Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 to add support for Dolby Audio format

The Microsoft Edge web browser that's being included in Windows 10 will support a number of audio formats, including one from a company well known in that industry: Dolby. Today, Microsoft revealed that Edge will support the Dolby Audio format for websites that have HTML5, MSE and EME support.

Microsoft says:

"Dolby Audio supports the multi-channel Dolby Digital Plus audio format that provides crisp, clear audio in a broad range of channel configurations. Microsoft Edge is the first browser to include support for Dolby Digital Plus. Websites will now be able to selectively support Dolby Audio as a premium sound experience, and use HTML5, MSE and EME capability checks to fall back to other supported formats on browsers other than Microsoft Edge.""Windows 10 includes support for the Dolby Digital Plus Portable Mode, which is a dynamic range control setting that is optimized for playback over built-in speakers and headphones. Dolby content will play back louder and clearer with a dynamic range more appropriate for portable devices. This improves the experience from Windows 8 where content could occasionally render softly over built-in speakers and headphones, and the advantages will apply equally to websites running in Microsoft Edge.""Dolby Audio is compatible with current DASH (MP4) and HLS (M2TS) file formats, and so can be included with progressive download HTML5 content, adaptive streaming HLS or MSE/EME MP4 content."

Dolby has already launched an interactive website, the Dolby Audio Experience, that demos the new format in the Edge web browser.

Source: Microsoft

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  • Adblock is there for IE already.
  • How do I install our download AdBlock in IE 11?
  • Just search for i​e tracking lists, or adblock for ie
  • They already announced extensions are coming, so I am not sure why you would complain about them adding Dolby. In fact, I do not see how they are connected.
  • People are running out of complaints, so now we're at the point where they just put two things together and hope it works.
  • Really? OneDrive new system has one thing to complain. I still don't get it, how the 'heel' I'm going to upload three 1tb external hds to OneDrive, the old system i could simple click stay only online, while coping stuff to my PC from the hd. New system crap all that, this is the big problem to me now
  • Why don't you just add your Onedrive as a network drive? I seriously don't understand why people are so into the placeholder system. 90% of the functionality is still there.
  • People love complaining, we should already know that. ^__________^ Add this is Microsoft to the equation equals more complainers and if add uncomplete preview versions... that will add double amount complains. Microsoft already announced Extensions support for RTM. it's like they don't understand it, and they don't want to understand it will be available on RTM, end.well maybe before RTM but some people sound like if Microsoft wasn't going to support it and like if adblocker didn't go into the Extensions feature that Microsoft showed and announced them  
  • There's good reason. XB1 was said to get Dolby support. It still doesn't have it.
  • It does support Dolby and DTS plus you can oputput uncompressed audio and it's been able to do thisa for many months now.
  • Interesting, curious to why the only option listed on my Xbox is uncompressed.  There is no Dolby.
  • You have to choose "bitstream" first and then you get options for "Dolby Digital" or "DTS". If you choose to bitstream you'll only get 5.1 audio so if you want 7.1 audio you must choose the 7.1 uncompressed option and not bitstream. I hope that helps. 
  • OK, then how about a related complaint: they still don't support WEBM video, and that is used on a lot of sites, and yet they introduce support for a new format that nobody uses yet.
  • Exactly... Without adblock is browser like rubbish... There for I still use Firefox. They adding completely useless things... There are lot of other problems, not Dolby
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  • Hopefully Fakeblock integration too.
  • Can't get my Dolby audio to work on my Lenovo after installing the TP... Keeps sayin "can't find the device" when I try to install the driver... Any suggestions to get it working with the TP❓
  • If Microsoft Edge supports the Hola VPN plugin I can finally use Edge to watch Netflix from any country and still make use of my surround set up instead of just stereo audio! #firstworldproblems
  • I read somewhere that Netflix was sending out warning emails to people that used VPN to enable their content on other countries. The email also mentioned that continued use of VPN would lead to the account being blocked or something like that.
  • Yeh, I read that somewhere too, damn Netflix. Would only lead to me torrenting film and TV instead though (I know, my bad, its the only media I do torrent though haha). At the moment though, Netflix, Moreflicks and Unblock-us combo has made my movie nights great!
  • Why don't these people understand that blocking or restricting the access would only lead to more piracy? Netflix says that its due to issues with securing rights for other countries or something like that. I hope all the countries/artists/entertainment companies sign a pact to allow content to be accessed from anywhere in the world. I love watching US TV shows (they're much better than the ones over here in India) but unfortunately I've got no access to them.
  • Exactly! VPN here in the UK meant I could watch season 3 of Sherlock, a BBC produced show (only Canada and US had it before UK added it. Media rights logic?!) which just made sense. VPN for other services like Bing Rewards is critical for outside the US.
  • Ah ha! Now that's a great idea! Using VPN for enabling Bing Rewards :D why didn't I think of that? I use Bing all the time to search the web, I could use some of the rewards. I can even use VPN with Xbox Video. I'll try it out. Thanks a lot Scott. I hope Microsoft enables all its services to other countries where WP does well instead of having to go through VPN.
  • It's great, I have earned enough points so far every 2 months for 1 month free Xbox Music! No problem, VPN is the real MVP here haha.
  • Awesome!
  • Netflix doesn't own the rights to the movies it shows, except for a few shows they produce. Netflix has to sign a licensing deal with content owners and I'm sure a provision is to only show it in certain countries. They need to do this to show content owners that they are honoring the contract and protecting the content. Piracy won't affect netflix. It will affect the studios. It's up to the studios to allow wider distribution.
  • ​Thanks for the explanation. I don't understand why studios won't licence its content to show it in other countries. Just charge Netflix a bit more for the content so that Netflix can in turn recover the licence costs through subscriptions and rentals. Its not like people aren't willing to pay to watch.
  • Nice
  • I hope MIDI support for Windows 10 Mobile is on its way
  • Should be, since it's in WinRT.
  • Nice. But when will it add Paste and Go and Paste and Search?  Its dumb not to have that in the browser.
  • +1
  • Yes, that and available extension support are critical for me
  • DTS...
  • Wow Microsoft is not wasting time, hoorah
  • Makes my old laptop with weak speakers sound better than ever! Bravo, I like where this is going.
  • Now I need better headphones. Just saying.
  • Just activate Dolby for window 10 mobile
  • i tried dolby audio experience but no sound with z906
  • Thanks for the explanation. I don't understand why studios won't licence its content to show it in other countries. Just charge Netflix a bit more for the content so that Netflix can in turn recover the licence costs through subscriptions and rentals. Its not like people aren't willing to pay to watch.