Microsoft brings new Outlook features to Windows, the web, and its mobile apps

Microsoft is making moves to bolster Outlook across several platforms, with new features rolling out now or set to roll out in the coming months. In a new blog post (opens in new tab) this week, the Outlook team detailed new features coming to Windows, Mac, the web, and the Outlook mobile apps.

In Outlook Calendar, users will now get bill pay reminders based on bills you receive in your email. The feature will automatically create a calendar event on the due date and send you an email reminder two days before the bill is due.

In Outlook for Windows, you can now receive suggested event locations and meeting rooms. "Even before you start typing, Outlook offers suggestions for your meeting location, including recently used (and available) conference rooms and other common locations," Microsoft says. "Once you start to type in the location field, Outlook suggests options based on Bing and then autocompletes your meeting location with the necessary information." This feature ties in nicely with Outlook for iOS, which can use your location, destination, and traffic updates to notify you when it's time to leave for your event.

For Outlook on Windows and on the web, RSVP tracking and forwarding will let you easily track responses and RSVPs for meetings, as well as control whether calendar invitations can be forwarded.

Outlook RSVP tracking

On the Outlook Mail side of things, Outlook users on iOS can now see the details of your organization directory in your contact information. Proxy support is also now included for Outlook on iOS and Android, and Outlook for Windows users will now get a warning when they've been blind copied (Bcc) on an email and are responding.

As for what's coming soon, there are quite a few new features in the pipeline, mostly for Outlook's mobile apps. The option to sync your drafts between devices, so you can draft a message on one device and finish it on another, will hit Outlook for iOS this month (it's already available for Windows, Mac, and Android). Office Lens technology is also coming to Outlook for Android in May, allowing you to quickly capture details from things like whiteboards, documents, and photos for your emails.

Quick reply is coming to Outlook for Android in May and later this summer for Mac, while the option to tag your favorite people in your contacts is coming to Outlook for iOS and Android in June.

Those are the major new additions hitting Outlook across platforms, but there are some smaller tweaks coming as well. For more, check out Microsoft's full blog post (opens in new tab).

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  • MS Planner would be a useful feature not just for business subscribers. I wish there was the option to purchase that service in addition to whatever version of office you have. Same with Teams. Some these items I feel like could be additional features you purchase to add to the Office packages already offered. That would really help complete outlook.
  • So much development than Google can offer, I'm in love with MSFT ecosystem ;)
  • Seems that the rumor that they were winding down Windows UWP app development. Updates for the web, iOS, Android and the classic win32 Outlook. The UWP apps were already way behind in features and the gap gets bigger every month
  • I think that Microsoft should just make a nice PWA for seeing as its more feature packed then the UWP app. As much as I love the looks of the fluent design on the UWP app I think its going to fall behind.
  • I have a feeling that it is on the way
  • From the blog post: Block external content—Images embedded in emails may contain content that alerts the sender that you’ve opened their email. Tracking which emails are opened can be important to digital marketers. But if you don’t want this to be tracked, Outlook now helps to protect you and your inbox and block this external content. Coming to Outlook for Android May 2018. About time! This was a definite step backward moving from Mail on Windows Mobile/Phone.
  • I keep asking that Outlook on Android syncs the contact photos. It's absolutely annoying that my Windows Phone syncs the photos without a problem, but that feature has been left out of Outlook for Android. Microsoft sent me the following link to suggest this feature:
  • Try helping out a friend with tech question about Outlook...the naming convention for the service/app/desktop app/web UI is a total mess.