Microsoft Edge Dev & Canary now lets you resize vertical tabs

Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature
Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Updated March 4, 2021: This feature is now also available in Microsoft Edge Dev.

What you need to know

  • You can now resize vertical tabs within Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary.
  • The feature appears to have rolled out with version 90.0.810.0.
  • The feature works whether you have the tabs pane pinned or not.

Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary now let you resize the vertical tabs panel. The update appears to have rolled out in version 90.0.810.0. Reddit user Leopeva64-2 shared a GIF of the feature in action on Reddit over the weekend. The feature works whether you have the vertical tab pan pinned or not, which makes it quite handy.

Vertical tabs allow you to see more open tabs at once. It's a preferred layout for many heavy-duty browsers of the web. When contracted, the vertical tabs panel just shows the icons of the websites that you have open. You can either hover your cursor over the panel to expand it or pin it to leave it expanded.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

With support for resizing the vertical tabs, you can click and drag the panel to different sizes. When pinned, the panel stays expanded at all times, so resizing it allows you to adjust how much of your screen it takes up all the time. When unpinned, resizing it changes how much the panel expands when you hover over it.

I find the default expansion of the vertical tabs panel to be a bit too large, so it's a welcome option to be able to resize it.

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  • I tried the vertical tabs for about an hour. I got so annoyed I turned the feature off.
  • Well, that's why it's an option
  • I don't see the appeal. They don't save any vertical space to make the change in muscle memory worth it.
  • I'm in the same boat as you. I know that the intention of the feature is not to save screen space, but I don't see why it isn't an option. I know people who like vertical tabs because you can see more tabs at once, but I wouldn't only use the feature if it also expanded how much space you had on your screen.
  • I don't use them all the time (like you said -- muscle memory relies on tabs at the top), and they take up MORE space, not less (because the window needs to be wider to accommodate them), but when I have more than about 10 tabs open, and they're all related to each other so I want them in the same window, Vertical Tabs are absolutely awesome to still be able to tell which tab is which. Often, these are multiple tabs from the same website, so they all have the same Favicon and same starting text. The ONLY way to identify the tabs is to read the text. Vertical Tabs make that trivial and MUCH FASTER than hovering over each tab to see what it is.
  • Sometimes I'll also use them to make my Edge windows look obviously different from each other -- the one with Vertical tabs is all about subject X, the others with standard tabs about whatever else I was doing. The window with Vertical Tabs is easy to spot a glance either in the window or the Taskbar thumbnails.
  • "They don't save any vertical space to make the change in muscle memory worth it."
    It's a power-user feature. Get a 38-inch ultrawide with Fancy Zones for 3 opened windows side-by-side. Vertical tabs are great for those of us who run 10, 20, and 30+ opened tabs (I have somedays up to 100+) to see the titles of the tabs, which makes finding them much easier. Because with vertical tabs, I can see the titles of each site of 30 tabs on my monitor (made better by this resizing option). Try doing that with horizontal ones, you can't. You'd see maybe 3-4 characters. Have fun trying to find that one tab that you now need. I use it all the time and it's nice to have the option. Muscle memory is just an excuse no different than why people don't switch to Edge in the first place: they don't want to take the time to relearn something new. 🤷‍♂️ No rationalization can make up for that, it's just effort (and the lack thereof) But sure, if you run like 3 browser tabs at once (slow down!) then there is no real benefit. This isn't for you.
  • The only thing I want in Edge is transparency and they don't even give us the option. Not even a great processor and a great graphics can handle it? Sheezus..
  • If a great processor cant handle it, then why do you want it?
  • A welcome enhancement. I'd like to provide an alternative POV as one who has come to love vertical tabs. I too struggled with muscle memory and awkwardness after so many years using horizontal tabs. The first day or two, I was leaning towards going back. By the third day, I was hooked and quickly became acclimated to VTs from there. Being able to quickly view many titles on hover and having a neat column of favicons when not in use is a game changer. This enhancement will allow me to make tabs a little wider and see titles that were getting truncated. I believe the frequent criticism of VTs not saving any vertical space is based in-part on how much screen real-estate one is working with. I'm using a 28" 4K monitor, so vertical and horizontal space is abundant and not a significant factor in my decision to use VTs. I like having the title of my active tab visible in the title bar. I also feel removing Edge's title bar would break the Windows app design paradigm and wonder if that's a good idea. Still I hope those who need/want an option to hide the title bar can get it at some point.
  • I doubt I would use this at work as I run two browsers side by side there and I think vertical tabs would affect the window real estate too much, but I might play around with it at home and see how I like it. I always forget the keyboard shortcut for flicking between tabs though, and I wish I could remember it better because then it wouldn't be an issue either way.
  • This is a welcome update. I personally can't go back to the standard horizontal tabs. VT all the way now, especially since I am on a triple 32'' monitor setup. Screen space is not a concern, but being able to conveniently read multiple tab titles at a glance has been such a pleasant experience, with the active tab title fully displayed across the title bar. It's just so enjoyable.