What you need to know

  • Hundreds of sessions from Microsoft Build 2020 are available on demand.
  • Keynotes, recaps, and other sessions are part of the on demand catalogue.
  • Build 2020 was an all-digital event, so there's quite a bit of content to see.

Microsoft Build 2020 was an all-digital event with hundreds of virtual sessions for developers. Now, 578 sessions are available on demand to help people catch up and study sessions from the conference. You can view all the sessions on Microsoft's website and filter content by the day it streamed, topic, product, and several other parameters.

Build 2020 included several major announcements when it comes to Windows development, including Project Reunion combining the app development of Win32 and UWP apps and the release of Windows Package Manager. You can read more about these in our recap of the biggest Build 2020 announcements.

Developers weigh in on Microsoft's all-digital Build 2020 conference

Microsoft shifted to an all-digital format with relatively little notice, and many people commended the company for its successful format switch. In addition to being online, Build 2020 was more accessible as it was free. Usually, people have to pay over $2,000 to attend Build.

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