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Microsoft Edge and Office gain image search feature via Bing

Finding images via the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10, along with the company's Office apps, just got easier. Microsoft has announced some new image search features that will be incorporated in those products via its Bing engine.

Office Image

In the Office apps like Word, users can access the new image search features by clicking the "Insert" tab and then select "Online Pictures":

"From there you'll have the option to search for an image, and in return receive a grid of thumbnail images along with filters to narrow your search. To see the source and size of the image, just hover over it. You can view images that have been tagged as subject to certain license restrictions, or view all web images, depending on your needs and circumstances. You can then select an image that works for your particular situation by clicking on it and selecting the "Insert" button.

Ask Cortana

In Microsoft Edge, image search has been added to the browser's "Ask Cortana" feature when right-clicking on a photo:

"Right click on an image in Microsoft Edge, select the option to "Ask Cortana" (or "Bing Lookup" if Cortana is not enabled) and you'll see all the information Bing has about that image. You'll get image dimensions and other sizes available, related images, related searches and more. If the image is a product, it displays places to buy that product, and recipes display for food items."

Visitors of the URL can also go to the "Image Match" button next to the search bar to get more info on an image that's located on the Internet or one that's uploaded from your local PC.

  • Now that was seriously cool after all the news we had today!
  • They should really improve the Bing Lookup tool. Right now you can't go to another browser, scroll or do anything with Edge while it's still searching for some info/image. In chrome the Search option simply opens a new tab and shows the results there and it's much better that way.
  • I hope it tells the user which photos are public domain or otherwise free to use.
  • Point to be noted.
  • Bing os really crap against Google... Maybe in USA works Bing good, but in non English searching is Bing terrible...
  • Bing is working good here in India these days. Bing gets updated everytime here with the news and current affairs. And today they have also updated with the schedule ICC T20 World cup which is getting started tomorrow. IN U.S Bing is still the best. In India its getting better dat by day. Don't know about other countries.
  • Absolutely agreed. Ive switched to bing Completely. Although im hugely disappointed how the search button has been gutted down to almost nothing on the phone. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Bing is quite horrible in Europe. I really want to use it, but I can't. If you're searching for some general stuff in English, then maybe it's fine, but as soon as you want something local, it becomes completely useless.
  • Exactly as you wrote... Local EU languages are very bad supported
  • Works fine for me here in Germany
  • It doesn't always get me great results for text searches, but it's fantastic and image and video searches, which kind of ties into this entire article.
  • I really need an option to do the search in another Tab, this sidepanel is cool but not enough in a lot of scenarios. I find myself doing Ctrl+C Ctrl+V in another Tab most the time.
  • Didn't we already have these options? I remember using "add online image" in word 2013. Few days ago i selected ask Cortana on an image and ut showed me Bing results. Posted from the windows central app for windows 10 on my Lumia 640XL
  • Cool. Finally.
  • Its a great addition to Bing for sure.  There is still a problem with Bing searches that often leads me to use google though.  If I search for something I often end up with every search on the page(s) being from unique sites and often not properly in context for the search terms.  It also doesnt do the 'more from this site' thing that google does.
  • Wow. Images.. why not lastpass support. .. just #Disappointed Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just want to block ads :( Give us that feature and I will use Edge. 
  • Use your HOSTS file to block ads.  But note - more and more websites are restricting access to their sites for people that use AdBlock etc...
  • Can't edit a hosts file on a phone (but WC readers think closed, locked-down platforms are GREAT!) so that isn't really an alternative to proper extension support. I've also never had a problem with any sites using AdBlock.
  • Try going to with AdBlock on.  Just one example...
  • And read Gordon Kelly's hogwash? No thanks.
  • I have downloaded the host files from but I keep u block origin enabled on Firefox. Microsoft should make themselves and ad blocker for play store.
  • Get u block block is becoming annoying these days.
  • They need to bring ask Cortana to mobile +640/Win10
  • Those cookies look really good. :P
  • Amazing!
  • Finally ... took them long enough
  • The Edge implementation seems new (and awesome), but isn't the Word-Bing tie what was implemented when Microsoft dropped Clip Art support?