Microsoft Europe prepping a cross-platform quiz app with some exciting prizes

Microsoft Europe has teased on its Connected Lifestyles blog an upcoming quiz app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. The Microsoft Quiz App will enable you to participate alongside friends, earn some exciting Microsoft prizes, all whilst having fun and putting your knowledge to the test. 

There's currently no word as to when these apps will launch, but we're told to expect an official announcement in due course. A new question will be available on a daily basis, earning you points as you progress. Notifications will also be fired out irregularly with bonus questions for some added point accumulation.

But why are said points important and worth collecting? Microsoft's prizes will include Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, Surface PCs, Office 365, Xbox One and Skype. Stay tuned to the Microsoft Europe FacebookTwitter and YouTube accounts for more details closer to launch.

​Source: Microsoft, via: The Next Web

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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