Microsoft confirms FM Radio app removal from Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has now confirmed it has removed the built-in FM Radio app inside Windows 10 Mobile from its development branch builds and it will be cut from the OS going forward.

Microsoft quietly removed the FM Radio app in the Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14322 that was released to Insiders in mid-April. More recently, a member of the Windows Insider Engineering team, answered a question about its disappearance with this response:

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Microsoft has not indicated the reason for its removal of the FM Radio app, but as previously noted, there are third-party apps in the Windows Store that offer access to FM radio stations.

John Callaham
  • ...But why?
  • Exactly. WHY? It doesn't seem like something so complicated, AND it was already done.
  • I don't understand why they want to remove this app.It will be a good move if the app was baggy or has some Software-Hardware issues or has something about battery drain.
    Can s1 post some third party apps for fm radio. Posted From my PC.W10 Master Race
  • TuneIn Radio is what I use
  • Its a local radio app right?I don't want to use internet to acces the radio.
  • It's internet radio... I don't want to use it.
  • We want an offline radio like the native fm app
  • Exactly it uses up data
  • Yes, it finds local radio stations.
  • Any Radio app can find stations...My problem is that I don't want to use internet when I hear some stations like now with the default FM radio app. I already have an app to hear internet radio stations but I want one WITHOUT internet connection. Posted From my PC.W10 Master Race
  • As much as I love Microsoft, I think in Mobile they are going backwards, Windows Phone 8.1 had a pretty nice FM radio app, this will probably cause many customers to want to go back to 8.1. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think they just make a step forward and the other day a step back.They are at lvl 5 when the competitors are at lvl 9+.They have make so many usefull and new projects and the other day you hear about how the close the olders...For example they have announce the continuum and the only phones(Microsoft) are the 950-950XL.I don't care if my 640XL get the continuum but I want the new phones 550-650 to get it.I know the hardware issues but they need to re-think it.Why I want to buy the 650 for 200$ if I can buy a good android at the same price or a 640 at 50$???
    They said before 3 months the mobile isn't a speed race but a long marathon...Lets hope about it.
  • 550 and 650 are budget phones. You can't buy a "decent" android phone for 50$ you can simply buy an android phone. Your complaint is a non-issue. Conntinum requires a higher end phone because of what is required of the hardware it's not that hard. So when will people be using their iPhone or Android device as a basic desktop computer? Oh that's right not any time soon because neither OS has anything like Continnum.
  • Zte zmax 2 as low as $59.99 and often $79.99 is an incredible deal. Made me park my 640
  • The radio app was one of the few apps that had few if any bugs due to it's simplicity. Why get rid of it?
  • Microsoft has made it crystal clear that they do not give a rat's ass about mobile. They're in it for one reason and one reason only: because Apple and Google are. Their efforts are lackluster and half the time, running backwards while everyone else moves forward.
  • This customer never left 8.1. New reasons to stay keep coming every day!
  • Mos Def, i am going back to Windows 8.1. I dont see how native radio app should just appear. This is what microsoft does and they are loosing their client base to android. am a dedicated windows persons but.....   If such things continue, will move away from windows entirely
  • My problem is that I don't want to use internet when I hear some stations like now with the default FM radio app. I already have an app to hear internet radio stations but I want one WITHOUT internet connection. Is ridicules to remove the radio from my phone without my permission!
  • It doesn't do anything without an internet connection
  • Right.thats terrible to use internet for accessing radio
  • Its online radio service. Not FM radio.
  • Doesn't work with Lumia 950
  • I Found a great offline third-party app. Radio FM Phone(by Lars Nowak less than 1 MB)
    P.S. Posted From my PC.W10 Master Race
  • Looks promising, thanks for the heads up!
  • So they are obviously unable to develop a less than 1 MB FM radio app
  • Why is "Radio FM Phone" under Music in the store? Rush can't sing?
  • I'm using Radio FM Phone by LaNoSoft. It's an FM Tuner radio app, not internet based. You must plug in headphones just like on the former FM Radio app that Microsoft has abandoned.
  • Didn't try this one yesterday, this seems to be the most decent of the 5 or so that I tried. Still not as smooth as the native one, but an ok alternative
  • Radio fm phone seems to be quite nice.
  • Answer is simple.. They do not want to waste their energy in app which is already good..or complete.. If you see whole concept of windows 10.. Which I see.. They just remove features and bring the features when people demanded.. And we feel good.. Wow they listen to us.. You also see Google Chromecast.. By Google.. And continuum by Microsoft.. Both had same visions.. One difference is they just use different plat form to make money... I had question why we need doc like device.. Why they don't fit that in mobile.. It's my thinking.. They want money.. Write now nothing new comes to windows phone.. Though the concept of windows phone in youtube look so cool.. They just experimenting with their current product to make budget phone.. But still I like windows phone and waiting to see few new products Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Some proper punctuation?
  • That's an Android user for you. Mediocrity is a way of life...
  • :D
  • Lmao
  • Because also they think the future is internet.. So FM is of no use. This move also make Microsoft backward. They are focused more on paid service. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Then why do they provide the hardware inside?
  • I think in new hardware. You will see no FM radio... Which they name as surface phone. I mean to say they will remove the hardware also in future.. Old phones had nokia hardware.. They had changed the branding only.. Nokia had the great quality. They know their customer. Currently microsoft also don't know what their customer want.. They are making hopeless product which I personally never thought it is a Microsoft products.. Like lumia 550..bogus phone.. Full flop.. Nothing much new.. When it's comes to hardware.. Same camera etc.. Few innovation has been done in high range phone.. Like making phone as PC.. But truly it's of no use in daily life.. Atleast it will not affect my life.. Microsoft will not agree on this.. If they are right then just increase their sales in market..they had to give heavy discount in order to sale their phone.... They are shifting toward phablet completely according to rumar in YouTube.. Well I am really not interested in phablet.... It's too difficult to use and not at all handy.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • FM Radio It's got banner ads but it's functional.
  • I would suspect that, at least in part, they are bowing to pressure from the likes of IHeartRadio, Spotify and others.  Harder to sell their product when you can tune in to local stations for free.  carriers also want you using data.  And let's not forget MS has their own Groove product, which could also have hampered adoption if there is a free option.  No, they can't stop the third-party apps, but they also don't need to contriubute to their own problem.  I think we'll eventually see FM tuner functionaility dropped from most handsets due to these and similar pressures. It could also be that they believe that so few people use it that it would not be missed.  I use mine all the time, but I'd bet I'm in a minority.
  • Not really, Android Sony devices have FM Radio and is not just a radio app, its connected to the carrier data network at all times since it has integration with TrackID which is based on Gracenote, a cloud service to provide the tracks you're listening to (like Shazaam but much better).  So in fact a FM radio app is good for both end users and mobile carriers since cloud services attract more customers to data plans.  This is just a bad decision IMO since FM radio + cloud services is a win win scenario for all. I'm glad I'm on Android now.
  • "Android Sony devices have FM Radio and is not just a radio app, it's connected to the carrier data network at all times" Okay, that's NOT FM Radio. FM Radio has nothing to do with the internet. Some apps may call themselves FM Radio, but unless they are using in internal Frequency Modulation tuner to access over the air waves that don't go through the internet, it's not FM.   And unless Sony has hacked Android to install FM functionality in the core of the OS, then it doesn't have FM radio. My understanding is that Android doesn't have a true FM tuner app because they didn't think it important enough to put into the core of the OS. Same with iOS. It just can't be done on those platforms. Windows has the API to access it, and I sure am hoping they aren't planning on getting rid of that functionality going forward. Perhaps chip makers are planning to discontinue the receiver in the chips? Sucks. I'd hate to have to buy a separate FM radio for listening to my talk shows and sports programs.
  • SONY devices have built-in real FM radios for ages. They always had, I feel. Real FM radio. Like the one that you have to connect the antenna to have a reception. And I have to say that in my Xperia SP (that I got from my company) the FM radio is great; it has fantastic sensitivity.
  • are aware that there are several fm apps in the store with better functionalities than the deafault windows one?
  • Unfortunately not. There are 2 or 3 good ones but the FM app from WM makes the difference due the capability to listen the radio on speaker mode. I'm not finding any third party app that can do that...anyone has found one?. I think it is a system restriction?...
  • You can only tune in to local stations with built in receiver. This is much different than any radio station app. Sent from my Computer
  • My personal opinion on this is that less and less you will see people using wired headphones. Since you need those to act as an antenna it makes sense to start phasing out FM on modern phones.
  • I could still buy a telescopic antenna with a jack connector and use Bluetooth headphones using the phone's Bluetooth functionality
  • Lol & xmsurius
  • The answer is, why not? Many apps out there no need for keeping maintenance costs for useless apps.
  • The app had never changed since its inception... I was hoping they'd eventually integrate it in Groove. Still, I've been using a third-party app and it's slightly more functional than the phased-out app. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Care to share what app?
  • There is this app called simply "FM Radio" on the store. Not the best one, but I think it does the job..
  • +1, please share the app?
  • Helped no one with this comment. What app?
  • There are multiple FM radio apps that use the hardware radio and headphones as an antenna. Just search the store for FM Radio.
  • That's the main kicker... Perhaps, with mobile not being top priority, and trimming of resources being necessary, MS decided that it was one of the least needed apps they needed to continue to develop, and that mobile could survive without it... Most likely a case of deductive reasoning came to this conclusion. The fact is that if we expect for MS to continue to develop, and support, a mobile platform which at the time isn't doing them very much good, then we are gonna have to expect that they will trim fat.... And, whether we like it, or not, the F.M. App is indeed fat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • But is such a small app considered fat?..
  • But, to us it seems like a small app, but it's very possible that to keep the app functioning on a hundred different devices, and from build to build, it takes many development hours... No app is every finished, and for it to continue to work it has to be continuously developed. It's hard to say what actually happens behind the scenes, so its best not to jump to any conclusions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I'd disagree, WP has shown that an app can be left with no attention and still function. The first Instagram Beta springs to mind, and many apps from 8.1 that haven't seen any updates still work on W10M. This app is incredibly simple in comparison and needs no continuous updating - it's a tuner and nothing more. There's no backend, no links, it just connects to and controls the antennae. Of course, as you say, we don't know though. But I really wouldn't think it needs effort to keep running.
  • As a developer I can safely tell you that maintaining the FM Radio app is VERY simple.  They have not needed to do any notable changes since the first version was released. 3rd party developers do not have access to the tuner so we're all screwed over by Microsoft.  After hearing this news I will not renew my Groove music pass.
  • Oh so you're a developer working on the FM Radio app built by micrososft? Great! Would love to hear how you've structured it so that lends itself to being 'easy to work on'.
  • Have you not noticed how basic the app is?  If they added API to allow developers to utilize FM Tuner I could easily replicate their app with even more functionality in less than an hour. You overestimate how much work it takes to design mobile apps.
  • Ooo, thanks for sharing this. So, it is because that restriction that developers cant make the capability to listen to the radio in speaker mode?
  • Even imdb that was build for windows phone 7 works on 10 fine although it's under developed it still works so it isn't just windows phone 8 apps that work perfectly fine. Silly move by them
  • Nobody said that it couldn't still function... The idea is that the apps you speak of that don't get attention tend to degrade in performance... Not is not something MS tends to let happen, and we all know that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • That FM App is so simple, it would run on a potato. I dont think performance is the reason. Others have noted that there are third party apps. I guess they simply cut it in hope others would do their job amd they never ever have to care about it again (with newer handsets probably not even including antennas anymore).
  • When Terry M said mobile wasn't the top priority, didn't he say it in the context of bringing developers to the platform. Would have to dig out the exact quote but I'm sure it was more specific than just saying it's not a priority at all. Could be wrong though. I'm not sure if I ever had this app on my 950 tbh. I think my 1020 definitely had it and not sure about 930.
  • I don't mean this sarcastically, or to be smart at all. I'm just making an honest statement... In the English language, and because of the definition of priority, when saying whether something is of smaller priority, it doesn't need to be said whether it's top priority, or not.. It just needs to be stated that it is not priority.. That's because not being a priority doesn't mean that something isn't of priority at all, rather not of most, or in some cases moderate, importance. Long story short, it's safe, and accurate, to say that this app is not priority at MS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I am not sure, but the 950 may not have the necessary FM receiver.  I know when I bought the 822 back when it came out, it had the receiver.  But the 928 and Icon don't.  If they don't plan on putting an FM receiver in the new Lumias or Surface phones going forward, no need to have this app.  Other OEMs may decide to have them.
  • True.... The thing is that the reason MS does (SOME THINGS LOL)isn't always to piss us off.. A lot of effort goes into bringing us this stuff, and logical decisions have to be made.. Although, sometimes decisions are just mind boggling, like not having C&P ready for the release of WP7,, they usually have a good track record. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • It does. I use it daily and I'm not happy about this news.
  • The Lumia 928 & ICON have the FM receiver
  • 928 the fm tuner never worked. Icon it works great.
  • Lumia 928, along with 620 and 810, doesn't have the FM receiver
  • I haven't tried it on my 950 yet, but my Icon has FM. I use it about once a year to listen to convention program broadcast over FM.
  • They have just pulled it on the 950, with no notice.  Amazingly stupid PR.  Any idea what 950 owners should do?  Can't find any 3rd party app that works on the 950 without its old built in FM app.
  • My Icon has the necessary hardware. I know it for a fact because I'm listening to KLUV as I type this ☺
  • My bad.  I have the Lumia 928, and the 822 before that.  The 822 had it, but I know the 928 does not (I looked into again yesterday).  I assumes since the 928 didn't, they didn't add it to the Icon.  I never moved up to the Icon since I like the Glance and Double-Tap to Wake features.  I have been running Windows 10 on my 928 and Glance doesn't always work and Double-Tap doesn't work at all (supposed to make a comeback in later builds), so I getting used to living without those features.  Now that the Icon is officially supported again in the Insider program, thinking of getting one.  Are you running Windows 10?  How is it running?  One features that is broken on the 928 is Group Messaging, is that working on the Icon with Windows 10?
  • People not down voting misunderstanding, and jumping to conclusions, but down voting logical explanation's.. Lol. Typical. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yea I fixed that, for once im agreeing with is now a weird day.
  • Lol. People are followers.. I'm convinced they just vote what everyone else votes just to feel like they belong... Because, if you read my original comment there is no reason why anyone, within their right mind, should DV that.. Lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • True. I had heard rumors that there was a team of 100 people dedicated to the continued development of that FM radio app.
  • Since he was talking about their own hardware and not the software, I don't think it has to do with trimming fat. It was just not used very much and no competing platforms offer it for a reason.
  • So, then you agree that they're trimming the fat. Lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Nope, there's no fat there to trim. It's just not a popular feature.
  • Thus trimming the fat.. Lol. You must not know what the term means..
  • Maybe they've never had a real steak before. We eat farm grown beef from our farmer relatives out here and definitely know what trimming fat means.
  • Lol.. Understood.... Regardless of how, what when, or why they are canceling the app (as far as it being preloaded on devices) they are in fact "trimming the fat" in the sense that they are keeping what they want, and getting rid of what they don't. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • The app is working fine as it is now. They don't need resources to update it. Or am I wrong? Damn Microsoft, another reason to leave Windows Phone/ Mobile.
  • Leave WP to iOS and Android ... that do not supt FM radio ? Strange rationale...
  • Most likely legal reasons they don't want to share. It's why the included media players for Windows are missing codecs for certain video formats. Also, why VLC player is so popular. It's lightweight and supports many codecs without having to find them yourself.
  • That's another logical reason. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Well yeah I was thinking it could be related to this. They took out the codes and DVD playback to save on licensing. Not sure if you have to pay any sort of licensing fee by offering FM Radio in your device/software out of the box, but it's possible
  • FM Radio having legal issues? Its just a radio and there should or no need for any proprietary stuff just to make it function. Media players are understandable since they may include some proprietary codecs such as a DVD pr Blu-Ray players. FM Radio is old but widely used tech that it just converting radio frequencies into sound, now it can be connected to cloud or other supplementary features to make it better. Well our Radio app is basic to begin with no sign of something more advance than most other radio app or device. Sent from Turing Machine
  • To reimplement in the future like a new feature? (just kidding)
  • I don't see fm radio as the future. More like DAB(+). Gives you much better signal. That could render a car audio's FM function superfluous, given a seamless in-car integration. At least in my area.
  • North America isn't embracing DAB+ at all. Here it's all about HD Radio (which uses the existing FM broadcast band and allows stations to have a digital signal alongside the analog one). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Innovation! We listen to the feedbacks etc, etc, etc...
  • It better be putting it back as that's a wrong move, it's like taking a car apart piece by piece and this time it's the radio, trust me I use the radio in my car every day. Microsoft "think", use your head!
  • Because they are trying to reming people that WP is dead and it's time to switch.. Like Windows store is full with apps, so they remove their own... What an idiots... MS sucks! Move on.. :)
  • Because it's not 1987?
  • Its less than 1987 when you have calamity. Sometimes this FM Radio can be used when there is no internet or mobile signal. Other countries/places will benefit from these especially the ones experiencing frequent storms, etc. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Maybe they're integrating radio with Groove.
  • Sounds like a good idea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I think it is because there is no API to access the FM radio in Windows 10 at the moment, or more correctly there is an API to access the radio but it is not implemented yet.
  • The death of WP by a thousand cuts
  • Try finding an Android phone released since 2014 that has a radio tuner Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are you drunk?
  • Because that's what Microsoft does: add features to Windows Mobile/Phone, then take them away, then add a lesser version later and promise it'll be amazing. Eventually. Someday.
  • yes, if something is working perfectly then why should stop it?
    MS already discontinued Lumia apps, Here Apps and now this...
    FM app does not required updates for maintaining still it was discontinued.
    can't understood what MS
    is thinking. Send from Lumia 535 running on W10M
  • That's about the last competative advantage that's gone now... I (used to) use this app daily.
  • Please, +1 on feedback app:
  • Still don't get it?  they want us to vote for it in the feedback hub... hayyyyyyyyyyyy.
  • This sucks, I would actually love to see this implemented in Groove. That would be a dream to see! Online radio and local radio all in one.
  • Hey, that's exactly where it used to be in WP7-7.5.... It was perched in the Zune App.. And, personally I think it needs to return to the main music app.. I also think the EQ, and FMR apps, should be assessable in Groove, and the Action Center. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Agreed. Why I need to have dozens of app, which could be integrated into one. Let's move Podcast and FM Radio back to Groove. I'm a software developer and always found problematic the idea of "There is an app for that" logic. Its a stupid logic. Integrated apps!
  • And Podcasts too. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Yeah, I forgot about that one.. That too! And, while were on the subject, why don't they just give us the option to have anything we like to be accessible from the Action Center? And, that includes giving developers access to the Action Center... That's just one more way to take credibility for more customization, which ain't a bad thing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Well that's kind of disappointing. Is it really that hard to include/maintain a basic FM tuner logic when the hardware and logic already exists?
  • Pdf reader then this and then voice recorder may be...
  • Then caller apps...then messaging apps....and then the whole platform.....
  • Death by a thousand cuts
  • I don't know why instead of improving these apps they're just abandoning them.
    I like native apps, because they're light and consistent. Sent from a black hole.
  • You know nothing escapes black hole unless you dug a hole and painted it black :p
  • He might be talking about his butt, or some other black hole.
  • About his phone.
  • Makes sense. I never got a decent signal.
  • Voted down for having an opinion. Brilliant.
  • Haha
  • How low can you go...??
  • FM radio is obsolete. It would make more sense if they put a DAB radio in a phone...
  • "I don't use it, so none uses it" ¬¬
  • I didn't say that. I'm talking from my point of view.
  • Not in North America...... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • FM Radio may be obsolete to you (and others who agree to this decision), but not for everybody, especially the rest of the world and people rely on it. Especially when the internet or cellular network is non-existent on times and having a simple FM Radio were the only tech remaining you can get essential information wirelessly. DAB Radio on the phone would be nice, but why remove the app when the existing ones still have it, or even upcoming ones.
  • My Zune HD has a HD Radio receiver. You know how many times I used it? none, because where I live it's either analogue FM or DAB. (Although they never did sell Zunes in Italy, so that's not really the issue) having a simple FM tuner is a nice fallback option if anything
  • Maybe you were voted down because people disagree. Just because you have an opinion, it doesn't mean everyone has to have the same one. I for one never had more trouble with the built-in Radio than any other FM capable device.
  • Didn't say that my opinion was everyone's. I agree with you.
  • What about others got a strong signal? Sent from Turing Machine
  • Removals galore, stop the madness!
  • These guys have no idea about significance of FM radio in India
  • People in Brazil also like it. But who cares right?
  • Or any countries that still use it, especially with times of calamities where you can listen for necessary information when other forms of communication is unreliable. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Or some talk show, news radio... Well...
  • Next Microsoft will remove the Phone app thus forcing all calls to be made using the Skype app.
  • Don't give them ideas!
  • After they can remove Camera app because it possible to download pictures from online services. Which will be more better then my selfies.
  • Couldn't they just leave it as a non-default app in the Store? -Richard Eid
  • Yeah, but they still would have to continue to develop, and support, it for it to continue to work with new builds, and new devices.... Like I said before, no app is every finished, and without proper support it could break... It seems that MS is trying to NOT do what developers from the likes of Instagram, and others, have done by dropping development for apps, but letting them remain accessible. That isn't the quality way of doing things. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • What development? It is the same dam app for a long time
  • How do you know it's the same app?? By user interface?.. It's always been tied to system updates. How do you know it hasn't had updates with different builds?... We don't. That's what supports my original comment above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • They have much more things to do. I bet they never touched the Radio app. I like my 950xl, I never used Fm radio, but it was important too many people. Ms keep doing mistakes or bad decisions.
    Just leave the app for those who uses it... It is not that hard
  • That's a good point. I'd rather there be no app, and have other devs realize that and step up to the plate, than have an app that's never updated, and no one else making one because the one that's there is "just good enough"
  • Like with the podcasts app. Sent from my Lumia 830 running Windows 10 Mobile
  • Exactly. And, what people need to realize is that apps that are tied to the OS don't show updates.. So, how do we know MS hasn't been developing the app to work with new builds, and devices? We don't. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Does anyone use this feature? This is probably one that should have faded out of the hardware awhile ago.
  • I use it everyday at work & it's why I switched from my Nokia N8 and made the move to windows phone & I don't think I'm the only one. My worry now is will they even add the fm hardware to future Lumia's ???
  • I use it and need it daily.
  • I use it alot. I like radio on night shifts and it was a reason why I moved on from 930 to 950xl. I wanted it back after I lost it when my 920 borked. Going to assume it'll stay working unless I reset ? Posted from my magical block of orange cheese.
  • Does the 930 not have it? Sent from my Lumia 830 running Windows 10 Mobile
  • @Tom Amey, the 930 does have FM Radio.
  • ​yep. my gym still uses FM repeaters for audio with the TVs mounted on the walls.
  • I use it everyday on my way to office....
  • I use it alot on my walks.  It doesn't need Wi-Fi as with TuneIn Radio and it doesnt use data either. Just a bit of battery power.
  • Yes.i use it
  • FM Radio is very underrated media by cloud companies today, not sure in iOS, but on Android TrackID is integrated into FM Radio on Sony devices, so you can get lyrics and album art for the song you're listening to, you just need an Internet connection.  FM Radio is a service that can have great business opportunities for cloud services, but perhaps some Internet Radio services don't like to have competition and they are pushing this absurd agenda to get rid of FM radio. 
  • Sony has some of the lowest marketshare in the Android realm, so their FM Radio integration makes even less of an impact than Windows Phone's. If that feature is present, Sony is an outlier. They're likely on the way out of smartphone completely, so no one's looking to them for smartphone guidance.
  • This is one of essential features of a cellphone. During times of emergencies FM radio is most helpful to transmit instructions. Couple of years ago during a flood Govt. relayed instructions to reach to higher points by using FM. Because of FM radio thousands of people were saved. Cellular network isn't reliable; frequencies get occupied quickly during disasters because of number of calls made.
    At least in 3rd world, where FM radios still dominate. Instead of music players, people use FM as main source of music. And there's always need of FM during emergencies.
  • Why remove stuff that has already bee completed, used for years, and works fine?
  • Exactly. Microsoft is apparently saving itself from Debt.
  • I always liked the idea of having the FM tuner on the phone, but what made it less useful was the fact that the phone used the headphone cables as the antenna, so if you wanted to use the phone like a radio and listen over the speaker (and not headphones), it wasn't really practical. As a result, I've found myself using iHeartRadio and TuneIn for my local radio station listening needs while not in the car. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It probably depends on support from the phone hardware, but you can/could play through the speakers while using the headphones as an antenna.
  • This is true, but I always found that it was difficult to get a good enough signal when not actually wearing the headphones. I just found it far less hassle to fire up iHeartRadio to listen to the stations I usually listen to (and TuneIn for the ones I listen to less frequently... here in the US, TuneIn carries most stations not covered by iHeartRadio). Also, by streaming instead of carefully hanging the headphone cables at just the right angle, if I need to move around the house, I can just grab my phone without having to worry about holding the headphones at just the right angle to not get static. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I heart don't have an app I'm my country yet all the stations now insist you use iheart so I'm cut out of internet radio
  • iHeartRadio is a US property (of iHeartMedia, run by ClearChannel). They're a marketing firm, and getting the rights to have their content played outside of the US is apparently just more hassle than it's worth for them to deal with. Other FM radio conglomerates in other countries have similar apps for their own local radio stations. As I mentioned, though, TuneIn covers many stations not covered by the large conglomerates, and they also carry content beyond just the US. Now if you're trying to listen to US stations outside of the US, that's another thing altogether (and not something that the phone's built-in FM tuner would ever have been able to get you... which is what this article is about). Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Exactly, Jessica ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • You answered the reason for an FM tuner. Mobility.  When you're just hanging around the house or office there's usually a Wi-Fi connection to hook into.  Thus plugging into an external speaker and listening to iHeart and TuneIn make sense in those situations.  But when not in a hot spot or if you dont want to tap into your data usage, and all you need are headphones, FM is the perfect choice.
  • I honestly could not agree more. And I actually made certain that the phones I bought had this feature for that very reason. I just found that for *me*, I ultimately found that even as someone who really wanted this feature, I barely ever found myself using it. I can certainly appreciate how other people would find this feature to be a great loss if they use it regularly in a manner that's actually convenient (I always had at least a little annoying scratchy static in my FM tuner audio, no matter how hard I tried to position the headphone cord just right for the best signal—my car's FM tuner, on the other hand gets a perfect signal with no noise whatsoever, so it's not signal strength related either). Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • There was a toggle to play sound over speakers or headphones. Still need the headphones for the antenna but that's fine. Without it, cant imagine the reception wld be too good and signal wld be horrible
  • People use third party apps from store, so? Does that mean you'll remove every app that many people don't use? Why not publish it in store and let it be there as your useless YouTube app is? At least FM Radio is used more than that YT app.
  • That youtube app was good before google forced MS to shut it down because it wasn't HTML5-based. But at that time, even the official youtube app for android, from google, wasn't HTML5-based either...
    (Another reason why I hate google :P :D ) Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Yup, I know. It could have competed with myTube, tubecast and other third-party YT apps had it not been taken down.
  • One of the reasons I came back to Windows Phone was because the devices had the built in FM tuner.  The phone I have, the 640 XL, gets decent reception in my office and I don't have to download an app to listen to the progamming I want.  Furthermore, there aren't even apps available that will allow me to stream the audio.  I'm within my return period.  Seriously reconsidering.  What other apps have Microsoft decided to kill off recently? 
  • Just curious, what country are you from? And what radio station(s_ are you listening to? Perhaps there is an app out there and someone here happens to also listen to the same radio station(s) and can point you in the right direction. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • New Zealand and all the Fairfax media stations even blocked tunin from using stream as they wanted the advertising you have to use iheart which don't support windows.
  • But iHeart has an app for Windows. Maybe it's not available in your region? :S
  • It's US-only.
  • ...and that's a problem, region availability, also it requires active internet connection to even work, thus additional data rates.
  • those apps usually are for streaming via the internet. The app that got removed was for receiving FM signals (no data needed)
  • Correct, and not many in this thread are missing that point. What I was hoping to do in at least *this* piece of conversation was avoid the whining and crying over the now-inevitable loss of the physical FM tuner app, and rather help people find a way to listen to what they listen to now when the tuner app goes away (even if that requires Wi-Fi and/or cellular data). Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • The FM Radio app in the store works just fine, use that instead.
  • Not even upset, make room for something useful. Kill the radio.
  • Living up to your moniker I see.
    Stupid Steven indeed
  • Living up to be a jack@$$ I see. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my Nexus 5x or LG V10)
  • Lol. Damn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Room for what? How does the seemingly small app affects everything? You want headphone jack also to make room for something too?
  • Slowly killing mobile version. Screwing us over again.
  • Why remove it? Seems pretty stupid to me. I hope the person responsible isn't making the decisions for Windows mobile, otherwise we're all screwed.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is stupid move!
  • You forgot "really". "...this is really stupid move!" ;)
  • You forgot "a". "... This is a really stupid move!" There, now we finally got it right.
  • Now its time for me to move to Android for all the years i have had Nokia why remove radio i can't use my radio anymore.
  • What the actual ****? Next will be phone app?! Just what? Wtf, they are keeping useless MSN, Lumia and Here apps in system, but removes FM radio? Is this an April joke? Even circus clowns are more serious than clowns at the Microsoft.
  • Hahaha.. LoL smartphone brand Microsoft Lumia does not have the oem FM radio app... Even cheaper android have in built fm radio app..
  • Actually I just checked and my One Plus 2 doesn't have an fm radio app either. No one listens to radio anymore anyways Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes they do. BBC Radio 2 gets an average of 9.5 million UK listeners every morning. BBC Radio 1, 8.5 million.
    Pretty much everyone in the UK listens to the radio at some point in our days. It's almost certainly the most widely used broadcast medium.
    Oh, and this is another STUPID decision by Microsoft. It's as if they don't want any of us to stick with this tin pot mobile platform.
  • +1 Posted from my magical block of orange cheese.
  • Maybe, MS wants to kill of W10m this way so they can focus on other projects. They can say to their shareholders that continuing the mobile OS development is a huge waste of resources, "look at the market share continue to drop with all these (bad)updates we are doing"!
  • So what, we have to follow what others doing? So when iPhone remove headphone jack, so does the Lumia? Seriously, doesn't mean others do it makes it better. Even though I personally don't use it alot, having a FM Radio is very handy and practical when you need it. Lastly, yes there are Android phones that still have it, not all but they do exist.
  •  "I don't listen, therefore no one listens!" Good logic there /s  
  • Fm is essential but I've seen Android phones without radio. So 3rd party apps are the route now
  • Still having built-in FM Radio out-of-the-box is way better than having a user to download it separately. It doesn't even cost that much space to have it on there. Especially when you suddenly need it and you actually forgot to download on your phone and there's no internet connection in case of emergency. 3rd-party apps can make better and feature-rich FM Radio app if they wish, just leave the built-in FM Radio app that just works.
  • Yes I use it. In fact, we had a major power outage at my house (I live in a city not the country/rural areas). Power was out for almost 24 hours. The back-up battery on Comcast VoIP went dead (killing my house phone and internet). All the cell towers went dark (for internet after about 12-18 hours) so the only way to keep current with the news was via FM radio..... I couldn't stream anything if I wanted to....I definitely would want this app/functionality for future emergencies.... When the internet goes down during the next hurricane, ice storm, severe weather, earthquake, etc., what are you planning on using?
  • For those occasions, it's best to rely on a cheap emergency radio that runs on alkaline batteries. If you had no power, then I would imagine that running your cellphone battery down listening to the radio would probably leave you with no radio in a matter of hours anyway. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • The radio on our phones is v.frugal. I could get about 15 hours of playback on my old 820.
  • Well that's always been a must thing, but still having it on our mobile phones is still way more handy than without it. Having an another device is always better than just 1. FM Radio on phone doesn't really cost too much on batteries, not to mention you can always turn off stuff like turning off mobile radio by using Airplane Mode and other background task can stretch up battery life. Who knows, people might already have some powerbanks ready to be used which can store alot of power. Anyways, I've been in this situation and having an FM Radio is a godsend when you need it, especially that how normal for us to carry mobile phones everywhere. Making our smartphones truly smart and swiss-army tool for any case depends how you use it.
  • Jessicator: You're right and I do have an Emergency Radio in my house. When I travel, I do not travel with my Emergency Radio. It was always nice to know that I could use my phone (via FM Radio) to get the latest local news alerts if I needed to... A phone *not* having FM radio in it's specs was a dealbreaker for me in the past (and will continue to influence my decision on future phone purchases)... I agree with a lot of the other posts. If MS doesn't want to update it the app...fine. Make it available for download via the store for those users that want that functionality on their phones...  
  • I have a multiband radio that's probably 40 years old that runs great on a couple of D batteries for those occasions. Not only FM radio, but AM, shortwave, aircraft band, and NOAA weather band. Makes the phone app seem pretty limited by comparison.
  • Mobile phone radios is been limited ever since, which still won't replace having a dedicated radio no matter how old or cheap it is. Though having it on our phone especially that we tend to carry it everywhere have a plus side that you have at least some sort of pocket radio in any case happens.
  • Meh...
  • I've never used it, so I wont miss it. Would perhaps have used it if it didn't require a headset
  • Silly to remove a simple functioning app, and worse than that, it would seem that the FM hardware (or API's) are not exposed in the latest Redstone builds as any 3rd party FM apps I've tried report that there is no FM hardware in my L950.
  • I don't think the Lumia 950 ever had FM radio support at the hardware or software level. In fact, only a small handful of phones actually had FM radio support.
  • Pretty much all Nokia WP8 handsets had the radio hardware installed (and functioning)
  • I'm not so sure about that. My old Lumia 928 didn't have an FM Radio. My Lumia Icon did though. I can't find any official list of which handsets had radio hardware, but I know quite a few didn't support it, especially the newer handsets post-Microsoft's purchase of Nokia.
  • From the old ones only 928, 620 and I think one other didn't have the FM Radio hardware, all others did. Not sure about the newer ones, but my 830 does have the hardware
  • The other one was the 810.
  • The 950 & 950xl both have fm radios, I'm using them as we speak. However, I do leave in South Africa though
  • Yip my wides has one as well and hers works fine. I am however also in South Africa
    Sent form Blackhawk (Lumia 930)
  • the only thing you need to listen to the readio is your headphones xd they work like an antenna then the app reads the FM Frequency that the antenna receives and sends you the signal you choose from all the signals the antenna receives and poof you listen to music. The logic is simple the app was there even if you didnt update it just leave it be it's not like on old androids the radio app ever got an update but still functions as it should. There is no hardware specification for this since if your phone has a headphone jag you put your headphones there and you have the hardweare the antenna all the other things are magic done by the program who actually reads the incoming FM frequency does the tricks to remove the high frequency keep the low one which is the song or whatever and sends it to you via headphones, you even have option to send it to loudspeaker. its not something complicated even your pc can do it if you have this app enabled and the antenna (headphones or something) so no support neede they can just leave it there be if it doesnt function well its ok then ppl will search for apps.. 
  • It has a FM reciever. It's just disabled on the European versions of it. You can enable it editing the registry as I did.
  • How did you do that?
  • I have a French 950 XL radio is there as default
  • Please no. I do use it fairly reguarly. Not everyone wants or needs to use their data allowance to listen to a local radio station.  Don't do it Microsoft, please.
  • Is he saying there are third party apps that use the FM tuner in the phone, or that there are third party streaming apps?  Streaming audio can be hard on the data plan.
  • There are third party radio apps. All however are riddled with adverts or are very bad and crash regularly. Ms one is the only reliable one. Posted from my magical block of orange cheese.
  • Someone suggested an app called FM Radio Phone, that one is somewhat decent, doesn't have adverts, has a fairly clean UI 
  • that's totally bs move... Although, I haven't used the FM radio on the mobile phone for last four years!
  • When I see that, I'm so glad to have my Android now...
  • This is the time when third party developers step in.
    The only thing I'm afraid of is, that they'll do the same to the Podcasts app. I know, many people don't even know what it's for (seeing the store reviews here in Hungary), but damn. I use it a lot.
    It won't be a dealbreaker, but a negative point for me. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Does anyone know of a 3rd party that uses the FM radio module (not streaming.) I am a hobbiest developer and I don't ever recall any APIs that allows 3rd party developers to access the FM radio.
  • Check FM Radio Phone - - works fine, just for FM radio (tried it out with Wi-Fi and data turned off)
  • Αυτές είναι μαλακιες να τους πείτε!
  • Χαχαχ σωστός!!!!
  • Well i hope they bring it back because no one is going to search the store... and dont turn us into some samsung mobile...
    This is a bad decicion MS it was already done too...
  • "कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा.....अपन ने कभी फोन ने रेडियो सुना ही नही."
  • This is really a shame, I use the FM Radio a lot and there are no decent alternatives on the Windows Store.
  • Are there any good 3rd party alternatives? So far all of the ones I tried were absolute garbage and don't come even close to the native one
  • One more reason to stay with WP8.1
    - Lumia Camera suite
    - HERE suite
    - PDF Reader
    - Radio
    - non-beta OS
    - etc. etc.
  • And support for Band. ;)
  • Wait Band is still not working well on W10M?? Sent from Turing Machine
  • Band does indeed work on Windows 10 now. Source: I have a Band 2 and a Lumia 950. Also have an original Band I can test if people demand it off me.
  • Let's not complain let's write MS our disapproval for removing this app, that's the only real option. If enough people voice there displeasure then there might be a slim chance to save it but if we only complain and do nothing then the app is gone for sure. 50 50 shot. There are other apps that work in the MS Store.
  • FOOLISH... Dear God why did you allow so many clueless people in Microsoft. Which confused people passed this decision/in developing and 3rd world countries a radio is a must on a phone..
    -is there any radio app in the store which doesn't require internet connection? And free from the annoying ads.
    -why can't they publish the app in the store for people who use it to download? These developers should pull up their socks and give us an equivalent app... Sad
  • Dang! This wouldn't have been news to me until a week or so ago when I started using the heck out of it. No!
  • Typical I use everyday due to bad data in basements as I work I currently use a xperia cause you can use ear buds for the antenna but route thro bt..... Was hoping ms was gonna do this in the anniversary update but alas they failed again. Hey devs will pay for this option. If any are still around. Funny today was probably getting 1520 in the mail to fix mine guess I wasted 80.00 watch eBay if anyone is interested in a 1520 for cheep next week. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'd like to know the reasoning for this one. I'm always happy to see a radio app that doesn't require data. 
  • The likely reason would be that it isn't used as much as other features on the phone and they are looking for places to trim the OS so that they can add other features and still fit them all into a reasonable memory footprint.  I just hope that they continue to include the radio hardware so that we can have the choice to have that functionality.
  • Maybe it was removed because it was a direct competition against 3rd party radio apps, such as TuneIn. Maybe this is their way of making sure these apps get used and they don't abandon the UWP. L950
  • Making people purchase their service
  • So next, they are going to remove the calendar app because of third party calendar apps, and the photos app because of third party photos apps and in the end they'll just deliver a barebone OS without any apps/functionality because of third party apps? The future is wide open, way to go!
  • Yeah, its actually better to have default apps ready to use, and when you want something else, better features, different UX, different service, etc., that's where 3rd party apps comes in. I think the problem because the lack of API and integration for 3rd-party apps to fit well on Windows 10. Example, you cannot change the web browser default, others have don't have access to certain APIs, etc. Sent from Turing Machine
  • but TuneIn Radio Pro is a streaming app, not OTA.
  • FM Radio is a simple app that uses the FM radio hardware, it's not a service or anything. It won't compete with TuneIn despite with similar goal, heck Spotify is more of a threat rather than the FM Radio app. Removing the FM Radio doesn't make people use TuneIn, especially that is a service that use internet to stream radio. Removing FM Radio just annoys the people who use it and don't want to always deal with streaming services.
  • Not acceptable... Time to go back to the release preview ring!
  • This is cobblers - the FM Radio is only enabled in the US - not Europe. There is a Registry setting that disables it... so even the 3rd party apps won't run.
  • Nope. Uk resident listening to local radio this morning. Used built in fm radio app. Posted from my magical block of orange cheese.
  • Many of the European versions of the 950 have it disabled. I had to edit the registry to enable it!
  • it's enabled in the italian variant too.
  • Going back to 8.1, used it everyday, now you have to use data,when on the go,good job Microsoft
  • Windows 10 broken....8.1 it's better
  • Stupid decision. Well, looks like my Lumia 1520 will be in WP 8.1 forever and ever. No upgrading to Windows 10 in my life.
  • Well, I always wanted to do a mobile app. I guess this give me a reason to do one. I want to do one that fits with Win10, like if MS would have done it, and no ads, and free. Start that as a first version....    
  • There are plenty FM Radio apps with better usage on store... So why not using them instead and support the windows developers instead?
  • They all have adverts...and don't have the simple elegance of the native app
  • Lol. Support? In what? Removing core features of a cellphone?
  • Ok you have a point. I understand the logic but it's not a big deal if you already have plenty of options.
  • It is not big deal for people like you and me but FM IS a big deal for most of people and it should be. People don't look for apps for core features on store. FM has saved lives. My family was saved because of FM. It's quite useful in emergencies.
  • THIS! Having options doesn't mean removing essential things from the device. FM Radio if the hardware supports it is a must have feature regardless how often you use it or not, it's handy when it case you need it and especially in emergencies. It's the only piece of tech that still works at least even without cellular network, as long as you are in the area of FM Radio. This app should be available to use out-of-the-box, without a need to download from somewhere. 3rd-party apps can have better FM Radio app by having better UX, more features and other stuff, but just leave the just works FM Radio app on W10M. With that logic, so is it also alright to download SMS app from the Store since there are better alternatives?
  • FM Radio is disabled in Europe... via the registry. No 3rd party app will work.
  • 3rd party FM Radio apps work for me, it's just that they are crap, with bad UI, but they work. I'm from Latvia, that is in Europe
  • Can't get any 3rd party FM tuners to work on my 950, originally on o2 in the UK, but unlocked for any network now.
  • Many of the European versions of the 950 have it disabled. I had to edit the registry to enable it!
  • Works perfectly fine in Ireland, I use it daily
  • on which devices?  On my 735 FM radio works fine. And I can tell more: there is a bug that allow to use it without wired headsets. And yes, I live in Europe.
  • Every day a new app is removed from WP.
  • There are better office apps, media players, and maps available... It'll be interesting to see whether Microsoft dumps these dafult apps, too. (Of course they won't....)
  • It's their strategy to force people to stream songs from their service
    Money money money
  • Well this strategy forces people to not even use the service...or moving away from the plarltform. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Can someone name the FM Radio app that doesn't use an internet connection as a replacement for this? It is my belief that all of the apps in the store are streaming and sometimes I simply have no internet available.
  • TuneIn has FM playback IIRC
  • Nope, just checked, doesn't do anything without an internet connection
  • A few days ago, I was informed about storage reduction of OneDrive. Now this. Seriously? I bought a Lumia930 two years ago. Now all those 'selling points' are gone. And so am I.
  • Remove the photo app and change it to gallary....and make it faster ....currently photo app is slow as hell...swipe through photo photo is not fast than it was before...and camera app also have so many bugs while taking photo from camera by rich capture on ...sometimes photo is clicked with 720p and you cant zoom in that pictures ruins my so many casual camera remove these apps bring lumia camera back to all windows phone and the old layout of photo app it was fast and accurate ...
  • I agree for being slow, but why remove when they can optimize it so thus it performs faster and works reliable. The old Photos hub indeed though still faster, WP8 even got social feed. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Boo...
  • I never used it to be honest but, for any emergency, would be nice to have it
  • Me too! I don't use FM Radio that much but it was a godsend during the calamity. Especially when regular mobile signal is unreliable or when the signal is completely down. FM Radio can be a good source of vital information in case of emergency. Its one the last piece of tech that works well in emergency times. Having it on our phones just keep it being a high-tech Swiss army knife. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Maybe I won't use it, but it should remain existed.
  • Hope they don't remove the hardware. To have FM radio was an important reason why I got Windows Phone OS/Phone. Don't remove our right to choose
  • Typical MS FAIL!!!!!!!!!!
  • How poor of MS!! This technology will phase out anyway, i see, but why not let in on board "as is"? Secondly, I just read that in cities, because of more internet availability, small stations grab these abandoned frequencies. Which is a cool thing to listen to!!!
  • Guys vote in the feedback app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This will likely flood the Feedback wall. I wished we not come to this since I rather we have post feedback on something else, but looks like it will and it has to. Microsoft is making controversial and off decision at times when the platform is not doing well at all. What a retrenchment days indeed. Sent from Turing Machine
  • How to be stupid?
    Let other hates you.
    Very bad design Microsoft.
  • Great, first they break Groove and now they are removing radio. Groove is somewhat fixed. I think the remaining issue would he resolved if the removed gadgets app.
  • Why?? This sucks
  • REMOVE Windows 10 Mobile then Finish.. WELCOME ANDROID
  • Wtf is wrong with you Microsoft?! Do you not see how ****** the alternatives in the store are? Worse, the api for UWP apps for FmRadio isn't complete. iHeart streams drop out and stop playin even on blazing fast WiFi.... Someone call Tron, at least he fights for the user! -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • FIGHT FOR THE USER! Sent from Turing Machine
  • Maybe they're just "retrenching" it, lol. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S7 gets FM radio *added* (at least on T-Mobile). Way to go MSFT!
  • Digging a trench to bury all their unsold inventory in.  
  • Retrenching to its own grave. Seriously, what a time to decide controversial and odd decisions at times where the platform is not doing well and the small community we have already having a civil war. Microsoft is really bad at customer relations. No wonder why alot of people hates or have cold-shoulders anything Microsoft, while people favors others simply because Apple and Google can please their customers very well. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Yup. Android in a few months.
  • For anyone who thinks that the FM radio is a waste of time & that no one uses it, well a few years ago we had a major earthquake where I live & the power went out, as well as cellphone towers going down. So with no power, internet or cellphone coverage FM radio was the only way to listen to local information about the earthquake & keep up to date with what was going on. For anyone wanting an app that doesn't use any data, there's a pretty good app available called "Radio FM Phone"
  • Here is a good reason why this sucks!   I was one of many stuck in Manhatten during the events of 9/11 trying to figure out what the hell was going on while on the street and what transportation was available.  All the cell towers were swamped.  Could not make a phone call.  Same after Storm Sandy.  Guess what worked?  Yes, FM Radio.  In 01, I used a Sansa device.  In 2012 ​I had a Windows Phone with FM Radio after the cell towers went down and until I could get a generator up and running. Dumb move -- stuff like this makes it hard to support MS.  I hope at a minimum they open up the API for some 3rd party to do what they have failed to do in supporting this feature.  During a disaster, they chances of you getting streamed anything over cell towers is going to be very low because everyone else will be trying to do the same thing.  AM/FM Radio will continue to function when cable and cell towers go down because most of those stations have generators with large fuel reserves to stay on the air and give people information they will need. 
  • GOD! WHY? Going back to 8.1! I think that Win10 is going to be better than Android,and now this... Without a reason. -_-
  • Oh, just wait until they pull a Zune on you and kill all future updates.  Never trust Microshaft.
  • Seems like they forgot that people went apeshit the last time that they removed it. And they brought it back only to have it removed again. But honestly I haven't used an FM Radio on a phone since 2008.
  • Well, in smaller towns you don't find local radio stations have a web streaming presence.  The only way to listen to local radio (and get local news/info) is via the OTA our case, FM.
  • Glad I still have my Lumia 900 :P 
  • I wish I could get mine back.
  • Looks like eBay would be the answer. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Noooo! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • With any luck, they'll reverse the decision if fans make enough noise.
  • Yeah, FM radio is handy to listen to to cover up the noise my fans make while rendering videos.  
  • Radio have to be...but if there is some issue then right:)
  • I'm guessing this decision has EVERYTHING to do with mobile app advertising.  By removing the FM tuner, users will need to use ad filled apps or purchase ad free ones, thus encouraging devolopers to make streaming radio apps and MS makes money on the app or ads.
  • FM Radio isn't an advertised feature of Windows phones for a long time, also that doesn't guarantee for developers to flock into the platform. That doesn't stop like the likes of Spotify to exist even phones comes with FM Tuner, its actually got an advantage already since you can play any albums you want to play for free compared to ad-fest FM Radio. FM Radio maybe not that popular anymore, buts really handy to have especially when you want to listen anything local and if you ever lived in not so good internet. Also in case of emergency and calamity, this can be an essential thing to have to get information when internet and cellular radio is down. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Strange as it is a standalone aop. No reason for it to leave the windows store. And that many use other apps ourely based on statistics is the lamest excuse ever. So which do they recommend? Im not going to waste my time to look for anothervradio app.what if they pull theirvapo? I have a built in fm transmitter in my phone. Is microsoft going to stopbwifi support too? Why they just leave the app in the store and just stop service? Granted as lot more is done streaming over the internet. But during a national emergency fm radio will always be more reliable than wifI, 3g, 4g or any other form of mobile internet. Its a last backup we have if the internet is offline in a disaster. And I'm sure that many countries are not as first world as the the united states. Makes no sense in the global market.
  • Yes, but all the ones I've tried so far are HORRIBLE.  The built in one was simple, easy to see and just worked.  No ads, nothing. It just worked. Which is more than I can say for the entirety of Windows 10.
  • Time to remove Xbox, groove, video tv and the phone App! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I use this app every day, in the morning on my way to work, on my way home, when I'm out running, all the time. I've used the FM tuner since 2003, when Nokia first put it on their phones! And it's not like I can download the radio shows from the BBC radio iPlayer. Genuinely gutted... :-/
  • and another completely retarded move from microsoft. that app could not have drawn any resources over the last years it was never updated or iterated it just was available. this just sucks - i can not even use the app at the moment as i am using bluetooth headsets but it was (and still is) one of the easiest ways to get news and music if you run out of data on your contract. why is microsoft continually trying (and succeeding) to reach a new low in customer appeal by removing perfectly fine features and ruining their mobile os?!
  • Sometimes I just don't understand some do the d?
  • People, voice your displeasure in the feedback hub that would be best way to go about it.
  • Done. Posted from my magical block of orange cheese.
  • We need a links! 
  • Use the windows feedback app and select the fm radio app. Job done. Posted from my magical block of orange cheese.
  •        Microsoft killed a radio star...
  • Hahaha
  • This is clearly a move to free some market space for their groove music service.
  • This is terrible. This is super important to me when I travel out of the country. How can they expect to be a true competitor when they water down the OS with decisions like this?
  • One more nail in the WP coffin. Corporate logic vs common sense... Common sense loses.
  • Why not just include it with groove music
  • Way too logical I guess.
  • This one is truly a retarded move, just leave the damn app there ... they are just taking functionality off the phones that have FM radio in them ....
  • Microsoft killed the radio app! Oh-a-aho oh! I think at this point they're just trying to see how much it will take to push the last remaining users away from the platform.
  • Boo! I like my radio app that dosnt burn data. Not happy about that change.
  • WTF Microsoft? I'm a Microsoft fanboy, but this is just plain stupid. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • I think the reason for its removal is that FM radio is on its way out as a protocol.  I believe Norway and some other countries are exiting FM broadcasts in 2016/2017. Plus it probably had the same usage percentages as WMC on PC.
  • We have DAB+ in UK. FM here will soon be gone.
  • WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • I'm going to request on the Feedback app to re-enable the FM radio. It works and it came in handy when Tunein radio was down for Windows 10 Mobile. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • These news don't faze me anymore. I'm so done with Microsoft.
  • Great, you search on the store FM Radio and all you get is old Windows Phone 8.1 Apps. Might as well make my myself a fm ra Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • ****
  • This sucks. Pull your head in Microsoft
  • Yep, guess I'm sticking with 8.1 on my 640.
  • Gah! Mobile is dead!  They removed the FM APP!
  • Simply another very good reason to stay on Windows Phone and reject the mess Windows 10 Mobile is (and will be for the foreseeable future)
  • Don't care. They will remove it from 8.1 too.
  • Soon
  • You just have to LOL or you'll cry sticking with W10 on Mobile. 8.1 Lumia 920 is the only WP I have left the others have been sold off.
  • Will never understand these cut backs from Microsoft. I mean it may be a ****** app but like it has been said on windows central comments many times before, a native fm is a part and parcel of phones long before smartphones came into existence and its absence natively from OS is an odd decision. FM may still be popular in markets like India and buyers there will expect an built in fm solution from windows based devices. I don't know what Microsoft were thinking when they made that decision.
  • Wow Microsoft wow. Another shot in the foot? How many times are you going to do this? The FM Radio app is spectacular and is useful #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • What does Windows 10 have to offer afterall? Stability? Performance? Apps? Good and wide range of devices? Nop nop nop nop. I'm really sorry but Microsoft is really pushing me to jump out of this sinking boat.
  • Why??
  • This is a horrible decision. Ever want to listen to the radio without using your data? THAT'S WHY FM STILL EXISTS (basically). I mean come on people. The app is basic as hell anyway and never needs an update virtually ever. Zero maintenance. Leave it there!! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Not cool for baseball fans like myself, but for music and talk iHeart and TuneIn do exactly the same without the static and offer more choice.
  • But do they have offline FM capabilities? Do they use headphones as an antenna? #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • I am going to root it. FU MS mobile team.
  • Going backward following Samsung and Apple Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is MS deliberately trying to make it harder to stay on this platform? Was pissed as hell when the specs listed FM radio for 928 only to come back and say that was a typo in the specs for that device. Now the Icon and others have the hardware and it's active so let's just take the app away. Nice step in the WRONG direction Microsoft. Really questioning why I am still on this platform.
  • Agree!!!!
  • That is why i dont want to update to redstone build.!
  • Really ? SO why would I even bother with a Windows Phone that will not keep features on the phone ? Sigh, another fail for Windows Phone...
  • By this they have nailed their own coffin!
  • Not really, or maybe they already did? Idk, there is still odd decision going on while the platform is still a need of help.
  • Hating Microsoft for doing this - killing a simple app that worked and was actually enjoyable to use.
  • Has anyone figured out how to download the XAP file for FM Radio? Maybe we can sideload it like Windows Phone 8.1...
  • No fm radio, mix radio, no here drive. This OS is slowly falling apart....
  • MS do not learn good thing but bad thing from apple and google? they removed FM radio long time ago.  
  • I wonder if it has anything to do with the proliferation of Bluetooth headphones?  I used my plugin headphones to listen to the World Series but now I have nice wireless headphones so, obviously, without antenna the radio doesn't work.
  • This, actually could make sense. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Bluetooth headphones exist for a long time, that didn't make FM Radio on the phone less useful. Though yes it doesn't work with anything wireless headphones, but the market of wired ones is still big, especially the high-end ones. I even own one, but I still kinda prefer more on wired ones since they offer the best sound without costing too much and no worries about charging things.
  • I didn't know the fm radio in WP was an app, all this time I thought the phone had an fm radio tuner in it. If it does have a tuner and they are disabling it, that is a crappy move on their part. I listen to the radio all the time in my phone.
  • I don't known what Microsoft team is thinking but removing fm radio is not an good idea becoz your app is reliable,efficient and it's good to use as compared to third party app. And there are many of them who doesn't like this party app. So plz think on it. Sometimes fm is good for mood.☺
  • The FM radio, without requiring data, is very important in an emergency/disaster where data networks aren't workring or are overloaded. Being able to get emergency information is critical and could save lives (i.e. hikers with only phones when a tornado is near). Microsoft shoudl be ashamed of themselves - and sued for this. It's asinine. 
  • Then MS should include FM option inside the Groove app. Posted from Windows 10
  • Microsoft: Fewer apps = better phone. Whatever. Will the last person using a Microsoft phone please turn off the lights when they're done? 
  • That might be me. I just bought a new 1020 (FM Radio and all!)
  • Our family all use the FM Radio with our headphones when we go the drive-in theather (yes, there are still some around). Since a 10 second delay would not be acceptable in that case, the internet radio apps wouldn't be a good choice. We get to have invidual volume controls and it just sounds better when you're sitting outside.
    Since we all have Lumia 950s, we learned quickly that we needed to get another app. After looking around, the best app we found was "FM Radio Player". It's free and works without ads popping up in the way.
  • Excellent usage. Our drive in closed last year because they couldnt afford the switch to digital and the banks and land develops wanted them out ot the way.
  • i have iHeartRadio.  i can listen to my states or other states/countries radio stations. 
  • No, you can only listen to ClearChannel stations. Which country besides the US has CC stations?
  • Canada
  • We want it OK
  • Is it possible to 'crowdfund' a "free" FM Radio app?  I don't know how to write apps but if I did, I would make one available free in the Store.
  • Re: Groover1971,
    I think we need to be smarter and more business savvy. I wish Windows Phone was the platform where developers made better money and weren't constantly asked for free charity. The OS where given the choice of charity or paying, the Users pay. I want the platform to survive, so given a choice, I pay. Nothing can survive, if it doesn't pay it's own way. People need to be paid for their efforts. If "crowd funding" pays for the development and maintenance, I still vote that there be a paid option. Sign me up.
    Best Wishes
  • There is already one. Very good and no ads. Radio FM Phone. Try it.
  • Microsoft is blind to the optics. That's a fancy way of saying that they don't understand how it looks from outside. What this does is allow more news bloggers to write yet another article about something that windows phones don't have, yet another article about something that is being taken away from windows phone. It doesn't matter if it costs them a little to maintain. It doesn't matter if it keeps 100 or 200 people busy when they could be working on something else. The bad press costs them more .
  • Re: Zoom44,
    Yes. Microsoft has always been blind to public perception. Dealing with the general public is not their strength. I wish they knew this and would work on improving.
  • This is been their issues ever since and it's really sad they still didn't learn from it. More and more people hating or having a cold-shoulder against Microsoft, and they still don't care and just continue to implement odd or controversial decisions. It's really sad that Microsoft sure can deliver innovative technologies, but they're bad at public relations, so bad that even their own fans having a civil war because of them. Even though the fact that there is always some tech journalism bias, Microsoft isn't even helping and just making that bias worst. It really takes to be a full fanboy to fully like Microsoft. This is why public isn't always enthusiastic about Microsoft except some bad news that can generate clicks.
  • Thats it, I'm going to cry myself to sleep. Im so sick of Windows Mobile. Features are getting removed without any alternatives.
  • Ugh... Everytime I look at this site latley I find out Microsoft is removing another feature that made their phone software more enjoyable to use than Android. 
  • Re: Craig M1,
    Yes. They copy the worst of the other OSes.
  • I am a die hard Microsoft and Windows fan, but sometimes I really don't get Microsoft... Like this move.. Why?? At least give is an explanation... It would be like Crayola stopped making Crayons!
  • Me too.
  • How stupid can this so called Microsoft be... Lol.. ROLF... And many more lol....
  • Smh Microsoft, smfh Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Microshit! Time to leave this platform.
  • Remove Windows from our phones. It will be so good!
  • I've been using this Samsung Ativ S for two years. It has no radio lol. Dispite not being able to install Windows 10 it is a good phone.
  • Commercial... Businesses... Want to make more money with Groove Music... But what I think they should have join Groove and Radio together because if sometime I like to listen to radio and Groove might suggest or show detail of the song and I might want to keep it and buy it. That would give Groove more success performance.
  • I agree and I like your suggestion. That would have been a better idea.
  • In TWC like India, FM radio is very needed feature. I'd never switch to iOS for this reason, Android on the other hand I may. The best FM tuner I have seen so far is Sony's with track id integration. Next is samsung's and then comes Lumia's. I'm already using 'Radio FM Phone' app because of functionality and ease of use over the native app. But many people don't want to go to store for a such a basic feature.
  • Who still listens to terrestrial radio??? That garbage has been unlistenable for years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, you're right. Nobody uses it. Radio stations just keep broadcasting because it's fun for them.
  • That is the most stupid thing microsoft has done.
  • Found 2 replacement app that work on the inner FM antenna
    Radio FM phone
    FM radio player
  • But i still have native FM radio app on my phone with preview build .242
    Lumia 822
  • Pls bring it in india we literally need it
  • I don't understand why, but I never used it myself.
  • Obviously people who use it feel hard done by but just to provide the otherside I for one could not careless that it's gone I have never used it and I've been on WinPhone since 7.0. Others on here have posted that there are 3rd party apps that do the same thing so simply use them and move on. It's a bit like people moaning about Media Center being dropped from desktop Windows - so fricking what most people didn't use it and there are decent free alternatives like Kodi available. If they were removing features and there were no alternatives then the complaints would have more weight.    
  • Well said!
  • Good Bye Microsoft.......
  • No FM radio in Android either Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes there is
  • But why
  • Too bad to see it go, I'll try to find it and sideload it.
  • Seems like MS is now relying a lot on 3rd party apps and devs. And they say they're committed to win mobile! Sent from my Certified Fr3sh Lumia 1520!
  • Another dumb decision. Did this radio app like bothered them? Sometimes ms makes no sense what so ever. Apparently i won't upgrade anymore. I like my radio, i need it to stay their. Don't need other apps to do something my phone was able to do without! Aproved by me!
  • What a great way to treat fans MS. The FM Radio is the only app i use, i hardly hardly listen to my mp3, that too only when the Radio coverage starts becoming spotty. Do they have any idea how many Indians use FM to listen to matches? This must be small for others but is game killer for me.  
  • What if I bought a car and I really liked the built in navigation system, then I took it in for service and when I got the car back, the navigation system was gone. Would anyone complain? Isn't this sort of like bait and switch? I made a decision to buy something and then later they change what I based my decision on. I could certainly understand it if there were some reason why it wouldn't work anymore, but if the hardware is there and capable of working then what the heck? Where can I complain?
  • I suppose one of the reasons MS can treat Windows phones users like dirt is that what ever catastrophic decisions they make will be heralded as mastermind strategy on fan site editorials.
  • Radio FM Phone –
    FM Radio Player –
  • Good reasoning
  • I particularly refrained from buying L620 back in the days because of the absence fm radio
  • I've tried most of these third party radio apps and I found them to be either buggy,incomplete or outright frustrating to operate.Bring back fm radio,pls
  • oh microsoft -_-
  • I'm really getting sick of all feature decreasing of Windows Mobile. Normal OS's increase in features but this one just goes backwards (and still it is too buggy to release a real high end phone).
  • Samsung removed FM radio from their Android phones a few years ago, I'm guessing there is just no huge demand for them any more Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Samsung Galaxy S7s recieved an update just last week on T-mobile that added FM radio support.
  • Damn.. Jerk move Microsoft.
  • Why down vote me?I should add that ms should consider some internal screening in the engineering department for an agent.What an unpopular decision,removing fm radio.
  • Bring back FM radio ,pls
  • Bring back fm radio.
  • It was simply a control for the existing FM tuner built into our phones. It had no similarity or relationship to any online anything. It was just - a radio. Quality of performance depended on you device's quality. It couldn't be monetized - at all. That earned it an FU at Microsoft.
  • Why , I like these app :/
  • WHY WHY WHY, total BS, that's the final nail for me. I have been using an iphone at weekends as I use my FM radio every week day with my 950xl. Now it is over.  
    I can only think it a cynical move requested by network provider or music app providers.
  • Please, +1 on feedback app:
  • The Weird thing is that on Insider Hub app when you want to choose what app to report to there is still the app FM Radio while it doesnt exist on the phone xd
  • So now during a crisis you will have no access to emergency transmissions locally. Perfect, tornado wipes out cellular and power then you can't listen to the radio to know what to do. If Microsoft had ANY sense, they would have expanded radio to include weather scanners. No, Microsoft's crack team of innovators have just sent us back 100 years in safety. Just Perfect.
  • If they release the build to Joe public I will demand a full refund for my 950 XL after it updates. When you sell something you can't slowly strip out functionality!!!  I had to come off the insider build because of it as I use my radio every day. Why are MS so short sighted.
  • Microsoft removes Windows 10 Mobile. Install another one from the store.
  • There are two good third-party FM radio apps in the Microsoft store: 1) Old Radio (simple FM radio with only basic functions - on/off, tuning); 2) FM Tiles - allows to pin every frequency/station tile to desktop for direct tuning. It works and allow to receive FM broadcasting an build 14322 on my Lumia 535.
  • OK. I'm really done with Windows Phone. After X years we still can't get Snapchat. Features continue to be removed as fast as added. The interface has moved from the elegant, typographic treatment, compelling and effective, to parrot other products. It was poorly marketed and now mismanaged. Shame on you Microsoft for taking an excellent product and driving it into mediocrity. Done.
  • Microsoft: Losing Customer's... especially Windows/ Microsoft Fans day by day. Android sux Apple...ufff Pineapple. Windows was headding up and suddenly falling down now. Blackberry?? Alive?? NOPE. What happened to Meego or Linux based OS which gave life to Nokia N900??....Oooohhhh.....None of them capable of providing better OS till date. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"....Time to go classic...Nokia 1100 crap free phone.
  • Symbian OS was Cr ap free. Would like to havea phone, one with all the latest and best apps with nice hardware and good camera.
  • The only time I ever listen to FM is in my car. Not a big deal on this end.
  • This is just bull...
  • I want offline radio like seriously?????????????
  • Good job from Microsoft...!
    The Fm app was working perfectly until it was removed without any tangible reason...
    We're going to miss the in built Fm app
  • Remove podcasts, not this one. People in developing regions, (due to which something like the mobile versions of the Windows operating system exist, BTW; no one uses Windows Phone in the US for example) use FM Radio extensively. Microsoft saying "Get a third party alternative." makes no sense at all. I'm disappointed. Hope they change their mind. Fingers crossed.
  • There is no FM radio API for UWP, so as for now no way devs can make an FM radio app. It doesn't make sense they remove a feature but dont provide an alternative to devs.
  • Is there another real FM Radio app in the Store?
  • Radio On (is Fm real), for Windows 10 mobile, WP8, y WP 8.1  
  • You suck Microsoft. One of the reasons I came to this platform with my att Lumia 920, which is still a better phone than my 950xl in many ways. And it runs windows 10 just fine contrary to your opinion
  • This is called "विनास काल विपरीत बुद्धि "
  • What are they doing??? They are going to loose Indian Market. Already Microsoft is strugling and loosing their share in indian aarlet and they are doing such things which will increase it. Dont try to be IPHONE. They are not providing FM because they are giving many more things. We love windows but if you do like this and remove basic apps then we have to shift on Andoid or Iphone. You dont know the importance of local FM in indian market. People love it. It provides latest News, movie review and new/old  music collection on one platform. PLEASE DONT DO IT.........................................................................................................................
  • Management sat around the table deciding which features to cut. They put it to a vote. Everyone that uses the fm radio app on their windows phones raise their hands. One man raised his hand and said we all use iphones.
  • The FM radio was one reason i moved from my iphone4 to lumia, i do pay as you go so no big data allowance to allow internet radio. As each month goes past I become more convinced MS have been secretly taken over by an intern and no-one has noticed, they're just an endless fountain of stupid ideas in the last couple of years.
  • got update today morning at my lumia 535,, ,,,radio gone   itz just a way of telling ppl that microsoft is crawling out of the mobile market   may be some day morning i'll get an update...and after restarting .............voila .....ANDROID
  • HA HA HA