Microsoft continues closing Lumia Twitter accounts with shutdown of @LumiaHelp

Microsoft is continuing the process of shutting down most of its Lumia branded social networking accounts. On September 1, it will close its @LumiaHelp page on Twitter, redirecting people with questions about their Lumia smartphones to the @MicrosoftHelps page.

The announcement of the closing of @LumiaHelps (via Neowin) was posted just a few hours ago:

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A few weeks ago, we noted that the official Lumia Twitter accounts for Spain, Russia, UK, India and others stopped updating on June 30 or earlier. Now those same Twitter accounts have also been updated to indicate they will close on September 1, along with the Lumia US page. Some are redirecting users to the global Lumia Twitter account, while others are being passed on to their local Microsoft or Windows Twitter page.

Microsoft has even set up an FAQ page (opens in new tab) to explain what going on:

  • Why are you closing this account? - This account is being merged with your local Windows or Microsoft account to help us become a part of the international, larger, Microsoft family.
  • What happens after closure? - Once we merge this account, you will still see Microsoft Lumia updates, however, the key change is that you will also receive general Microsoft/Windows updates.
  • Is this linked to the Microsoft restructure across the organisation?- Microsoft Lumia are simply merging their accounts so that everything can sit under one, unified, global page.
  • Who do I contact if I need local support? - If you need further assistance with your device please follow this link to get more help:
  • Why is my local Lumia page becoming a support channel? - We want to make sure you have answers to all of your Microsoft Lumia questions, therefore some channels will be staying open to answer these local requests.
  • What can I do if my local Lumia channel has been closed and is not merging with another? - For all of the latest Lumia news, please do follow our Global Lumia accounts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Surface Phone support?  :)
  • Nope. Do not know how many times I have to keep telling you guys. When Nadella took over Microsoft, it was reported that he had a disdain for the WIndows Phone and Xbox divisions. The writing has been on the wall for some time.
  • Satya hates everything related to windows mobile OS. He is busy now with more layoffs, cost cutting, etc...quality is no longe a priority for MS
  • Hate is a pretty strong word. I prefer to think he has no idea how to eventually make enough money to continue supporting homegrown Windows 10 Mobile devices. It's not like the Surface where they went into market with a new class of device, some innovative features, and used Windows as their leverage. The mobile OS market is well established and a hard one to break into for any new operating system (Firefox OS, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, WebOS, just to name a few).
  • @randomuser37, certainly a tough market to break into and one that MS has failed to do effectively thus far. However, if you were going to do it and had Microsoft's strengths and market assets, I would argue that the Surface Phone approach (as we hear in the rumors), starting with UWP for development and Cortana + Office 365 + OneDrive to build a user ecosystem is the right way to do it.
  • I truly think a surface phone needs to run proper x86 apps (did I say that right?) to be truly competitive. The app gap will still kill us/it.
  • A Surface phone should run x86 apps in Continuum and that's about it. The test would likely be a nightmare for useability due to UI issues. Enough people complain about tablet mode on the Surface. Most of those that do haven't even used it but still... I'd love to see it happen but I think realistically if/when it happens, it will be Continuum only.
  • @FOURTH HORSEMAN, I don't think those are that important to Windows Phone, because they wouldn't work well on a Windows Phone touchscreen (it would be nice to have them for Continuum). UWP is the key, because those apps serve the hundreds of millions of PC's runing Windows 10. And sure enough, it appears to be working. Every week we lose a few Windows Phone apps, but gain a few more new UWP apps than we lose. On net, we're gaining now. It won't eliminate the app gap immediately, but the trend is in the right direction. Pair that with growth in Office usage (so there is not a fear of losing familiar apps or leaving the ecosystem when moving from Android) and hopefully a great new Surface phone with gorgeous hardware, and all the pieces are there for succees. Still plent of room to screw it up, but it's a viable strategy.
  • Not surprised by this move by MS and to be honest, it makes sense. The past year has shown that mobile is not a priority for MS at this moment, so grouping the help's page make sense. 
  • Would say this also, if you dont like the way WM/WP is being run: switch platforms. No one is forcing you (i hope not) to stay loyal to MS or any mobile platforms company for that matter. I'm saying this in a nice and caring way (which is why i switched)
  • Seriously need to switch to better platform which has a future. Sadly Windows Phone is dying, switch guys or it will eventually perish.
  • tbh, If you change OS it helps it to perish ;)! I switched from Android to Windows and I'm happy with the OS. I only wish the notifications between the phone and computer would work (I live in a country without Cortana release)
  • Re: Manu6901,
    "Switch or it will eventually perish". What?
    If everyone switches, it will perish. There wouldn't be any customers.
    If no one ever switched, it could only grow. Switching is the problem.
    That said, I do know what you mean. Everyone has do do the right thing for themselves, but I would never encourage anyone to leave. I'm here and very happy.
  • Kevin Rush, i agree with you 100%. And thats my point. WM/WP is/was a good platform and if you are happy its great (dont switch). I was here for the good ol days of WM 7. I would never encourage people to leave, but just make a selfish decision when deciding. Nobody is paying us to be loyal to WM/iOS or Android.
  • You must be in la la land. It will "grow"? LOL what from the meagre 1% share to 1.1% globally? Lets be realistic here, wp is in its last stages of life.
  • Byeee...... Oh, don't t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out
  • Do it, no biggie. Just don't tell me what to do :]
  • I doubt this has much to do with that. Lumia is an old brand. I think we'll be seeing a new one next year and social channels to match.
  • iPhone and ThinkPad are both old brands. Being an old brand, like Rolls Royce, doesn't necessarily hurt you. I'll bet a majority of people stuck with Windows Phone only because of the Lumia brand associated with the former hardware prowess of Nokia. MS totally failed to capitalize on it. Talking of old brands that were resuscitated: the Mac nearly died and came back, and was still called "Mac".
  • He had a disdain for Windows Phone in it's current state. He didn't say he didn't want Microsoft to be in mobile. In fact, he said mobile and cloud focus. He also said he preferred others to make Windows Phones and not them so Microsoft would essentially get out of the way. They focus on software, manufacturers focus on hardware. That said, Surface division is supposed to demonstrate the embodiment of Windows engineered to it's fullest potential. The current crop of devices don't suite that and neither did the OS. Windows Central has mentioned previously that the phone division has been laying off employees which makes sense because with Onecore. You don't need Windows CE developers, which is the old Windows Phone. It was mentioned that Panos has been on a hiring spree for mobile engineers of his own. Since Panos took over leaks have dried up for any device, which is the way he does things. It was also stated by Microsoft that their reemergence was intended for Redstone 2 in Spring 2017. It was also said to coincide with the launch of new mobile devices. In fact, the new releases of Windows for Insiders are intended specifically to improve mobile for their target market and make it more what Nadella wants. It has also been speculated that this also gives them more time to refine it as much as possible for the launch of devices in Spring 2017, which most sources agree is most likely the Surface Phone to demonstrate to manufacturers how to make a proper Windows Mobile device just in the same way the Surface did. There are a whole lot of tidbits of information stating Microsoft is not stopping Windows Mobile. That said, even they know that for now they have lost the consumer market. They aren't bothering with it any more. Their intentions are to focus on longer term plans, which if successful, could mean they beat everyone to the next innovation in mobile devices. That is a big if but that is what they have been indicating they are hoping. Seems like you've taken a single comment and interpreted it to mean the entire direction of Microsoft.
  • I love Lumia and miss Nokia, but I commented somewhere in 2013-2014 stating that Microsoft should create phones that reflect MICROSOFT. It sucks that they're actually doing it Now but it was bound to happen at some point. Dragging out the Lumia line is to keep people using and testing the phones. They probably need to know where they stand in terms of hardware and are testing everything from low to high end for that reason. Hardware is their biggest obstacle at this point. I'm sure they're working on this and Security. Microsoft can't reach their target audience without "securing" their devices and reputation otherwise. Surely Microsoft Research is busy. They're probably also keeping an eye on every startup and new technologies that they can capitalize on and acquire before it hits the mainstream market. Just my thoughts, but Microsoft has two options: to remake the beloved Lumia devices for 1% of the market or revamp and outsource.
  • Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.
  • I do think this is the start of Microsoft getting ready to push a new name on the marker but I do think they need to get them right. I don't know if the naming will work but having a Surface phone for premium would work very well but I would of thought maybe keeping Lumia for pubic/medium phones. Maybe they will start using the Xbox name and have an Xbox phone? That one sounds a little to far fetched but I do think Microsoft are getting ready to make a big push with the next installment of Windows Mobile as we know that they can't carry on like this and have to lead the way for the 3rd partys like they did with the surface.
  • They haven't randomly renamed anything in the past few weeks have they? Probably about time.
  • There won't be any pubic phones, unless corporates can tolerate them. I bet though the fanboys will slobber all over when it comes.
  • Microsoft making pubic phones? That's a bit below the belt.
  • Let me guess, Surface phone?
  • Honestly, I think it will do more for Windows 10 Mobile to be a part of a bigger group. How many people follow Lumia handles as opposed to Microsoft? If MS indeed promotes Windows 10 Mobile on other channels, then that is actually an INCREASE in effort and advertising on their part. It should again fall back to everything Windows 10 core, with room for OEMs to sell Windows products as well.
  • That's my thought too, Lumia brand will be renamed to something new, lets hope its renamed to Surface Phone, its simple, easy to remember and easy to associate with Microsoft 
  • I said it before & saying it again. "we will continue to support windows mobile" was a fluke and just to minimize the loss by clearing the stock of lumias that are currently struck in the warehouses. Production has already stopped. No surface phone as microsoft has been very busy releasing apps and services for the ios and android from last 2 months.
  • Microsoft busy updating iOS and Android apps has nothing to do with building the "unnamed phone". There is segregation of duties between the hardware and devices team (Panos Panay) and OS development (Terry Myerson) teams, although they would work together for any new in house developed devices. Microsoft would not have a heavy focus on mobile in Redstone 2 and 3 if they weren't serious about being relevant in the section of the market. Think practically.
  • Not just updating! But developing also. You are not aware of the efforts Microsoft has been putting for the android. Daily, I am seeing a new app for android and iOS from last 2 month. My brother own a lenovo and now they have sign a agreement with lenovo to provide Microsoft apps and services natively. Had they been putting this much effort for building the confidence in the developers and OEMs in the last 1 year, the situation would have been far better. It is the question of every stakeholder attached with the plan of Microsoft. Be it windows central, MSPU, winbeta, a investor, a consumer, OEMs, app developers. They all have future to see and the future is still dark.
  • FYI, to feed a hardware that surface phone will possess(if it's there), you first need a OS that can use the full potential of those specs and I highly doubt current OS is capable of holding that strong hardware. Be it features or stability and performance. I can guarantee you that surface phone will not be able to create a market for windows phone if it is released with current OS. Mind you, not counting the app gap.
  • It'll probably run a 'full' package with phone capabilities and continuum
  • Arrgghhh, I just fallen into the app gap. It wasn't that bad ;-)
  • What about the anniversary update for mobile? That was lies? RS2 insider builds for phones is a lie too? Grow up.
  • AU on mobile is still full of buggs!!!
  • Redstone 2 is also a step backward. I used it for 2 days couldn't hold up. Rolled back to 1607.14393.67. That's better and also left the insider program.
  • That is why it is called an insider program. You get the buggs, so they can fix it
  • So why ios and android does not have insider programs? Simply because those are not half baked software. We bought brand new mobile say Lumia 950 xl to identify bugs for them... How cool is that
  • they do, it s called android beta
  • And Apple have a beta ring.
  • 14393.67 was also in the fast ring and moving from RS1 to RS2 was never supposed to be going from good to bad. You always expect newer build to be more feature rich and faster at least not buggy.
  • Errmm, wrong way round me thinks. Newer builds do have more toys, but due to this on the Fast ring, you get more issues to. I don't get your logic.
  • When you have moved from RS1 to RS2 you have to maintain the standards of RS1. I am not talking about the build versions but about the complete red stone program. It is acceptable if the newer build is more buggy than previous build if delivered in a same programme whether in RS1 or RS2 but not switching from RS1 to RS2.
  • You have that completely backwards. The initial releases of new preview software are likely going to be the buggiest and then they will get better with time. Why would you think the initial release of preview software should be stable? That doesn't make any sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • in that build, they were working on the onecore
  • jakob, you made me chuckle! I don't understand why someone on insider has the right to complain about bugs!
  • Not for me. Had very very few niggles
  • Yup, Well if it wasn't a good change, what was it???
  • Two months? Do you mean "for the last two years?"
  • I literally meant two months because I have been following following the development of windows 10 (PC) since August 2014 (I m a insider since then). I have never witnessed Microsoft so active and interested in android than in the last 2 months.
  • I guess they got tired of me harrassing them and @ATTCares for the Lumia 950 DTTW Firmware!!!
  • "We're moving, please follow @SurfacePhone for the latest news.".
  • Finally Microsoft is killing Lumia brand. Going with most successful name surfacephone
  • yeah, more like going with ios and android :)) they don't give a damn about win10mo
  • & what about the focus for mobile in RS2? & all the updates?
  • What focus on mobile, any official statements from Microsoft to back that up?
  • here you go:
  • They've been promising with every update that it's gonna be easier to develop for WM since WP8. A couple of years back they said how with Windows10, you develop for One system and it'll work accross all of them and before that it was basically the same promise with Windows 8/WP8. Fast forward a year after Windows 10 release and nothing has changed, devs still put out Windows 10 apps, but give Windows Mobile the cold shoulder.
  • Pssst, you're not supposed to remember that ;-) It gets in the way of a good argument or troll
  • They should have rebranded their phones as just Lumia and lost the entire Microsoft moniker, just like they did with the XBox. The lumia brand was beginning to gain market traction, far more than MS now have in the mobile space.
  • SurfacePhone™ actually sounds cool, if it had the build quality and was just as aesthetically pleasing as the Surface Pro 4, well, sign me up now!
  • This spells the end of a legacy. Abandon ship! It's not us abandoning Windows 10 Mobile our Windows Phone. It's Microsoft abandoning us! Capiche?
  • *Capisc'
  • W10M is becoming more and more generic and bland everyday. Unlike the old Lumia flagships that had "exclusive" and tailored apps under Nokia. Where's action shot, capture now, zoom later lossless reframing for example? Those are no longer available under W10M. Those were only available for high ends Lumia's. But now that Microsoft is shifting to focus on software rather than hardware, they couldn't be bothered to add those features. And with the one core concept, it's hard. I get it. But at least, continue to develop those exclusive apps and placed them in the store. Add restrictions on hardware compatibility. I mean if a phone only comes with an 8MP camera, then it wouldn't be able to download "reframe". Those features can be removed from the core and be made as apps. But, I don't think Microsoft is interested. They just want show to the world that UWP can be on anywhere - PC, phone, tablet, Xbox as a whole without really wanting to develop exclusive apps. This is me coming from Nokia Symbian 5800, N8, 808 to Lumia 920, 1520, and 950XL.
  • RIP Lumia
  • Rebranding or new brand incoming. 
  • RIP It's looking less and less likely that I'll be returning to WP. The past 5 months have been great, not having to worry about losing this or that.
  • Hahahahahahaha... Dooms day is coming... Even your Surface Phone can't help you.... 
  • Blah, blah. Ever thought about getting out and about. The most non constructive criticism I've seen in a while. These must be the musings of a deranged person, who has forgotten their meds.
  • Don't be a crying baby.... 
  • Bunch of genius, big business minded, billionaire entrepreneurs posting here. Could it be, JUST MAYBE, the Lumia name is no more?! Why keep the name that didn't work when the team now leading design knows what they are doing? Jebus chripes, some of you. SKY IS FALLING SKY IS FALLING!!! The phone isn't going anywhere for at least 2-3yrs. Play psychic all you want, THAT writing is on the wall and isn't speculation.
  • IMHO, the Lumia brand is as toxic as the Windows Phone brand. The 950/950xl, 650, and 550 are the last of the line. Maybe, this could be as a result of this retrenchment period. Ditch the poison, and, somehow come back with something different. People post all the time about surface phone like its some mythical offering from outer space. I can see the surface name being used, but not necessarily on some fabled device. I can see it being a flagship device, and now the Lumia brand has been put to bed, it can wear the monicker of Surface.
  • We know Lumia is no more.  This makes sense. Microsoft want others to build phones... they may too have a premium showcase model.  Just like with every other Windows based device.
  • But others are not building phones. This strategy will not work. Sales are so low, only Microsoft will make hardware for Windows Mobile. The few devices manufacturers release this year have already flopped and it will be tough to keep them around next year. It has to be Microsoft hardware or nothing. If they want manufacturers to pay any attention, the lockdown Apple model doesn't work. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why would other OEMs build phone for a restricted and limited OS? Android is super flexible OS for them OEMs. They don't want a locked down OS like Windows 10 mobile.
  • There'll be a new brand arrived.
  • First they did not focus on Windows phone now this all is happening!
  • Apocalypse is near. Microsoft is abandoning the ship, leaving us fans in lurch. Shameful, I have no option but to shift to iOS.
  • LUMIA V'S SURFACE.... Two very high quality products but getting different treatment from Microsoft may be because LUMIA is the ADOPTED child of Microsoft!
  • Are Nokia now allowed to make WP handsets again albeit without Lumia branding? Nokia's handsets are what's really lacking right now because the 3rd parties are not filling the gaps in the market and Microsoft doesn't seem to be bothered about making any more. Hanging on to my 930 for a while yet it seems.
  • Nokia is done with phones, at least directly. Nokia lisenced new Finnish company HMD Global rights to use Nokia brand on smartphones, tablets and feature phones. While Nokia has no capital investment on HMD Global the new company is run by ex-Nokia people and Nokia has board seat and contracts in place to make sure that new 'Nokia' phones are Nokia quality. HMD Global will be making Android phones and tablets and feature phones (s40 etc).
  • HMD is basically Nokia, yeah. And if they do well, Nokia is likely to end up buying them and merging it with Withings and OZO to form a more cohesive devices arm. Nokia Technologies will eventually need restructuring to get better focus. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nokia is allowed to make WP, absolutely. But because they're NOT stupid and have learned from their mistakes, they won't.
    The upcoming Nokia phones will run Android. As they should have for a long time ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nokia isn't making new phones.  They are just licensing their name to someone else to make phones. Just like how Donald Trump doesn't actually build anything, he licenses his name to someone else.
  • You do realise almost NO ONE builds the phones themselves these day, right? Not even Microsoft. That Xbox you (eventually) own? It's Foxconn that builds it. And HMD, the company that owns the licensing rights to develop and produce Nokia phones is held by a trust that belongs to an ex-Nokia VP (but Nokia shareholder), run by ex-Nokia executives, employing ex-Nokia engineers, with Nokia Technologies on the Board of Directors with oversee power and using Nokia Technologies tech. So the only thing keeping Nokia and HMD separate is pretty much a legal construction and Nokia's direct investment on the company. Which is more than Trump can say about the monstrosities where his name is slapped upon ;)
  • Whatever MS touches it's been destroyed. Skype, Nokia etc. It's time to switch to another OS.
  • I don't know you guys but I'll remember my Nokia Lumia 625 phone more with the Nokia word than with the Lumia.So I think its just a rename of the branding for future mobile devices built by Microsoft, 
  • sounds like a bad news to me Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • F U MSFT