Microsoft Edge leaves beta on Android

Microsoft Edge on Android
Microsoft Edge on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Not long ago, Microsoft launched its Edge browser in preview on Android. Since its debut, the app has been marked as "Unreleased" on Google Play, labeling it as a potentially unstable app while in testing. Now, as first spotted by Android Police, the app listing has dropped that tag, indicating an exit from beta.

Curiously, the app is still listed as "Microsoft Edge Preview," which could either mean the listing simply hasn't been completely updated yet, or Microsoft still has some kinks to work out. Either way, the standard warning about app instability is no longer present on the Microsoft Edge Google Play page. The text under "what's new" simply states "Thanks for trying out Microsoft Edge and for all the feedback." If you were already a beta tester, it appears you'll still be enrolled to receive beta updates that roll out for testing.

This update comes just a day after Edge was updated on Android with a dark theme and support for password syncing, marking the arrival of two pretty major features.

Microsoft has launched Edge on Android and iOS as a move meant to provide Edge desktop users with a way to easily sync their passwords between machines and easily pick up where they left off with a "Continue on PC" feature. Rather than using the EdgeHTML rendering engine, however, both apps rely on engines common to each platform. For Android, that means Edge uses the same Blink rendering engine as Google Chrome, while Edge on iOS uses the required WebKit engine.

In any case, you can pick up the latest version of Microsoft Edge for Android on Google Play now. There's no word on when the iOS version, which is in much more limited testing through Apple's TestFlight program, will see a full release.

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