Ballmer: Stephen Elop now an internal candidate for Microsoft CEO

As of this moment, Stephen Elop is no longer CEO of Nokia. He has since vacated that position and now holds the title of executive vice president of Nokia’s Devices and Services division. Why did he do that? Didn’t you hear? Microsoft bought Nokia for 7.1 billion dollars. We’ve heard that Stephen Elop is reportedly on the "short list" to replace Steve Ballmer as CEO at Microsoft. How does this deal change the landscape?

The deal Microsoft has in place to purchase Nokia should finalize in Q1 2014. At that time, they will acquire Nokia’s Devices and Services division, patents, and more. In addition they’ll pick up 32,000 employees from Nokia. One of those employees will be Stephen Elop, who will become an executive vice president at Microsoft. A role he’s quite familiar with.

Currently at Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green is executive vice president of the Devices and Studios division. This division includes Windows Phone, Xbox, Surface and more. When Stephen Elop arrives at Microsoft, he’ll be in charge of this division and have Julie Larson-Green reporting to him.

According to Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, Stephen Elop will now go from an external candidate to internal candidate for the position of CEO. Microsoft’s board will continue to look at all candidates equally he added.

Source: The Seattle Times

Sam Sabri