Microsoft demotes Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 17133 from RTM status

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Earlier this week, I reported that Microsoft had internally made the decision to hold the public release of Windows 10 Redstone 4, known as Version 1803, to the public due to a last minute blocking bug that was found over the weekend. At the time, I had assumed that Microsoft would be able to fix the issue via a patch, but it turns out things may not be that simple.

My sources are now suggesting that Microsoft has since demoted Windows 10 build 17133 from RTM status internally, meaning the company is now compiling new Redstone 4 builds once again in an attempt find a new one that passes the necessary criteria for public release. As a reminder, RTM stands for 'Release To Manufacturing' and is the build that goes out to partners for preloading onto new hardware, and is also the official build that gets rolled out to the world as an update.

What does this mean for you? If you're an Insider, not much. I'm told the bug isn't impactful enough to cause any real problems for Insiders on a day-to-day basis, but no source has been able to confirm to me what the bug actually is. Regardless, Microsoft will roll out another build via the Insider Program when it is ready to do so. For those that decided to upgrade to build 17133 outside of the Insider Program, you might still be in luck.

If you upgraded from the Fall Creators Update to Redstone 4, you may be able to revert back to the Fall Creators Update in just a couple of minutes by heading to Settings > Updates & Security > Recovery > Go back to the last build. This will revert you back the Fall Creators Update RTM, assuming that's what you upgraded from.

If you did a clean install of 17133 and don't want to join the Insider Program, things get a little trickier. It may turn out that the new RTM build will be made available as an update once it begins rolling out to the public in a few weeks, in which case you can just update to it then with no problems. You can also do an in-place upgrade to the new RTM once ISOs are made available, so not all is lost.

I believe each RTM candidate needs to be tested for a specific amount of time before Microsoft can deem it good enough for public consumption, which means the company is going to be cutting it incredibly close for an April release. We'll have to see what happens, and hopefully Microsoft is willing to give Insiders an explanation when it begins rolling out the next Redstone 4 build.

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Microsoft demoting a build that it had internally deemed RTM is rather unprecedented. The company had already began preparing its systems for rollout of build 17133 to the public, but is now having to undo all that work in preparation for a new RTM build. Still, this is all in the name for a stable RTM build that the company strives to achieve and takes very seriously, so it's good Microsoft is going to all this effort to make sure that happens.

We'll keep you updated regarding the Windows 10 Redstone 4 release, but in the meantime let us know in the comments if you've already upgraded to 17133.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • So we'll get a newer build than 17133?
  • Yes, apparently its build number 17134. It's just one number higher
  • That is correct.
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  • I'm running 1803 no problems
  • Running it is not the problem. Installing it on a few configurations is the problem.
  • Well, WC couldn't get this info it seems. What's your source for this?
  • I have it on my desktop and it has a couple strange issues with transparency on the taskbar not working right and the ^ on the taskbar opening behind the taskbar. Otherwise all works well
  • I have build 17133, I'm in the release preview ring so I'll just wait for the Windows Update to have the build pushed out through there, I find 17133 to be quite stable so I'll just wait for 17134 which apparently is the true RTM of the SCU, so I've heard.
  • Good, seems they learned from the last time they put out a new cumulative update that had issues installing, even though insiders gave feedback stating that it doesn't install. I also have issues with this build wanting to install itself over and over again on a Surface Pro 4 when checking for updates.
  • And that's a Surface Pro 4. Not a custom made desktop.
  • It also happened on my "custom made desktop." as well. But it doesn't matter as it shouldn't happen on ANY machine that this build is installed on, Surface Pro 4 or a custom build.
  • I'm going to wait for 1805.
  • I remember getting a green screen on update and some random times on startup, on a clean install it never happened tho. The other problem i had was the sleep settings would actually shutdown my computer so i hope they fixed both :D
  • What's even more intriguing is that no one can "identify" the bug in question that has caused a RTM build to be revoked. I doubt it cannot be identified as if that was the case it would have shipped with the bug lol... I would rather they iron out all the bugs then roll out the RTM build. No one wants a repeat of the fall creators update issues... that was a diabolical experience.
  • Build has no error. Because there is an attack on Syria being prepared! Microsft withdrew the update due to possible IT chaos at the CIA's request.
  • * bot warning klaxon *
  • I would be more worried about China and North Korea than the distraction called Syria.....
  • What are the ramifications of refusing to demote your computer back to RS3? I got RS4 on Release Preview ring, apparently just before it was pulled. I'd honestly prefer just to leave it and (hopefully?) let it just update to the next RTM build.
  • As mentioned in the article, you should be able to leave it. I believe the RTM build will be offered as an update for those on 17133 once it begins rolling out to the public. Worst comes to worst, you can just use an ISO to do an in-place upgrade once those become available. No real ramifications for remaining on 17133.
  • Excellent, I'm happy with RS4 and I found that my timeline was already well full upon release (made me happy). One bug I think they need to work on is editing of office docs on mobile. I noticed that if I'm clicking a doc I edited on phone Windows seem *NOT* to be able to figure out it needs to open the document in Word (for example) on the PC. It basically does nothing on click. A little bit of a downer but over all I like RS4.
  • It won't work. "Go Back to Previous Version" fails too often to be considered a fail safe.
  • It's a god damned circus over there...
  • Why? Because they have on going quality control and are willing to shutdown a major update because of a bug that would only effect a very small subset of users? Seems to me a organization that is constantly looking out for their users.
  • Whilst holding back this time is good, it is hardly MS custom to give a hoot about their customers usually. 'Consistently looking out for their users' is a hard concept to apply to MS. Perhaps this is a change of style, but since Ol' Nads is still in a job I kinda doubt it.
  • hey, at least they aren't dishing out the unstable build to everyone's PC and pretending to know nothing until all of us end up being "beta" testers for feedback/bugfixing without even agreeing to it :-) right? . finally Microsoft is putting the pointer towards quality instead of just fast releases.. i'm glad and i can wait(cause i can't just upgrade or format outta nowhere either; everyone needs their own time to get ready for these things)
  • For those of us who care about Microsoft, we should celebrate this "It's ready when it's done" ethos. Switching to a naming convention of YYXH should give them enough room to keep pushing the ball forward twice a year. I don't think we should be worried unless this drags into July.
  • When will they release public version?
  • It is a very good sign that first desktop release without a corresponding w10m release has a lot of problems. Nadella's efforts to destroy the whole mobile department are giving results. Predicable results.
  • Not sure what you're talking about here as W10M devices never received the Fall Creators Update either.
  • 950, 650 and 550 received it.
  • Wasn't the same.
  • Which i was expecting to be its last system update; as windows mobile has lost purpose to exist; due to WOA being quite a capable product that can replace it and many other mobile products while at it... by this i mean "mobile form factor" rather than just "windows 10 mobile devices"
  • I'm fine with them pulling it back and all, it's just they should not have hyped it up for early April release =/, MSFT PR team are so crap, they really need to upgrade that team asap.
  • There was hype?
  • I agree where is this "HYPE"? Oh there was none?
  • Microsoft never made a public announcement that RS4 would be released to the public on April 10th. In fact Microsoft has been strangely quiet about this release. There has been no "hype" at all.
  • I'm curious what the blocker was, that couldn't be fixed in a point update. I upgraded two of my systems (a tablet and my main laptop) to 17133, and haven't noticed any issues. I expect there won't be any issues with an update to the next release, without reinstall. If it comes down to it, worst case scenario, I'll just reimage and reinstall everything.
  • The bug affects the actual install of the build itself so a point update would be erm… pointless as you would need the build installed to install the point release.
  • With this build after redocking my usb keyboard and mouse would become unresponsive. had to reboot to fix, that seems like a show-stopper to me.
  • My timeline isn't working on this build for some reason. Everything else has been very stable
  • Well, today I have seen some bugs, the start menu bugged out as well as notifications and stayed jumbled up and unreadable for a while. The transparency seems to be an issue methinks.
  • As frustrating as this development is, it's much better than updates being released with serious bugs.
  • OG Surface Book on release preview build of rs4. I gotta say that all of the sleep issues I've been having since rs3 seem to have been fixed in this build of rs4. When i wake it from sleep now i pretty much have the amount of battery I had when i closed the lid. Great news!
  • This is the first preview I have had that refused to install and bricked an installation requiring a rollback using a USB drive. For reference this is on a HP Z620 so it's a 'reference' design.
  • I updated 17133 ver. So, I'll update advanced version, What should I do?
    Wait windows update after active insider preview?
    or regardless of actving insider preview?
    I confused this situation
  • As an Xbox insider, this sounds very much appreciated!! Latest xbox build totally screwed my HDR! All my games look like sh..! I've been an xbox insider for a couple years now and this is by far the worst problem I have ever experienced! Also I have a wp that was on the insiders and it got bricked!!!! Used the windows device recovery and took my phone allll the way back to 8.1! I'm out once my xbox gets back to normal. I now have a phone that I can't get back to 10!
  • This is, what happens when you put a selfie diva who uses Gmail and chrome in charge of the insider program.
  • I have no issues updating my new Surface Pro and custom PC. However, I have encountered some context menus that don't respond and a hard crash (hang) without BSOD. I've switched on full telemetry & update Visual Studio to troubleshoot but it seems to be a AMD GPU driver issue. Updated to latest Beta Adrenalin driver and build 17133.73. So far so good. But I'm holding off on my other laptops/tablets. And for noobs out there. The whole point of a Beta-programme (Insider) IS to catch bugs like this. This is how a well-run beta programme should look like. It would be much better for Microsoft to do this than to release it and cause mayhem like Anniversary Update. If you think this is bad, try buying a Fitbit Ionic.
  • This is so unbelievably dull. Might it be relocated to Geek Corner?
  • "Go Back to Previous Version" works 1 out of 12 times on a 2017 Surface Pro, confirmed by me.
  • Thanks Zac. I'd been trying to do this after upgrading via insider build then exiting insider program. I was able to restore to previous build. Odd issue it's created for me though is that I seem to be in this open loop with a feature update that downloads but won't install.
    Might just do a full reset and clean install if it keeps up.
  • I've Had 17133 For About Two Weeks Now So I Will Be Waiting For Redstone 4 When It's Available
  • I noticed that 1803 on my VM doesn't hold the hibernate status. Everytime I boot it's like no hibernation was made. Wonder if it has anything to do with it...
  • I'll stay in 17133, seems stable enough for me
  • Sometimes Windows Update in Windows 10 are annoying. They create errors instead of solving them. The above 2 ways are good, if you are techie enough. But if you are non-techie like me, its better to set the updates on metered connection . That will solve the problem. I wrote an article about it here. pallareviewsdotcom/16595/windows-10-update-settings/
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  • I appreciate their decision. Considering all the bugs that plagued version 1709, I was starting to doubt this rolling update concept itself. It all just looked like a pitiful excuse to roll out a subpar product which no one would have dreamed of even releasing if it was only a few years ago. As an Insider I am willing to take buggy updates, but for my production machines, its always more than welcome to have updates delayed rather than having broken products hitting the RTM.
  • just out of curiosity, what determines whether they go to a new build release like 17134 vs. simply updating the build number, like 73->93 or something?