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Microsoft Edge Preview for Android now available on Google Play

Microsoft Edge on Android
Microsoft Edge on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft recently surprised the mobile world with the announcement that it was bringing its Edge browser to Android and iOS. Initially, the browser was only available as part of a preview limited preview on iOS through Apple's Test Flight beta program, with Android said to be coming soon. Now, as first spotted by, the Microsoft Edge for Android preview has appeared on Google Play and is open for anyone to download and test.

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's goal with Edge on Android is to provide a consistent experience between your PC and your phone, with the ability to easily share documents and pick up where you left off — something that has been sorely missing if you're a loyal Edge user on desktop. As part of that experience, Microsoft is making the "Continue on PC" feature a highlight, allowing you to easily pick up where you left off with the upcoming Fall Creators Update.

Here's a look at the highlight features of Edge on Android:

  • Continue on PC: Go anywhere and pick up where you left off by seamlessly moving content between your mobile device and PC (requires Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update).
  • Data Sync: Your favorites and reading list are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, your browser is always personalized to you.
  • Hub View: With your favorites, reading list, history, and books all in one place, finding and managing your content is made simple.
  • Reading View: Reorganize the content on a webpage to make it easier to focus on what you're reading.
  • QR Code Reader: Easily read QR codes at the touch of a button. Microsoft Edge will pull up the reading and information right onto your screen.
  • Voice Search: You can now use your voice to search the web. Ask a question or speak a prompt to use the web in more natural, familiar ways.
  • InPrivate: When you browse with InPrivate mode, your browsing data (like your history, temporary internet files, and cookies) isn't saved on your PC once you're done.

Keep in mind that the Edge preview is currently limited to U.S. users (although it is worth a shot; we were able to download it from the UK too). If you're ready to give Edge a shot, you can grab it on Google Play now.

Just keep in mind that Edge on Android is still in development, and you're likely to encounter bugs here and there.

See at Google Play (opens in new tab)

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  • Am in Belize and was able to download it from the play store
  • Here in Poland (Europe) too. Was affraid that it won't be even availble like many MS services here still.
  • I have downloaded in India also.
  • I was going to try - but then realised - if I 've moved to Android (but it could have been iOS) - why bother with Edge? I stuck with Edge because everything sync'd between my desktop and Windows 10 phone. Now - Chrome appears to to be the way forward (or Safari if you are an Apple only user). In essence - my mobile selection is driving my desktop selection.
  • Well, it's personal preference. You didn't really give a reason as to why to use Chrome, just stated it does the same thing. Some of us prefer to not feed Google data, or we prefer the feature set of Edge. Point is, Microsoft is removing a barrier to entry for potential Edge users by putting it on iOS/Android; so now you can't say "well, Edge won't sync to my phone" as an excuse not to use it. Finally, the "Continue on PC" experience is a nice feature to have.
  • Agreed Daniel.  The only issue I wish could be resolved is removal of safari on the dock on my iphone.  I would replace it with edge as soon as it's available in Canada.
  • Why is he giving away Microsoft to the competition instead competing with them which mean having balls to show apple and google your the boss and you run ****
  • I understand what you are saying. As a switcher (Windows Phone to Android) - I am having problems getting my Microsoft accounts on Android properly and fully. For example, if I install Outlook on Android, sync my office 365 (work) and outlook (personal) accounts, I discover that not all the fields have come across (e.g. anniversary). Outlook also has the feature to sync with the local address book/calendar on Android so I can send texts to people. Again, at this stage, a lot of the account fields go missing e.g. Birthday. I don't want to be fighting getting all my data from both platforms in sync. What seems to work is creating a gmail account, populating the gmail account with my contacts from outlook and icloud (I use the contacts app on Mac to do this - a simple drag and drop once you add the Outlook and Gmail accounts) and all items including photos sync to my google account. I can then sync my google account back to my Windows 10 desktop by adding my Google account to Windows Mail, bypassing all the Windows services and all fields are present. Do I want to hang around and wait for Microsoft to pull it's trousers up (again) or base my decision on history and just bail now to google. I understand that giving my life to google is not preferable but frankly - with the way Microsoft is heading in the consumer space, I've had enough now. Gsuite next.
  • Having an Android only feeds Google data anyway, hence why I'm not switching.
  • I use a PC at home (Yoga 910) and Macbook Pro (2015) at work. I have a Galaxy S8 for personal and an iPhone 7 for work. If you are ONLY using Apple products, Safari is a good choice, mainly due to it being the permanent default browser on an iPhone. If you have any cross ecosystem browser use, Chrome is definitely the choice. Safari has some weird browsing quirks that pop up every once in awhile, and as a web dev, it's a pain in the ass. Edge is a little better but runs into some of the same problems. Hopefully they make it a Store app so it can be updated faster. Chrome is the only true cross ecosystem browser (even though it's a little frustrating at times not being the default browser on an iPhone.) I've been using the Samsung Internet Browser instead of Chrome (plus a desktop extension) and it's a great mobile browser with extensions. Having said all of that, MS really messed up Edge adoption in a few ways. The first being the browser just wasn't ready when it was released so many people stayed away immediately and never will come back. The second was having it so closely integrated with OS updates. It's slow to improve, it's slow to respond to the ever changing web, and it's frustrating to use every once in awhile when it doesn't display content correctly. However, their mobile philosophy with Edge, although late, is great. They built the iOS browser based on Safari's version of webkit (no choice on the platform), and Google's Blink (I think) for Android. They chose the standard for each platform and added Edge specific features. Testing and using edge on both an iPhone and Android phone has been a pleasant surprise. They've done well for beta versions. If they can rapidly increase the improvement rate of Edge by decoupling it from the OS for updates, there is a real cross ecosystem possibility. There are enough extensions on the desktop for 80%+ of the general PC users, and enough advantages for the average user to use Edge over Chrome (or Firefox) IF Microsoft can make a big jump in the next year with Edge improvements. Weirdly they nailed cross-platform mobile and are still struggling years into a desktop browser.
  •  "the browser just wasn't ready when it was released so many people stayed away immediately and never will come back."   I don't think so... They had a valid reason to do so. To avoid making an Internet explorer, where no matter how advanced it would be, the people won't use things that don't make sense. There is no point in making another Chrome or Firefox copy.    We need a fast and safe browser. The one that could be fun and prolific too. Doing so needs a lot of usage data not only from testers, but from average users too. MS bundled it with a free OS for a reason. Hence it was left incomplete. If it were a failure, IE would be back.     Trust me I've been user of Chrome & Ffx from their first beta release and I found edge browser to be better than the current versions of Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately majority of Edge users are on PC, not mobile. Hence this decision makes sense, given that other mobile platforms have advanced much faster and have created a vast user base with a humongous app store. This will in turn help MS learn how not to make just another Mobile OS that nobody wants. 
  • As well as everyone else's. Nutella was to dumb to realize or mobile decisions weighed heavily into our desktop decisions. And that consumer/employees decisions dictated corporate decisions with devices and services. He is staying to figure that out now, but to late. Tinge for him to exit left.
  • Calling someone who leads a company the size of Microsoft "dumb" only speaks to your ignorance. You may not agree with all strategic decisions but you also have zero visibility into the inner workings of that company at his level. Last time I checked their books are looking quite good, so at least the major shareholders are happy.
  • Short term cash grab. Who ever takes over when Nadella makes his inevitable run for it will have a mess on their hands.
  • How many tunes have you heard me say those exact same words on thus sure for three past two years, only to be baked an idiot. Well, it's all becoming pretty damn cleat now isn't it. And I'll put it out over and over now.
  • Wallpaper please lol sorry i just love it 
  • Available in India as well.
  • I got it too in India.
  • That phone in the article looks like a Honor 9
  • OnePlus 5
  • Does this have bing as the search engine and/or contribute to my reward points?
    It's the only reason I have kept the Bing app so far and Chrome as my alternative browser (which this will hopefully replace both)
  • I was thinking about the same thing. The bing browser is ugly. A bing app that is wrapper on Edge would be much better.
  • Yeh, by making the bing app a wrapper, or even just having a link to the bing section in edge would solve the combination here.
  • Bing is set as default search engine, but it can be changed to one of 5 options (Google, Yahoo, etc)
  • I assumed as much, does this contribute to my bing rewards then?
    I'm guessing it's just a case of signing into bing once and it's all done?
  • Yes, it contributes to your mobile search credits when you search from the Edge address bar. 
  • Default search engine is selectable in the settings
  • In the UK and have started using it. For a preview it looks good. Regards Infinidim  
  • Yes!!!!! Reading mode and synced Destop favorites . I love it . 
  • One more big **** from Microsoft
  • I wish there was a Home Button
  • In Canada as well.
  • Nope. Not until Nutella is gone. I'm not getting suckered into trying a product, moving bookmarks etc to it, and then having him dump it because he put ZERO effort into it and wanted immediate results. Nope, nope, and nope. The Samsung Browser works just as find and I doubt they will bail on it. NOPE.
  • Kinda feel the same. Scary getting invested in anything Microsoft that I'm not already (I. E. Xbox)
  • Do you really need to spam every single article with your whiny and ignorant complaints? It's not a hassle to switch browsers and Microsoft is not dumping Edge. EdgeHTML is a part of Windows 10.
  • We said that about IE...
  • Yep. Especially after I was told over and over my belief was ridiculous. Now that out is being sudden l shown to be dead accurate, I'm smirking.
  • It's fine to have your own opinions, it's when you spam it over and over for no reason that it's annoying.
  • I was able to download it in the Netherlands.
  • Considering just preview, I don't understand why I have to use because this is the chrome named as edge. Waiting for upcoming updates, if there is still no improvement soon, I will uninstall.
  • I mean, the reason is in the feature set listed. It's about syncing your (eventually) your passwords, reading list, history, tabs, and books from your desktop to your phone; it's also about opening a web page on your phone and then pushing it to your PC instantly. If you don't use Edge already on PC then it's just a browser. You don't "have to use it", but some of us like the Edge to Edge integration.
  • I'm still waiting for Project Spartan to appear!
  • Already here....oh....wait....that's missionpsparta!  
  • I think MS will stop developing Edge for Windows PC and re-make it with Chrome engine.
  • This based on literally zero information, evidence, or even reasoning. They built Edge to be optimal with the OS; there's no reason to use Chromium when it's already available to anyone who wants to use it.
  • Edge lacks many functionalities, Microsoft must work hard to catch up with other browsers. But, for what? End users and developers are satisfied with Chrome. I saw Microsoft dropped their own solution VSS and chose Git which is originally for Linux development because Microsoft considered Git is better than VSS. Chromium is an open source softwear like Git, Google doesn't have right to refuse.
  • No, VSS is ancient.  They replaced it with TFS, and subsequently VSTS.  Git is just another option if you prefer.  VSTS is Microsoft's current source control system, which is not dropped at all.
  • Git is not just another option, it's the first option for Microsoft. All Microsoft development workers moved to Git this year. Microsoft understands there's a better solution than its own technology.
  • Not a bad idea. Both Safari and Chrome are based on Chromium / Webkit. Edge is only available on Windows 10. No mobile  presence (only a wrapper around Chrome on Android with some basic syncing).  They built Edge to be optimal with the OS - I agree. When they ditched mobile, this meant it's only optimal for Windows 10 desktop. Microsoft are going to find it difficult to port their software to Android because there are just too many variants. They are going to have to compromise to the lowest common denominator and will have all sorts of issues when moving things like passwords across. Where do they go? Some Android have secure areas, some dont. Do Microsoft choose a specific minimum OS level of Android - or a specific vendor?
  • I just downloaded it for my Galaxy S8 and, as someone who loves Edge on the desktop and am using the Fall Creators Update on my desktop, Edge on Android works great.  The Continue on PC feature works flawlessly and the app is really clean.  Makes me miss my Lumia 950 a *little* less.
  • Ditto...running it now on my Galaxy S8 and it is fast, syncing everything, no bugs yet. I especially like the implementation of the new Fluent see the acrylic treatment in the Favorites UI, for example.
  • Keyboard has went AWOL for me a few times. Hopefully it will get some updates soon to make it a bit smoother
  • Downloading now on my Galaxy Note 4
  • Sweet, but I'm missing password sync.
  • Also downloadable from Denmark.
  • I just switched to an s8 active from a 950. I hate IOS and Android but with stupid MS throwing in the towel I had no other options. IOS and Android UI's bore me and are old and outdated. Hopefully MS will be able to bring the W10 Mobile experience to Android.  So far I like the Edge browser even though it's just a skin on the core browser. Now they need to bring the live tiles over as widgets!
  • Launcher 10 - look it up on store. I doubt there will be anything better than this.
  • Just tried it. Buggy and slow as hell. Will need a lot of work for improvement
  • I'm in Japan, and I got a mail to download it.
  • Mexico as well  
  • I think its good that Microsof is still trying stuff.  When Edge first came out, it seemed to also make IE unstable so I switched to Chrome.  It got me out of my IE funk.  I really like the incogneto mode and how pages render correctly more often than not in Chrome.  Is Edge ready for prime time?
  • The preview is not limited to any region, I guess. I was able to download the preview in India. And going by the other comments, it's apparent that it's available in many other regions too.
  • iOS = basically skinned Safari Andorid = basically skinned Crome
  • So many Android news, you should change you name to AndroidCentral
  • Wow, that's really astute. No one has made any kind of comment like that previously, well done.
  • We're thinking of changing it to "commenters who leave really lame replies, starring Dante X". That does have a nice ring to it.
  • Nice, now you are attacking your followers/readers. 
  • Nothing new there though.
  • Well... Edge is MS product. Like it or not a lot of Windows users are using Android or ios phones. So this new isn't android related new, but MS. I was waiting for its release a few month. So it wasn't really an attack, but expected reaction to your comment which was completely wrong... Mobile windows are dead, the only news we will get for that are disaapearing apps and potential bug fixes. MS have us the sign that Android is their mobile platform now...
  • Not to say retalitory comments are always justified, but your comment doens't make sense and sounds troll-ish. This is Microsoft news, which Microsoft services exist on other platforms, thus they write artices about things like this. Not sure what is hard to understand.
  • I'm curious if Edge on other platforms take updates in the future like in Windows 10 or in more often base
  • Different systems, so no. Not same engine as Edge on PC.
  • Thanks. let's hope to see more often updates on PC at least in the near future
  • Is the google assistant doesn't already recognise QR code? don't really need it in edge... unless it is make to redeem code on MS services...
  • Still chrome will be faster to load pages... I have tried using firefox on android as I use it on PC but it is just slow on android... Can't think of a reason why edge will be different... Hope I'm wrong, I too don't like feeding data to google as dan pointed it
  • Edit: looks good after trying\m/
  • I am looking forward to trying this out. I switched to a Samsung S7 from my Lumia 925 over a year ago. The only thing that makes Android tolerable is filling it full of MS apps.
  • It is available in India too .l Loved the browsing experience. I know it is still in beta . But Microsoft should include cortana in it like pc version and also it should grab the same inking features to write on web pages. And the file size should also be reduced it 56 mb is more for it
  • It is available in India too .l Loved the browsing experience. I know it is still in beta . But Microsoft should include cortana in it like pc version and also it should grab the same inking features to write on web pages. And the file size should also be reduced it 56 mb is more for it.
  • Nice. I use Edge on my laptop and desktop, so it'll be nice to have everything sync with my HTC 10. I like the data compression offered by Opera Mini, but I'm testing a VPN (Millenoki datasquasher) that should do the same thing.
  • Thanks for the heads up.  I just got it :-)
  • Edge on PC is also still I  development.  That might explain why it's the only browser I have ever used that doesn't open new tabs to my default choice of home page.  And why when I drag a new tab to the top of the screen it doesn't go full screen like the others.  Also sticking a edge button next to Internet Explorer new tabs but on so people accidently click it is not a good thing to do.  Stop this bs Microsoft.  It's been 4 years of this bs. 
  • My only complaint so far is that I want the address bar relocated to the bottom or allow us to switch its location.
  • Using it and loving it. Nice clean UI and synchronization with my PC 👍
  • Meh, have it on both iOS and Android, none of the syncing really works on either platform yet, so I haven't used it much.  I will use it more when password sync arrives, etc...
  • I'm still gonna use my Lumia 950 for everything Microsoft cause that's how it should be. That CEO is running everything that Microsoft is into the ground sharing all of our ecosystem with the competitors even kissing apples ass like for real this isn't the Microsoft I know and love.
  • Doesn't seem to be USA only at all; I am in The Netherlands. Crashed while playing around and after crashes right after launch on my LG V20. But, looks like it is offering a great ux.
  • Boo, like Cortana, not compatible with the Nexus 7 tablet. I'm not surprised, it is pretty long in the tooth, but Google's ecosystem has yet to come up with something better.
  • Cortana, same for my LG tablet.
  • I'll check it out, but I'm happy with Chrome on Android.
    So far it's the best browser on the platform for rendering readable text for mobile.
    Hate that it's Google through..
  • Finally, I have been asking for this for a year!!! My S7 is now working correctly with Surface Pro!!!
  • After read this, straight away install on my phone and it surprisingly good to use, similar to Chrome...
    But the continue to pc feature need Fall Creator update on pc first.
  • Its alright so far. But I like to keep my smartphone and PC separated. If I need to send something between my PC and phone , I use Pushbullet.
  • Its alright so far. But I like to keep my smartphone and PC separated. If I need to send something between my PC and phone , I use Pushbullet.
  • One problem: The Windows Central app on Android won't "Open in Browser" to the default browser.  The only options are Chrome, Dolphin, Ghostery, Firefox, and Opera.  So there is no way to open an article in Edge from the app.  Seems like removing the setting, and simply opening articles in the default browser is the way to go.  Adding a "Continue on PC" option to the Windows Central app would be nice also.
  • Not supported on tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2)??? That's typical Microsoft stupidity..
  • I cannot find it, with LG tablet. Probally not supported, anyway.
  • Just switched to S8 from 950. I am through and through an MS user since DOS 3.0 days. One of the first people to get Win 3.0 in my city. Getting used to Android, missing WM10. Shocked at how so many people just put up with an inferior OS. MS really messed up. WM10 is so much better in so many ways. Anyways coming back Edge. Got it in Canada, works great,missing Home button and a clear indication of how to pin a site to Home page. But very clean, works well and syncing of "stuff" is simply excellent.
  • I agree, ever since I moved to android phones I noticed WM10 interface is far superior and clean. WM10 was just missing the extra bells and whistles that came from more support from Devs and it's parent MS.  Shame really....I miss it.
  • WM8.1 was superior, far more so than WM10 but in many ways 10 is also better than Android but for me Android always felt like Windows on the desktop, basically your experience is only limited by your creativity. With many Android phones having custom ROMs available, countless launchers and icon packs, you can really make it look like anything you want and WM felt restrictive in that regard, closer to iOS than Android. No mobile OS will ever hold a candle next to webOS, my all-time favorite mobile OS. Almost a decade later webOS' UI/interface feels just as modern and user-friendly as it did then with features Google and Apple are still adopting to this day.
  • For me WM wasnt good because of how it looks like, i never felt like changing themes/fonts etc on WM, because it never needed that.  with all its verstility Android lacks the Ease of Use, it so cluttred.  Although a Dead OS now, but nothing will beat WM when it comes to being Simple to use.  Im on HTC U Ultra, its not like i have a low end device but it still feels Crap.  i like the camera though :P
  • I'm so happy about this, I could cry. It's been a while I been excited downloading an app. Wow! Edge finally on my non-wm phone. I can finally ditch chrome......felt so dirty using it since I avoided it like the plague on pc. It may be buggy, but I'll take it and care for it till it's all better. 😁
  • I really want to use Edge on my Android phone, but every time I try to open the app it crashes. Every single time. Anyone else having this problem? 
  • Looks good as a starting point, but not ready to be my main browser on android. Why? - address bar on top wtf? I want option to move it down like on Windows mobile
    - no add block. This is crucial for mobile browser. Until then I am sticking with free adblocker browser But I am looking forward to improvements
  • Installed it 2 days ago and was please fly surprised. Not as fast as Chrome but that is to be expected. But plenty quick. Everything synced just fine even reading list. I do wish there was a dark theme. I am sure that will come in time.