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Microsoft confirms FM Radio app removal from Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has now confirmed it has removed the built-in FM Radio app inside Windows 10 Mobile from its development branch builds and it will be cut from the OS going forward.

Microsoft quietly removed the FM Radio app in the Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14322 that was released to Insiders in mid-April. More recently, a member of the Windows Insider Engineering team, answered a question about its disappearance with this response:

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Microsoft has not indicated the reason for its removal of the FM Radio app, but as previously noted, there are third-party apps in the Windows Store that offer access to FM radio stations.

  • ...But why?
  • Exactly. WHY? It doesn't seem like something so complicated, AND it was already done.
  • I don't understand why they want to remove this app.It will be a good move if the app was baggy or has some Software-Hardware issues or has something about battery drain.
    Can s1 post some third party apps for fm radio. Posted From my PC.W10 Master Race
  • TuneIn Radio is what I use
  • Its a local radio app right?I don't want to use internet to acces the radio.
  • It's internet radio... I don't want to use it.
  • We want an offline radio like the native fm app
  • Exactly it uses up data
  • Yes, it finds local radio stations.
  • Any Radio app can find stations...My problem is that I don't want to use internet when I hear some stations like now with the default FM radio app. I already have an app to hear internet radio stations but I want one WITHOUT internet connection. Posted From my PC.W10 Master Race
  • As much as I love Microsoft, I think in Mobile they are going backwards, Windows Phone 8.1 had a pretty nice FM radio app, this will probably cause many customers to want to go back to 8.1. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think they just make a step forward and the other day a step back.They are at lvl 5 when the competitors are at lvl 9+.They have make so many usefull and new projects and the other day you hear about how the close the olders...For example they have announce the continuum and the only phones(Microsoft) are the 950-950XL.I don't care if my 640XL get the continuum but I want the new phones 550-650 to get it.I know the hardware issues but they need to re-think it.Why I want to buy the 650 for 200$ if I can buy a good android at the same price or a 640 at 50$???
    They said before 3 months the mobile isn't a speed race but a long marathon...Lets hope about it.
  • 550 and 650 are budget phones. You can't buy a "decent" android phone for 50$ you can simply buy an android phone. Your complaint is a non-issue. Conntinum requires a higher end phone because of what is required of the hardware it's not that hard. So when will people be using their iPhone or Android device as a basic desktop computer? Oh that's right not any time soon because neither OS has anything like Continnum.
  • Zte zmax 2 as low as $59.99 and often $79.99 is an incredible deal. Made me park my 640
  • The radio app was one of the few apps that had few if any bugs due to it's simplicity. Why get rid of it?
  • Microsoft has made it crystal clear that they do not give a rat's ass about mobile. They're in it for one reason and one reason only: because Apple and Google are. Their efforts are lackluster and half the time, running backwards while everyone else moves forward.
  • This customer never left 8.1. New reasons to stay keep coming every day!
  • Mos Def, i am going back to Windows 8.1. I dont see how native radio app should just appear. This is what microsoft does and they are loosing their client base to android. am a dedicated windows persons but.....   If such things continue, will move away from windows entirely
  • My problem is that I don't want to use internet when I hear some stations like now with the default FM radio app. I already have an app to hear internet radio stations but I want one WITHOUT internet connection. Is ridicules to remove the radio from my phone without my permission!
  • It doesn't do anything without an internet connection
  • Right.thats terrible to use internet for accessing radio
  • Its online radio service. Not FM radio.
  • Doesn't work with Lumia 950
  • I Found a great offline third-party app. Radio FM Phone(by Lars Nowak less than 1 MB)
    P.S. Posted From my PC.W10 Master Race
  • Looks promising, thanks for the heads up!
  • So they are obviously unable to develop a less than 1 MB FM radio app
  • Why is "Radio FM Phone" under Music in the store? Rush can't sing?
  • I'm using Radio FM Phone by LaNoSoft. It's an FM Tuner radio app, not internet based. You must plug in headphones just like on the former FM Radio app that Microsoft has abandoned.
  • Didn't try this one yesterday, this seems to be the most decent of the 5 or so that I tried. Still not as smooth as the native one, but an ok alternative
  • Radio fm phone seems to be quite nice.
  • Answer is simple.. They do not want to waste their energy in app which is already good..or complete.. If you see whole concept of windows 10.. Which I see.. They just remove features and bring the features when people demanded.. And we feel good.. Wow they listen to us.. You also see Google Chromecast.. By Google.. And continuum by Microsoft.. Both had same visions.. One difference is they just use different plat form to make money... I had question why we need doc like device.. Why they don't fit that in mobile.. It's my thinking.. They want money.. Write now nothing new comes to windows phone.. Though the concept of windows phone in youtube look so cool.. They just experimenting with their current product to make budget phone.. But still I like windows phone and waiting to see few new products Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Some proper punctuation?
  • That's an Android user for you. Mediocrity is a way of life...
  • :D
  • Lmao
  • Because also they think the future is internet.. So FM is of no use. This move also make Microsoft backward. They are focused more on paid service. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Then why do they provide the hardware inside?
  • I think in new hardware. You will see no FM radio... Which they name as surface phone. I mean to say they will remove the hardware also in future.. Old phones had nokia hardware.. They had changed the branding only.. Nokia had the great quality. They know their customer. Currently microsoft also don't know what their customer want.. They are making hopeless product which I personally never thought it is a Microsoft products.. Like lumia 550..bogus phone.. Full flop.. Nothing much new.. When it's comes to hardware.. Same camera etc.. Few innovation has been done in high range phone.. Like making phone as PC.. But truly it's of no use in daily life.. Atleast it will not affect my life.. Microsoft will not agree on this.. If they are right then just increase their sales in market..they had to give heavy discount in order to sale their phone.... They are shifting toward phablet completely according to rumar in YouTube.. Well I am really not interested in phablet.... It's too difficult to use and not at all handy.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • FM Radio It's got banner ads but it's functional.
  • I would suspect that, at least in part, they are bowing to pressure from the likes of IHeartRadio, Spotify and others.  Harder to sell their product when you can tune in to local stations for free.  carriers also want you using data.  And let's not forget MS has their own Groove product, which could also have hampered adoption if there is a free option.  No, they can't stop the third-party apps, but they also don't need to contriubute to their own problem.  I think we'll eventually see FM tuner functionaility dropped from most handsets due to these and similar pressures. It could also be that they believe that so few people use it that it would not be missed.  I use mine all the time, but I'd bet I'm in a minority.
  • Not really, Android Sony devices have FM Radio and is not just a radio app, its connected to the carrier data network at all times since it has integration with TrackID which is based on Gracenote, a cloud service to provide the tracks you're listening to (like Shazaam but much better).  So in fact a FM radio app is good for both end users and mobile carriers since cloud services attract more customers to data plans.  This is just a bad decision IMO since FM radio + cloud services is a win win scenario for all. I'm glad I'm on Android now.
  • "Android Sony devices have FM Radio and is not just a radio app, it's connected to the carrier data network at all times" Okay, that's NOT FM Radio. FM Radio has nothing to do with the internet. Some apps may call themselves FM Radio, but unless they are using in internal Frequency Modulation tuner to access over the air waves that don't go through the internet, it's not FM.   And unless Sony has hacked Android to install FM functionality in the core of the OS, then it doesn't have FM radio. My understanding is that Android doesn't have a true FM tuner app because they didn't think it important enough to put into the core of the OS. Same with iOS. It just can't be done on those platforms. Windows has the API to access it, and I sure am hoping they aren't planning on getting rid of that functionality going forward. Perhaps chip makers are planning to discontinue the receiver in the chips? Sucks. I'd hate to have to buy a separate FM radio for listening to my talk shows and sports programs.
  • SONY devices have built-in real FM radios for ages. They always had, I feel. Real FM radio. Like the one that you have to connect the antenna to have a reception. And I have to say that in my Xperia SP (that I got from my company) the FM radio is great; it has fantastic sensitivity.
  • are aware that there are several fm apps in the store with better functionalities than the deafault windows one?
  • Unfortunately not. There are 2 or 3 good ones but the FM app from WM makes the difference due the capability to listen the radio on speaker mode. I'm not finding any third party app that can do that...anyone has found one?. I think it is a system restriction?...
  • You can only tune in to local stations with built in receiver. This is much different than any radio station app. Sent from my Computer
  • My personal opinion on this is that less and less you will see people using wired headphones. Since you need those to act as an antenna it makes sense to start phasing out FM on modern phones.
  • I could still buy a telescopic antenna with a jack connector and use Bluetooth headphones using the phone's Bluetooth functionality
  • Lol & xmsurius
  • The answer is, why not? Many apps out there no need for keeping maintenance costs for useless apps.
  • The app had never changed since its inception... I was hoping they'd eventually integrate it in Groove. Still, I've been using a third-party app and it's slightly more functional than the phased-out app. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Care to share what app?
  • There is this app called simply "FM Radio" on the store. Not the best one, but I think it does the job..
  • +1, please share the app?
  • Helped no one with this comment. What app?
  • There are multiple FM radio apps that use the hardware radio and headphones as an antenna. Just search the store for FM Radio.
  • That's the main kicker... Perhaps, with mobile not being top priority, and trimming of resources being necessary, MS decided that it was one of the least needed apps they needed to continue to develop, and that mobile could survive without it... Most likely a case of deductive reasoning came to this conclusion. The fact is that if we expect for MS to continue to develop, and support, a mobile platform which at the time isn't doing them very much good, then we are gonna have to expect that they will trim fat.... And, whether we like it, or not, the F.M. App is indeed fat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • But is such a small app considered fat?..
  • But, to us it seems like a small app, but it's very possible that to keep the app functioning on a hundred different devices, and from build to build, it takes many development hours... No app is every finished, and for it to continue to work it has to be continuously developed. It's hard to say what actually happens behind the scenes, so its best not to jump to any conclusions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I'd disagree, WP has shown that an app can be left with no attention and still function. The first Instagram Beta springs to mind, and many apps from 8.1 that haven't seen any updates still work on W10M. This app is incredibly simple in comparison and needs no continuous updating - it's a tuner and nothing more. There's no backend, no links, it just connects to and controls the antennae. Of course, as you say, we don't know though. But I really wouldn't think it needs effort to keep running.
  • As a developer I can safely tell you that maintaining the FM Radio app is VERY simple.  They have not needed to do any notable changes since the first version was released. 3rd party developers do not have access to the tuner so we're all screwed over by Microsoft.  After hearing this news I will not renew my Groove music pass.
  • Oh so you're a developer working on the FM Radio app built by micrososft? Great! Would love to hear how you've structured it so that lends itself to being 'easy to work on'.
  • Have you not noticed how basic the app is?  If they added API to allow developers to utilize FM Tuner I could easily replicate their app with even more functionality in less than an hour. You overestimate how much work it takes to design mobile apps.
  • Ooo, thanks for sharing this. So, it is because that restriction that developers cant make the capability to listen to the radio in speaker mode?
  • Even imdb that was build for windows phone 7 works on 10 fine although it's under developed it still works so it isn't just windows phone 8 apps that work perfectly fine. Silly move by them
  • Nobody said that it couldn't still function... The idea is that the apps you speak of that don't get attention tend to degrade in performance... Not is not something MS tends to let happen, and we all know that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • That FM App is so simple, it would run on a potato. I dont think performance is the reason. Others have noted that there are third party apps. I guess they simply cut it in hope others would do their job amd they never ever have to care about it again (with newer handsets probably not even including antennas anymore).
  • When Terry M said mobile wasn't the top priority, didn't he say it in the context of bringing developers to the platform. Would have to dig out the exact quote but I'm sure it was more specific than just saying it's not a priority at all. Could be wrong though. I'm not sure if I ever had this app on my 950 tbh. I think my 1020 definitely had it and not sure about 930.
  • I don't mean this sarcastically, or to be smart at all. I'm just making an honest statement... In the English language, and because of the definition of priority, when saying whether something is of smaller priority, it doesn't need to be said whether it's top priority, or not.. It just needs to be stated that it is not priority.. That's because not being a priority doesn't mean that something isn't of priority at all, rather not of most, or in some cases moderate, importance. Long story short, it's safe, and accurate, to say that this app is not priority at MS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I am not sure, but the 950 may not have the necessary FM receiver.  I know when I bought the 822 back when it came out, it had the receiver.  But the 928 and Icon don't.  If they don't plan on putting an FM receiver in the new Lumias or Surface phones going forward, no need to have this app.  Other OEMs may decide to have them.
  • True.... The thing is that the reason MS does (SOME THINGS LOL)isn't always to piss us off.. A lot of effort goes into bringing us this stuff, and logical decisions have to be made.. Although, sometimes decisions are just mind boggling, like not having C&P ready for the release of WP7,, they usually have a good track record. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • It does. I use it daily and I'm not happy about this news.
  • The Lumia 928 & ICON have the FM receiver
  • 928 the fm tuner never worked. Icon it works great.
  • Lumia 928, along with 620 and 810, doesn't have the FM receiver
  • I haven't tried it on my 950 yet, but my Icon has FM. I use it about once a year to listen to convention program broadcast over FM.
  • They have just pulled it on the 950, with no notice.  Amazingly stupid PR.  Any idea what 950 owners should do?  Can't find any 3rd party app that works on the 950 without its old built in FM app.
  • My Icon has the necessary hardware. I know it for a fact because I'm listening to KLUV as I type this ☺
  • My bad.  I have the Lumia 928, and the 822 before that.  The 822 had it, but I know the 928 does not (I looked into again yesterday).  I assumes since the 928 didn't, they didn't add it to the Icon.  I never moved up to the Icon since I like the Glance and Double-Tap to Wake features.  I have been running Windows 10 on my 928 and Glance doesn't always work and Double-Tap doesn't work at all (supposed to make a comeback in later builds), so I getting used to living without those features.  Now that the Icon is officially supported again in the Insider program, thinking of getting one.  Are you running Windows 10?  How is it running?  One features that is broken on the 928 is Group Messaging, is that working on the Icon with Windows 10?
  • People not down voting misunderstanding, and jumping to conclusions, but down voting logical explanation's.. Lol. Typical. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yea I fixed that, for once im agreeing with is now a weird day.
  • Lol. People are followers.. I'm convinced they just vote what everyone else votes just to feel like they belong... Because, if you read my original comment there is no reason why anyone, within their right mind, should DV that.. Lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • True. I had heard rumors that there was a team of 100 people dedicated to the continued development of that FM radio app.
  • Since he was talking about their own hardware and not the software, I don't think it has to do with trimming fat. It was just not used very much and no competing platforms offer it for a reason.
  • So, then you agree that they're trimming the fat. Lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Nope, there's no fat there to trim. It's just not a popular feature.
  • Thus trimming the fat.. Lol. You must not know what the term means..
  • Maybe they've never had a real steak before. We eat farm grown beef from our farmer relatives out here and definitely know what trimming fat means.
  • Lol.. Understood.... Regardless of how, what when, or why they are canceling the app (as far as it being preloaded on devices) they are in fact "trimming the fat" in the sense that they are keeping what they want, and getting rid of what they don't. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • The app is working fine as it is now. They don't need resources to update it. Or am I wrong? Damn Microsoft, another reason to leave Windows Phone/ Mobile.
  • Leave WP to iOS and Android ... that do not supt FM radio ? Strange rationale...
  • Most likely legal reasons they don't want to share. It's why the included media players for Windows are missing codecs for certain video formats. Also, why VLC player is so popular. It's lightweight and supports many codecs without having to find them yourself.
  • That's another logical reason. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Well yeah I was thinking it could be related to this. They took out the codes and DVD playback to save on licensing. Not sure if you have to pay any sort of licensing fee by offering FM Radio in your device/software out of the box, but it's possible
  • FM Radio having legal issues? Its just a radio and there should or no need for any proprietary stuff just to make it function. Media players are understandable since they may include some proprietary codecs such as a DVD pr Blu-Ray players. FM Radio is old but widely used tech that it just converting radio frequencies into sound, now it can be connected to cloud or other supplementary features to make it better. Well our Radio app is basic to begin with no sign of something more advance than most other radio app or device. Sent from Turing Machine
  • To reimplement in the future like a new feature? (just kidding)
  • I don't see fm radio as the future. More like DAB(+). Gives you much better signal. That could render a car audio's FM function superfluous, given a seamless in-car integration. At least in my area.
  • North America isn't embracing DAB+ at all. Here it's all about HD Radio (which uses the existing FM broadcast band and allows stations to have a digital signal alongside the analog one). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Innovation! We listen to the feedbacks etc, etc, etc...
  • It better be putting it back as that's a wrong move, it's like taking a car apart piece by piece and this time it's the radio, trust me I use the radio in my car every day. Microsoft "think", use your head!
  • Because they are trying to reming people that WP is dead and it's time to switch.. Like Windows store is full with apps, so they remove their own... What an idiots... MS sucks! Move on.. :)
  • Because it's not 1987?
  • Its less than 1987 when you have calamity. Sometimes this FM Radio can be used when there is no internet or mobile signal. Other countries/places will benefit from these especially the ones experiencing frequent storms, etc. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Maybe they're integrating radio with Groove.
  • Sounds like a good idea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I think it is because there is no API to access the FM radio in Windows 10 at the moment, or more correctly there is an API to access the radio but it is not implemented yet.
  • The death of WP by a thousand cuts
  • Try finding an Android phone released since 2014 that has a radio tuner Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are you drunk?
  • Because that's what Microsoft does: add features to Windows Mobile/Phone, then take them away, then add a lesser version later and promise it'll be amazing. Eventually. Someday.
  • yes, if something is working perfectly then why should stop it?
    MS already discontinued Lumia apps, Here Apps and now this...
    FM app does not required updates for maintaining still it was discontinued.
    can't understood what MS
    is thinking. Send from Lumia 535 running on W10M
  • That's about the last competative advantage that's gone now... I (used to) use this app daily.
  • Please, +1 on feedback app:
  • Still don't get it?  they want us to vote for it in the feedback hub... hayyyyyyyyyyyy.
  • This sucks, I would actually love to see this implemented in Groove. That would be a dream to see! Online radio and local radio all in one.
  • Hey, that's exactly where it used to be in WP7-7.5.... It was perched in the Zune App.. And, personally I think it needs to return to the main music app.. I also think the EQ, and FMR apps, should be assessable in Groove, and the Action Center. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Agreed. Why I need to have dozens of app, which could be integrated into one. Let's move Podcast and FM Radio back to Groove. I'm a software developer and always found problematic the idea of "There is an app for that" logic. Its a stupid logic. Integrated apps!
  • And Podcasts too. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Yeah, I forgot about that one.. That too! And, while were on the subject, why don't they just give us the option to have anything we like to be accessible from the Action Center? And, that includes giving developers access to the Action Center... That's just one more way to take credibility for more customization, which ain't a bad thing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Well that's kind of disappointing. Is it really that hard to include/maintain a basic FM tuner logic when the hardware and logic already exists?
  • Pdf reader then this and then voice recorder may be...
  • Then caller apps...then messaging apps....and then the whole platform.....
  • Death by a thousand cuts
  • I don't know why instead of improving these apps they're just abandoning them.
    I like native apps, because they're light and consistent. Sent from a black hole.
  • You know nothing escapes black hole unless you dug a hole and painted it black :p
  • He might be talking about his butt, or some other black hole.
  • About his phone.
  • Makes sense. I never got a decent signal.
  • Voted down for having an opinion. Brilliant.
  • Haha
  • How low can you go...??
  • FM radio is obsolete. It would make more sense if they put a DAB radio in a phone...
  • "I don't use it, so none uses it" ¬¬
  • I didn't say that. I'm talking from my point of view.
  • Not in North America...... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • FM Radio may be obsolete to you (and others who agree to this decision), but not for everybody, especially the rest of the world and people rely on it. Especially when the internet or cellular network is non-existent on times and having a simple FM Radio were the only tech remaining you can get essential information wirelessly. DAB Radio on the phone would be nice, but why remove the app when the existing ones still have it, or even upcoming ones.
  • My Zune HD has a HD Radio receiver. You know how many times I used it? none, because where I live it's either analogue FM or DAB. (Although they never did sell Zunes in Italy, so that's not really the issue) having a simple FM tuner is a nice fallback option if anything
  • Maybe you were voted down because people disagree. Just because you have an opinion, it doesn't mean everyone has to have the same one. I for one never had more trouble with the built-in Radio than any other FM capable device.
  • Didn't say that my opinion was everyone's. I agree with you.
  • What about others got a strong signal? Sent from Turing Machine
  • Removals galore, stop the madness!
  • These guys have no idea about significance of FM radio in India
  • People in Brazil also like it. But who cares right?
  • Or any countries that still use it, especially with times of calamities where you can listen for necessary information when other forms of communication is unreliable. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Or some talk show, news radio... Well...
  • Next Microsoft will remove the Phone app thus forcing all calls to be made using the Skype app.
  • Don't give them ideas!
  • After they can remove Camera app because it possible to download pictures from online services. Which will be more better then my selfies.
  • Couldn't they just leave it as a non-default app in the Store? -Richard Eid
  • Yeah, but they still would have to continue to develop, and support, it for it to continue to work with new builds, and new devices.... Like I said before, no app is every finished, and without proper support it could break... It seems that MS is trying to NOT do what developers from the likes of Instagram, and others, have done by dropping development for apps, but letting them remain accessible. That isn't the quality way of doing things. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • What development? It is the same dam app for a long time
  • How do you know it's the same app?? By user interface?.. It's always been tied to system updates. How do you know it hasn't had updates with different builds?... We don't. That's what supports my original comment above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • They have much more things to do. I bet they never touched the Radio app. I like my 950xl, I never used Fm radio, but it was important too many people. Ms keep doing mistakes or bad decisions.
    Just leave the app for those who uses it... It is not that hard