Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary gain new options for sharing websites

Microsoft Edge Update Dev New2
Microsoft Edge Update Dev New2 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary have a new share menu.
  • The new menu makes it easier to share websites through services, including Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.
  • You can also use the new menu to email links to yourself.

Microsoft is testing a new share menu in Edge Dev and Canary. The new menu includes options to share websites through popular services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Outlook. It also has an option to email a website to yourself quickly. Microsoft outlines the new feature in a Tech Community post.

Right now, the feature supports Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, but Microsoft says that list should grow. When you select a service, the browser opens the site in a new tab, allowing you to quickly share content with other people or yourself.

If a service you use is not supported with the new share menu, you can select "More sharing options" to see the native share menu for Windows or macOS. In addition to showing other apps that you can share items through, the native share menu for Windows also shows nearby devices to share websites with.

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

The new share menu also has an option to email items to yourself. You can add your own email address to the menu for quick sharing.

The feature is rolling out gradually. Microsoft will add a flag for the share menu in Edge Canary over the next few days.

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