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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing a Meet Now button for Skype within its Edge browser.
  • The feature allows people to create a call that others can easily join with a link.
  • To use the Meet Now button, you have to activate it on the latest version of Edge Canary.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary has a Meet Now button for Skype in testing. The option is in a controlled rollout and requires activation, but once enabled, it allows you to easily create and share a Skype call. Leo Varela spotted the new functionality and shared screenshots of it in action on Reddit.

The Meet Now feature lets you name and create a meeting that you can share with a link. People do not need to download Skype or create an account to join your meeting.

Similar Meet Now functionality is available through Windows 10 for Skype and Windows 11 for Microsoft Teams.

Since the Meet Now button is part of a controlled rollout, you may not see the option to use it, even if you're on Edge Canary. If you are part of the rollout, you can activate the feature through the Appearance page within the Settings section of Edge. After enabling the option, you'll see the choice to use the Meet Now feature within the context menu on Edge.

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