Microsoft 'in discussions' about joining Movies Anywhere

Late in 2017, not long after Disney Movies Anywhere cut its ties with Microsoft, Disney announced that it was launching an expanded version of the digital locker with support from more content providers, this time dubbed simply "Movies Anywhere." While Movies Anywhere was integrated with nearly every major service at launch, allowing you to access your purchases across everything from iTunes and Amazon to Google Play Movies and Vudu, Microsoft's Movies & TV was notably missing from the launch lineup. But that could be about to change.

In a statement to Thurrott, a Microsoft spokesperson said that the company is currently in discussions to join Movies Anywhere. "Microsoft is committed to delivering rich entertainment experiences to our customers," the spokesperson said. "And we're in discussions with Movies Anywhere about bringing their service onboard."

Though Movies & TV's absence at launch was a blow for heavy users of Microsoft's service – Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino argued it would be dead if it didn't embrace Movies Anywhere – Matt Faraca, a member of Microsoft's Movies & TV publishing team, Tweeted at the time that new providers were being added in waves, hinting at the possibility that Microsoft's service could be included in the future.

Microsoft's latest statement isn't a guarantee that it will hop on the Movies Anywhere bandwagon, but it's a good sign for consumers that the company is at least in talks to join. With the ability to migrate purchases between services, buying movies through Microsoft would no longer feel like a gamble. Plus, joining Movies Anywhere would give customers a way to view their Movies & TV purchases on Android and iOS, addressing another current pain point for the service.

If Microsoft doesn't embrace 'Movies Anywhere' its Movies & TV service is dead

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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