Microsoft Europe prepping a cross-platform quiz app with some exciting prizes

Microsoft Europe has teased on its Connected Lifestyles blog an upcoming quiz app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. The Microsoft Quiz App will enable you to participate alongside friends, earn some exciting Microsoft prizes, all whilst having fun and putting your knowledge to the test. 

There's currently no word as to when these apps will launch, but we're told to expect an official announcement in due course. A new question will be available on a daily basis, earning you points as you progress. Notifications will also be fired out irregularly with bonus questions for some added point accumulation.

But why are said points important and worth collecting? Microsoft's prizes will include Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, Surface PCs, Office 365, Xbox One and Skype. Stay tuned to the Microsoft Europe FacebookTwitter and YouTube accounts for more details closer to launch.

​Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab), via: The Next Web

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Microsoft will have prizes for us European peasants THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING!
  • But most probably only for the Western countries where Xbox One and Surface are available.
  • I wonder if I would be able to get an xbox one, because I live in Holland and it's not released yet over here
  • Off-topic pondering: it's funny how, as the east/west meridian passes through London, nearly all of Europe is in the eastern hemisphere, yet it's considered the Western World.
  • Why include Android after Google denies us their services on WP?
  • Probably because its the largest mobile OS, and it's a cross platform game.
  • Two wrongs dont make a right. But the real answer is: that's where 80% of U.S. smartphone users are. Simple business
  • But what's in it for MS? I assume the app will be free, so there won't be any profit or am I missing a crucial point?
  • It gets people using their software and hardware.
  • It looks like they'll profit from the winners.  You win a windows phone, xbox, etc, then spend money for apps and games.  Similar to the business model when the original Xbox came out, they took a loss on the consoles and made it up in the games and services.  Also, by allowing iOS and Android users to participate gets the word out about the different products that MS carrys, possibly converting those users to MS's products.
  • Winning a £559 Lumia 1020 then spend £0.99 on Rudy's app :D
  • I really don't think that someone who wins an XBox One will change to Windows Phone. And someone who's a die-hard Android/iOS fan won't change OS either, more likely they stick with their current OS and sell the Lumia. Or would you change your PC's OS if you'd win software for another OS?
  • Someone who wins an Xbox will by gamed for it. Android and iOS fans change all the time, not everybody sticks with the same is forever
  • Most Android users don't even know they're using a mobile OS called Android. They just think they have a phone. You really should go pop into a cell phone kiosk in the mall and watch these morons shop for phones. They think there is this thing called an iPhone, and then other phones that are cheaper. So they get those. They would easily switch allegiances. They don't care about Android.
  • Actually, every time I go to a local electronic store I'm shocked/disappointed how little people know about smartphones. They mostly buy Samsung Galaxys (and if not those then it must have Android) or iPhones because they appear in the commercials and know nothing about the technique and differences (they just decide what to buy by price - the more expensive, the better it must be - and what the employees tell them). Everything new and less mainstream doesn't seem to be worth considering. WP devices don't get much love/attention here in the media and commercials, so people are less likely to even take a look at them. And even if they do they are disappointed because they tought it would be just like Android (much like it didn't make much difference which feature phone you pick).
  • 80% of the world, only 45% of the US.
  • Thanks for the correction.
    Further cements why they would do this
  • Will the circle be unbroken?
  • Bye and bye.
  • Sounds cool :) I think they used motion designers that came from Nokia to make this video
  • Possibly, but probably not... Microsoft has always had great animation designers.  If you install Office 365 it has a really cool intro animation video showcasing the features of Office with a similar site, and all their logos have neat animated effects too. That being said, this video is really well made and fun :)
  • How about Microsoft get us some major Canadian apps first... No major banks or sports teams... Heck not even NHL, Cineplex, etc....
    No apps means no new users... Getting a bit tired of the ignore
  • That is not Microsoft's responsibility. The 'blame', if that's how you want to see it, lies with the individual companies that the app would be for.
    Although, Microsoft is and has done more than any other platform to entice developers toward Windows Phone.
  • How about making your own apps for them? There wasn't a good Killer Instinct app on the marketplace, so I made my own. Use Microsoft's App Studio website if you don't know anything about creating an app.
  • Why does everyone get so wound up and aggressive at the mere mention of the facts... Apps are lacking, and I don't think anybody can deny that at least in Canada.
    And yes it is Microsoft's responsibility... Because they are the ultimate beneficiary
  • We also want free stuff in South Africa U_U
  • This sounds fun and exciting!  I'm almost getting some sort of global Hunger Games type-competition vibe here... where we all compete in these quizes lol.  But it's probably Europe only since it's from Microsoft Europe.  Awesome video.
  • No doubt another battery burning app!
  • I loved how, after they announced Android, they threw the handset away and brought back the Lumia.
  • Cuz Lumia's awesome.
  • I can't wait!