Microsoft CEO search reportedly narrowed down to just two candidates

According to a report over on Bloomberg, Microsoft has narrowed its search for a new CEO to just two candidates. Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Microsoft VP Satya Nadella are believed to be names for the top seat at Redmond. Both Tony Bates and Stephen Elop are now only considered as distant possibilities for the role.


On one hand we have a Ford CEO with experience in turning companies around in difficult circumstances, and on the other we have a Microsoft veteran who has been with the company since 1992 and led the move from on-site server solutions to cloud computing. Both candidates clearly have their strengths and weaknesses.

Microsoft as a company is currently undergoing major changes internally, which follow the rebranding of not only products and services offered to consumers, but also the main company image. Microsoft's board of directors met recently to discuss progress made in the hunt for a new CEO, but a decision is now not expected until early 2014.

Stephen Elop

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is now a "distant possibility" in the Microsoft replacement race

Bloomberg obtained internal documentation, prepared by the Microsoft board for the CEO search. The ideal candidate is described as one who has an "extensive track record in managing complex, global organizations within a fast-paced and highly competitive market sector; track record of delivering top and bottom line results. [Must also possess the] proven ability to lead a multi-billion dollar organization and large employee base."

While Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is considered a long shot for the top Microsoft position, he will be returning to Redmond alongside Nokia's services and devices division. All-in-all, nothing new to see here, but there's certainly going to be further painstaking decision making by the board to come up with a solution to fill a rather large vacuum at the top of the company, whilst injecting new life into Microsoft.

Source: Bloomberg, via: Windows IT Pro

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