Microsoft To-Do file attachments now available for everyone

Microsoft To Do iOS
Microsoft To Do iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft today revealed that Microsoft To-Do will now allow file attachments for your tasks. The update comes less than a week after the feature first arrived for beta testers and is available across all platforms.

When you're setting up or editing a task in To-Do, you can now attach any file or photo up to 25MB in size. However, the feature is limited to personal tasks, so you won't be able to attach files to shared lists. That doesn't rule out the possibility that attachments will be added for shared lists later, but it isn't available for now.

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Whether you're already a To-Do user, or you have yet to try the app, you can give the latest update and file attachments a try across Android, iPhone, and Windows 10.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I'm waiting for them to let us add files from Onedrive on shared lists so the other person is basically opening an Onedrive share link without you having to send a separate email to them while keeping the document in sync between the two of you.
  • Oh good idea, hopefully that'll come
  • I think a lot about OneDrive link sharing can be streamlined. This would help. In the mean time you can just include the link in the comment of the To-Do item.
  • Yup that's exactly what I've been doing. Even if it would just recognize pasted Onedrive share links and convert them into nice cards in the interface I would be happy.
  • Good move and more to come.