Microsoft Edge Preview for Android adds sleek dark theme, password syncing

Microsoft is steadily making improvements to the preview version of its Edge browser on Android. But perhaps one of the biggest and most welcome changes thus far has arrived with the app's latest update: a dark theme.

Venturing into the "Appearance" section of Edge's settings will now surface a theme option, where you can choose between "Default," "Light," and the new "Dark" options. Selecting the "Dark" option will skin the settings menu, your home page, the address bar, and the navigation bar with a dark gray look that should be much more pleasing to your eyes when browsing in the dark. The whole thing looks pretty snazzy, though the contrast when looking at a site with a white background is somewhat jarring.

On top of the new dark theme, this update also adds password syncing, allowing you to keep your passwords in sync between Edge on all of your devices.

Here's a look at the official release notes:

  • Password syncing: Your passwords in Microsoft Edge are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, you can always get the passwords you saved.
  • Dark theme: Just like in Windows 10, personalize Microsoft Edge by switching to the beautiful new dark theme - perfect for low-light conditions such as working at night.

Edge is still very much in the testing phase on Android, so expect to run into the occasional bug if you're planning on trying it out. Still, the preview is open to everyone, and you can grab the app, along with the new dark theme, from Google Play (opens in new tab) now.

See at Google Play (opens in new tab)

Even in preview, Edge on Android already shows promise

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  • Already on iOS
  • Congrats on answering the question nobody asked.
  • It's was on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile since 2015. It was already available!
  • Yeah, but Safari sucks!
  • Agreed...Edge is MUCH better than safari!
  • It was on Android a few days after it appeared on iOS, and it has had several updates since then.
  • After I installed a system-level content blocker, Edge had already become my daily driver on Android. Some of my remaining criticisms were frankly cosmetic, so this will be a welcome update. Edit: Installed, and it looks even better than I hoped! (As a Windows Phone expat, I'm used to dark themed apps, and I already use the dark theme in Edge on Windows.)  Password syncing was expected, but is also highly welcomed.  Now, if only Microsoft could be so agile with Edge on Windows 10  :-P
  • "I installed a system-level content blocker" did you do it? please help, the ads are killing my data plan.
  • I use AdGuard, which  I found after using and liking their Edge browser extension on Windows. It seems polished and well supported. It must be sideloaded, but importantly, it does not require root access to the phone.
  • Adguard works, but it will ruin you battery life.
  • bro can you tell the full name of the app n does it block in-app adds? How about battery life? Thanks in advance 😊 
  • AdGaurd will stop some apps like facebook from loading so you'll have to add it to the whitelist in settings. Just note anytime an app stops working/loading its becuase of Adguard.
  • Sad fact is that Edge on Android is actually better than on Windows 10 Mobile. I'm using OnePlus 5 (Android 7.1)
    and MSFT Lumia 950XL (Windows 10 Mobile)
  • How so? Edge is great on my 950 XL.
  • Edge on mobile has the same few issues as the PC. Sites not being compatible, and not allowing flash content on older sites.
  • Probably because it's not actually the Edge engine being used on Android.
  • You can downvote all you want, but this a real issue for a few sites that I have tried. At least on the PC I can tell it to use IE. We don't have this option on W10M, so I am stuck not being able to do the function i am trying to do until I can get on a real computer. The website's support is usually no help as well because they simply tell you that they built their site for Chrome and to use that.
  • Dangit Microsoft, now if you could only be so nimble on your own platform I might go all Edge. They do a great job keeping me at least tinkering with Edge on the side and keeping this installed on my phone. Granted, I'm manic enough with my browsers bouncing between Firefox/Chrome/Edge on a fairly regular basis.
  • Dark mode and password sync has been on Windows 10 Edge for ages. What are you looking for them to do?
  • IOS with MS services is deadly.   everything is fast, smooth and accurate!
  • Cool glad that works for you personally
  • oh look fanpanzy downvotes for THE TRUTH...once again.
  • This isnt an apple site you moron, nor is this a post about iOS. Take your crap somewhere appropriate.
  • NO...this is a site about MICROSOFT ASSHAT.   I use microsoft services,  and windows.   how about take your fanboy whiny bitchass elsewhere...crybaby.
  • Not bad, but the browser from Samsung is miles ahead for now.
  • You're not wrong. On Samsung hardware, in particular, the optimization is stellar. And of course, extensions.
  • Yeah. That's the big thing I want from Edge: Extensions. Give me ad blocking and I'll predominantly use Edge on Android.
  • I've been using the newest Firefox mobile on my S8+. I opened the Samsung browser one day and then never again. That's why we have choices though. Everyone likes something different.
  • Firefox isn't bad, but as you said we have a lot of options. Samsung delivers the best for me so far. Though I would love to see sync to edge on desktop and I need address bar at the bottom as it was on edge on Windows 10 mobile... :-) In overall Samsung has more features at the moment than any other browser imho
  • I'm really not a fan of dark themes. As a matter of the default colours for the Windows Central app for Windows 10 is annoyingly dark🤕. (I did change it😊). However what really is preventing me from using Edge on android is that when opening the app the input line comes up before the page itself and if you have started to type something the cursor resets to the beginning of the line once the page fully loads even if you haven't finished typing. The only way around is to wait for the page to load before typing. This does not happen with chrome or the native Samsung browser.
  • This is almost looking useable from my W10M point of view.
  • I think it's about time to change your name to "Avatar of Cringe" cause Android with all Microsoft stuff is actually getting better than their own OS that is Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I'm already halfway there. =P
  • Needs extension support, like Firefox. With the LastPass extension, my passwords are synced everywhere, not just in Edge.
  • Is there a LastPass extension for desktop Edge? If so, maybe the passwords will sync from the desktop version. Probably not but might be worth a try.
  • Yes, there is a LastPass extension for desktop Edge. No way for Edge itself to sync those passwords, though. They'd have to be saved in Edge itself.
  • Wow. That's amazing. Is there nothing they can't do?
  • Replace the control panel with Settings in a timely manner but that's none of my business🐸🍵
  • Lol "timely manner"
  • The control panel offers alot more compared to the settings app. As it stands it's the 'advanced' mode of the settings app. The only annoyance for me is that they removed control panel from the winkey+X shortcut menu. I'd understand the move on 10 Home but not on 10 Pro... damn it some of us actually use control panel frequently. It's become muscle memory for me and now I've got to unlearn it lol
  • They can't support their own Mobile OS, update it with the same non bugged features rolled out to every other OS. They also can't keep their promises when it comes to supporting a certain line of hardware so fanatics and adopters aren't left with no choice but to move to a (as some would say) inferior mobile OS. They also can't market very well to raise brand awareness. Other than that, this makes me almost sad I don't have and Android to test it out on.
  • password syncing. Sounds like a security breach/loophole. How does password syncing work?
  • It's not a breach. It's an intended feature.
  • You sign in to your Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet and then you sign into the same account on your phone in the Edge browser and I believe it should all just work. If not check the browser settings on both devices. It's no more a security breach than auto uploading photos and videos to online storage.
  • Still no tablet support
  • you can install the APK file for Edge on a tablet. sure it might look strange but at least it works.
  • It's in the plans.
  • Dark theme for the win! Now switching to Edge on my phone.
  • Every update, I wonder if Microsoft Account syncing of any sort will work, not just passwords, but once again a cryptic hex error code. Shrug.
  • Yessssss . More excited about the password syncing than the dark theme.
  • Dark theme? I'll give it a second chance!
  • Eh. Colours the app elements but not web pages :(
  • Well yeah, that's how it works on every other browser with a dark theme. What you're referring to is a full on night mode.
  • Under the leadership of Nadulla, MS will soon be a nothing burger. No innovation, no excitement. 
  • Hi there. Thanks for the valued contribution to the discussion, be sure to stop by again soon!
  • No innovation? That must be why their stock is at a record high and they're making a profit year over year. I also see a lot of Surface clones popping up.
  • Finally! Time to switch from Chrome :) Thumbs up Microsoft!
  • Favorites need work. I can delete individual links, but cannot delete any folders.
    So cleaning up your favorites don't work. Also, syncing your favorites with Edge on -any- platform just blows...
  • Looks like using blink engine is easier for Microsoft, then again since they are so hellbent in generating short term profits this comes as no surprise. I have yet to see edge updated through the store this quickly on their own platform.
  • I don't believe Edge is updated via the Windows store. I've never seen it listed in the updates, but I have seen updates on Patch Tuesday and in Cumulative Updates. Not every feature is broken out from the OS, but Edge definitely seems like something that should be.
  • That's why I prefer the Samsung Browser: In "night mode" also the web site itself gets dark (much more convenient for my eyes) and the favourites button is on the bottom of the browser.
  • Пускай сделают для Виндовс браузер, а не для Андройда.
  • Your hovercraft is full of what?
  • The crude Google translation is: Let them make for windose browser, not Android They do make Edge for Windows. It's the default browser, and it is updated regularly. There is nothing wrong with bringing the browser to another platform. It creates a more seamless experience for Windows users that use android and iOS devices.
  • Give us an optional Home Button to go with the optional Home Page. No way I'm making it my default browser until they do... IF they do