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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge has a new web capture feature in testing in the Dev and Canary channels.
  • The feature allows you to capture a portion of a webpage and to scroll to select content that started off of your screen.
  • You can pin the web capture icon to the toolbar or access it with a keyboard shortcut.

Microsoft is testing a new web capture feature on Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary. The feature allows you to capture portions of a website and can scroll on a page to grab content that was originally off-screen. At the moment, the feature is quite limited, but Microsoft explains in a techcommunity post that more features are on the way, such as inking on captured content.

If you're on a Dev or Canary build of Microsoft Edge, you can activate web capture by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S or going through the browser's settings. Once active, you can hold down the selection tool and drag it to the bottom of a webpage. The tool will then automatically start to scroll down through the webpage, allowing you to grab things that were originally off of your screen.

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The web capture feature is a step toward replacing the old web notes feature that shipped with the legacy version of Microsoft Edge. The current implementation of web capture does not have all of the features of web notes, but it will gain more functionality in the future. Microsoft states that "In the near future, you can expect to see more functionalities added to web capture, like adding ink or highlights to your captures, capturing full webpages, and scrolling while marking them."

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