Microsoft: Buy a Chromebook and get Scroogled

Don’t get Scroogled. Whether you’re considering using Gmail or buying a Chromebook, Microsoft doesn’t want you doing it. To make the point at how useless a Chromebook is, Ben the PC Guy went to Venice Beach to ask passerby’s what they thought of the device that quite function without an internet connection. Video and reactions below.

Our boy Ben lays the knowledge to folks on why the Chromebook isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you can make the argument that it does what most people might use a PC for at an attractive price. Then you consider that a device like the Asus T100 is on par in pricing and does everything a Chromebook does and more. When you’re comparing the two it’s kind of hard to really make a compelling argument that the Chromebook is a better value.

Do you guys see a Chromebooks as a threat to Microsoft?

Source: YouTube, Via: WinSuperSite

Sam Sabri
  • There's another Scroogled commercial I saw today with the guys from Pawn Stars. They wouldn't buy one from a customer. I laughed my butt off!
  • I saw that one a while ago :P
  • It was posted last week, To be honest I'm kind of sick of this "Scroogled" campaign.   
  • Why? Everyone loves to pour scorn on Microsoft. I used to be  Google Apps guy. I played with a Chromebook for a while. Then I was an all Apple guy. (iPhone, iPad, Macbook (still got that), Apple TV, Timecapsule) But I have gone back to a Surface RT,, Xbox, Office 365 and Skydrive. OneNote is what I live my life on. And you know what, right now, Microsoft has the best complete set of tools. I way prefer RT Surface to iPad, and Outlook.Com and clean non skewmorphic rules. My Macbook feels dated everytime I use it now (which is rare).  So, I ask you, Why? Why should MS lay down and take a kick in the head from the Apple hipsters? Why can't they point out that Android and Googles products are spying on you? Why should they tell you a Chromebook is a brick, with limited functionality, privacy issues and useless withouth an Internet connection.Why? I'm glad MS are giving it back to Apple and Google who spend all their time poking fun, infering MS are old and gone. Right now, MS is actually the best broad product set. Add in my Windows Phone, and its all wonderful. Good for them.
  • This!!! Exactly
  • Amen, brutha...preach on! +1
  • Great post
  • Yes! +8X
  • And there you go!
  • Could have said it better than this. But it would be a waste of time since you mentioned it all. LOL
  • I do use gmail for youtube...and win8.1 + i am into both the ecosystems because i do use chrome apps on win 8.1......they r cool though!
  • I would kill for a Microsoft version of YouTube.
  • Yes, me too.
  • They r focussing on improving their ecosystem lately, lets see they might stop some killings :p
  • Dev unlocked my 928 so I could side load the YouTube app that was pulled. Untill MS releases one that works (aka, El Goog approves it), thats they way I have to play for now.
  • No matter which app you use, u need to have a GOOGLE account to sign in
  • Create a fake one just for youtube. If google wants to spy on an account that I never use except to log on to youtube, they can be my guests.
  • +920.
  • I was an all Apple chap, then all Android, have to say that as im now all in with MS I feel kinda dumb about the fact i didnt see the glaring limitations and uselessness of using the former.  MS is telling the truth...the truth hurts, lets post these on the Android forums!
  • I rate this 920/920. Very good post!
  • Couldn't have said it better myself ;)
  • Yup. I've had a total of two iPads and love the tablet form factor. After using my Surface Pro 2, iPad just feels like a toy. It is very useless and neutered by comparison. A more expensive eBook reader. Anyway, iPad ended up being sold. As far as RT, when Surface Pro 2 can get 8 hours of battery life, even the RT seems neutered. Of course ... Still better than iPad. I suppose price is the only deciding factor now.
  • I guess it's not fair to compare tablets to a laptop that can work as a tablet. For a lot of people, the Surface Pro is overkill and not worth the extra cost vs Surface 2. but, when you compare the iPad to the Surface 2, it's still a big difference in functionality. Having Office on a 500$ tablet is a big deal too
  • Price is definitely a deciding factor! :) Still happy with my RT, altough you do have do accept its limitations. Mate of mine adores his Surface 2. For me, it was not only price but also the form factor and OS. Atom tablets running Win8 with more power and storage existed, but they were comparatively clunky and didn't have the i/o ports. I like that I can't install anything that doesn't come from the Store - because nobody else can either! ^_^. It's an "applicance-like" PC that still lets me get real work done. Practically zero administration effort. Love it.
  • I agree. If Microsoft had never thought of this ad campaign, we Windows Phone users can have a nativley-coded YouTube app already than a HTML5 one and Google making a lot of excuses though all three sides alraedy know it's Microsoft's ad campaign that started the "YouTube app" war. So can Microsoft stop this nonsensical ad campign before they even cause most of us current WP users to use Android phones 99% of the time just for only for YouTube?
  • I don't suffer from using the HTML5 youtube player. The native player that you may want from google would be littered with "Skip Ad" and incredibly STUPID annotations filling the playback screen. I believe has been ruined lately because of all that watermarking going on. No thanks! Ill take the cleaner interface that we enjoy currently. Don't get scroogled!
  • Microsoft's recently released Xbox One has a YouTube app. Google doesn't have a product to compete with the Xbox so they allowed it. They see Windows Phone as a threat, the same as iOS, however iOS has too big an audience to simply ignore. With Windows Phone's continued growth though, I can see a day where eventually google will have to suck it up and play nice.
  • Not really. If you remember, the last bit of Google's reason when revoking Microsoft's API access is, because the app created by Microsoft is named YouTube. So unless Google itself make the app, I guess we won't have any app named YouTube. In term of trademark rules, it make sense. I still detest them for doing this, but they have a valid point.
  • Your sick of the "scroogled" campaign?  Interesting, MS is getting traction on this campaign similar to the old Apple I'm a PC campaign.  Just pointing out the real differences on products while having fun.  I think the Apple campaign is what actually caused MS to take a more consumer view of their products.
  • I dont like those ads. To me its reverse advertisement(people will buy whatever Microsoft mock).
  • Oh, ok...    
  • And also...
  • yea, those really worked well for Apple, it was the main reason the Mac climbed out of the 5% market share it had, all the way to 7% 
  • Gotta love Ben.
  • Guys, I love you all. Google must die!! ;) As for lack of a YouTube app? Metrotube! It is a-MAZ-Ing! (complete with singing voice and background audio hehe)
  • Metrotube is a real and great YouTube app in Windowsphone and Windows 8.x. Don't need more than it.
  • laughed my butt off?? you should check the "Like" meter on every scrogled video...
  • Microsoft, You are giving free publicity to chromebooks which most people did not even heard about it. Spend your money/time on marketing the windows products.
  • Alot of people know about Chromebook...not sure why you would say they didn't.
  • 90% of people I know would of maybe heard of it, but wouldn't know anything about it
  • Well that's my point, and now they know more about it. And hopefully realize that its a joke.
  • 80% of statistics are made up to add weight to a point
  • Ahahahaha, true story, you just made my day :)
  • And now they will now that they are inferior to pretty much any budget pc. If Microsoft didn't put out these ads, your friends might get their information from ads that are created by the oems who make chromebooks. You think those ads will show how limited a chromebook really is?
  • Yeah, alot of people know about chromebook but when it comes down to it they choose a windows device because of windows benefits.
  • I would hope so. Chromebook is laughable.
  • True you...!
    no one knows any about *chrome except the web browser and the metal finish on their cars here in India!
  • True that not many people know about chromebooks but google have been pushing some smart ads here in the UK. To the average consumer that knows nothing about operating systems a chromebook is a laptop with a small price tag which is very appealing when people are short for cash these days. Microsoft is just informing the uninformed that the product is essentially designed to collect your data. Props to Microsoft I say.
  • If that's true (and I suspect it is - a lot of people I know have no idea what a Chromebook is) then maybe MS is thinking something like: "what if the first things that people know about a Chromebook are that (1) it doesn't do the normal things you'd expect a laptop to do and (2) Google is lying if it says "it's everything you need in a laptop"?" I see ads for chromebooks on Youtube and elsewhere, so if MS can implant a "don't get scroogled" message that follows those ads around, job done!
  • Chromebooks a threat, yes they are like any other OS. The OS itself isn't, its the foolish ppl that makes it a threat.
  • Will it blend?
  • That is the question.
  • We should email a Chromebook to Bruce to put it in a blendtec.
  • Yeah, I'm kind of surprised by this too as I didn't think Chromebook was a threat at all. Isn't even selling at all? Taking on crappy Android tablets, though--that's a good idea.
  • But several windows OEM are making them and will try to promote them. They aren't selling in large numbers, but they are on the top of the amazon laptop list. Micorosft is trying to kill them before they gain any traction.
  • Chromebrick
  • The thing is I don't get. When you are number one on the market you don't have to bash up the competition. That's the rule. Don't go low so you won't bring yourself to their level. In this case MSFT is number one on laptop market so guys like google and Apple have to bash them for crappy laptops and claim they are the best choise. These commercials ar still funny but I can't see the point. Google may thank them for it, cause many people will just get a chromebook just to check if it's that crappy as MS claim. In terms of phones and Tablets I get all the buzz. Hope somewhere in near future MS with it's Nokia will release some killer phones and tablets that can kick all the asses on the market and bring up their share to number 1-2 possition, so I can proudly say that I was with Nokia all the way to heights and to the bottom and to the sky again. I just don't like when my friends are talking to me about their phone and claming their is best, when they have no idea what our phones are capable of. When I do the photo shootout with them my 920 always comes up on top. I just have to shoot in area with bad lights and that's it. conversation is over. Even convinced some of my friends to get it. So yeah I hope 2014 will be so productive for WP and Windows in general that I can do the throwdown with their iPads and everything :)
  • Well, have you noticed how Windows Phone is hardly a threat marketshare wise, but Google wastes no time telling users indirectly that it isn't worth their time(YouTube...)? Android is #1 when it comes to mobile devices yet they are trying to kill WP before it even matures.
    Why? What's the point?
    Glad you asked! In this case, MS is the one with the fresh ideas and better ecosystem. They clearly recognize WP as a threat and the gateway into MS's ecosystem. They want to kill it where it lies before it has a chance to crash their party.
    In the case of Microsoft, they are fighting a relatively clean fight when it comes to WP, but with tablets and laptops they dominate (overall) and want people to know that both are viable options that do more than what the competition can do. The iPad as of yet hasn't completely pushed people to buy Apple laptops in a majority, but they still can. By marketing the unified ecosystem, and also marketing against the competition, they are simultaneously fortifying their strengths and reverse advertising (otherwise known as "educating" ) consumers as to why these products are not actually better, even though Google and Apple tell you they are.
    I own Android devices and iOS/Mac OS devices including two Macbooks in my household. The Macbooks are great honestly, but Android and iOS have 0 chance of earning purchases from me in the near future. They just don't do anything very elegantly. I can't believe that people were upset about the "jarring" transition between desktop and Modern elements on Windows 8, when they've been doing more or less the same thing with iOS and Android for years., albeit more poorly.
  • Andre Blond apparently you missed all of the Apple commercials with the hipster Apple guy vs the Microsoft nerdy guy? Apple was on top at that point..
  • Goes back even further than that.  Behold one of the very first Apple FUD/negative campaign ads for the debut of the first Mac against "Big Brother" which turns its users into mindless zombies - which is just a wink-wink-nudge-nudge reference for IBM PCs. But of course, everyone praised it as a genius ad.  Why didn't Apple just show how good its products are instead? ;)
  • Wow this commercial is sick :) That time I was not born yet, and even after I was born I still didnt know anything about computers till I was like 9 and Windows 95 came to my country in 1998 :)
  • Owh yeah completely forgot about those. One of it was telling how easy it is to edit a video on Mac, I have a macbook now and no way it is easy to edit movies with it. Cant edit it nice and precisely, while on Windows and Vegas I can quickly do the job if it required basic video edit.
  • Picking on a device that should be in the dollar bin at Walmart is pretty low.
  • Yeah that is pretty low. As if the Walmart dollar bin's life isn't bad enough, now its gotta contain a Chromebook? Disgusting abuse of a bin. Google should be reported.  
  • The Chromebook is not a threat. It's a device that requires a constant internet connection to run. With the gnashing of teeth the gamers did over an always-online Xbox One, why would the Chromebook do any better?
  • +1
  • Because you can only pick on MS for these types of things! For everyone else, it doesn't matter... :\
  • The Chrome OS is basically a fancy Chrome browser, so it would make sense that it requires an online connection (since I'll bet 95% of people who own Chromebooks use it as a simple email-reading machine). And is it really fair to be comparing the limitations of lower-than-low end laptops that barely have any market to those of a gaming console; and, one of the most monumental tech releases of 2013 at that? They're completely unrelated devices.
  • Yep
  • Most likely those people who complained about the X1 online requirements are the same ones which turns around and say they do most of their PC stuff online anyway which is why the Chromebook is perfect for them.
  • Ouch! I think the idea for "must always connect to the Internet" to open apps is a nightmare.  
  • More or less like the idea "must always connect to the internet to play with your xbox one" MS had originally.
    And someone now is still defending this crazyness.
  • Not at all the same. Checking in once a day doesn't mean you have to be online to play.
  • You're right... I forgot that you could have played a day offline, so checking in only once at day.
    Anyway, compared to the possibility to play staying offline forever, it remains a stupid idea.
  • A chromebook is a mobile device though, I could never use it if I brought it to my summer place, no 3G. The XB1 is stationary made for your living room which usually always has a connection. Not really the same.
  • That's the keyword: usually.
    Do you think devices should be made for the majority or for everyone (minus an epsilon) ?
  • *picks up XB1, brings to work*
  • Windows 8.1 and Chrome OS user here. Chrome OS does have plenty of useful apps that can be used in offline mode. I can't think of anything on my desktop that I don't use the internet for besides a few IDEs. Buying a laptop with Windows 8 doesn't run nearly as well as the Chromebook at half the price wasn't worth it. Besides, even if I can't access my home PC and need to do something Windows related on my Chromebook, I can use Chrome remote desktop. Or even an RDP client. There's a lot of FUD with Chromebooks coming from Microsoft. It's a lot like the Mac vs PC campaign from a few years ago (remember when Microsoft was the poor underdog being bullied?) But who can blame them? Chromebokos are cheap and their typical OEM partners are working with Google now (probably costs a lot less to license Chrome OS). It's a double whammy: fewer people moving to the new Windows Store ecosystem AND losing out on money from licensing Windows. To each his own, certainly. I enjoy my Chromebook, and you enjoy your Surface.
  • Seriously, "buying a laptop with Windows 8 doesn't run nearly as well as the chromebook at half the price". Youre completely insane. Keep telling yourself that. What's the point of Google coming out with the Pixel. A browser that needs that kind of horsepower. Reminds me of android. An OS that only runs "good enough" on top of the line hardware. Really pathetic.
  • The Chromebook Pixel isn't for the average consumer like the rest of the Chromebooks are. It's fairly obvious. It's more of a case of "this is what we really want to do with Chromebooks" and a hint that they want to bring a powerful and well designed machine for a much lower price. As for my statement on the Windows laptop, I did my research. Either I was overpaying for performance I wouldn't utilize, performance that was crippled by poor battery life, or not nearly enough performance. Chrome OS also runs incredibly well. Have you tried it? As I've said, I haven't had trouble running it on 2GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron. Windows 8 runs better on lower end hardware than Windows 7 ever could but I went and tried several devices (thanks to my friends) and found things to be unsatisfactory. Also, are you implying simply because Chrome OS works for me that I'm insane? I'm finding it harder and harder to come and comment on Windows Phone Central...
  • "Remember when Microsoft was the poor underdog being bullied?". Wait, wh... what? How is anything you say not complete and utter nonsense? The Chromebook works for you? Sure. That does not make it a good idea, or product.
  • Of course I can't objectively prove it's a good idea or good product to you. That's just the nature of subjectivity. Just like how I don't think putting Metro on non-touchscreen devices is not a good idea or a good product. Maybe if you stop reading things as facts and take them as the opinions they are they'll seem less like nonsense.
  • I hope Microsoft doesn't make companies like adobe to get mad and over Microsoft's attacks and just make PhotoShop for chrome book to shut them up. Kind of over all the attacking ads.
  • Calling out the competition, and why your product is better is nothing new, and hardly exclkusive to Microsoft.
  • I don't think there's a real risk of that; Adobe is in enough trouble as it is...
  • Microsoft considers chromebook as a threat ... Why else would they make fun of it?
  • Noooooooooo, Ben no :-( So you guys stopped making the Windows Phone challenges and opted for this? Isn't enought that Microsoft is being judged as the jerk for the scroogled items on the Microsoft Store and this do this now! I mean, why does Microsoft see the laughable Chromebooks as a threat? Why? Tell your boss to put you back on the real stuff, you rock doing those videos!!! Don't let yourself be dragged with this nonsense too and I know you'll eventually read this.
  • Chromebrick scam.
  • Chromegimmick, NSABook
  • God I love my T-100. Eats Chromebooks for breakfast.
  • I just wonder, are these scroogled campaigns actually working?
  • All I've seen it work at is getting Microsoft bad PR with tech sites and getting the fanboys chanting Scroogled endlessly. This could've been a way to get users more proactice in reading EULAs, but that isn't the case, sadly.
  • Its absolutely workin. Love 'em or hate 'em, they get people talking (or in this case reading and writing), and people remember them. You learn alot about both products from the ads and the discussions. That's pretty much what an ad is supposed to do. Microsoft's gaining market share all around. And it seems to me there are just as many sites if not more that don't bash them for these, and some even praise them. And it also seems to me that there are alot more viewers in favor of them. I for one am. I am a vocal anti-Google guy. I'm not obnoxious about it, but if asked or it comes into discussion I pretty much am a Scroogled commercial....I make the same points and concerns and give the same warnings. I don't see why people think so negatively about them. They are what they're meant to be.
  • Why didn't I think. Its ok for the whole world to bash MS, but its not ok for MS to bash Goggle? I know now. I welcome the scroogled campaign. Love or hate, it will get people to notice and potentially compare products.
  • Exactly
  • Its not really cool to bash another product tho. If Apple made a surface bashing ad, everyone on here would flip out. I'm over these ads too
  • Could we call it bashing?
  • You may have a point. If its the truth, is it bashing? I'm gonna have to go with "no". Bashing is essentially schitt talking, and I haven't seen any of that.
  • Uummmm...the "I'm a Mac" campaign. How quickly we forget. And as I mentioned in another post, Apple and MS have had a love/ hate relationship for yrs, but never crossed a line. Is MS crossing a line? Barely, but well deserved with how Google treats what is essentially they're bread and butter. If MS cut Google off, they'd still have Mac users, but half their user base would be annihilated.
  • Half? If you're referring to desktop share, Mac has around 7% and Windows around 80% (general approximations). That's a pretty large chunk that Google would lose.
  • Well I was referring to PC and laptop share, and I was generalizing with the term "half". But you obviously get my point.
  • Unlike Android, Chromebook will only become a threat to Microsoft IF Microsoft allows it by negligence. These ads though...they would make more sense to me if Microsoft was using them to sell the Surface. But to sell Windows? I mean...whey don't need to point out Windows to people. It's been around for decades. People already know about Windows. The Surface on the other hand...people know them as much as they know Chromebook. So it would be more productive to use the ads for that effect instead of creating a threat to Windows where there isn't one.
  • One of the points Microsoft was trying to hit with this ad was how much more the Asus device could do at the same price point. While Microsoft does indeed have its own hardware now, they're still very much reliant on other OEMs (which isn't a bad thing, really). The Surface models are too expensive to try and show for the purpose of this ad. Besides, sure people know about Windows, but with all the bad press Windows 8 gets, Microsoft is fighting an uphill battle to get people to accept Windows 8 and its true potential.
  • It's true W8 has bad press. But that's why 8.1 was released. Microsoft however hasn't managed to explain people all the things W8 had that people didn't like were addressed.
    In either case, trying to make Chromebook into a menace is just crazy. Microsoft's biggest threat is Microsoft itself. These "Scroogled" campgains aren't helping with anything apart from making people smile.
  • I agree, I rather loath the Scroogled campaign, it's horrendous...
  • Too many of ya'll live in the moment or on blogs staffed with haters that completely ignore history.  Same was said about Windows 7.  "Microsoft hasn't made the case for people to move to Windows 7, XP is just fine."  and "Businesses won't move to Windows 7, only those who have no choice will buy". It is NOW the standard in most shops. 
    Windows 7 wasn't the quick adoption either. It was too much of a radical shift from what people knew in XP.  Not to mention people felt burned by Windows Vista.  This won't be any different with Windows 8.0/8.1.  It is gaining strength and Microsoft will push it. Same was said about Microsoft Word when Word Perfect and Word Star was the standards in most law offices and businesses. Lotus 1-2-3 was the spread sheet king, when Excel came along. Same was said about XBOX.  It didn't have mass appeal when it dropped when everybody talked PlayStation and Nintendo. Hell, same was said about Windows Phone, still being said but its growth has been steady.  Bottom line is, google has no one to blame but themselves for this retort from Microsoft.  I can’t wait until Microsoft begins to disable google API’s and plugin’s on the Windows desktop. Google needs a wakeup call badly.
  • Very good points, to which I agree with all of them, except for one. I *don't* want to see Microsoft killing access to Google services on their devices. To do so would only hurt consumers in the cross-fire (much like how Windows Phone users vested in the Google ecosystem suffer in the crossfire of Google's hatred of Microsoft). And also, it would likely be awful to the rep of Microsoft. One must remember: in the public eye, Google is "cool," but Microsoft isn't. People go crazy when the NSA harvests data, but when Google does it openly for commercial gain, no one bats and eyelash. Society is weird like that, but anyways, if Microsoft wages war with Google by killing off Google services on Microsoft products (which would indeed be a devastating blow to Google), the public would be furious with Microsoft. Hell, Microsoft would likely end up in court once more being convicted of being anti-competitive. Microsoft just needs to stop lashing out at others and instead stand strong and show why the new Windows is the one device, one experience, one OS for everything in your life. Some of the newer ads are doing a fine job of it, but Microsoft is still get laughed at by people in the Google camp with ads like this.
  • +1520
  • Why is showing what benefits your product has over the "competition" a problemn when MS does it??
  • +1...especially about cutting APIs...that would be awesome.
  • I'm gonna go ahead and quote this part again so that hopefully some of these crybabies learn something, and maybe stay off of shitty blogs that like to scream the sky is falling.   "Too many of ya'll live in the moment or on blogs staffed with haters that completely ignore history."
  • Not exactly the same from my experience. Maybe in the US.
    When Windows 7 came out, the main reason people weren't going for it was because it looked like that abortion that was Windows Vista. As soon as people started to know that W7 was just a "modern looking version of XP" they started to move to it. There's a reason why the market is split between XP and 7. I never heard or read anyone saying "businesses won't move to W7".
    Windows 8 and 8.1 shouldn't be seen as the same. Just like Vista and 7 aren't. Windows 8.1 added things so essential to so many people that it can now be said it is "a modern version of W7". W8, at best, was a "modern version of Vista". Also, regarding business, the Windows 8.1 that is being delivered to businesses ISN'T the W8.1 you have access on the market. For businesses, Microsoft is delivering a special version that has the possibility of completely disabling the Store and any App enterprises don't deem suitable for a work environment. The reason why business would never move to Windows 8 was because they couldn't do that and couldn't boot the PCs to desktop. Banks, Law Firms etc don't want their employees spending their days in the Store downloading games or going through Apps. Xbox I will refrain from commenting as I was never a fan of it nor cared about it so I don't know what was said then. But once thing is certain: the Xbox was in the lead during the first years of its release. And then Sony and Nintendo came back en force. Currently sales of Xbox 360 and PS3 are basically on pair and the Nintendo Wii made its fair share of damages. Windows Phone is growing thanks to Nokia. Lets see what will have happened on year from now. In the end, Google probably doesn't care about this "Scroogled" campaigns. If they did, they would have already sued Microsoft for illegal use of trademarked imagery and libel.
    Also, Microsoft would be the one losing more if they decided to block Google services on Windows. And Google would be able to come back with a "Microrobbed" campaign pointing out how you couldn't access Google, Gmail or YouTube on a Windows PC, which would leave you with a device "for work only". I'm sorry to say this to its fans but "Bing" isn't happening. There's no point trying to pretend it will happen any time soon. It won't. And I'm pretty sure many people in charge at Microsoft think the same.
    Google will have its wakeup call. In the form of Samsung. Once Samsung gives de full-steam-ahead order for Tizen, you will see Google waking up. Google is where it is because of the popularity of things like YouTube, Gmail and Google, sure. But all that depends on the goodwill of Apple and Microsoft since they know they don't have an OS for PCs that can compete. But they can be arrogant because of the almighty power of Android.
    As soon as Samsung dumps Android in favour of their own OS, Google WILL panic. Pretty much like Microsoft did when they realized Nokia would be jumping out of Windows Phone in favour of Android once the partnership was over. Except Google will not have the power to preemptively strike Samsung and buy its phone division to avoid it. You will then see a change of behaviour in Google, you can be certain of that.
  • People, stop saying MS shouldn't do this, of course they should be doing it!  The whole point is that MS is trying to prevent people from even trying the Chromebook or consider it as a viable alternative - just like how Android/iOS fanboys and the majority of the techmedia would constantly try to convince anyone from even trying WP and keep harping on and on about how it lacks features and apps.  They are doing it because it works (look at WP growth in the US) - when people talk enough about it and repeats the same points over and over like that it re-enforces the idea even when it is not really true, and MS is re-enforcing the idea that Chromebooks are useless before it even has a chance to take off, else you leave the image of the Chromebooks be propped up by sites like the Verge whom don't rate the Chromebooks with an ecosystem score but turns around and dings Windows RT for a bad ecosystem.  Bias and half-truths are happening on both sides but you've got play the game if you want to be in the game, and not many people is willing to fight the fight for MS so they have to take it into their own hands.  It's a dirty game, but which business isn't dirty?
  • Thank you for that comment. I agree with most of that. I just wish.. I just wish it wasn't such a hostile marketing campaign. I understand mud slinging, but this is a little far, and it reinforces it's bad image that MS is *supposedly* been trying to remove. The iPad vs Surface commercials had a more "poking fun" attitude and I thought it was perfect. It was assertive enough and it hits the right points so to speak, to make me laugh and think "Hmm the Surface looks unique, I'm going to look into it, perhaps, like WP, it is bashed unfairly.." and I bought a Surface RT, so that commercial put me in the right direction, and it may have for some others as well. I have a L520, L920, and a Surface RT, but this is not even MS. It's really more of an attack, and it is distasteful. To put it in layman's terms, It's something said by someone desperate to get attention.
  • With Apple and Microsoft its different tho. They've had a love/hate relationship for years. The iPad/Surface commercials are this decades "I'm a Mac" commercials. They poke fun, and they jive, but they never disrespect (maybe a Google and Microsoft, however, well that's a whole different beast. They hate each other. And I love it. Let 'em sling mud. Let 'em cut APIs, or not develop for each other. Its commerce...its business. And it works.
  • Good grief, you have gotta be kidding me with this weak worm of the dust crap. 
  • Hey, there's no need to be mean. :(
  • Great comment
  • Well said, It's not as though Google ever play fair if there is a choice!
  • Just seen the pawn stars commercial. Pretty good
  • That chromebook pixel, wasn't it like $1,200 with an Intel i5? I mean, who would pay that much for a chromebook?
  • Exactly. You can get a top of the line I7 ultra book for that.
  • Or pick up a Surface Pro 2, or mayhap a nice convertible?
  • ^^This.  I sure as heck won't plop down 1,200 bucks plus tax plus carrying bag for what amounts to nothing but a google logo.  This is as ridiculous as people that bought into the "name your own star" nonsense. Buying from people that have no influence to name squat. You'd be better off grabbing a hand full of free AOL CD's and get your surf on.
  • There are people who pay more than that for an i3 one...just because it has an bitten fruit on the back. There's no point in trying to find logic in some consumer choices. There isn't one. If people get the feeling something "is cool", they'll buy it. Even it if is a turd with christmas lights around it.
  • Lies, half truths, is this all the microsoft has to argue with?
  • Really? Cuz all the complaints re: WP8, W8, Surface are lies and half truths.
  • I didn't see anything untrue or misleading in any of these commercials. Just sayin.
  • I take it you've never used a Chromebook?
  • You could, but you'd be wrong. Besides, I'm referred to all the Scroogled ads, not just this one. "....any of THESE commercials....". But yes I've used a Chromebook and still see nothing false in what they are saying.
  • Then you'd know that you can use it to edit documents offline, and access drive offline, which they are explicitly saying you cant do on this and other Scroogled ads about the chromebook.
  • Seems the demand for PCs (and Windows) are dropping so fast that Micro$oft has to resort to dirty advertising. Guess what Micro$oft, it's not working! This makes you look more like a bunch of panicking desperate d-bags.
  • Come back to Earth...PC's, maybe (tho not in enterprise) but laptops, tablets, and convertibles still have a big demand. So dies Windows. I don't see them as desperate...I see them as confident...maybe a bit cocky...but definitely not desperate.
  • Those girls are Microdicked by MS.
  • I'm a Windows Phone fan but I'm also a chromebook owner and I personally love mine. This commercial is incorrect because Google Docs DOES work offline on a chromebook. Just sayin...
  • I also doubt that Photoshop/Illustrator could run on that Asus tablet they were comparing it to.
  • Don't doubt - it will run Photoshop and Illustrator - the Asus T100 is a Baytrail system which is x86, and most benchmark shows that Baytrail systems are pretty good in performances which is comparable to Core Duo systems of old.  I've ran CS4 and CS5 on Core Duo systems, not the BEST performance, but for simple work and not things with a hundred layers they work.  And if you feel really nostalogic you can probably dig out CS3 or CS2 in which case the T100 will probably chew them up and spit them out like nothing.  So it's not a lie.
  • Seconded. I'm firmly in the MS ecosystem, but when my just-for-school netbook crapped out in September, I needed a quick and cheap replacement. Samsung Chromebook for $250? Does everything I need. Hell, I use all the Office web apps whenever I can and it's great.
  • And that Asus t100 can be had for just $50 more. Full x86 win8, 10" tablet and netbook in one device, with Office. It can also run Chrome if you still had masochistic tendencies.
  • Chromebook is a waste of time and money, google should stick to web services
  • I am actually getting tired of this bullshit... Why won't Microsoft focus on what their products can to on its own merits, without having to attack another company? This dogfight is exhaustive...
  • It is Microsoft who is tired lol they are tired of all the crap tech sites spread to the average consumer surfing by their site. Claiming the nonsense of windows phone and its pathetic app store, or how confusing windows 8 is, no one states how much smoother and efficient windows 8 is compared to windows 7 (which btw is no slouch, just comparing the two), it brought my intel i3 home PC to life again, this crap starts up in 16 seconds cold start up. Those are just some examples of why I THINK Microsoft is attacking the others now. The tech sites wont speak highly of Microsoft products, so maybe they feel they have to do it and bring down the competition. Also, think about the kind of money companies like Microsoft have... exhaustive is something they wont feel lol cash flows in like water -_-
  • It's kinda strange, first I didn't like those Scroogled adds at all, felt so desperate. Now I just find them funny and someone "serves you right" to Google and I don't really hate Google.
  • Scroogled or not, if you buy a Chromebook, you're making a bad choice. It's a bad product concept running a bad browser... er, sorry... I mean "OS" with mostly bad apps (including a bad browser) all wrapped in a bad user experience. The only Google product with "Chrome" in its name anyone should seriously consider buying/using is the new Chromecast.
  • I think you need to learn the difference between objectivity and subjectivity. Subjectively, I've been incredibly pleased with my Chromebook. It's better than a Windows laptop, for me, in a lot of cases. I'm a college student, for reference. Firstly, it is priced more reasonably than a laptop running Windows.  Secondly, saying it isn't a "real" OS is crap because it is an operating system in every sense of the word. Just because it doesn't run executables doesn't make it not an operating system. It's simply another paradigm. Finally, I've found the user experience to be rather plesant. There's plenty of web apps worth using. And you can even consider many sites, that aren't packaged apps, to be applications as well. It's just using the power of the web instead of a complied program. For me, this is just enough. I only need a light, mobile computer, that isn't bogged down when I just want to take notes in my lectures or just want to browse the web. Just because it isn't right for you doesn't mean you should asser that the opinions of others must conform to your own. I'm not saying you need to buy a Chromebook. I'm not here to do a sell job for Google. Everyone should consider their use case and decide for themself. Microsoft using half-truths and lies (yes, it IS a real laptop) is not fair to the typical consumer that doesn't do research.
  • You can get a tablet or laptop with full windows 8 for nearly the same price as a Chromebrick.
  • When you can tell me one for $200 that isn't 8 inches and has a full hardware keyboard I don't have to pay extra for I've cede that point. Also for a Chromebrick, it's very light and functional. It's a shame you've got to resort to the same tactics as Microsoft. I'll gladly carry a conversation if you can come up with a counterpoint that isn't FUD.
  • I can respect everything you said. Everyone has opinions and tastes and needs. But, as this ad shows, u can have a Windows laptop for the same price. Just pointing out an oversight in your comment. Otherwise, I totally respect your views and would not have commented.
  • Coming from someone that owns a fairly high-end PC I can tell you I'd never tolerate it at that price. Never has a budget laptop impressed me when it ran Windows. Linux would always run well (shout out to Elementary OS) but Chrome OS has really impressed in performance. I'm looking into a Windows convertible in a hardware generation or two. Then it might be viable for me. The performance to price ratio just isn't there for me.
  • Agreed with the half lies, cause I looked up what a chromebook can do and even offline it is enough for the average person. **That's KNOWS what a chromebook can and cannot do** But there is a problem, the average person buys that chromebook and they are going to want to run who knows what EXE programs and they are going to be in for a shock lol, this is why I really cant consider a chromebook a real laptop. I am using the average consumer definition for what a laptop is, and if I ask 50 people 95% will tell me something I can download programs in, upload my cameras pictures, connect my printer to print, download iTunes to manage my ipod/iPhone, etc.. Tech nerds like you and I CAN BUY a chromebook because we know its limits and what it is capable of doing and we can get the most out of it of course. Besides the half lies Microsoft is saying here, I think they are trying to educate the average consumer that a chromebook isn't a replica of what their windows laptop can do. Maybe it is Google who needs to start running Ads about their chromebooks and educate people what a chromebook is for, and what it can and cannot do?
  • HP has actually done a good job about it. I have a hard time buying into the notion that the target Chromebook user would have trouble without being able to run Windows executables though. They're actually not aiming for tech geeks like me. We just serve as a middleman to disseminate information. They're after people like my mom. Sure, she's used Windows for ages but she gets aggriavted by them: viruses, slowness, "typical" Windows problems. Just so she can use the internet or send an email. A Chromebook does just that but without the hassels. She knows how to work a web browser. We've actually talked it over and she decided getting another Windows computer just didn't make sense. As for my dad though, he needs to run specific applications for his job. He actually requires the ability to run EXEs so a Chromebook is right out. Microsoft has busniness secured and Chrome OS probably never will change that. But that's not their goal. They want the casual user and they want the ones on a budget. That's a big chunk of Microsoft's bread and butter because of licensing that. That's what they're afraid of. That's why these ads focus on what Chromebooks CAN'T do and not particularly on what Windows laptops CAN. They want people to worry about what they'll miss even though may particularly not need it.  Again, everyone has their own use case and they're entitled to their opinion. Just don't tell me I can't have my choice (even though no one really can revoke it).
  • I gotta say u touched on a very good point. When I heard about Chromebook, the first person I thought of was my grandmother. She really only did email, read the news, and played some card games or puzzles when she was alive. It would have been perfect for her.
  • Ah, my condolences (I'm bad with situations you know?) but yeah that's exactly who they want. Especially someone that would get lost in Windows, let alone the internet. Thanks for talking with me. I'll call it a night for now. 
  • Its ok, it was a few years worries. Yes it was a pleasure. I dig when people can debate ideas civilly. Have a good night.
  • Or just give her your old laptop and a copy of Ubuntu. That makes it, free. Cheaper than a google brick book.
  • That would make a lot of sense, but my laptop died from hardware failure, and being out of warranty meant I might as well buy something new on the cheap. Also, my mother literally lives in her browser when it comes to her computing so a "google brick book" is perfectly fine. So would Windows, but I know I will have to teach her how to use Windows 8 properly. The older generation of users has some trouble and I'm not around all the time to troubleshoot her issues. She already knows how to use a web browser, though. Did you know that Microsoft actually has a Chromebook comparison page? I used it with my sister because she had to have Office for her school. Obviously a Chromebook won't work out since Google Docs is not a suitable replacement. We actually found a nice machine there. It was a far more useful tool than this campaign.
  • God, Microsoft's marketing sucks sometimes.
  • Agreed. The best thing Microsoft should do for marketing it's not doing it at all.
    When I was in redmond I was just embarrassed for the "I'm a PC" campagin.
  • And yet many people I know won't bother to use a computer at all if they are not online. So you have to wonder if the online only argument means much to the chromebook's target audience. That's why these ads are a waste of time. These are customers that don't value/care about a full OS anyway.
  • By mentioning them in the ads, they make it seem like they are a threat. Same as google does by screwing us over on WP. By acknowledging us they are admitting WP is a threat. But head to head the chromebook is not a threat to windows 8.1 on atom, etc
  • The day when you realize that your product doesn't sell, is the day when you start attacking your competition. Same as Apple did back 10 years ago.
  • I have to disagree. Macs were selling big back then. I remember it being a life choice (and it kind of still is)..."Am I Windows guy or am I Mac guy?" It was a statement. And Apple usually came out on top. And since the mid 80s, attacking your competition has been the norm in advertising. Just look at car/truck commercials, Burger King and McDonalds had it out for years...same with Coke and Pepsi. I find it strange that people forget that. People act as if advertising has always been roses and share time up until now.
  • Really??
  • Chromebook might need an always on connection, but without the net my PC wud rarely get used either, gadgets are boring without the net, they are all designed with net in mind
  • These ads are definitely working, look how many times the word scroogled gets a mention! :D Plaster it across the internet for all to see is what i say
  • Like most of u guys I've tried it all.
    But thanks to Nokia and Windows os the phones are getting better and better. I wouldn't trade my 1520 for any phone out there. And if use,SkyDrive,office 365 with Windows 8 including contacts and calendar it just works
    No pun intended
  • The best part is when she says,"I don't think there's 'anything' that I need in that laptop" :D :D
  • A product that has features that don't work online?  Sounds a lot like what MS tried to do with the X1 to me except the X1 was even worse and would have become a paperweight after 24 hours.  A system that doesn't have some popular programs?  Sounds a lot like Windows phone to me except again I would argue the lack of apps and games when comparing Windows phone to Android is a massively larger difference than a Google computer and a MS computer. This whole scroogled campaign is so dumb.  Everything MS has accused Google of they are just as guilty of.  Even if they weren't it just comes off as completely childish.  To top it all off the best part of this commercial is they are basically advertising for Chromebook a computer very few people have heard of so far.  Many people will see through the idiocy of the claims and may consider buying a Chromebook when they're in the market for a computer.
  • Despite the negative publicity, the X vs. Y mentality, and whatever else, time and time again, it's shown that negative advertising IS an effective way of selling products. It appeals to human emotion, something we all share as a human race. As long as facts are straight and correct with your audience, a person or organization has the ability to downplay one's competitor for his or the company's benefit. :) it gets people talking...PR legs is the term.
  • Why isn't Mark Penn fired yet?
  • Alot of comments on youtube mention the chrome dock thing not sure if its as helpful as office or photo shop though.
  • Maybe. That I know Microsoft and Google always fighting. As user, I don't know about Chromebook, that device doesn't be relesed in my country, but I use Gmail. I had used Windows Phone Lumia 520 for 5 months, I compared Hotmail to Gmail, still better Gmail, easy to be used. Even Internet Explorer (said that safesty browser) Lumia 520 can't do upload compared Android built-in browser. If Microsoft would like to make users use their mobile phone (Lumia devices), they should make their Lumias better than Android.
  • I don't know who green lights all these idiotic scroogle campaigns but that person should be fired on the spot.
  • I can see that more and more Chromebooks are being made and the recent one in the UK is the Acer Chromebook and to be fairly honest, its not that great at all. I think Microsoft pulls out all the stops with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Apple though is better than a Chromebook but Apple is meh. I think with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft makes things for people that couldn't have been done before. Well done Microsoft.
  • MS could use these resources to fix the broken wp8. Android 3.2 is far better than wp8. Cannot read emails, can't see my documents, then there is the "Bing" button. Using lumia 625; which can be only be good as a modem. Toshiba at100
  • I love my surface but this is scripted.  Oi google, we'll put office on your brick in exchage for Youtube (without google plus comments lol).
  • Just quit these childish ads MS or I'm gonna get a chromebook!! At least then you have google maps which is lightyears better than your shit bing maps! get off your high horse MS. What MS doesn't get is that most people don't CARE to get scroogled! If MS really thinks they are number 1 they don't need to bash others, but market their own stuff better! Fuck you MS, your marketing is getting on my nerves.
    Same with awful Nokia marketing. Nokia's facebook is full of comparing ancient Nokias to iPhones and such, and telling how strong they were and the few things they could do and what a smart phone can't. God, it's so living in the past, it's ridiculous. Both their marketing is the worst.
  • Well, some entry level folks might be enticed by the Chromebook... "$250!  for a ultrabook that's looks like the Macbook Air???".... but it is important that they know what it is.   For that, this comercial is important. I do use my chromebook around the house... it's a tossable, cheap, device.   I'm pretty much "all google'd" even when I am on a Windows machine and love the full integration of any and all things I do (maps, navigation,calendar, mail, searches, etc.). I'd much prefer a nice Windows machine for real work (I need Office).  That's for sure.   I am wanting to switch back to a full Microsoft life, but it is more difficult than I thought.   The google dependency (and spying) make my fret.
  • Ben is the man! He did great WP challenge. But this program doesn't seem structured the same. It just seems like a bash campaign.
  • Not sure about this tbh, the windows phone challenges ones I was ok with but these feel staged and I could easily find people that the limitations listed did not apply to. Google docs does basic Office stuff and obviously illustrator's users are not going to be looking at this and to be fair probably not even the model of windows he demonstrated either. Needs more work, the idea is sound enough just needs better examples.
  • Personally, I think the biggest criticism against Google is that they are not focused on the creation of devices, or even software-- they are in the business of information. That means that everything they push out is driven to milk more personal information from you and I as consumers. Regardless of the efficacy of Android or Chromebook, this is the part of Google that I simply can't swallow. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Chromebook is useless and Android is an eyesore.
  • I just experienced one of the first real problems with a ChromeBook. I needed to transfer 75gigs of data from a external hard drive to a ChromeBook for a friend. Obviously that's not possible because it has virtually no HD space. I then decided to upload the 75gigs of data to my friends Google Drive. It has been 3 days and the upload is only 15% complete. A regular laptop, with a HD, transfer would have taken about 30 to 40mins total.
  • Also tie in the fact that MS gets proceeds for every Android sold due to patent violations by Android. This where the disdain for the WP platform began; long before the Scroogled campaign. Scroogle only came about after MS experience resistance from Google during negotiations.
  • My high school gave out a Samsung chromebook to every student to rent out. I don't use mine and instead use my Windows 8.1 laptop. I have heard a range of different things about it, my technical friends hate it and my non technical friends don't even realize it isn't a real laptop. I just recently put Kali Linux on mine and now it at least runs something other than chrome os. Microsoft should be reaching out to schools to offer laptops or tablets for a very similar price or else that is what they will by when they go to buy their own computers.
  • Be glad you are one of the few high schools that actually give the students laptops. I live in a title 1 county with kids getting free and reduced lunch.
  • They are only letting us keep them until we graduate and charging our parents an extra $200 a year. I am sorry if it sounded like I was complaining, thanks for making me more grateful of my possessions.
  • Passersby :)
  • About as useful as an iPad.
  • A chromebook is a thinly veiled attempt by google to be able to monitor everything a user does on their device with a view to using that information for marketing of additional services for google and third parties. Exploiting personal information is part of it's business model and this is no exception.
  • The chromebook will only be usable when project loon becomes a reality. While this project looks like one of Google's April Fool's jokes, it's real and it's in a year or two. This would allow the chromebook to stay connected all the time, probably for free too.  of course, usable just means online apps would still work, Google docs would still be nowhere near the quality of Office
  • Just bought my Surface 2 and Touch Cover 2... They're beautiful...needless to say that I am very happy!
  • I think its kind of sad... Everytime I see one I just shake my head. Sad!
  • Why do some people seem to dedicate themselves to a single company? I have an iPod touch 4g, a Nokia Lumia 822, a windows computer, a google account, and many more, But back on topic i think the chromebook would be a good option with its great price if it could at least get Microsoft Office. Lol, we wonder why Google can't ever seem to give us nice things well you can blame Microsoft for attempting to "Scroogling." I do also like windows 8 better than the chrome OS, but if it had Microsoft Office i might have considered it.
  • I for one would love to see MS release Office 365 for Android and Chrome OS, like they have done for iOS. Great place to experiment with what works best in a touch-based Office, before releasing the more refined product for Win8/RT/Phone :P
  • "It's Windows 8 every time... unless you need a Mac" XP Assuming that they were real people, I'm imagining a huge proportion would be invested in the Apple ecosystem and consider that a requirement. Just throwing it out there. But product demonstration is an important part of marketing and if a Chromebook is useless without wifi then ... well it's not useful enough!
  • Just to be clear. Microsoft is comparing a chromebook with a windows  laptop + MS Office and/or Adobe Photoshop, right? But neither Office nor PS is cheap! MS Office Home&Student edition, which is the least capable version, without outlook, cost you $139 per licenses. Adobe photoshop costs you $775 per license. So the total cost of ownership of such windows machine these ppl are using  would be at least $1000, unless MS is totally OK with people using pirated version. How could MS bash a $250 device with a $1000 device?
  • Remember the opening scenes to "Goldmember" as Danny Devito gives the double bird to the audience? It would do me good to see MS incorporate that scene into a new commercial as Danny shouts "Chomebook s*cks big green donkey d*cks". Subtle yet sophisticated.
  • What google does with Windows Phone. Microsoft has upper hand on PC OS so MS can do this to google. Definitely Chromebook is not threat to Windows