Microsoft discontinues Xbox One X and Xbox One S: All-Digital Edition

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Today, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One X and Xbox One S: All Digital Edition were being discontinued.
  • This means that they're no longer in production.
  • Microsoft has a new console called the Xbox Series X coming in Holiday 2020.
  • The Xbox One S will still be made for the time being.

The Xbox Series X may be the new "most powerful console" come Holiday 2020, but the current one, the Xbox One X, is being officially discontinued by Microsoft. This is to prepare for the arrival of the Xbox Series X. The Verge broke the story, and you can read an excerpt from the outlet's report below.

Microsoft is officially halting production of its Xbox One X and Xbox One S: All-Digital Edition consoles. 'As we ramp into the future with Xbox Series X, we're taking the natural step of stopping production on Xbox One X and Xbox One S: All-Digital Edition,' says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. 'Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold globally.' Reports of Xbox One X and Xbox One S shortages have surfaced in recent weeks, and there has been an increased demand... during the pandemic. While production is ending on the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S digital edition, it's likely that stock for some retailers will still be available in the coming months. 'Gamers can check with their local retailers for more details on Xbox One hardware availability,' says a Microsoft spokesperson.

If you want to get an Xbox One X or Xbox One S: All-Digital Edition, be sure to grab them sooner rather than later. A lot of retailers have them in stock, but that may not last due to the COVID-19 pandemic and strained supply lines and increased demand.



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