Microsoft: Buy a Chromebook and get Scroogled

Don’t get Scroogled. Whether you’re considering using Gmail or buying a Chromebook, Microsoft doesn’t want you doing it. To make the point at how useless a Chromebook is, Ben the PC Guy went to Venice Beach to ask passerby’s what they thought of the device that quite function without an internet connection. Video and reactions below.

Our boy Ben lays the knowledge to folks on why the Chromebook isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you can make the argument that it does what most people might use a PC for at an attractive price. Then you consider that a device like the Asus T100 is on par in pricing and does everything a Chromebook does and more. When you’re comparing the two it’s kind of hard to really make a compelling argument that the Chromebook is a better value.

Do you guys see a Chromebooks as a threat to Microsoft?

Source: YouTube, Via: WinSuperSite

Sam Sabri