Microsoft drops patent suit against Kyocera amid expanded licensing deal

Microsoft announced today that it has reached an agreement with Kyocera to expand their patent licensing agreement. In addition to expanding cross-access to each other's patents, the agreement also puts an end to a patent infringement suit that Microsoft brought against Kyocera earlier this year.

From Microsoft:

Today Kyocera Corporation and Microsoft Corp. announced they have signed an agreement expanding on a prior patent licensing arrangement. The new agreement enables the companies to use a broader range of each other's technologies in their respective products through a patent cross license.In addition to strengthening the partnership between the two companies, it also resolves a patent infringement lawsuit brought earlier this year in U.S. District Court. The remaining details of the agreement are confidential.

The lawsuit in question was brought against Kyocera in early March, and alleged that the company had infringed on several Microsoft patents related to location services and text messaging in its Android phones. The terms of today's expanded deal were not disclosed.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • Microsoft could has asked Kyocera to make Windows phones but they didn't. Does this mean the WP death rumours are true?
  • With W10 Mobile coming around this/next year. There would be no way WP is dying at this time
  • My teacher didn't tell me to do my homework yesterday, does this mean homeworks are being abolished? :o
    Smh, seriously, stop with all this "WP is dying" bs -_-
    P.S: When companies win/drop a case, they don't ask their competitors to make phones for them as a compensation. Imagine Microsoft winning a case against Apple and then saying "Hey Tim, remember that patent case we won against you yesterday? So yeah, now you have to make phones for us or people will think that Windows Phone is dying. You owe us that at least for losing the case :-D "
    P.P.S: I'm pretty sure Kyocera already makes Windows Phones.
  • I agree with you on this. They need to also image that apple is the sole manufacturer of the iPhone and their doing just fine, so when WM10 drops along with flagship phones Microsoft could do well on their own as well and when those OEMs who chose not to make a WP can go straight to you know where!
  • Who says that MS won any case here❔ The only thing that happened was an agreement was made..
  • They made an agreement that resolved the issue. New licensing and cross-licensing. So it covers the issues of the case, So they both won as they both agreed to the terms "as favourable/reasonable.....      
  • They (companies),  settled it like adults.  Unlike apple who acts like a 4 year old child kicking and screaming all the time.   Thank you MS and Kyo!
  • I heard rumors that Android is losing shares to WP in some parts of Europe.
  • Those aren't rumors. According to the kantar market share they really did lose some market share.
  • Kantar i don't believe them when ever they say windows phone lost or had a gain in their market share. I still believe Gartner sometimes.
  • Sometimes is not very reassuring lol
  • Well it always depends which figures you like more. just like kantar and gartner making up numbers :)
  • Sadly they aren't as popular as they once were
  • Conversly, since iOS lost its perfect security record, does that mean those such as myself dump their iPhones and get a low price alternative like Windows Phone or BlackBerry (lolwut)?
  • This guy 'maktaba' is an AO..
  • if wp dies, a little bit of microsoft will go along with it. no reason to let the platform die now. its a long way from dying. one baby steps at a time.   this is trolling.
  • You don't know that. The article states that the agreement is confidential.
  • i think ms understand that kyocera would just further hurt the wp brand. they've not released a decent phone in years
  • @maktaba that's the dumbest comment I've seen in a while. What does one company making or not making WP's have anything to do with the life or death of WP. That's right, nothing.
  • I'd love to see a windows phone version of the Kyocera echo dual screen smartphone.
  • Yep.. I'm for any OEM making a WP device... The more the merrier....
    If MS can't sell as many WP devices as Apple does then there's something wrong.. Over 50 OEM's❕ They need to seriously start pushing those OEM's with some big incentives to support WP on a higher scale.
  • Agreed.
  • I'm with it too, just not that echo.... It's too big and awkward. People are still asking for sleek designed, thin phones with great battery life. The Lumia line has a name for itself and I believe it should go on, I still think it's time for a surface line of cell phone that represent a higher end device. Microsoft has built a great line with surface that represents the higher end of the spectrum that consumers are clearly buying into. If Satya doesn't capitalize surface by building a phone or simply taking the Lumia line to the next level design wise then he's not fully committed.
  • @OMG55
    Spot on. Can't agree more. Surface phone with W10 is must.
    Leave Lumia for low/mid range.
  • Sounds like a good idea. I'll vote that
  • This is good news, even if Kyocera doesn't make a WP
  • Common kyocera start making some windows phones and increase it's market share,it's very low in japan
  • My understanding was Kyocera was planning on making a Windows Phone
  • Lol, and to think these guys had actually made a couple of Windows Phones last year...
  • Another one bites the dust to Microsoft
  • Microsoft long game to kill off one OEM at a time eventually the OEM'S will all get the message.