Microsoft Edge preview for iPhone updated with battery life improvements, more

If you're a member of the limited group of testers for Microsoft's Edge preview on iOS, Microsoft is rolling out a new update with some improvements to check out. The major new highlight in this release is a reduced impact on your battery life, but there are a couple of other goodies as well (via OnMSFT.

Coming in at version 2.6, the Edge for iOS update also adds in improvements for left and right swiping, along with support for action and activities extensions. Otherwise, the rest of the update looks to be squarely focused on bug fixes. Here's a look at what's new:

  • Battery usage optimization: Some of you told us that your phone heats up or otherwise consumers more battery when you use Edge. We looked under the hood and found a few optimizations. Let us know if you continue to experience high battery consumption.
  • Improved left/right swiping to go back and forth between pages.
  • Added support for actions and activities extensions, such as sharing sites, saving sites to notes, adding sites to Pocket, etc.
  • Fixes a bunch of other bugs!

Microsoft Edge for iOS launched into preview in early October, just ahead of the preview launch for its Android counterpart. Due to the nature of Apple's beta testing restrictions, space for testing Edge on iPhone is limited and filled up shortly after launch.

Edge's expansion to both Android and iOS is part of an initiative to give Edge users an easier way to share links and documents between desktop and mobile. That's largely seen with the prominent share icon at the bottom of the mobile browser, allowing you to "Continue on PC" by passing what you're looking at to Edge on desktop.

If you want to try your hand at testing the Microsoft Edge mobile preview, you can sign up for a shot at getting into the iOS beta at Microsoft (opens in new tab). If you find yourself on Android, you can download and test the Edge preview on Google Play (opens in new tab) as well.

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  • I have signed up a couple of times and have yet to receive the Test Flight email. Anyone here get the email? What address did it come from?
  • Not everyone who signed up can get it. Apple has a limit on the number of people who can be part of a beta project, and that limit was hit within a few minutes. So you may have signed up, but if you signed up after that limit was reached then you were not able to get. Which brings up the funny part of this - for as many people who claim that no body uses Edge, how horrible Edge is, a lot of people wanted in.
  • There can be up to 10,000 testers. The limit was not reached in minutes. I signed up several days later than the announcement and was invited. It took almost 24 hours to get the response email like they said it would.
  • Initially the beta was very limited, it was restricted to a very few people that met certian criteria. Soon afterwards they opened it up to anyone, all you needed to do was to sign up. The initial signup did not fill up fast, but when they opened it up to everyone it did.
  • What was the address the email came from?
  • Came from I signed up sometime on 10/17 and received the email mid day on 10/18.
  • Appreciate it!
  • hopfully they release it publically and in canada soon!
  • Aside from this I love Edge on Android 👍became my default browser despite not having an ad blocker like Samsung Internet...
  • Mine is still version 2.5.0 haven't recived any update or new email. (iOS) Wish they would bring the address bar to bottom and add a dark theme.
  • Improvements for left and right swiping means preview of where you are going?
  • How do you get the update? Is it automatic?