Microsoft brings operator billing to the Xbox Store

Xbox gamers on select mobile carriers can now take advantage of operator billing on the Xbox Store, Microsoft has announced (opens in new tab). With operator billing, gamers will be able to easily buy games through the Xbox Store on Xbox One — and in the Xbox App on Windows 10 — by charging the purchase right to their phone bill.

Unfortunately, the list of supported mobile operators is currently limited to 9 — here's a look:

  • Beeline Russia
  • DNA Finland
  • Elisa Finland
  • O2 Germany
  • O2 UK
  • Swisscom Switzerland
  • Telenor Hungary
  • Telenor Norway
  • Telenor Sweden

If you're a customer of one of the operators on the list, getting set up is easy. All you have to do is choose the "Add a new payment method" option while going through with a purchase. Then select "Mobile phone," choose your operator and enter your phone number. After receiving and entering a verification code, you're good to go. Do note that if your mobile operator isn't currently available, Microsoft says it will be working to add more as time goes on.

Will you be using operator billing to purchase games from the Xbox Store? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Good. Now waiting for it to come to India.
  • Waiting it come to Indonesia too, and I hope it can be used to pay xbox live gold subscription too, so I do not need to purchase the gift code from online stores anymore.
  • Saw this the other day...obviously be more useful if more operators are supported (Three for me!) but more choice always welcome
  • Can someone explain me why the services cannot be supported for all the countries they providing the xbox? I am curious how the process works. For example Netflix supports the service globally. Microsoft many services like Groove music, Cortana(full support), rent movies etc is not supported on many countries . They usually start on US and then UK. Why is this always happening?
  • I guess they need to make an agreement with each service provider which takes time and costs money.
  • Rights. Companies like Netflix and Spotify is entirely based on things where rights have an effect, so they have a big workforce dedicated solely to this which makes them able to expand their services more quickly. Microsofts main business have next to nothing to do with regional rights, so their rights compartment is not as big and they have to work slower on rolling out.
  • Ah thanks for the explanation
  • Cool!
  • I must live under a rock, I just don't see much need for this. What is the advantage? Is it a way to defer payments, is that the upside? Otherwise, surely anyone with a mobile will already have a bank card. Nice to see new features, but this seems like an odd one.
  • Some people prefer to pay through their phones.
  • But why?
  • In many countries, not all people have credit card. And I'm one of them. I always do my purchase on MS Store with my operator billing.
  • Nope that's the problem; many people don't have a _credit_ card but have a mobile. Debit cards hardly ever work online so you need to have either a credit card or a mobile billing system. Trust me it's worth it; google posted  some stats a few years back, and same for MS.
  • I have not had a credit card for 12 years. My debit card is accepted widely. But I'll trust you.
  • And in many countries, credit cards are rare, but phone billing is common. In places like the US, where credit card usage is high and debit cards are accepted at virtually every place that accepts credit cards (a few exceptions -- try renting a car with debit card), this has less value, which is probably why you don't see any US operators on the list.
  • This is great... Now if only CRICKET US mobile would get on board
  • Telenor Hungary, yes!!! :D I guess I won't cancel my Telenor plan now, and keep it alongside with my Vodafone employee plan :D Btw, I've been searching everywhere how to set up carrier billing in the Windows Store (mostly on my phone), and I didn't figure it out. But now it works, just like it did with WP 8.1. Wasn't it possible earlier? Or was I the one that was too lame? :D