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A Microsoft Spokesperson took the time to answer a few questions on the recent Windows Phone 7 update problems. Microsoft has identified a technical issue with the Windows Phone update process that is acting too kindly towards Samsung Windows Phones (both the Omnia 7 and Focus). They are in the process of taking down the update for the Samsung Phones with the update remaining in place for others.

How many users are affected?  According to Microsoft,

"Worldwide, we’ve seen a 90% success rate for customers attempting to install this update. Of the remaining ten percent, the top two issues encountered are the result of customer internet connectivity issues, and inadequate storage space on the phone or PC. These account for over half of the reported issues with this update."

Microsoft hopes to have the "technical issues" resolved shortly and re-distribute the update as soon as possible.

Oh...and Microsoft's response when asked what customers should do if their Windows Phone was bricked or put "in an unrecoverable state" as a result of the update, Microsoft recommends contacting your mobile operator or device manufacturer regarding the options for repairing your device.

Source: ZDNet

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  • A way to fix a bricked Omnia 7 has been found:
  • Yup sure has
  • Really wanna call BS on this one, or I'm one of the "small number" affected by other issues. I have a 20mb internet connection and 222gb free on my hard drive so I'm fairly sure those aren't to blame...
  • A 20mb internet connection eh?
  • Don't know where you live, but here in the UK that kind of speed is basically the lowest one available.
  • Not wanting to make you sound like a liar... But the defacto speeds atm is still upto 8mb the average speed in the uk is 6mb and the 20/50mb offers are all up to situations.