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Microsoft draws fire over dancers at Xbox GDC party [Updated]

Microsoft is facing backlash over its Xbox party at GDC 2016, which featured scantily-clad women dancing around the party venue. Several attendees spoke up, saying that they felt uncomfortable and unwelcome because of the display. Xbox head Phil Spencer later commented on the party and the criticism, saying that the party wasn't consistent with Microsoft's values.

From The Verge:

At Xbox-hosted events at GDC this past week, we represented Xbox and Microsoft in a way that was not consistent or aligned to our values. It was unequivocally wrong and will not be tolerated. I know we disappointed many people and I'm personally committed to holding ourselves to higher standards. We must ensure that diversity and inclusion are central to our everyday business and core values. We will do better in the future.

According to Business Insider, Microsoft employees, including Xbox Marketing head Aaron Greenberg, will be looking into how the event was organized.

Update: Spencer also sent an email to employees regarding the party:

How we show up as an organization is incredibly important to me. We want to build and reflect the culture of team Xbox - internally and externally - a culture that each one of us can represent with pride. An inclusive culture has a direct impact on the products and services we deliver and the perception consumers have of the Xbox brand and our company, as a whole.It has come to my attention that at Xbox-hosted events at GDC this past week, we represented Xbox and Microsoft in a way that was absolutely not consistent or aligned to our values. That was unequivocally wrong and will not be tolerated. This matter is being handled internally, but let me be very clear - how we represent ourselves as individuals, who we hire and partner with and how we engage with others is a direct reflection of our brand and what we stand for. When we do the opposite, and create an environment that alienates or offends any group, we justly deserve the criticism.It's unfortunate that such events could take place in a week where we worked so hard to engage the many different gaming communities in the exact opposite way. I am personally committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion is central to our everyday business and our core values as a team – inside and outside the company. We need to hold ourselves to higher standards and we will do better in the future.

  • I see no problem here. Posted from down vote central.
  • They're supposed to be a professional business. That's the problem. Sent from Narnia
  • I commend them for allowing women to empower themselves Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • You mean the same businessmen who may all go to a strip club for drinks and discuss the nation's future lolz.
  • They can also be businesswomen and the strippers can be male. It's not 1970s anymore.
  • Where were the complaints at E3,Comic Con and so many other conventions? Boothbabes and dancers are nothing new. But nope only Microsoft gets **** on for it.
  • People have complained about booth babes/dancers at all kinds of events. There have been many controversies of this nature in the past, though we don't usually report on them because we're a Microsoft-focused site. A big difference between comic con and something like a GDC party though is that one is an industry event that is not open to the public. Everyone attending the event is a professional, and pretty much all of us expect a professional environment to be maintained during the event and associated networking parties.
  • Yeah, Make it completely professional and this story would be talking about the same people complaining about how boring the event was and how they didn't feel that they were welcomed because it was sooooooo Unless, sex was being propositioned, or strippers were talking their clothing off.  These people need to get over themselves.  Professional my ASS!  I have a lot of so-call professionals working for my company, but you should see them when they think no one is listening or watching... Such hypocricy.
  • You didn't mention any examples of hypocrisy. I don't even know what you're talking about.
  • Booth babes have been a massive issue over the last few years. Most E3 booths have now gotten rid of them.
  • A world of prudes we are in. Nobody can just have a good time anymore. Everyone is offended by everything. Stop inviting old people to these events.
  • I highly doubt its the old people. Probably millennials. We're known for being little ******* about everything
  • So true x.x
  • I'm a millennial. I can confirm this.
  • Unfortunately you're so right Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Im an older millennial, I still love chicks dancing around in barley nothing. What happened to you young go hards?
  • There's a time and place for everything. Furthermore, not everybody spends their time going to strip clubs (guys included), and it doesn't make them a killjoy if they don't.
  • Just wow
  • LOL, what a joke of a controversy.
  • It's a good thing Cortana herself didn't show up.
  • I don't quite understand. What does diversity and inclusion have to do with this?
  • They're just the latest politically correct buzzwords.
  • Do keep up! It's all about intersectional feminism these days. Because the plight of a Western woman making decent money as a dancer is so much worse than that of one owned as property without any rights, with her genital brutally mutilated.
  • "intersectional feminism" -- is that like when a magician saws his female assistant in half? Hahaha.
  • Has to be a Lesbian assistant of color though.
  • Lesbians are so old. It's all about the trannies now...
  • Meanwhile, those same hypocritical feminists in the U.S. have no qualms about mutilating the genitals of infant boys, label it with the euphemism "circumcision", and actively promote the double standard.
  • Hey, if you love cleaning that thing out all the time, more power to you. As for me, I'm glad to have it out of there. So calling it mutilation is definitely subjective.
  • you would have got in less trouble as a kid though...
  • You have to say that as you didn't have a choice in the matter. People shouldn't have the right to mutilate another person without their permission, or a medical condition requiring it. Give people the choice over what is essentially cosmetic surgery, with negligible medical benefits (as agreed by the majority of medical boards around the world)
  • 1. It is essentially reversible through non-surgical methods. Look up foreskin restoration.
    2. Negligible medical benefits are NOT agreed upon by the majority of medical boards around the world. It can prevent yeast infection, phimosis, and urinary tract infection. Those are the PROVEN benefits. However, I will agree with you that cancer prevention, reduced risk of HIV, and other such benefits are definitely shaky science.
    Not sure why this is being discussed here, but someone had to go there.
  • 1. It is not reversible. Foreskin restoration does not bring back the ridged band, frenulum, inner foreskin and thousands of lost nerve endings--never mind the stupidity of arguing that a victim's plight is trivial just because he can spend 5-10 years painfully trying to get back what was stolen from him without his consent.
    2. Those "proven" benefits aren't actually proven, but more importantly, they are rare conditions that are easily treatable with non-surgical means. There is no justification for pre-emptive, routinized, surgical removal of functional tissue from infant boys' genitals.
  • 1. It doesn't take 5-10 years. Not sure where you got your research from, but most restoration support groups say 2 years.
    2. Yes, yeast infections and UTI are treatable by non-surgical means, but that wasn't the point. Also, I've done the research as a person considering restoration, and have decided I'm perfectly happy with my current condition. I suppose next you'll be complaining about how they didn't leave enough umbilical cord for you to be an "outie". I mean, how could they cut all of that off and leave you no choice?
  • Additionally, I'll admit I see benefits to either side, but again, I've chosen to remain as is.
  • It is by definition mutilation. However, this particular form of mutilation is socially acceptable.
  • Why in the world did you bring that up?
  • That's exactly what I was thinking.  It sounds like they got their canned apology template mixed up.
  • Apparently someone needs to retake that diversity and inclusion training survey they took last year at work. ;-) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Because it frames women as good for showing skin and dancing, while the dudes do the programming and watch said girls. Even if you were to argue that dancers were an indispensable aspect of the party, the diverse and inclusive way of doing it would have been to have semi-nude dudes dancing too. This kind of environment isn't welcoming to women at all, and is just one of many, many, many factors that push them out of the tech sector.
  • Fat bespectacled male coders dancing, bleahh!!!
  • I guess I can see where you're coming from but, to be honest, I think scantily clad dudes would be even creepier in that sort of club environment. :-/
  • Exactly. Imagine how creeped out you would be going to a party where the only dancers were jacked, oiled-up dudes in speedos, and you'll get an idea how women feel in these situations. You probably wouldn't go to that party, but if that party is your whole industry, then you're shooting yourself in the professional foot by skipping out.
  • But not all women necessarily feel that way. I'm female and I ignore scantily clad women. It might be because I'm in Florida and there are a lot of them them roaming about (the current style is to have ones butt cheeks hanging out of the bottom of ones skirt/shorts). That said, I think this was more a case of being unprofessional and tacky than a matter of diversity.
  • Doesn't having lady dancers everywhere send the signal that "this is a club for boys"? I mean, you could put the asterix on there to say "and the women who are able to ignore or even enjoy it", but I imagine that's a small asterix.
  • "That said, I think this was more a case of being unprofessional and tacky than a matter of diversity."
    It was definitely the first part. The diversity issue comes up with the whole gamergate and industry issues with sexism. It's context. It's like having a gun-toting party after a mass shooting. It's just a dumb move. You can argue about your gun rights, etc. but everyone is just going to think you're an insensitive asshole. Same thing here, lol.
  • That makes more sense. When looked at from the standpoint of "it wasn't the time or the place" I can see where the issue of inclusion would come up even though just thinking about Gamergate makes me cringe in embarrassment for both sides of the issue. There was a whole lot of stupid being thrown around then.
  • I also don't see the Verge complaining about Apple's keynote is nothing but White cisgenders with white privelege! Funny how they're attacking MS despite all the diversity changes they made while Apple is okay with all old white people......
  • YES! Male candy may have helped to avoid this controversy... I would like a video of the party tho... Sometimes thong grow out of proportion, it's true. I think I killed grammar, sorry for my English. I rewrote the first sentence like five times... Still not sure if it's correct lol.
  • And now that I've actually seen the photos that MSPowerUser posted, yeah, as much of an Xbox fan as I am and regardless of my own orientation, I would probably not have wanted to stay at the party. While this sort of thing may be acceptable at some random social party, it's not appropriate in the least at a corporate-sponsored event. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Except this is a typical thing in Europe nothing new move on
  • Ok, you're making some politically incorrect assumptions. First, that only men and all men are attracted to scantily clad women, that the dancers were themselves heterosexual, and that all the programmers are male. Fun with political correctness! I love it!!!
  • Let's say they hold the event in a location that is totally feminine. Tell whoever male would not attend because of that.
  • Nothing, given they're saying "inclusion, dress code required."
  • WIll its a club and they hired go go dancers......People getting butt hurt over this, need to get out more.
  • The geniuses commenting in this thread really seem like the ones who are butt hurt. We don't care if you like to go see go go dancers, if you need to pay to see women undressing in front of you, that's your problem. This, however, was happening in an event representing a major IT company, not some 13yo ********* who's excited to see ******* bouncing.
  • It's a freaking club and after party....Where you know.... You see go go dancers, paid acts,etc. LMAO, but hey keep on assuming stuff to defend or attack to get your point across.
  • No, it was an event put on by Microsoft for attendees at GDC. Not some private club. Microsoft (or whoever organized it) should have known this would look very bad in light of the gamergate issue. It's captain obvious stuff here. Even if you think it's dumb if you run a company you know it's about perception. Doesn't take a genius to figure that this could blow up.
  • Knowing microsoft this was organised by some third party company. Said company will no longer be used to organise parties for ms.
  • "No, it was an event put on by Microsoft for attendees at GDC. Not some private club. " That makes it a  private club.....When you know., only people who atttended GDC can enter. The event was a club setting and had an open bar. They should've just hired male dancers too! LMAO! Was in the best taste of who ever the promotor MS hired. No, but something like go go dancers isn't something out of the left field when you attend a club\bar.
  • Of course. But you don't think some people from Microsoft were there in attendance? I mean, if I were there I would have been like "seriously, in light of all the hubbub about gamergate and purported sexism in the industry you're going to have go-go dancers at a public party where people can film and tweet it?" As I said elsewhere, even if you think this WHOLE topic is dumb, that was a PR disaster that should have been nixed. It's not even about believing it, it's about just avoiding a shitstorm.
  • Not sure how anyone could feel uncomfortable now I've seen the pictures. Looks like  any kind of night club. Jealous types I suspect. Its funny, I've never heard a bloke be offended by another blokes nudity, seing another bloke nekked let alone in clothes (like these dancers), and I've never heard of a pretty girl offended by another hot woman. Things that make you go hmmmmm...
  • "Its funny, I've never heard a bloke be offended by another blokes nudity".  Then you've clearly never heard heard of straight blokes beating up gay blokes because they are homophobic then.  SMH 
  • "gamergate issue" Granted, that "issue" is an asinine display of hypocrisy and ridiculousness.
  • Truth.
  • To a club
  • Lol isn't this a typically accepted thing in Europe
  • Yeah but America is letting SJWs take its balls away.
  • How to know how to listen to someone: He uses the term SJW non-ironically. :-\
  • How to know not to listen to someone: They can't compose a basic sentence.
  • Uncomfortable and unwelcome is the new normal.
  • Your Verge link is broken. What is the problem? It makes the entire thing feel like a party for men as opposed to being inclusive. ****, Microsoft practically RUNS the women in gaming sector of GDC, this is really unlike them. My thought is that a firm set up this party mostly on their own, not Microsoft.
  • "My thought is that a firm set up this party mostly on their own, not Microsoft."
    Very likely. However, you think someone from Microsoft would have been there and been like "Hey, remember that whole gamergate thing? Yeaaaaah. See those people with cell phone cams. Yeaaaah. This could look bad." Since that did not happen, you know, it's on them.
  • I think it probably did, but it was unlikely they had any ability to put a stop to this. What do you expect? Phil to jump onto this stage and say get out?
  • That's nonsense. You're telling me MS, the customer, couldn't do a simple thing as saying "I don't want this?"
  • So a bunch of geeks feel uncomfortable when they see some sexy girls and some cleavage? Big deal! Just say thank you
  • No, it's about not making women gamers and developers feel comfortable in the environment. Think, brah.
  • Finally a sensible answer. You're right.
  • Well, women who meet the specialized rules, of course. For all the "be what you want" culture, it's pretty hilarious for people to say that what these women want to be isn't acceptable. Then again, I've observed this kind of stuff for years, so when the "cause" ends up a self-contradictory joke, I'm not even close to surprised.
  • So basically, the verge needed to publish a negative article and found controversy where none existed.
  • Well, fact is there were attendees who voiced their displeasure at the event on Twitter. Verge did not break this story, they simply re-pub'd it after it gone viral on Twitter.
  • This went "viral"? What? What next, reality tv stars running for president?
  • Microsoft marketing team is probably the worst pr team, maybe a bit better than Sony
  • A few years ago Sony had multiple racist ads for the PS, held a party for God Of War with topless women feeding grapes to guests, then they sacrificed a goat and told guests to reach into the dead animal and eat from its intestines, and so on. Of course, it was us puritanical US people who were making an issue of the naked body, while all the tech websites put racist in quotes. Microsoft has some girls dancing in cheerleader outfits and Verge goes on a Microsoft hates women rant. Typical.
  • I cannot stand the Verge!
  • A week or two ago they had an article bragging about how a majority of their readers are Safari users. I wrote a comment about how they actively cater to Apple users so that is why the Safari numbers was so high. I didn't use my usual snarky commenting style, just wrote that they prefer Apple users there. The next time I logged in I got a popup saying how my comments will not be tolerated, that criticism is welcome unless it is criticism that they are biased because it equates to harassment of their Apple users. I then needed to click an accept button stating that I would stop writing such comments, or else I would face penalties (which even sounded like they may sue me). Of course I didn't click Accept. A few weeks later I visited their page and it popped up a message that since I didn't accept their terms in an appropriate amount of time, I was perma banned.
  • lmao, sounds a like neowin.  They might be getting better though; or it's the fact I don't visit site much anymore either.  I got a few messages over there that were similar.
  • A few days ago I went over to neowin for the first time in a long time, and it was amazing how that place has changed. Reading over the comments it is clear that the Apple fanboys run the place now. It was starting down that road when I stopped reading, but it is now complete.
  • Neowin is one of the worst so called tech news sites.Slow on news and rarely create orignal pieces, if it is original. It's either bullcrap made up stuff. The community forum is a joke and only cater to people who suscribe.
  • Yeah the Verge is known for being garbage, so
  • No, I think it's not about the women dancers per se as in they shouldn't do that, but rather if you were a female attendee (as a gamer, fan, or developer) such a thing could have made you feel uncomfortable. I mean, if I were at at Windows Phone event and male dancers/strippers were everywhere, I'd be like "ummmm...wth?".
  • Understandable. I don't know, maybe it is just the women I hang out with, but they never seem to have a problem with seeing other women wearing little clothes. They don't get upset over it and freak out. Sure, they would wish it were a guy, but they don't freak out about it. The issue with that verge article is how they are making it into a they need to stick up for those poor, degraded women because the women who were dancing could not stand up for themselves. Just about every women I know, if you told them that they don't know how to think for themselves and shouldn't treat themselves that way, wold be mad at the person telling them that, not the guy eyeing her up.
  • In fairness to the Verge many attendees tweeted images and video of the event saying that thought it was weird and bullshit to have, especially when the company just had a conference thing about gender, sexism in the gaming industry. At the very least this was a very obvious PR disaster in the making that anyone who follows gaming, gamergate, and topical issues would have seen a mile away. Now, I do take issue with the Verge doing the lamenting while running the photos too. To me, that is hypocritical.
  • god of war came out before theverge/polygon existed i'm sure sony would have gotten 10 articles written about them.
  • Engadget was the site back then, which was run by the same person who started verge. Sony put out a statment saying that none of the accusations were true, that the media was lying or heard incorrectly. Engadget put out an article nodding along with everything, giving excuses, and then never even mentioned naked women - Kotaku had pictures of them. But you read the article that Engadget has about this, where they disabled comments, it is all about how they disappointed they are. And of course since you cannot comment, you can't remind them of their goat article.
  • The upset are harassing these women. They can wear whatever they want regardless without the need of your shaming.
  • It's not about that, it's about as a company does Microsoft want to make women attendees as gamers and developers feel uncomfortable as such a party. Private events are one thing, but not when you are trying to bring a gender neutral community together.
  • But they had booze available to gamer dudes. Those dudes will drink and hit on the women in attendance. That will make the women feel uncomfortable. So they shouldn't have had the booze. That's unprofessional
  • xbox head should leave ms s
  • I think that's harsh. It's doubtful he approved of such a thing and instead it was underlings who farmed it out to a promoter. Someone should have caught it. Now, if Spencer was there and did nothing...that's different.
  • How can you have this article with no pictures?
  • You don't think lamenting about women strippers at an Xbox event that offended women attendees and posting those same images to sell our article would be hypocritical? I do.
  • I just saw the pictures and I think the offence is real. Basically it yells "This party is for males!"
    I have no problem with go go dancers, I respect them, but this was really one sided. The ladies were dressed with bras and school girl skirts.
  • Yup. I mean, if it were reversed and just males dancing on poles I doubt people here (and there) would be like "pffft, it's just half-naked dudes on poles, no biggy! Not weird at all at a party for gamers!". As soon as you reverse it, it's suddenly weird for hetero males.
  • If I went to an event in a "club" like scene like this, and they had the chippendales stripping, it wouldnt bother me in the slightest. Not sure how delicate or insecure you guys are who would get offended by another man with no clothes on. I shower with 20+ naked men every week, most soccer players do. I feel for the current generation. You're all so fragile and offended by everything. I'm a gamer, and I want boobs. Its not a weird combination for me at all. P0rnhub and Gaming is the perfect evening in for me ;)
  • Hetero male here who isn't made uncomfortable by make gogo dancers at parties. If you are that's your problem not the hosts'
  • Pix or it didn't happen.
  • The pics are on the Verge article. The venue (to me) does not mark the girls as out of context at all. Its a club style venue (or at least made to look like it). If this was in the middle of McDonalds, sure it would be out of place. But its not. And the girls in my opinion are only tartily dressed, like a dancer, but its not Spearmint Rhino levels of dress.  How anyone got offended by this is pretty remarkable. In an age where the Internet is full of porn, and most petrol stations and shops have daily newspapers with t*ts all over the covers (at least in the UK).
  • Where was it retorted that they were stripers?
  • Pix or it didn't happen...
  • Agree
  • It happened:
  • BS. this from a society that accepts openly gay marriages, relationships in public and on televised media, going so far to suggest gay kids' movies to rewrite what we all grow up on. Yet at an event women walking around scantly clad they felt uncomfortable. Buncha asses!!
  • This isn't "women walking around scantily clad", this is hiring women to be objectified and ogled at a public event for the sexual gratification of a subset of attendees. In the same week as MS hosted a diversity in gaming event, no less. Yeah. This was wrong.
  • I agree, it was wrong. Just like seeing all those scantily glad homos promoting sex in gay pride parades that are supposed to be family friendly is wrong.
  • That's cool you go to gay pride parades and are proud to be gay and support the gay community, but I'm not sure what that has to do with Microsoft throwing a party for attendees at GDC that was not inclusive to all the people who attended.
  • Just making the point that not everybody wants to see half naked people running around being provocative.  Also making the point that some people would complain about it at an XBox event but not complain about it at a gay pride event.  People are funny that way.
  • The difference being one of those events is about sexuality, and one of them is a professional event.
  • ding ding!
  • Gay parades held at public spaces, being watched probably by more hetero bystanders than participants are somehow totally fine, but dancing girls at a company party are offensive? Looking from the outside, it seems like this hypocritical PC turns America into the opposite of a free society. It's not just about "sexism", it's pretty much about every "conservative" or "oldfashioned" behavior that suddenly becomes an issue. No wonder Trump used that built-up PC aversion and got this popular.  
  • Virtually all zombie games are about human beings being objectified so they can be bludgeoned, shot, chopped and burned for the savage gratification of a subset of gamers. Of course that is why they are zombified, because PC.
  • zombies are also easy to program believable ai for.
  • Someone needs some big boy pants. Sorry to tell you this, but men like looking at beautiful women, women like looking at handsome men, and sometimes mm/ww. Been like this for about, oh, I don't know, 100,000 years give or take a few. If these women didn't want to be looked at wearing less clothes than they would if they were going to someplace like church, then they wouldn't have taken this job. I personally known go-go dancers and strippers (no, I don't go to those places, don't need to) and you know what? Many of them actually like being ogled. If the people attending the party didn't want to see that, they were free to walk out the door. Instead, it is you who has decided for those women who were dancing that they felt degraded when you don't know jack shi* about them. Doubt you don't even care to know them, you just want to decide for everyone how they should act. You have decided that you are the arbiter on what should and shouldn't be done. The funny part about this is that the people who are complaining are usually the ones who tell us if we don't like sex or nudity on TV, then turn it off. So aren't those women in the movie being "degraded" but these women were.
  • The woman (and men) are complaining because they feel rejected at the party... It looks like a bachelor's one tbh. Like women are not supposed to be attending.
  • See, it's this "if you don't like it, GTFO" attitude that pushes a ton of women out of the tech sector. The strippers you know get into that business because they like the attention, so their professional progress and personal desires align. Women don't get into video games because they're super-keen to be seen solely as sex objects, but that's exactly what happens when they're put in a room with their peers to look at go-go dancers on tables. Women get into the industry for the same reason the guys do: they love games. The GDC controversy isn't about the dancers; they obviously get attention, and they know what they're signing up for. They're just doing their job. The issue at hand relates to the female attendees being rightfully pissed off that even at an institutional level (nevermind individual), they're still swimming upstream when it comes to sexism.
  • I don't even think it's solely about women feeling like they're "swimming upstream".  I think both men and women simply get uncomfortable when they feel like sex is being pushed on them at an event where they don't expect it.  It was just not appropriate, sexism aside.  And it was certainly less classy than how Microsoft wants to portray itself.
  • " I think both men and women simply get uncomfortable when they feel like sex is being pushed on them at an event where they don't expect it. "
    It's how I felt walking around E3 years ago with the 'booth babes'. I'm there for video games instead it's was just freakin' creepy. Even more creepy were the dudes drooling over them and getting their photos taken. I'm just smart enough to know when they're using models to get my attention like I'm some stupid animal. "Hey, horny young guys love games. They also love chicks! Let's use chicks to get their attention!" Like, some of us aren't that stupid.
  • Agreed. I'm sure there's a contingent of dudes who would feel uncomfortable in those situations, but unfortunately I think there's still a lot of them who are perfectly happy with it, so long as it's in their favor.
  • They're not sex slaves. They openly choose the profession, so if you're all "don't judge people," how can you go and tell these women that they're not allowed to do this? What happened to "it doesn't hurt anyone?"
  • "so if you're all "don't judge people," how can you go and tell these women that they're not allowed to do this? "
    You completely missed the point. Literally no one is telling women they can't be pole or go-go dancers. No one is saying that, just you. We call that a straw man argument and I'm going to tear it down. What people are saying, especially the ones who actually attended the gaming party, was that it was weird, awkward, and made attendees feel uncomfortable. If I walked into Home Depot and had dudes on poles swing their junk around, I probably would feel the same way. There is no connection between an open party for gamers and developers put on by Microsoft and go-go dancers. None. If you're trying to get women interested in buying your game or developing for Xbox you don't put go-go dancers at a party that they are attending. It's cheap. It's classless. It's inappropriate especially with all the recent history/controversy over sexism in the gaming industry.
  • No, Microsoft's saying it. Calling "strawman" doesn't make it one. Microsoft is saying they want to be inclusive, while saying those dancers shouldn't have been allowed (at least in their attire, though I'm sure the attire is less a problem than the gender bias). You can say what you don't like, but that's not the same for everyone else. There could be people who go to Home Depot over Lowe's to specifically see those dancers you don't want to see. There might be men at the Xbox conference who were delighted to see the dancers others were disgusted by (though they're unlikely to say so because of the likely public shaming that would follow). I wouldn't have liked this. I wouldn't have done it if I were in charge. I just think the reaction isn't proportionate to the action. However, why is it that only one side of the argument gets to realistically be heard? No one seemed to mind the gender pandering at E3 last year (Dishonored, Fallout, Syndicate, Beyond Eyes, Nier, BO3, Deus Ex, ReCore), because it was pro-female. People clamored to have females in BO3 for a long time, and it was made a big deal with Fallout, but why aren't people bothered when women are the only option? I'm fine with having things that appeal to women. Few mind it. I'm honestly lost as to why EVERYTHING has to, though. It just seems that diversity is now being forced on people, at the expense of personal freedom. It sucks and hurts games, in my opinion.
  • Microsoft is leading the discussion on sexism in the gaming industry. They stand against it. They then have a gaming party with females go-go dancers on polls. It's hypocritical. It looks bad. It looks insensitive. It's ridiculous. The only thing crazier than all of that is how you refuse to acknowledge their own contradiction in policy, which is Microsoft acknowledges in that email.
  • What is it really? You live in a society where less is always considered best. So how now they want to act all prim and proper? Too late to act as if so much hasn't been accepted for a long time now. It's not as if MS will suddenly lose anything as almost every business, school and home across the planet has a windows pc in it.
  • I do find it interesting how we're expected to accept visual displays like piercings and tattoos and hair styles and all that, but clothing and dancing is offensive. There are plenty who find tattoos and facial piercings unprofessional, but those people get called "close-minded," rather than telling those with that stuff to look better/more professional. Just goes to show that double standards are alive and well.
  • I wouldn't call it necessarily hypocritical. The act of having the dancers doesn't exclude women. I wouldn't call it less sexist to tell women they aren't welcome as dancers because others don't like it. You're picking exclusions, not eliminating them. I don't dispute it looks bad, but I put that heavily on the shoulders on a society whose primary aim today is to be offended. It shouldn't be a problem to have dancers. It shouldn't be a problem to not have them, though. Society's just decided that offense is the goal.
  • How are go go dancers at a party sexist?
  • Diversity is exactly about enabling personal freedom. Just because it isn't enabling your personal freedoms 100% of the time doesn't mean it's taking anything away from you. Not sure what you think we're losing. Gratuitous T&A? Maybe you feel like "everything" needs counterbalancing for women because they have many more disparities to make up for than you realized.
  • I mean, I guess, but diversity's often accomplished through inclusino through exclusion. The latest Fantastic Four decided