Microsoft fails to deliver Android 11 for Surface Duo before the end of 2021

Surface Duo Hero 2020
Surface Duo Hero 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Back in September, Microsoft confirmed to media that it was working on bringing Android 11 to Surface Duo V1 customers before the end of 2021. That news came after the company had already said it planned to ship Android 11 for Surface Duo 1 in the summer of 2021. Unfortunately, as 2022 begins, Microsoft still hasn't delivered this crucial update.

This has left a sour taste in a lot of Duo users mouths, and rightly so. Microsoft for whatever reason has somehow managed to trip up at every hurdle when it comes to supporting the Surface Duo so far. Keep in mind that Surface Duo V1 hasn't received ANY bug fixes since July, likely because resources were shifted over to finalizing the Android 11 update instead.

Leaving Surface Duo V1 without bug fixes for half a year is frankly unacceptable given the state that the OS is in with Android 10. Surface Duo launched in an incredibly buggy state, and while Microsoft did begin fixing bugs and issues throughout the first half of 2021, the Duo is still in too buggy of a state to be considered acceptable, making the pause on bug fixes in the summer frankly mind boggling.

That's why we've been holding out hope for the Android 11 release, as it's understood that the Android 11 update has lots of fixes and enhancements that will bring the Duo 1 up to par with the Surface Duo 2 in regard to stability and features (where appropriate.) So Android 11 not shipping in 2021 on Duo V1 has left Duo customers without any real improvements since the device launched 15 months ago.

I've said this before, but Microsoft is the problem with Surface Duo. If the Surface Duo was a Samsung, Google, or Apple product, you can bet that those companies would have done everything in their power to fix up the product within the first few months of it being on the market. They would have been responsive about issues, and would've kept its customers assured that improvements and fixes were on the way.

Surface Duo 2020

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Meanwhile, here in the Microsoft world, I had to reach out to Microsoft to get an update on whether Android 11 would still be arriving before the end of 2021, and the company took a literal week to respond, coming back without comment, which was rather useless. It's a joke, it's unacceptable, and I can't believe Microsoft has the audacity to act like this given its terrible track record with phones in general.

Microsoft should have taken my reaching out for comment as an opportunity to be transparent with customers and confirm that the update wouldn't be arriving before the end of 2021, and then provide a new ETA or possibly even a short explanation as to why it would be late. That would have been good enough. Delays happen, just let us know beforehand so we're not left disappointed.

I love Surface Duo as a concept. I love the hardware, I love the uniqueness of the form factor, and I truly believe dual-screen is a viable option for enhancing productivity on a mobile device. But Microsoft keeps making it harder and harder to recommend this product to people. I don't know how Microsoft thinks it's going to turn Surface Duo into a growth product if it keeps treating its existing customers like this.

Microsoft is going to be the sole reason this product ultimately fails if it doesn't start taking Surface Duo more seriously. Surface Duo 2 launched in a much better state, which hopefully means that a Surface Duo 3 will be even better out of the gate whenever that launches. But now Microsoft needs to prove to its existing customers that it's going to properly support Duo V1 and V2 with new features, bug fixes, and improvements on a regular basis throughout 2022.

Luckily, the wait for Android 11 on Duo 1 is almost over. My sources say the Android 11 update for Surface Duo is in fact done and should begin rolling out once the update has been certified by Google and AT&T. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Additionally, my sources say work on bringing the next major Android release to Duo has already begun. I hear Microsoft has decided to skip Android 12 and jump straight to Android 12L for Duo instead. This is actually really good news, as 12L has a number of improvements that will benefit the Duo form factor in significant ways. I'm yet to hear when 12L will drop for Surface Duo 1/2, but I do know the company wants to get it out much faster than it did Android 11.

I'm holding out hope that 2022 is going to be a better year for Duo users than 2021 was. I hope to see more updates, more new features, and more bug fixes on a regular basis. I think it's the least Microsoft can do for its customers.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Zac, in your last Windows Central Podcast with Dan, you guys wondered if Google wasn't possibly holding up the Android 11 update to Duo 1 just out of a bit of spite to MS. I realize that even if that's the case, it wouldn't excuse the communication problems (but maybe MS feels it needs Google and so doesn't want to throw blame at them for the delays, so feels it has no choice except to keep quiet). On the other hand, if MS has given it to Google, other than regular follow-ups with Google (which would be hidden from us), what else can they do? Good news on 12L on Duo 2. Any guidance on what quarter we'll see that?
  • Assuming Google is the hold-up, the problem then lies with Microsoft for submitting the update so late in the year. If it intended to ship before the end of 2021, it should have been aware that everyone goes on holiday by mid December, and worked on finalizing the update much sooner. Or, if they always intended to finalize the update in December, never say it would arrive before the end of 2021 because that's incredibly unrealistic. This already comes after Microsoft itself said Android 11 would arrive by the summer, which it didn't. I don't even mind that they missed their target. I just want them to tell us ahead of time that they weren't going to make it instead of staying silent as if everything is on track. Regarding 12L, no idea. I think MS is targeting summer time. But, as we've seen with A11 on Duo 1, MS isn't very good at sticking to a schedule :)
  • Software engineering may be hard but press releases are easy and free! It would not kill Microsoft to provide some sort of update to customers about their plans. People would rather be disappointed and informed than disappointed and in the dark. Microsoft can detail their plans for Windows months in advance but is eerily quiet about one of their most expensive devices. But maybe the plan is that there is no plan. Microsoft could just be going through the motions in the hopes that something "clicks" and they have something worth talking about.
  • I fully agree with everything you've said. I reached out to Microsoft for a comment regarding if Android 11 would still ship in 2021. That was their opportunity to communicate with customers and tell us that they were unfortunately not going to hit their goal. Instead, they came back with nothing to share. That's the main problem I have.
  • I do not agree, (for the world as a whole) the past few years have been filled with issues/concerns and priorities for sure may not have the same value for all; here it appears that the solipsistic mind . . . is . . . is well . . . “the self is all that you know to exist”.
  • HeyCori, I agree with that. Maybe (wild speculation here, could certainly be wrong): MS submitted it to Google, genuinely believing it would be out in 2021 based on Googles stated turn-around times on updates. That's why they announced it. However, this is MS' first time ever doing a major version upgrade on released hardware on Android, so they don't have any first-hand experience to go on. Google, holding some anti-MS sentiment, could have put MS at the end of the queue, still working on it, but using the holiday as an excuse to delay by an extra week or two, just to make MS look bad for missing their publicly announced release deadline. MS doesn't have any more info from Google on exactly when it will release, so they don't know what to tell us. At the same time, they don't want to poison the relationship with Google, so they don't announce, "We sent this to Google for review back in early November, but they are taking longer than they told us to release it. Please direct you're annoyance at them." IF (big if, I know) that's the case, then maybe MS hasn't really done anything wrong here. However, even so, I do agree with Zac's points that MS needs to find a way to demonstrate a deeper commitment. Excuses or reasons ultimately don't matter. They need to make customers believe that they care and are working hard on constantly elevating the experience of Duo users. On that front, clearly they are not succeeding, regardless of what's going on inside Google's walls.
  • While it's entirely within Google's playbook to delay or withhold things to hurt competitors, I suspect it may be something else this time around. There have been dozens of reports of major problems on the new Pixel phones. Sites like thurrott, android central and the verge have slammed Google for both hardware and software issues. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that Google are throwing every resource they have available in their mobile division to save the Pixel from sinking like a stone.
  • Different teams. For example, that's like saying Microsoft is throwing every windows' resource at surface bc surface isn't a top oem. The pixel team /= Android team
  • Eerie shades of Windows Phone before it went south. Look for 12L to be announced as an upgrade "for the enthusiasts."
  • Over a year from now maybe, if they ever release 12L at all for the Duo. With Duo 3 cancelled, it is only a matter of time before the whole project is cancelled and then you won't see any updates. Just the simplest security updates so they can keep to the 3 years of support they claimed. Same thing they did with W10M.
  • Duo 3 hasn't been canceled. Stop spreading malicious lies.
  • This site reported it, but they called it Duo 2022. Maybe they will release new a Duo in 2023, but I wouldn't bet on it. They will have a hard time justifying it for over a year.
  • We did not report that Surface Duo 3 was canceled. We reported the opposite. It exists and is currently in development, targeting a 2023 release window.
  • So your article that says that the device they planned for 2022 isn’t being released is incorrect? Are they going to release a device with 2022 specs in 2023? You know how Microsoft works. There is no way they ever release another Duo. If they can’t justify it for 2022, it will be even harder in 2023.
  • The article does not say they ever planned to ship Duo 3 in 2022. It just says there won't be a Duo 3 in 2022, because it was an article about products that would/wouldn't be shipping in 2022. Duo 3 is on the schedule for 2023. There's nothing to suggest it's a delayed product. Based on what i've heard, it's always targeted 2023 and will ship with 2023 specs. So, once again, unless you'd like to be banned, please stop spreading FUD and claiming "this site reported it." You are free to express your own opinion, but do not state your opinion as fact or attribute it to our reporting.
  • Will they at least launch SD3 in the Winter or Spring 2023 ? If not is hard to believe SD3 will exist.
  • I'm seeing it this way. Microsoft did commit to 3 years for this device, So hopefully the original surface duo will get android 12L as well. (at the last day of support probably, jk) Just remember only Pixel and maybe Samsung offers this many years of support. A few years ago I bought the LG G6 and kept it for at least a year. It barely got any software updates and it took a very long time to get the next version of Android, but then there was no more support after that. The thing with most Android phones is that most companies only support the phones for a year or less/ not at all.
    Also, I am hoping it's because Microsoft is getting used to working with Google since they do not have complete control of Android. From my understanding, once MS builds its version then they go to Google for approval. If this was Windows it would be a different story.
  • Remember the support they gave to W10M? They did the minimum until that support period was over. Likely they will do the same with Duo 1 and 2 once the line has been cancelled like Duo 3.
  • Again, stop with the lies. Your predictions are never right so do us all a favour and be quiet.
  • Well, I indeed did not see a great support for my Lumia 9500 XL...
  • What prediction did I get wrong?
  • Excluding the multiple times you've said the duo would be canceled after a year and that clearly didn't happen or nah?
  • I don’t think I said the original Duo would be cancelled, I reserved that for Duo 2. I was optimistic about the Duo 1 and said it would be dependent on how well it works as a single screen device as that is the way you would use it the majority of the time. It sucked at that as the aspect ratio isn’t good for a phone. There is a reason every other phone uses a tall and skinny screen. We hear they are no longer releasing the Duo 3 as they had planned for 2022, so I seem to be on track. The Duo line is most likely dead now.
  • With all due respect, I do find it rather mind-boggling that anyone would put up with this and pay Microsoft so much for the privilege. The speculation of Google holding up the Android 11 update seems about on the level of other conspiracy theories, if I can give my frank opinion. I don't see a future for this device with this attitude, and I see no signs that attitude might change.
  • Dan Rubino was the original source of that, and he acknowledged that it was just speculation. On the other hand, Google does routinely exhibit childish behavior like this (including even the public way they handle security gaps they find in Windows), so it's easy for me to believe that's exactly what happened. It's not like they wouldn't release it, but where they might work through a weekend to get something done for Samsung, it's easy to imagine them not doing the same for MS.
  • Great news that the update is finished... Excited to see what 12L will do for Duo, my Fold 3 and my Tab S7 LTE... 12L could really drive Android Tablet growth...
  • Fold 3 and Tab S7 will definitely see 12L. Duo may not, or it will not be until 2023. With Microsoft cancelling Duo 3, it is only a matter of time before it is all cancelled.
  • Microsoft isn't canceling Duo 3 despite your twisted desires and they have been actively involved with development of 12L. As has been reported previously, 12L testing is well advanced on Duo 1&2.
  • Source about it please?
  • Duo 2022 was canceled according to this site. Do you really think they will come back in over a year, especially given the terrible sales and response for the Duo 2?
  • You need to stop referring to Duo 3 as canceled. "Duo 2022" isn't a real product. Surface Duo 3 is in development and is targeting a 2023 release window. Nothing is canceled.
  • It is cancelled for sure. No way they justify coming back to the market in 2023 to compete with the Fold 5. If it isn’t technically cancelled yet, they have a good year and half to make that decision. We all know where this is going.
  • Sounds like you got insider to really say that something that for sure.
  • That's fine, as long as you make it clear that this is your opinion. You previously said "this site reported it" which is false. Claims like that will result in a ban.
  • ".... Android 11 update has lots of fixes and enhancements...." Like what? I'd really like to know. It's gotten to be 'something people say,' but I just want a list. (And I get that people are annoyed about slow Android 11. I want it too. But what's the substantive issue here, as in features and functionality?)
  • I don't have a list for you but.. Duo 2 owners had the same touch sensitivity issues that Duo 1 owners had when they got their device. But after the first update this was almost completely fixed. Meaning that Android 11 had the bug fixes included that were currently lacking on Android 10. Another major improvement (at least for me) is that you cna configure the device to always open single screen mode on the right screen. Personally I've bee having issues with Duo switching screens to the backs Rene while I'm typing on the front screen. These two things are my only major issues. So for me Android 11 could make Duo from a good device into a great one.
  • FWIIW, I like my Duo 1. Works fine. And....judging from Duo 2, Android 11 doesn't bring a lot. So, I'm calm.
  • This. My og duo purrs like a cat. The few issues I had, like the screen not turning off when folded, has totally vanished
  • I tested the first two Duos for our company and in all cases the IT directors and CIO returned them. The common complaint was the device is an experiment not a product. I used them myself "since the directors didn't want them" and had to agree. Both Samsung and Apple tablets are better at dual screen then DUO. They are better because they actually work and are stable. Duo shouldn't have been released with out a empowered visionary running the group. Panay has proven not to be that person. The windows team (those that build windows 10-11 etc) are experts at politics and are really good at manipulating "anything" that threatens them. Since Duo's are based on android all the windows team has to do to paralyze them is take up all the QA guys time with windows 11 and bad mouth DUO in meetings. Management then sees an unstable DUO with ton's of complaints and give up on it. No one wants to be associated with a losing product at MS. Surface devices (non duo) have worked because the windows team played nice with them hence insuring consistent testing and delivery. Duo had a chance pre-covid when windows was dying but with the laptop revival the windows team is back to their old games. DUO only has a chance if they switch over to windows 11 (arm) as long as they dance with Android they will never succeed. Windows team will see to that.
  • I think making a Shell of windows 11 for the Duo with mobile calling and sms unlocked would be the best solution for a future Surface Duo.... There's no real reason why Microsoft is playing the Android game when they can get back onto windows and be consistent with the ease of devs making apps for the improved mobile version of windows. The Duo makes absolute since if and only if it's an Windows product through and through
  • Microsoft just doesn’t have the software chops to make Windows work in this form factor. They gave up it worked so poorly with Windows.
  • What Microsoft doesn't seem to understand is that these delays cause a perception of a company that doesn't care about customers, doesn't understand the mobile device business, and/or can't execute competitively. If that perception continues, people will eventually lose confidence in Microsoft as a serious player in this market. I have a Surface Duo 1. It is not my personal daily driver, but I use it as my work phone which serves the purpose well. I bought it because of the slim design and the use of two glass screens for durability. Whether I continue to be a Microsoft customer in the future depends on how well they support the device I have now. Simple as that. Another delay in upgrading the software for my Duo 1 just feeds my perception that Microsoft is not a serious contender and I shouldn't be wasting my time (and especially any future sales) on them. This industry is littered with great designs and visions from companies that couldn't execute.
  • Have you ever watched the movie groundhog day? Microsofts mobile efforts are just about reaching the point at which Bill Murray starts trying to kill himself, over and over and over.
  • "people will lose confidence in Microsoft"
    Are there people with confidence in Microsoft 🤣?
  • Probably not. Because it hasn't the same mindshare as some others.
  • Yes, as evidenced by Microsoft being the most valuable and successful company in the history of human civilization.
  • They make their money from businesses that basically have to use their services. On the consumer side they don't have that confidence.
  • Xbox series, game pass and steam sales says hello to you😉
  • Not sure what the Steam sales relevant for this since that's on Valve. You mean the games? Well true on Xbox side, Microsoft is doing well on consumer side. But outside of it, things aren't that too rosy. We could consider Windows being targeted to consumer, but Windows is just that too broad and the only viable OS on PC that consumers can use other than Mac. Well Chrome OS is gaining traction but so far Windows is still safe. The thing with Windows is that most of the people needs it and don't have other good choice, it is less about wanting Windows and most are not locked into Microsoft ecosystem anyways. While there are more people seems to switch between Android devices and iPhones depending on their wants. Except if they are too invested to Apple or Google, then that's when switching is hard if jot impossible.
  • Are those things a substantial part of their value?
  • We are all entitled to our opinions, which are not necessarily based on facts, but such an unrestrained used of hyperboles makes them look ridiculous...
  • Valuable to you maybe, in history no. That honour goes to foreign automakers, swiss watches, Japanese consumer electronics and Coke.
  • Market Cap December 31st 2021 : 2,53 trillion USD
    2021 financials: Microsoft Corp reported revenue of 168.1B for FY 2021, an increase of 52.31% compared to FY 2018. Net income grew 269.75% to 61.3B. So I suspect your view on MS is not entirely in sync with reality.
  • As a new Duo 1 user I Haven't built up the level of angst that some of you have. I bought it at a vastly reduced price, and so far, it fills my needs and then some. Is android 11/12L going to bring me wows and I can't believe I missed this feature? Beats the heck out of me.
  • The only real problems with the Duo 1 that are solved with Duo 2 will not matter to everyone: poor camera and lack of NFC. There are some minor software niceties with Duo 2 over 1, like getting to choose the screen where apps go in single-screen mode, and the 90Hz display + faster CPU are nice boosts, but the core experience is unchanged. For me, the poor camera was a real problem (and my main reason for upgrading to Duo 2). I don't care so much about NFC -- I'd prefer to have Qi wireless charging.
  • As others have said MS have promised 3 years of support for this device and have released it before Android had been modified to work with two screens... Hopefully 12L will resolve all of the issues with these devices... Even with it's faults the Duo is a fantastic piece of hardware which is driving innovation... I am very glad that Microsoft are pushing the envelope because I get to use these innovative devices and am thankful I don't have to use an Apple iphone which has changed little since its inception...
  • Innovative? Did you say the same about the Kyocera Echo in 2012? What about the Axon M in 2017? I am sure you loved the LG dual screen phones as the second screen was even removable on those! Where exactly did Microsoft innovate? What envelope did they push? All I see is them half-heartedly copycatting a failed form factor and getting the same results as everyone else who tried it.
  • You have obviously never used the Duo, the ability to multitask is light years ahead of those devices and the form factor with amazing 360 degree hinge is also in another league... Form factor has not failed, it is the future, you will acknowledge that when your beloved Apple finally catch up...
  • Nah, not Apple. Bleached is a Google troll. He is only here to lob grenades at Microsoft and annoy Windows Central readers.
  • I have switched to Apple hardware for the most part. Still use Google services though and Windows for gaming.
  • Ah, I did not know that. I respect your sharing your platforms.
  • How is the ability to multitask “light years ahead”? They had dual screens, they could open separate apps on each screen or span them. What is the difference? I have used Axon M a bit and Duo. Functionally, they are almost identical. Sure Duo is much nicer hardware, but the form factor is the same. They are dual screens and operate very similarly when opened up. The 360 degree hinge is nice, but again, doesn’t change the ability to multitask.
  • Surprised to see how some people are so jealous of the innovation Microsoft brought to mobile computing and wish they stop and fail.
  • What innovation? Examples?
  • You cannot deny that the Duo's hardware is innovative with the extremely thin screens and excellent hinge. Can you point me any folding- or foldable phone from Samsung or competitor with such thin screens?
  • There have been similarly thin phones before and hinges aren’t new. You can Google all the thin phones, including ones thinner than the Duo. Microsoft is just using standard hardware, it isn’t innovative. Samsung has innovative screens that actually fold. Eventually they will be thinner.
  • Why do you and others think Google is working to make Android work on two screens? The Duo is the only device that would benefit from that. What I imagine they are targeting is large screens, which is what folders essentially are. They are tablets and Android has never been super on tablets. Doing some work in that area, makes sense for foldable phones and tablets, not especially the Duo. It may benefit from some attention to multiple apps/multitasking on a large screen, but only if that assumes same sized windows. Windows and iOS are flexible on window sizes when using split screens. That's not going to be a good experience on the Duo.
  • Google's documentation on a12L that SPECIFICALLY says dual screen devices as long as foldable devices
  • There is very little mention of dual screens in Google’s documentation. It only comes up once for a small feature. Most of 12L is improvements for large screens like better multitasking. 12L will just take away the one supposed advantage Duo had when compared to Food. Now Fold will have more intuitive multitasking. All the changes are for large screens and foldables. There is very little for dual screens, just the addition of postures for dual screens in Android. It is all about big screens.
  • @SvenJ, its because how Google splits the screen in 2 virtual spaces and views them as 2 seperate screens (so same as Duo). In one of these videos (I think it was the first one) it is explained well how it works:
    Android 12L hands on preview
    what Android 12L means for Surface Duo 2 | News Radar
  • Microsoft has always been pitiful, when it comes to consumer products and PR.
  • Microsoft sucks at communicating with consumers.
    That's the only problem and for some strange reason, it doesn't seem like it's a problem Microsoft is willing to fix.
    Consumers need transparency, always.
    When Microsoft stopped updating their Duo SW and we only got regular Android security patches, no word from Microsoft on why.
    When Launcher stopped updating and there was speculation it would become part of the OS, just to then show up as App again, no word from Microsoft.
    They have and present product and feature Roadmaps to their corporate customers frequently.
    Microsoft either doesn't want to be a serious contender in the consumer space, or they have no clue how to operate in that space.
    Either way, this won't go well for long.
  • "My sources say the Android 11 update for Surface Duo is in fact done and should begin rolling out once the update has been certified by Google and AT&T. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of weeks" Looks like you are shooting at the wrong piano player here. Talk to Google / AT& about the delay. Don't be naive and Dream-on if you think Google is not playing the Evil Empire waiting game here.
  • Android 11 was released well over a year ago. It is Google's fault Microsoft took over a year to finish the software update for a device they charged over $1400 for? Embarrassing.
  • What is embarrassing is that Apple have not updated the iPhone in any meaningful way since its in inception and only just recently introduced widgets... Ha ha ha... Apple just copy like the Chinese and take years to do so... The Duo hardware is better than anything Apple have ever made...
  • @Grungni "Apple just copy like the Chinese and take years to do so" Meanwhile, in the real world Microsoft adopted Chromium and Android. It's a bit rich for MS fans to accuse anyone of copying don't you think.
  • Maybe, but embracing successful open source or licensed software isn't the same as copying hardware or software designs. It's a failure in its own way, but not really the same as copying: MS conceded they lost with legacy Edge and shifted to the successful open source Chromium platform for the new Edge (which is doing very well). MS conceded they lost with Windows Phone/Mobile and shifted licensing Google's Android (which has produced awesome hardware with the Duo, but nothing more so far). Maybe just semantics, but I do think those are very different from copying the work of others. Just like Google is not copying Microsoft in releasing a version of Chrome for Microsoft's Windows. It's just good business.
  • Seriously? You can make a case that year to year iPhone advances aren't earth shattering, but to suggest there is no meaningful change from the iPhone of 2007 is just ludicrous.
  • Yeah, you are completely right, it's like, you'd think Apple would have some kind of app store by now.
  • Did anybody expect something different from MS? Have You forgotten how they treated their Lumia line, how they left the Windows Phone enthusiasts standing in the rain? I would never, never trust this company anymore!
  • Actually, I bought Duo 1 and it boggles my mind that anyone would be surprised that Microsoft is failing at support. Anyone who used windows phone shouldn't be surprised. Maybe that's why I'm not mad. I love using my Duo, and it's second to my iPhone and my Note9. They just can't do what Duo does. But, they blow Duo away in terms of support. Duo Version 1 doesn't have that many bugs anymore. Maybe only 1 or 2 that come up periodically. The problem is at this cost we expect more. Still not surprising, though.
  • That would make it third, not second. I was wrong about my prediction that Duo would be cancelled spring 2022. It happened sooner!
  • What you don't understand is that nobody gives a rat's ass what you think, or predict, or say. Who cares? If Duo survives who really cares? If Duo is canceled who really cares? Is your life this pathetic? IT'S JUST A PHONE! THE WORLD WILL KEEP TURNING! there are other options on the market, and we will be just fine. There's other things in life that are far more important than a phone. The way you constantly panic over Duo (or really everything) just shows how useless and pathetic your life is. You obviously have ZERO real responsibility if all you care about is Duo getting canceled. NOBODY HERE REALLY CARES THAT MUCH ABOUT DUO OR ANY DEVICE! You care about Duo more than anyone here, and you don't even have one. Sound a bit psycho? Yes! You got some very serious issues, and frankly Windows Central knowing how upset all this stuff makes you, but keeping you around, is highly irresponsible on their part. You're likely to be a harm to yourself or others, and this website isn't helping you. You are far more a liability here than just being an annoying broken record troll. I seriously recommend Windows Central send you on your way before something bad (like in real life) happens. Nobody here wants to be a part of that. Go get help.
  • "annoying broken record troll", that sums it up quite well 😄
  • I see you are taking it well.
  • When you talk about support, I believe it's not been too bad... We have had reliable security updates since release of Duo 1... Most manufacturers can't even manage that... My Duo works well and is my daily driver for business... Android 11 doesn't really bring that much to the party and when it does arrive shortly I expect most will struggle to see a difference... Microsoft do deserve praise for pushing innovation, you won't get that from Apple... Apple have never brought a new form factor to market, they just copy products, make them shiny and dumb down the operating system for the masses who just want to use Facebook and Tik Tok...
  • Ah, Ah, Ah...
    You fanboys, regardless of the idol you worship are really hilarious.
  • I disagree. I've had Duo since practically day one and although it's nowhere near as buggy as people who don't use it everyday have been brain washed to believe, it has made little progress since inception. The form factor is extremely useful compared to single screen devices but that's not enough. It's just not enough. Especially considering how Microsoft failed with Windows Phone you'd think they would give it 1000%. They are expected to give it 1000%, because like Zac said if Duo were being managed by Google or Apple it would be much further along by now in terms of refinement and features (I said this same thing for years regarding Windows Phone). You have to be competitive to survive and like it or not that's the name of the game. Either do it all the way or don't even start. I love my Duo, but owning all other platforms on the market I'm not blind enough to not see that it needs serious attention to be a viable product for the average consumer. Sad thing is that it's really not far from it with version 2. All we're asking for at this point is for Microsoft to stay consistent improving the software experience and that includes feature updates. Like any other successful device on the market Duo must receive periodic feature updates. That's just how it is. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Security updates don't count and they're the bare minimum. Just because other OEMs have failed on that part doesn't give Microsoft credit because they have at least maintained the bare minimum. "At least".. That's the key word here. Duo can't be a great device by Microsoft doing "at least" this or "at least" that. They must go above and beyond with Duo considering how deep the market is with Apple and Samsung. Think about it, did Apple or Samsung get to where they are by only doing at least the bare minimum? 🤔 No
  • Liar. This is a very buggy device. You using two different phones instead of just this proves it. My Duo is my only phone. Rotation sucks. The screen I've been using for 20 minutes turns off with a message to double tap to wake it up. That alone would drive any sane person nuts. If you think this is by design, then you are an idiot. And yes, my Duo is up to date.
  • All I can say is COVID Omicron and blow up a lot of schedules.
  • Cant blame the way Microsoft has handled Duo so far on anything but Microsoft, just like Zac said.
  • I just received an update within the past 24-hours. My Duo 2 now says "Android version: 11". Are they rolling out the update ... now?
  • Not on the One; my one is unlocked therefore not waiting for carrier approval. As for the Duo 2 my understanding is that it shipped natively with Android 11; maybe a sort of service pack?
  • As a windows phone user, I am accustomed to the word "fails". Seems to go hand in hand with MS mobile. What's changed?
  • Yest another surprise from Microsoft. I would have expected nothing else.
  • Huh? This makes no sense
  • I say roll out Andromeda and bolt on the Android subsystem, as they did with Win 11!
  • Andromeda os wouldn't work well with subsystem for Android. Android isn't pen input focused
  • the fault lays on Whomever who approved including a 3rd party OS in their hardware when Microsoft had their own cause thats how a company kills themselves, remember blackberry?, no?, yeah neither do i., MS could have made this into a semi PC/Mobile experience with CShell, and implemented PWA as app replacements since edge works with it, I get the need for apps but in the end, everyone wants a PC cause what these smart phones are essentially doing, is attempting to replace a pc experience.
    get all the social websites, banks and vital service apps on the MS store, considering the current userbase thats on Windows 10, it should be an investment for companies that choose to provide their app for the MS store.
  • I would say this all bodes ill for Microsoft's future products. The more MS encourages market perception that it doesn't support its new products effectively, the less people will be willing to try their new products, even when it's a product that is otherwise desirable. People fear buying from a company that may not provide good support over the product lifecycle. Even if MS did intend to drop the Duo line (and I believe Zac that the Duo 3 will be coming in 2023), it should still provide amazingly good support and software development while it is selling the Duo, so customers won't fear to try their next new thing. This current behavior increases risk and therefore cost of future product launches. It's just bad business, short-sighted, and ultimately expensive. On the other hand, software updates for the Duo when it was new, were good, as they have been for the Duo 2 so far, so perhaps my comment really applies more to the old Windows Phone days than to the Duo (but shows how tough it is to overcome that legacy negative market perception). The only thing we can say for sure is that their communication around what's to come has been lacking.
  • You said it right. I totally agree. 👍🏾
  • I'm just laughing at this. I still think this was a stupid device from the onset, and am shocked that anyone expected any better support for this thing than Microsoft has shown most of their products. Just STOP it, already.
  • glad i didn't let my microsoft loyalty get in the way of my z fold 3 purchase. I have been burned on microsoft consumer stuff since 2000. learned my lesson with windows phone loyalty.
  • I don't know, but if I was Microsoft, I'd skip Android 11 and 12 go to Android 12L. In fact, it seems the improvements in Android 11 on Duo 2 were minor. Which makes sense! Why cobble together features to work on Android 11, when Android 12 L will be easy? And 12L is well down beta testing. See what I mean? I think this obsession with updates for updates sake is silly, simply because the updates hardly add any features.
  • If I'm not mistaken it's to rewrite the alot of the then proprietary code and offload that into the system and not the launcher.
  • I would also like to quickly comment on Microsoft's lack of meaningful services. Yes, it would be nice if all, or even the majority, of MS Android apps supported dual screens in some fashion. However, Microsoft should offer some entertainment focused services other than xCloud. To this day, Microsoft Movies and TV has not been ported to anything other than Windows and Xbox. It would be nice, even as an exclusive, if that app was available on the Duo. Both Google and Apple offer their own worthwhile services. Microsoft should do the same. Heck, even if that meant coming up with some BS "partnership" to push Spotify or Pandora. Or combine Skype and Your Phone so people can send SMS/MMS and video chat from one app. If I'm forced to use the far left Home page, then make it truly useful like bringing back the People hub, or that neat feature where the phone would automatically find local events and restaurants. Sure, some of those ideas would take a whiiiile to develop. Unfortunately, the more likely outcome is that Microsoft has no plans to evolve Duo beyond the concept of it having a dual screen.
  • I would love to see movies app for Android...