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Microsoft Edge browser comes to iPhone today, Android soon

In a surprise announcement, Microsoft said its Edge web browser is now available for iPhones, with a release for Android "in the coming weeks."

The initial rollout for the browser will be limited to those in the U.S. but should expand to other markets over time. Currently, the browser is in preview only as Microsoft begins to build out features based on user feedback. The same goes for tablet support on both OSes, which should come later.

Edge for iOS, Android and 'Continue on PC'

Microsoft's main goal with the Edge browser for iPhone and Android users is to make sharing documents easier and help you pick up where you left off when using Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge for iOS

New Tab View is present in Edge for iOS.

Part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update feature set is the ability for consumers to pass a link to the "Continue on PC" share target. While that feature works, it is hard to find and not very intuitive.

How to use 'Continue on PC' for Android and iOS in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The Edge browser for iOS and Android, however, makes Continue on PC a prime feature with a prominent share icon near the bottom of the browser. Users can just tap to continue the experience on their Windows 10 PCs, or save it for later.

Other features in the Windows 10 version of Edge are also present, including:

  • Website favorites sync.
  • Reading list sync.
  • eBook and ePub support, including sync of purchased content from Windows Store. (Coming soon.)
  • Password sync. (Coming soon.)

Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group, told us that there are no immediate plans for browser extensions, but like many future feature updates, future direction will be partially determined by user feedback and requests.

Other abilities, like signing into your Microsoft Account, InPrivate tab (private browsing), AirDrop, and the ability to set your default search engine to Bing, Google, or Yahoo, are already enabled.

Settings, Tab View, and Reading List are all here in Edge for iOS.

Settings, Tab View, and Reading List are all here in Edge for iOS.

Some of the features like password sync, eBooks, and support for tablets, will come later as Microsoft builds out the current Edge for iOS and Android applications.

Although initially only for the U.S. market, Microsoft expects to push Edge to other countries and languages as it expands the preview to get more feedback.

We've been using Edge for iOS for the last few days, and the browser behaves as expected. Those enrolled in the Windows Insider Program who are running the latest Insider build (Version 1709) can read our guide on how to link your phone to your PC.

Edge for iOS and Android – Slightly more than skin deep

Microsoft told Windows Central that these are not native browsers in the traditional sense. Edge for iOS is based on the WebKit layout engine, while the Edge browser for Android is based on Chromium. That rendering technology contrasts with the EdgeHTML engine that the Windows 10 browser leverages, so build strings and feature sets won't be aligned.

Microsoft Edge for iOS

Apple simply does not allow third-party browsers based on non-WebKit engines in the Apple Store, and Android is built around Chromium, making it a more natural fit for that OS.

These Edge browsers are basically sophisticated skins with advanced feature sets that allow syncing with your Windows 10 PC for favorites, reading lists, reading view across your PC and phone, and more features that are familiar to Windows 10 consumers.

Due to Apple's restrictions, consumers won't be able to set Edge for iOS as the default browser. Such limitations, however, do not apply to Android.

On October 17 iPhone and Android users can continue browsing on Windows 10 via handoff.

On October 17 iPhone and Android users can continue browsing on Windows 10 via handoff.

Where to get Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android

Starting today, iPhone users can use Apple Test Flight to begin using Edge for iOS Preview. Those on Android can sign up to be one of the first to test the preview Edge for Android, which launches in the coming weeks.

To sign up for Edge on both iOS and Android just head to Microsoft's site here (opens in new tab) to get started.

In addition to announcing Edge for Android Microsoft is also rebranding its Arrow launcher. See what's new with Microsoft Launcher for Android, which is now available!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Bang!!! A good start :)
  • And this marks the end of any hopes for a Windows-based phone. I have no attachment (or opposition) to a Windows-based phone, but, it would be nice to have an alternative to Apple or Google on mobile devices. In theory, Android devices should allow for other operating systems to be installed, but, in practice that isn't a visable since the vast majority of Android devices are just as locked down as Apple devices, or, if they're not, they're so poorly supported and documented that it's only possible to install another version of Android if you visit sites with Android images littered with spyware or who knows what else..
  • ED, this has been one of the loud complaints here about Edge -- that it's no good because unlike Chrome and Firefox, it had no cross-device support. For many, that meant they couldn't use their bookmarks/favorites or sync their passwords. So this move is largely about making Edge more attractive on Windows PCs. I'm still a Windows Phone user and I am happy for this news for that reason. I primarily use Edge, but my complaints relate to printing limitations and poor Favorites Bar implementation. It sounds like the Fall Creators Update addresses at least the latter of those (haven't tried it yet myself to know for sure).
  • If only we could have Xmarks extension in edge, that would solve the issue. I also like to use different browsers so partially why I value Xmarks so much
  • @real0395, I check with them every few months on an extension for Edge, which Xmarks has been promising for over a year. They have bumped the delivery date several times. I just asked again, but don't have a response yet. I hope (but have no idea if it's even a factor) that with the Favorites changes in the FCU, maybe it's easier for them to complete whatever technical hurdles made it difficult for them in the past.
  • About a time. Finally I can abandon Chrome completely. I was using it only because of bookmark sync.
  • Not really. I've been using the fcu for about a month, and Edge still kind of sucks on it. Yeah, they fixed the favorites bar so that you can now rearrange favorites that are in folders, but it still sucks compared to Chrome or Firefox. Like watching Xfinity Stream, for example, there are all these micro-stutters on Edge whereas Chrome, it's perfectly smooth. I tried using Edge exclusively for a week before I said eff this and went back to Chrome.
  • We want Windows app for Android and iOS! Come on Microsoft you can do it!
  • What do you mean by Windows app?
  • An app that launches the full Windows OS. It's the only app they don't have in the other Stores. And before you say "it's good to have their services on all OSes", YES, it's good. What is not goot is having their apps updated and with more features on other OSes than on Windows.
  • They should name Microsoft launcher as Windows launcher. And make it to look more like windows.
  • Maybe Microsoft launcher is what Windows Core is going to resemble. It will be very surprising if Microsoft keeps with the Tile interface. It hasn't worked out well on anything.
  • I don't agree with your last statement. I think the Tile interface was one of the reason many were using Windows phone/mobile...
    At least I like it since in m opinion it has advantages over both iOS app icons and Android Widgets.
    I agree though that they still could be improved in serveral ways
  • The Tile interface singlehandedly destroyed Windows 8 and Windows phones never caught on. They would be crazy to launch a new product with that interface. Maybe the 6th time is the charm?
  • I see continuum being that on android/ios. Glad edge is coming to ios and Android though one thing I miss after my Android switch over.
  • lol!!!!
  • Edge is better on ios than windows.....
  • Yeah, I noticed that, too. When I tap the Reading View, my browser waits at least a couple of seconds, while here we see it open instantanously.
  • because thatus a mobile site , this is a desktop site.
  • wow what an interesting move for microsoft! this is a big sign that they are totally not focusing on bringing a new windows 10 phone in the near future!
  • I think this is just a sign that they're listening to user complaints about Edge on Windows on PC -- one of the biggest complaints is lack of cross-device support, forcing users who might otherwise use Edge to use Chrome for the bookmark syncing.
  • Now is the time to make an android rom for lumias
  • It would be time to make Windows ROMs for Android-Devices. Would love my Honor 9 without this crappy OS.
  • I'm saying exactly the opposite
  • So you hate your Honor 9 without a good OS like Win10?
  • Sorry. I just understood what you wrote first. Hahahah
  • You chose to buy a device running EMUI, that's not the fault of android. If you don't want a crappy OS experience, buy something with a cleaner UI.
  • Actually EMUI is one of the fastest UIs out there only the stock Android UI on pixels is faster than it, although I'd rather to have a UI of W10M on my Huawei p10, because android and ios UI will never be as good as W10M
  • The difference of other platform users and true microsoft consumers is that we crticize our own products & services whenever it lets us down even for a moment because we arent biased nor blind fans just fact pointers no bs direct to the point not gonna cover that **** up and no excuses only hopes for a better solution within the same product or its next iteration which is also another reason why faults must be pointed out so that it can be fixed, cause if you don't accept whats wrong in you, then you wont ever rectify yourself and the same goes to every product cause nothing is perfect and thats a fact. so from a person who is saying android isn't the fault, i'd ask you why is there so much fragmentation of android versions with different UI's can't people stick to one darn design ? .. ios sticks to one design so much that it feels stagnated regardless everyone who uses one iphone can use pretty much any ios version without conflict, facts over and i believe my point has been made.
  • "The difference of other platform users and true microsoft consumers is that we crticize our own products" Written like a Microsoft fan. Pray tell, who are true Microsoft consumers? Are there fake ones? Microsoft deserves criticism because it FAILS its consumers in ways that Microsoft's competitors DON'T. Apple provides an excellent, unified operating system experience with iOS that can't be beat. Android allows for OEMs to differentiate themselves and keeps them happy. Microsoft failed in mobile by providing too little, too late. On the desktop Microsoft is failing its customers as well. Edge was a horrible browser when first released. Only an actual fanboi or someone with low computer literacy skills would've used it in 2015. Even now Edge is a mediocre browser. Recently I was wondering why a web page wasn't working and was wondering why Chrome was so horrible. Lo and behold, I was so focussed on the content that I'd missed the fact that I'd been using Edge. And, I've noticed that Edge has been having problems of late where Chrome keeps on ticking. And, don't mention Windows 10 for Suckers, the UWP/Windows Store only OS. Edge is the one and only default browser allowed ON THE DESKTOP! And, in that one and only browser there is one and only one search engine and it must be Bing. What compelling reason is there to force Bing as the one and only allowable search engine for the entire OS? This means that you cannot control who receives your search information--it always must be Microsoft unless you actually remember to use something else. Not even the much maligned Apple does that with iOS! And, Google, the company that makes its money off advertising doesn't even do that with stock Android or with its own Google branded devices. Only Microsoft engages in this privacy destroying behavior!
  • I like this a lot... but still have that feeling of joy mixed with sadness.
  • Not bad, but why the f*ck is the address bar at the top? The thing I love the most about Edge on Windows 10 Mobile is the address bar and all the options at the bottom, for easy reach.
  • Just one of the many advantages Win10(m) has over Android. It looks like "Via browser" has this feature on Android, I will try this in a view days when i have some time to spare.
  • But you can put the adress bar at the bottom on chrome, so i think you will be able to do this on edge as well. 
  • I have an Elite x3. Easy reach means nothing when I gotta use two hands to use the phone anyway ;-) Never really understood why people got so excited about having it at the bottom when phone sizes went up and up.
  • Because I'm a 5 inch phone guy. And this helps a lot on my 650, because I can use Edge one handed without long tapping the Windows button all the time 😁
  • With Windows 10 Mobile you can press and hold the Windows button for about 2 seconds and it goes into "One Handed mode" which drops the screen down half way, allowing you to reach the top of the screen with still one hand.  It may not be perfect, but it fixes issues with not reaching the top when using one hand.
  • Customer: "The website isn't working as expected"  Support: "What browser are you using?"  Customer: "Edge"  Support: "You are on iOS, you are using Safari and you don't know it" Customer: "The website isn't working as expected"  Support: "What browser are you using?"  Customer: "Edge"  Support: "You are on Android, you are using Chrome and you don't know it" *sigh*  I got all excited/mixed emotions until I read the detail that it's just a skin for the native browsers on the platforms.
  • Yep.  People no read the details.  I'll just to stick or Samsung Browser or Chrome.
  • What did you expect ??? Apple doesn't allow non-native web engine on their devices.... This is a Google and Apple world..... MSFT is dead. They are the second coming of IBM and they don't know it.
  • google and apple are dead too, smartphones are dead.
  • Lol.
  • Nice. Keep spreading it on every platform like a virus.
  • Wow, just the other day I was reading an article on MSPowerUser about rumors of Edge coming to Android and iOS but the rumor was dismissed as unlikely anytime soon, now here we are.
  • Bringing extensions from the Windows Store to Android would be a nice next step.
  • Are there extensions on edge that don't exist already on those os?
  • I don't know about Apple and Safari, but you can't install extensions on chrome for android. It's one of the reasons it's crap in my opinion, I use Firefox.
  • Cool, bit doubt Google would allow
  • They block all the other Microsoft services from Android. They will block this one too.
  • I hope you're joking. Microsoft has over 100 apps avalible on Android and 95 on iOS. There is no "blocking this one too". 
  • Yeah, I thought the sarcasm would be obvious. Imagine what would happen if Google blocked Microsoft apps from the Play Store!
  • No more office 365, end of enterprise with android. boom android sales down by 50% , google chrome exists today cause windows allowed it to run, Microsoft provids apps to google/android even if they can just live without doing so since desktop/windows market is still massive and the reason if it has reduced by even 1% is because MS provided office and such suits to other platforms, if they ran the same monopoly scheme like google does now by not providing any proper/useful google app to the windows store, then they'd be fined billions and thats what happened to microsoft few decades ago when they monopolyzed the market just with the use of msOffice software. the difference between google and microsoft is that google is a ********* potshop for people with no respect for others except hatred, microsoft is a matured enterprise that provides all markets the best and at times even better than for its own.
  • Did you just claim that 50% of Android sales are to enterprise?! Why does Google have to provide apps to the Windows store? They are already available on all Windows versions and all desktop operating systems with no store required.
  • "google chrome exists today cause windows allowed it to run" WHAAAAAAAT? Chrome exists because Microsoft committed CRIMES and then once it had BENEFITTED from those crimes it decided to provide TERRIBLE customer service to all of its users. Once Microsoft had ILLEGALLY vanquished Netscape it promptly stopped improving Internet Explorer. This left a gaping hole in the web landscape. FireFox was beginning to re-fill that gap, but, there was an opportunity for Google to get in there and outfox Microsoft. All eyes were on Microsoft because of their previous illegal activities so they couldn't pull a Netscape redux on Chrome and illegally hamper its adoption. And, rather than compete they simply pushed the mediocre Internet Explorer without improving it. You've got your Microsoft fanboi blinders on. Microsoft committed crimes, and, in the lazy fat-cat times after it got away with those crimes (Netscape was destroyed afterall) it created the conditions for Google's Chrome to come along BY IGNORING ITS CUSTOMERS AND PROVIDING A SECURITY NIGHTMARE OF A BROWSER!
  • I'll just keep using the alternative browsers that have ad blockers until one of the main ones actually implements it on mobile. *shrugs*
  • WTH?! Why should you invest into a skin? You can't use your technology, so all the feedback from users will be useless. Maybe they thought that this the only way that Edge will gain some positive publicity, because it is clear that it will work better than the windows version.
  • It is not just a skin. They can control everything except for the rendering of the page. Google did it, Mozilla did it, Opera did it, you have the right on your own opinion but if you consider a bit you are probably wrong.
  • What exactly they control, except the interface? Beside the fact that it is integrated with Microsoft services (everything else doesn't matter for them), what is the purpose of it?
  • As said everything. They control almost as much as any browser that doesn't have its own rendering engine (and that includes Safari, Opera and previous versions of Chrome). There's not much of a difference between claiming that Opera on the PC is a skin comparing to claiming that Edge is a skin. What is the purpose is another question. They have likely came to statistics that (for them) significant portion of people is switching form Edge to Chrome because Chrome works on all devices as their main reason.
  • Safari doesn't have it's own engine? That's wrong, it's using WebKit (WebCore for layout) (developed by Apple). Chrome's engine, Blink, is based on WebKit. Opera use the same engine as Chrome. Firefox has its own engine, Gecko. And of course, Edge is using EdgeHTML. This is just a light view of layout engines on browsers - mostly for desktop (layout engine is not the only engine from a browser). On mobile and closed systems, there is a different story. On iOS, every browser is using the same engine as Safari. On Windows 10 (desktop /mobile), every browser from Windows Store, is using Edge's engine. On Android, as far as I know, you can use your own engine. So, Edge on iOS and Android (because they choose Chromium) will be just an interface with some features. The only purpose for this move is Microsoft services pushed on others ecosystems, and maybe some market share. In conclusion, for Windows users, those resources invested in other platforms are worthless. Edge's engines will not see any improvements from this move and the engines are the most important component from a browser.
  • WebKit is not Apple's but open-source project that existed before Apple and is basis from which Chromium did start too and that Google used before it decided to split Chromium. It is used by some Linux browsers too (and was used before Apple). If you are not aware, EVERY application in this world that is not a service is based on the interface and then has some code that runs when you do something in the interface. The difference between skin and application is that skin can only run very limited number of commands as a reaction to the interface events, while application can do everything. And Edge can do everything. And that's about it, if you can't understand I don't think I can offer any better explanation, is should be very clear.  
  • WebKit was developed by Apple using code from an older project and later was open sourced. The most important aspect about a browser is the performance and this is dictated by engines.
    This discussion is not about what an interface can do, is about the fact that windows users (especially Edge users) will not have any benefits from this move. All this work will not improve the actual Edge browser, so is just another case when Microsoft is ignoring it's own platform.
  • maybe they woke up and realized how much of their customer base they've neglected pushed away chasing some shiny new device and are trying to salvage the people who have yet to fully convert to using a different os as their primary since Windows is becoming less and less relevant for the consumer market. THIS is the next best thing they could do to save face
  • Yep. They woke. It's unfortunate but that's how it goes now.
  • This sounds very judgmental so I'll take whatever backlash i receive, but watching ms's execs like kipman and Myerson in comparison to Google's execs, they look so out of touch with the real world. I think ms needs young, new management. There is NO reason or excuse for these repeated mishaps.
  • LOL I was just about to comment how crappy Edge is and then I read the details on how it will really be a "skinned" chrome/safari browser. And yeah Edge sucks on Windows 10.  As a web developer I deal with it every day.  It hangs and crashes A LOT.
  • I would guess this is a PICNIC (Problem in Chair, not in Computer). Edge might be a bit more unforgiving regarding HTML-"interpretations", but in my opinion that's a good thing.
  • Something is wrong with your PC then. I use Edge full time on Windows, and it never crashes for me.
  • I'm a developer too and working on a web app, I must admit though that when I have a problem (often javascript), when I read the documentation on a library or function it is often edge that does it correctly, where the other browsers can be more forgiving..
    It doesn't help when the majority of the developer community has some kind of religious hate against all browsers from Microsoft :)
    I actually like edge, hate IE as a developer though, because that is really some funky code you have to write sometimes:)
  • I have to agree with the others who've replied.  Perhaps in the past(IE6) Microsoft had a bad implementation of a browser, but these days it seems to be working fine.  Whenever I run into a problem of "My script works in Firefox and Chrome, why not IE!?" it turns out I'm doing something wrong, and Firefox and Chrome are just being forgiving.
  • Meanwhile Edge on Windows 10 is an absolute useless garbage. Not even comparable to Firefox, Chrome and Opera in terms of features and functionalities, not to mention the extentions. It's a bare bone browser that serves Ok, but who uses a browser like that anymore. Even my parents want me to install more sophisticated functional browsers like Chrome and Opera on their laptops. Edge is in development for more than 3 years and it's absolutely the same as when it kicked off. Pathetic
  • It shows web-pages and has an adblocker and password-manager. All i require from a browser.
  • Do you require security from your browser?,3394...
  • 0.O I did not know just how poor at security Edge is. This has got me really thinking of switching my default browser on my PC. Thanks.
  • Right! I was very surprised when I read this the other day. I assumed it was very secure since it seemed so simple.
  • From that article linked: "There was only one attempt to hack Chrome, by Team Sniper (Tencent Security), but it couldn’t get the attack to work in the allotted time." If only one attempt was made and failed, it doesn't really mean "most secure" it just means it wasn't really a target.  Each browser has their vulerabilities.
  • They are there to make money. If they could hack Chrome, they certainly would. Likely the most money is made from a Chrome exploit and not only from that competition, but Google themselves pay when you find an exploit.
  • @bleached, that link is from the Anniversary Update version of Edge. I would agree that it doesn't reflect well that it was ever easier to hack than other browsers, but in that same article they point out that the prior version beat Safari. It will be interesting to see how Edge and Windows fare following the CU and FCU updates.
  • It is better than crappy. It also is faster with the fall update (insider here). It keeps getting better
  • I wouldn't be surprised if they 180'd. Apple customers are in the apple ecosystem and i can't see businesses using iTunes. Ms pushed it's consumer costumer base away. If i was apple, iTunes in the windows store would be an afterthought.
  • I guess we who are outside the US will play the waiting game again  , with a chance to never be available in our country like Cortana 
  • Next: Microsoft store on Android and iOS
  • Yes they should do that. And make the apps work on all platforms