Microsoft's Surface Duo is set to receive Android 11 this summer

Surface Duo
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What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo should receive Android 11 at some point this summer.
  • Our sources suggest that the Surface Duo should see the update by "mid-year;"

Microsoft's Surface Duo originally came out in September 2020. When it launched, Microsoft promised regular updates for the device. That hasn't exactly happened, but the device has received some updates since last fall. Now, reports and our own sources state that the Surface Duo is set to receive Android 11 this summer.

A report by Dr. Windows states that the major Android update will come to the Surface Duo "this summer." According to the report, Dr. Windows was in a briefing with people from Microsoft USA that work directly with the Surface Duo project group. Dr. Windows explains that the Surface Duo is now scheduled to get Android 11 this summer.

Dr. Windows adds that many of the changes that Microsoft has made to improve the dual displays of the Surface Duo will also make their way into Android's code. The report also states that Google and Microsoft have been working together.

Those that have followed Microsoft's timelines in the past will know that seasonal goals leave wide windows. Technically, a summer release could be as late as mid-September. That, however, doesn't appear to be the case with Android 11 for the Surface Duo.

Our own Zac Bowden's sources indicate that the Surface Duo will receive Android 11 in "mid-year." While that isn't a concrete date, it's not likely referring to September. Mid-year suggests a release around June or July, though any release date for Android 11 on the Surface Duo is subject to change.

Our sister site Android Central has a full Android 11 review that breaks down all of the changes.

The Surface Duo is set to ship to Canada, France, Germany, and the UK next week. It would be a nice bonus for Android 11 to roll out after the Surface Duo expands to more countries.

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  • should receive, sources suggest .. don't recommend holding breath.
  • tbh, you should never really hold your breath, there's no benefit to it ;P
  • Not true. Ever try not holding your breath... While underwater? 🤔 😏
  • And have you ever tried to convince your parents to buy you ice cream?
  • Lol please. That would get me in trouble
  • If anyone has a link to known improvements for Duo with Android 11, please post a link.
  • Hey, if I say it's a sure thing then things change, people get mad. We go off the info we have but have to be honest that things could change.
  • Interesting. I'm going to assume that the fact it has dual screens and possibly hammering out any administrative and financial details with Google is what's holding this up. If that's the case, whatever Microsoft and Google are doing, hopefully, they can smooth that out before Duo 2, assuming there will be one.We aren't even going to talk about carrier approval... looking at AT&T. So, September or October? 😏
  • "the fact it has dual screens and possibly hammering out any administrative and financial details with Google is what's holding this up" I think this is worth considering as a possible issue when it comes to any major update to the Duo's OS. Microsoft took the approach of building something that would be considered base Android, even to the point of sharing and/or collaborating on the dual screen libraries. It would seem, in order for anything to advance, it would require both parties to be in sync - if they plan to stay with the initial approach. That being said, I know they have failed to deliver the monthly updates as promised, but I honestly am glad they have pushed updates this frequently, and I give them some credit for having the gumption to say and try to put out monthly updates.
  • This is good news, but we'll have to see. I'm good with the last update that was just pushed to my AT&T device just this week.
  • That's pretty much the timeline I was expecting when I purchased my Duo on day one. Makes sense to me.
  • Interesting. Just got Android 11 on my somewhat old Note10 - but it's a much bigger deal on a two-screen phone isn't it?
  • Plus, it's Microsoft's first Android device, so they're not exactly experienced in delivering major OS updates.
  • Yeah I don't think I'd mind all that much if I were a Duo buyer. It's part of the first-gen experience.
  • Does any know what Android 11 will bring to Duo? I mean something special. Or is it the same stuff as in the Android 11 review referenced in the article? (Which I haven't read, but will.) Afterall, Android 11 has been out for months, and many of you have used it. It's not an unknown thing. But what's special to Duo? See what I'm getting at?
  • I think Android 11 has done more optimizations for dual screen and foldable devices than the ones in Android 10
  • I hear you. But what does that mean? How will the Duo change? I simply haven't seen that. And I read the review article about Android 11: the changes are fairly minor. I hope of course for changes under the hood that will help Duo, but I've never read anything about that. If anyone has a link to known improvements for Duo with Android 11, please post a link.
  • Well, given they released their SD855 phone over a year after the SoC was released, it makes sense they'd be nearly a year late on pushing Android 11 as well... In reality, they probably have a pretty unique set of things they need to test with Android 11, as the only device of its kind on the market. On top of that, they probably have a pretty small mobile team (relative to established OEMs), so even the same testing and validation probably takes longer than it does for a mainstream device.
  • Then again they ONLY have the one DUO to test. Two models only differing in storage. No premium and low cost builds, no foldable and not, no earlier models to support.
  • I wanna know about the Duo 2 in this year. Im starting to lose my hope.
  • Update on this? its past half year, so will we be waiting for the Surface Duo 2 to release with Android 11, before the Surface Duo will get it?.