Microsoft drops patent suit against Kyocera amid expanded licensing deal

Microsoft announced today that it has reached an agreement with Kyocera to expand their patent licensing agreement. In addition to expanding cross-access to each other's patents, the agreement also puts an end to a patent infringement suit that Microsoft brought against Kyocera earlier this year.

From Microsoft:

Today Kyocera Corporation and Microsoft Corp. announced they have signed an agreement expanding on a prior patent licensing arrangement. The new agreement enables the companies to use a broader range of each other's technologies in their respective products through a patent cross license.In addition to strengthening the partnership between the two companies, it also resolves a patent infringement lawsuit brought earlier this year in U.S. District Court. The remaining details of the agreement are confidential.

The lawsuit in question was brought against Kyocera in early March, and alleged that the company had infringed on several Microsoft patents related to location services and text messaging in its Android phones. The terms of today's expanded deal were not disclosed.

Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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