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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge on iOS can now sync open tabs and history to other devices.
  • You can now also set Edge as your default browser on iOS.
  • The update also includes bug fixes and general improvements.

Microsoft Edge on iOS recently received an update that allows it to sync open tabs and history with other devices. This feature has been in testing for some time and is now generally available. The update also adds the option to set Edge as your default browser on iOS 14.

The option to sync open tabs and history across devices should make a more seamless experience that extends across different form factors.

Here's everything that's new for Edge on iOS, as listed in its changelog:

  • You can now sync your history and open tabs across your signed-in devices
  • You can set Microsoft Edge as your default browser on iOS14
  • We've also made some general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Microsoft has been hard at work improving the mobile experience for people who use its Edge browser. The Android version of Edge Canary recently made a major jump to be in line with the desktop version of Edge. We've only had a short time to test out those improvements but have been impressed with the speed of Edge Canary on Android so far.

Now, iOS users have something new to use as well. The update lists the same changelog for iPhones and iPads, so you can take advantage of the new features on either type of device.

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The Microsoft Edge browser is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS. Now, you can sync your open tabs and history from Edge on iOS across to other versions of the browser.

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