So at this point we’ve seen the Gamer Tag features and other bits and pieces of what you can do with Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 Series devices, but the party line on what to expect with real gaming has been consistent; stay tuned for MIX.

At the TechEd Middle East event, Microsoft’s Eric Rudder had the opportunity to demonstrate what we can expect of games that have a foot in multiple worlds; console, PC, and mobile. Rudder’s demo showed the same game (Indiana Jones) being played on multiple platforms. The Windows Phone 7 Series device utilized an accelerometer to control the movement and a tap on the screen to jump.

This type of scenario fits in perfectly with Microsoft’s “three screens and a cloud” approach to life, the universe, and everything. The ability to begin one game and have it continue seamlessly on another device would be a real coup for a company that has a much broader footprint in the services world than any other company in the smartphone business.

Video of the demo is after the break.

[via Engadget]