Microsoft To-Do is getting a dark mode on Windows 10

Microsoft has slowly been adding dark modes to a number of its apps on Windows 10, and it looks like To-Do is next up on the list. As spotted by OnMSFT, a new dark theme option appears to be in testing with Windows Insiders and should be coming to everyone soon.

Like the dark mode in other Microsoft apps, turning the theme on in To-Do will switch the interface over to a theme that's much easier to look at when working in a dark room. Unlike other implementations, however, To-Do's appears to use more of a dark grey color rather than a stark black.

To-Do Dark Theme

Image Credit: OnMSFT

Microsoft has put a lot of work into To-Do in recent months as it seeks to make it a viable replacement for Wunderlist, which the company acquired in 2015. Some backend technical issues have slowed the transition from Wunderlsit to To-Do so far, but the app has recently rolled out list sharing, steps for tasks, and even some Fluent Design flourishes. Cortana integration of some sort is also expected to hit the app in a future version.

It appears that the dark theme option is only rolling out to Insiders on the Skip Ahead ring at the moment, but it's possible the Fast ring Insiders will see the option appear soon. There's now estimate on when it will make its way to the release version, but it's a welcome addition nonetheless.

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  • Absolutely bonkers that they can't implement a system-wide Dark Theme that follows the same basic "rules" regarding colours etc...
  • Yup was about to say that. MacOS did it literally over night
  • Fair point.
  • I've been giving them feedback on different apps about a Design System they could share with the whole of Microsoft, just like what Google did with Material Design, because an aligned design is a lot prettier than one that's all over the place. Fluent Design is a step in the right direction but there are always things off... But who am I? :)
  • Agreed. I'd understand if it couldn't automatically be done for WPF/WinForms-apps, but for UWP, this shouldn't be too hard… (and should also be a requirement to put the app into the store).
  • I wonder if screen filter does not work the exact same way already in Windows 10.
  • And for those playing along with us on the home game... (that's an old reference) the Mobile App was updated with this change as well. I just wish my Alcatel had an OLED screen, it would look great and save battery.
  • Finally! Now I want the dark theme for the app on Android!
  • Cortana integration > as in the purely US targeted speech assitant? That is really good news!
  • Can someone at Microsoft just finally mandate all apps support light and dark themes by a specific date!
  • Just like everyone wants to go back to terminals, they also want to go back to the white/green/amber on black display. But options are nice (even if we are headed to running nothing locally anymore).