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Microsoft To-Do picks up Fluent Design flourishes and more

Microsoft To-Do is the latest app in Microsoft's stable to pick up some additional Fluent Design flourishes. A fresh update began rolling out this week to To-Do for Windows 10, adding not only a dash of new design tweaks, but also some improvements to the app's animations.

The most notable change in this update is to the top bar, which is now gone. The main app interface now extends to the top of the window, making things look a little sleeker. In its release notes, Microsoft also points out the new steps function, which initially began rolling out in April across the various To-Do apps. Here's a full look at what's new:

  • Have you tried out our brand-new feature Steps? Found in the Detail View after clicking on a to-do, Steps help you divide larger tasks into bite-sized pieces. 
  • New: We're making our first Fluent design changes to To-Do. Take a peek at your minimize and maximize buttons and you'll notice we've removed the top bar. Stay tuned as we've for more Fluent updates on the way!
  • Improved: Switching themes now looks even better with new animations, plus a bunch more UI fixes.

All of the new features and tweaks are available with the latest update on the Microsoft Store with To-Do version 1.30.11204.0 now.

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  • Oh common! I dont really know how Microsft CEO manage their employees but this is ridiculous
    There is a reminder called "Cortana" how can't this sync with it ????
    Microsoft should put all of them together
    Sticky Notes + Cortana + To-Do = 1 App
  • Looked everywhere... don't think I have a Cortana reminder.
  • Yeah Cortana reminder is only for select "English only" countries like US, UK, and Canada. I tried Canada French and Cortana is crap
  • I agree 100% with Vandel above... what a mess to keep yourself organized ? WTF... I am in Canada, and that is something else... MS are so focus US US US US… no wonder they leave a bad taste in people mouths ! Grrr… I love to-do lists, it really helps me with my day, and I am waiting for the marriage of Cortana Sticky Notes and to do as well... why is development this slow ? Like is making software that complicated on Windows ? Maybe that is why no-one wants to develop on it, except MS...
  • I do not know why but it seems all big players have problems with to do apps. Google has the same issues. - Create reminder with Assistant
    - Create different reminders attached to notes in Google Keep
    - Create different reminders in Google Calendar. There are also 'reminder goals' that work with Google Fit and can only be created through the app
    - You're shopping reminder list get saved in a webview of the Google Express site
    - And last week they revamped Google Tasks. Another to do list that doens't have reminders. Same ****, different company
  • Lets integrate Outlook tasks and OneNote into this as well. Why does Wunderlist still exist as yet another disjointed list/reminder/todo option? They spend a lot of time reorganizing and consolidating their divisions. How about doing the same with the products. But, hey, it's prettier now.
  • This!
    But then Sticky Notes + MSFT To Do + OneNote + MSFT Calendar app (no Cortana because it isn't (well) supported in my region and language. Thusfar a dysfunctional feature in windows 10).
  • There was an article a while back here on WindowsCentral where they addressed this. Apparently integrating the back-end services has proven more difficult than expected, so much of their work on To-Do is making those back-end changes so this is possible. To-Do started as a Wunderlist re-build, since Microsoft acquired those guys. The front end pieces were apparently easy, but the back-end changes proved more difficult, so the integrations we all want are not yet done.