sorry but couldn't help but to laugh..... I'm in same boat I've have 2 out 4 kids asking for Minecraft everything
  • This is wonderful news. Sad to read the comments about it on Nintendolife. Sometimes I wonder why I go there because it's full of snobs who know nothing about anything system that isn't created by Nintendo. I've heard enough cringeworthy and ill-informed comments about the Xbox and Microsoft to last me a lifetime.
  • Why? What are they saying about it? I assume that site is filled with Nintendo fans. They're not happy about finally getting a chance to play Minecraft?
  • I went over to the article about it and the comments seemed pretty normal to me. Some people excited about it, some complaining about the price, some saying it should have came sooner, some don't care, some were hoping for bigger news. I.e. Nothing to be alarmed about. Not sure what the OP is referring to.
  • Last time I checked, the number of people excited is low compared to all the people complaining about the price (even though DLC is being included and it's still cheaper than most retail games) and ignoring the fact that they are finally getting one of the most popular games in existence even though every other article they are always complaining about the lack of support from third parties. It feels like the is no winning there.
  • Yeah, I mean, at this point in the Wii U's life cycle, any Wii U owners should be ecstatic about any third-party support, let alone an announcement that the most popular game of the past half decade is finally coming to their console. I understand that it's $30 instead of $20, and that it is like sloppy-ninths, given how many other platforms it's on, but it's still Minecraft and Wii U is lucky to have it.
  • Ever read any of the miiverse comments on announcement articles that have nothing to do with it? Its wasted space that should've been removed by admin accounts but no they dont
  • there is a tendency for Nintendo fans to disregard everything non-Nintendo, even in Nintendo platforms. That's one reason why the third-parties have left Wii U.
  • These kind of fans need to die slowly
  • I consider myself a fan of both Nintendo and Microsoft, but I sure can see their faults clear as day. that blind fanboyism is what makes me hate Apple fanboys.
  • It's frustrating because I want Nintendo to succeed but the fans aren't helping and the lack of features compared to even last gen consoles is hurting them.
  • I find some 3rd party devs just screw themselves over by adding to many unnecessary exclusives to these kind of ports. Alot of them still dont know how to program motion control's properly for example
  • I'm a Wii U owner but will probably skip this (already have the Windows 10 BETA edition), as I don't really play Minecraft. I might pick it up for the Xbox One though because GAMERSCORE!
  • Never played it, but aside from DLC is there a new version in the works? Some things are better left untouched. What are the pure fans, the kids, opinion?
  • The DLC is only cosmetic stuff. It doesn't affect gameplay (as it shouldn't). There isn't a "new version in the works" (except for VR and HoloLens versions); they simply provide steady and free updates to the current game. It's changed a lot over the years, and the constant, free updates keep it fresh.
  • I thinik this was already on the way before MS bought Minecraft (and Mojang in the process), as I've already read about this port before.
    as a Wii U (and XBO) owner, it's goot to see MS allowed them to continue. It's nice to still see some fair play nowadays.
    and at least this time MS already have it in it's own platforms before releasing in the competition's.
  • Well if anything their both trying to keep sony at arms length. When you have retail partners that give sony all the limelight with hardware discounts its a hard time to be a microdo fan
  • eShop*
  • Bah, silly names. And silly me for not having enough coffee. Consider this fixed, fixed and even more fixed. :-)
  • I'm praying to the game gods. Maybe someday Nintendo launch Zelda franchise games on other platforms...
  • That'll happen when Sony or someone buys the rights off Nintendo's bankrupted corpse. (I don't see them going bankrupt, but that's the circumstances that could cause it.)
  • I hope not.
  • There is **** near zero chance of that happening.
  • I know... I don't believe in gods anyway... :'(
  • Ever herd of emulation
  • I knew it! M$ is abandoning XBOX and Windows!!!!
  • Not sure if troll or stupid...
  • Have you honestly not noticed how many 'WP is dead' comments start with Microsoft developing software for other platforms? I was pointing out the idiocy of those comments. It obviously flew right over you.
  • Probably a bit of both.
  • >Mojang announces one game for Wii U
    >"MS is abandoning Xbox :("
  • Windows phone cancellation confirmed!!!1!!1!!
  • Wow tweet2nowhere... Are you for real? Of course Microsoft wouldn't abandon Xbox and Windows. Its one of their main points of revenue. You seem to have your facts wrong. Sorry to sound mean.
  • He's joking.
  • Calm your **** he is being sarcastic Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Late to the party but welcome indeed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Even though I don't play it, I might actually get this.
  • My kid, and my GF's kid both have a WiiU and both are super excited for this coming to their favorite console. 
  • I hope to get it! My son Minecraft on the iPad, but it is quite limited. I hope the Wii U version is better. I also hope it comes to Wii U shop in Japan. If U.S. only, I'll be sad.
  • But my little brother lost the game pad..... How does something that size get lost!
    Does this support multiplayer? I've only played pocket edition Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One