Microsoft Editor extension is now available on Edge and Chrome

Microsoft Editor Extension
Microsoft Editor Extension (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Editor is now available as an extension for Edge and Chrome.
  • Premium features require a Microsoft 365 subscription, but you can use Microsoft Editor for free.
  • Microsoft Editor was announced yesterday.

Just a day after Microsoft announced a major upgrade to Microsoft Editor, you can grab extensions for the service on Edge (opens in new tab) and Chrome. Microsoft Editor reviews your writing and checks for spelling and grammatical errors. If you have a Microsoft 365 account, it also gives you advanced grammar and style suggestions. A help and support page (opens in new tab) from Microsoft spells out all of the details.

Microsoft showed off Microsoft Editor in a new video and discussed it in an online briefing. Microsoft Editor is similar to Grammarly. It has a free version that you can use just by having a Microsoft account and premium features that you gain access to if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft Editor Settings

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Using Microsoft Editor is straightforward. Once downloaded, you log into your Microsoft account and get either free or premium features depending on your account. You can toggle settings for checking spelling, grammar, and suggesting refinements. You can also exclude sites from Microsoft Editor. Showing synonyms for spelling suggestions is off by default, but you can check a box to turn it on. You can also select if you want Microsoft to use data from your use of the service to improve Microsoft's products.

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  • Have we heard why the extension doesn't allow us to log in with a Microsoft personal account yet? Currently only my enterprise login works.
  • I don't have an enterprise account and (as evidenced in the photo above) logged in. Service is rolling out. You can also try to reinstall the extension as that worked for at least one person.
  • Sorry, not working for me on edge with personal account. Using Edge Dev. Just a blank page. I reinstalled the extension only working with business account.
  • I am using Edge Dev and I was able to log in with my Office 365 Personal account. The documentation say you must disable any grammar and spell checkers before Microsoft Editor will work. On a side note, the above two sentences had a lot of grammar and spell errors which Microsoft Editor found. So far, I like Microsoft Editor.
  • I was able to log in just fine with my personal.
  • Works for me on personal account, thanks for the heads up!
  • No issues signing in on my end with my personal account.
  • can't sign in still
  • It could possbily take on Grammerly. But It doesnt detect in every site. It doesn't work in this site comments boxs. As you can see with all the spelling mistakes I made tpying this out.
  • Edge's built-in spellchecker should catch those sites it misses.