Microsoft Edge could soon feature a Meet Now button for Skype

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing a Meet Now button for Skype within its Edge browser.
  • The feature allows people to create a call that others can easily join with a link.
  • To use the Meet Now button, you have to activate it on the latest version of Edge Canary.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary has a Meet Now button for Skype in testing. The option is in a controlled rollout and requires activation, but once enabled, it allows you to easily create and share a Skype call. Leo Varela spotted the new functionality and shared screenshots of it in action on Reddit.

The Meet Now feature lets you name and create a meeting that you can share with a link. People do not need to download Skype or create an account to join your meeting.

Similar Meet Now functionality is available through Windows 10 for Skype and Windows 11 for Microsoft Teams.

Since the Meet Now button is part of a controlled rollout, you may not see the option to use it, even if you're on Edge Canary. If you are part of the rollout, you can activate the feature through the Appearance page within the Settings section of Edge. After enabling the option, you'll see the choice to use the Meet Now feature within the context menu on Edge.

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  • Skype?! They should change that to Teams!
  • Edge Team, really, what the heck? Let Skype go into the sunset already, and move people over to Teams. Or rebrand the personal Teams as Skype. But this is laughable.
  • Or make Skype a badge engineered version of Teams personal.
    Reckon this is the best approach.
  • Yeah, that might work as well. Since Skype as a brand seems still stronger than Teams as a consumer/personal chat service. I think the always tricky is that the remaining Skype user base that probably don't want a drastic change that Teams-based Skype might bring. But IMO Teams-like chat app is already overwhelming just for personal use, UI is just too bloated and too "work-like" even for Teams Personal app in Windows 11. The only that Teams Personal more simplified is due to Chat flyout in Windows 11, which is I think works better for Skype. I guess Microsoft can't really bring back the old glory of Skype. That is long lost. They just have to focus making Skype an easy to use chat and video calling app with some fun features. Or maybe become a great chat companion integration to other Microsoft apps/services like Calendar, OneNote, To-Do, Watch Together for Movies & TV's, Whiteboard, Office Personal like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Basically a collaboration tool but more centric for personal and home use, consumer not for work. Maybe they can leverage that unique feature and don't treat Skype as a direct competitor to likes of Facebook Messenger, What's App, I Message, etc. But a companion.
  • I mean Skype is still in the top 3 for a communication app so it would be a mistake for Microsoft to shut down Skype. I think they are looking to increase the market share of Skype without heavily investing and marketing like they do to Teams. They are trying to get market share with easy of life add-ons to Skype, I guess. I mean this actually increased my interest in Skype which lets me easily start a video chat.
  • They keep adding new features, side bar, privacy tabs that get turned back on after an update, next it'll be Edge OS at this rate. It's enough to cringe - and after 3 years using, to move to another browser. One that isn't the whole kitchen sink. I don't like where they are going.
  • I would be interested in an EdgeOS or Windows 10X, which relied heavily on Edge. But I would prefer the browser not be so cluttered on normal PCs. I suppose it's not a massive deal since you can disable the features.
  • Most of them like this also just a web link which kind of previews web page so even you don't disable them they shouldn't really affect your experience.
  • I have to echo some other posts. Why Skype? Second new Skype(ish) feature this week. First was the 911 support. Right now I think Skype has more features, more brand recognition, and the name makes more sense than TEAMS, but TEAMS seems to be where MS is going for consumer/personal chat/audio/video collaboration. They seem to have as much direction in messaging apps as Google.
  • Why? Windows 11 comes standaard with a chat app powered by teams... Skype doesn't even come as a pinned shortcut to install. In the meantime, I have to remove the pinned shortcuts for whatsapp and other facebook owned garbage, and Edge will get a meet now button for skype... this is going nowhere..
  • Weird didn't get WhatsApp. Facebook and Instagram though. I really have no problem with this. They're not installed and are just shortcuts, but they're popular so it's a good thing actually. It makes people think of Windows as a modern OS, when they'd be unlikely to think to check the Store. The apps are also just Edge PWAs so take no space and work solidly. Skype is still very popular, just like Hangouts which also won't die. At least Microsoft are still developing Skype.
  • The stuff you get is probably region dependent. They are indeed shortcuts, however, right clicking them gives an Uninstall option, and uninstalling an app or removing a shortcut is the same amount of 'work'. It's designed to look pre-installed, and the majority doesn't even know or notice it's a shortcut. The whatsapp one is not just pwa. After clicking it, it installs the uwp app. Facebook and Instagram are pwa, but again, it doesn't matter as the experience is the same: you have to get rid of it. In the meantime, skype is not there. And that was actually what my comment was about. It's not strange to see these other apps/services pushed. But it IS strange that they still develop a skype-based meet now button in Edge while the whole windows 11 experience is moving away from skype and embracing Teams...
  • Weird. It's still very popular though. Skype, the Hangout of Microsoft :D.