Microsoft finalizes 1GB day one Windows 10 patch

Microsoft has not only been fairly open when it comes to Windows development, but the company has also been working hard to ensure the entire experience is bug-free. A sizeable day one patch for Windows 10 has been finalized, weighing in at over 1GB. It's expected this build will address multiple reported issues.

The build number reads 10240.16405.150725-1815.th1, and should roll out to consumers today while upgrading. Those of you who may be moving to Windows 10, the day one patch should download alongside the main OS files, which will update your installation to 10240.16405 by the time you finally reach the new desktop.

While the patch is clearly massive, it's worth noting that it's still early days for Windows 10 in the public domain and other issues may still need fixing. The good news from this patch is Microsoft is taking the user experience seriously to prevent another Windows 8-styled backlash.

Here are the compressed update files, should you be interested in downloading them:

Source: WinBeta

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • rip
  • Take on me. Take me up!
  • Oh, How much data will it download over all then? 1gb + _ ?
  • 1GB? That's almost nothing
  • 1/3 of the Win10 ISO file :O
  • Yes, but so many things can go wrong with such a large install. Everything is working great for me so far. Remember I said, "So Far"!
  • Right now, my pc is downloading 2,699 MB total. Running Windows 8.1 Update
  • It's not a 1GB download for the patch. The file is compressed. The 64 bit download was only 310MB.
  • The entire windows 10 $windows.~bt folder is around 5.02gb in least that's what it was in the morning..
  • I liked 8. But I like anything new. So lets like 10. :D
  • So happy im not upgrading straight away. But hope for a good start.
  • Same here. Personally I think the installer should have far more granular control also, so that one can uninstall all the bloody, the Bing apps and Cortana. Well onwards and upwards!
  • Seriously? You would uninstall Cortana, the flagship feature of windows 10? No, but really, it has come a long way since the days of WP 8.1 beta, but I guess if you really don't like it, that's personal preference.
  • It's well worth downloading its very fast, especially with the Intel I Core series love it.
  • Seriously. Amongst other things I own a hedge fund. No one here is going to be talking to their pc in the same way no one talks to siri. This is consumer facing. I am not getting a free upgrade on any device I own, it'll be the Enterprise license. On that license what point is there for all the bing, msft Cortana bloat. The review Daniel put out even mentioned this fact: This is consumer fluff. There are pa's that do the job. I don't need weather rubbish or entertainment news (wtf?) so what do any of these apps actually do? What I want, need and love is the w10 ui, stability and frankly AWESOME memory management. And all the security and embedded reliability this update brings. All that gimmicky stuff should be able to be removed during install, not after. Anyway, my it guy is talking to msft about a pre configured installer we can create for deployment. Not my problem. We're, in fact no one I know, is installing w10 for a while anyway, we want to see how it is in the wild, though we've played with the tp on a vm environment for a while but there are issues with the brokerage sw and the like. Anyway, Cortana isn't a flagship feature. It's consumerist fluff. A gimmick. If you have a need for it cool, but, just like siri, this is effectively a data mining tool and you only need to read Bloomberg or the ft to see how people, in the last few months, have reacted to it. Just like with siri. There's no place for that in a work environment, well no magic circle firm anyway. But it's for consumers to enjoy so enjoy.
  • Not sure what your concern is. It sounds like you just need an SOE image and a deployment Server and thanks for coming. The tools and processes for this has been around for at least 20 years for businesses so it's nothing new or different this time around. In fact I'm doing just that at the company I'm at. Cortana however we are leaving in because of what she brings and will bring based on the roadmap. The efficiencies are to great for companies to just write it off as another Siri when for business it couldn't be further from reality.
  • You're installing windows 10 Enterprise? I thought August 1st was the date for that. How are you doing that? What tools are you using?
  • Hmm, stuck in the year 200?   Cortana is a bit of a Business Intelligence BI tool. I think she (or "it" for Daniel) even has or will have integration with Microsofts BI tool. Makes sense as that's how she/it works. Doesn't get more business than that. 
  • Only if it can be integrated and most financial systems wouldn't dare allow a parsing tool like this. Not without major caveats. I'm sure you can see why. So yes. Stuck in the year 200.
  • It seems like you have not worked with Cortana personally at all.  Cortana does not need to be talked to, it works just as well by issuing typed commands.  While there is a lot of consumer-facing features that Cortana has, there are some definite business case uses as well - which I believe will continue to grow. Contextual notifications are a big one, for example.  This is for reminders whether for personal or business.  Yes, most corporate environments have a calendaring system for meetings (more on that in a second), but not many will be able to remind you about something next time you are talking/emailing someone or allow you to set a reminder to "Remind me to check X while at site Y".  Having the mobile tool integrated with this is where the advantage is, because you just type the reminder into Cortana when you think of it, then continue on with your work. The search and notifications will expand with the integration with Microsoft Office upcoming.  That will help with additional notifications and functions.  One thing that I like now, though, is if I have a scheduled appointment or meeting at a remote location, it will monitor and alert me that traffic is backing up and I better leave to make it on time.  I am sure that will continue to grow. Cortana is there to make searching and some tasks easier.  The fact that it gets constantly upgraded, whether the local files or the server back-end, means that the usefulness continues to improve. I have a feeling that Microsoft will be tying it into their enterprise products as well, allowing it to search corporate knowledgebases for answers, etc. It is already designed to do a multiple-information source search when looking for ansers, including looking at your locally indexed files. Within the next year to two I can see Cortana taking a big role in the Enterprise.  
  • Interesting write up and thanks for the well measured response. I've used Cortana extensively (I'm aware you can type commands thanks) and have personally found no need for her - and yes we field pim and I have a pa that makes Jeeves look inadequate so find no use for Cortana at all. But that's it. I will revisit if there are changes but, frankly - and I can only talk about finance - Cortana isn't going anywhere yet. For a number of reasons not least that it's superfluous at the moment. I understand people are excited and I'm sure there are plenty of places Microsoft hopes to make inroads but metlife is out for now. On the 1st August we're getting w10 Enterprise licenses to play with, beyond our tp vm trials and I'm sure there will be some more thought on the subjects but if you or anyone have ever had finance experience I'm sure you know how that will go. There simply isn't a need. For now. But then that's just my use case. Anyway bring on August 1 so I can buy windows 10 Enterprise or pro and muck around some more! Oh and yup we have an extended xp deal with msft also, and I'm reliably informed our it chaps really wrung MSFT out when they tried to get that upgraded. Everyone's needs are different, I guess. Cest la vie.
  • @Byte Bingo!
  • Yes, The Flagship feature that is being touted in the 190 countries where Win10 is launching.. But Cortana only available in 3% of the Launched countries...
  • Yes I really don't like the idea MS knowing everyhing about my personal live.
  • I would assume everything is kept in your machine otherwise there really needs to be an option to kick it off!
  • Oh I would say keep Cortana for sure, she very quickly becomes a useful tool. Starts of simple with instructions on what time to leave to get to your appointments, complete with routes etc (Google now does the same I know) but when she starts to bring in data from Office 365 it starts to get interesting. Suddenly she is not only showing where you meeting is and how to get there but what files are associated your conversations and schedule cross overs with the other attendees and pretty soon she will be able to query data you have stored in Azure servers too. A personal assistant can do that...but I know for sure my manager won't be signing of that expense for me any time soon. And if you're not sure how that looks dump some data into Power BI web dashboard and start asking it questions. Personally I am exploring it's possible use as a method for relaying data from our systems to clients, let them use it as a front end to query our less sensative data. I dumped 2.5m lines of transactional data into it and was able to ask: "how many <<insert thing i was talking about here>> were sold during July 2013 in Australia, organised by retailer, platform and price as a table" and that is exactly what I got. I agree that the entertainment news etc is useless, however you can switch that off, but the more I have used it the more I see it may be more than a gimmick. And remember you do not need to speak to her, you can type the questions just as well 
  • I think that's the issue re what you've said and others above vis a vie Cortana and data querying - it'll never be integrated into the financial products we use. Every example given, like finding routes - cars have gps. Honestly, no use for Cortana. And to the chap above saying specified deployments exist, being able to remove modules like Cortana and all the bing app guff, well we'll see August 1st when windows 10 Enterprise and pro go live. But parsing data held in azure - we use proprietary closed systems designed specifically. Our - my - data doesn't leave our sight. No financial institution would do this. That is insane. Really.
  • @Poirits Perhaps never for you but I'm sure MSFT will be using Cortana's potential to curate products for the major banking/financial institutions of the world, that also happen to be some of its biggest customers...
  • Hmmm funny you mention that because xp needs to keep chugging along for the next couple of years - so yes msft services customers. You know what, I don't think any of you know what you're talking about and I'm not sure you know what azure is, our how it can be used (ie for marketing amongst other things) and when it comes to Cortana I don't think any of you have read the agreement you have to accept to enable it. Go look at the azure case studies - their favoured partners - and find just one magic circle or top ten bank. There aren't any. Now look here - you're all excited and Cortana has its uses but there is a reason investment firms and banks spend inordinate amounts of money on their infrastructure. Security, privacy and the extremely confidential nature of their money and Intel along with the need for no exposure surfaces precludes these institutions from going deep integration. By their very nature this can't happen, from the bottom to the top segregation is required because, heaven forbid, an audit is a pain. None of you seem to grasp the basics here. Instead you keep bleating like a sycophantic load of MSFT paid shills. You lot work for them? You lot sound like you came over from crackberry. Sad. But keep telling yourself Cortana is your wife or whatever insanity is going on here. Companies build their own infrastructure - small and large - for a reason people. Anyway, this is done, one can't have a conversation with people that can't be bothered to look up or understand how a specific industry and set of circumstances work. Wen in whatever.
  • They're working harder than ever..
  • Agreed
  • For someone upgrading why not just make this the version they install, instead of having to install 10240, and then apply the patch? Will Windows ever get Delta updates so that they can decrease the size of updates and also hopefully get around constant reboots?
  • I guess that would make it a new build, and 10240 is already RTM.
  • Depending on how you upgrade that is exactly how it'll work. As for delta updates, I'm pretty certain Windows has supported this for the past 10-15 years.
  • It has supported delta updates - then when they get a load they used to roll them up into a Service Pack. This is just the same sort of thing - so your installing all the updates at once rather than having to update / restart forever
  • Read the text again. That's exactly what happens. The patch is slipstreamed into the install when you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8/8.1.
  • My surface and laptop are ready for it!
  • My laptopS are, as well !!
  • My PCs are
  • so's my phone. oh, wait...
  • My Surface died during a refresh and I had to use a boot media to rescue it... BUT IT'S WORKING NOW!  
  • My IMac is ready Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you even Microsoft, bro? :P
  • Surface 3 seems to have some nags still but they should get sorted out.
  • Seems like they're putting a lot of work into this
  • I'm on build 10240 from India, n I don't see any updates, can anybody help me??
  • you already have all the updates installed , this is for users which havnt been on technical preview .
  • I m in India but not an insider. Just updated windows 10 on my dell laptop. I am not able to open setting on my pc. Anyone facing same problem?
  • Best practice is to wait for 6 months after release before upgrading. After all it's not like W10 si all that different from W8. If you are capable you can do work in W8 too.
  • That really doesn't answer his question at all
  • my guess is some installation files must have gotten corrupted during download or there might be some app conflicts. i would suggest you to create a new local adminsitrator account from control panel and login to it. then delete the old account which has microsoft account attached to it and create it a fresh. you will have all the apps and settings since it has been synced with cloud. just make sure you backup documents and download in your account!!!!
  • When in India - it seems faster.
  • Maybe read the article, then you would know.
  • This will be an interesting 1GB update.   Can't wait till it hits now, but getting ready to reinstall again from the ISO.
  • Then for those (insiders) who already have the RTM build? Would they have to download it through WU?
  • Yes, this was listed as a security update. It came out on 7/27. Just check your update history.
  • Yup. We were already ahead of the curve :D
  • Ok, so us insiders have nothing to download today? I kind of expected a larger update to the build.
  • Would love to download this but I'm stuck on build 10074 and no progress updating
  • you are missing out on a lot of things.... find a way... upgrade.
  • Stop all windows update services , delete all windows update catalog / files from windows update folder , restart PC and try again. Google how to reset windows update , you can do that in command prompt series of commands/
  • You stuck on wrong Branch tree. I was too, this will fix it:
  • If the above don't work, download the ISO and upgrade :) they are officially available now. Check the post in windows central.
  • Just be careful I was stuck on 10074, had too move too 10130 nightmare it went through the motions, even restarted then stuck at loading screen had to restore 4times that happened killed my laptop. So double check
  • Download the ISO.
  • Better safe than sorry.
  • Anyone know if installing from the USB media available from Microsoft grabs the product key automatically from the original surface pro? Or do I have to recover the key somehow?
  • It is always safe to have product key in hand
  • If it works like windows 8 media which I believe, hope it does then yes.  I will be installing soon from this and i'll update what happens.
  • Another friend commented in other post that installing via ISO didnt even ask for the product key.. installation was smooth.
  • Where does one get the final ISO?
  • 1GB
  • I eat 1GB for breakfast
  • Can Windows Central please make an artical on what exactly should happend with people already on the insiders program and have 10240. What should we expect, a normal build update, a patch, whatever, i saw this question in various places. Insiders seems to no be able to figure it out by themselfs, and sure includes me.
  • Nothing as far as I've seen. We've already been pushed to RTM (10240) and have the day one patches already installed if you've kept your system up to date over the past few days. So sit back and enjoy :D
  • In a recent Windows Blog Post, it talks about Insiders and how they have already received the RTM which is Build 10240 with the Security Updates.
  • I was actually kind of disappointed this morning when I found out there is nothing new for me because as an insider I already was up to date.
  • This was clear on the last blog post on Windows Blog:
    Thank you to our Windows Insiders for helping us build Windows 10. If you’re a Windows Insider and running build 10240 – you already have the Windows 10 we are making available today
  • The ones with RTM build can we get this or it's from another windows only?
  • We already have it.
  • So does this add copy/paste in command line?
  • Yes but you have to disable Legacy mode inside the CMD settings (and reboot).
  • Where does 1Gb coem from? The x64 download is 310Mb and the x86 151Mb. Is there more to download after this? If you have more than a couple of PC's to update it would be far easier to have a fully offline patch file. Also, do we know if the ISO's are pre-patched or do they need the update too?
  • the update packages can expand to 1GB during installation. The source files -as you mention- are not 1GB. Concerning the ISO, I have no idea
  • Did anyone find bugs in 10240?
  • I have different problems on my PC and SP3 that were updated to 10240 during. I guess I have to make clean install and give it another try
  • The system is a lot more stable. The only headache I have is the apps compatibility. Many of them apps don't function properly and also some store apps are a bit incompatible. Else, the system does look good. But yeah, it can be a lot smoother. And MS will do that I'm sure.
  • Rinsing my limited bandwidth this month :( I only get 50gb, damn!
  • Whoa. One of my XB1's use 3-4 times your entire quota every month?! That is crazy.
  • Yeah, it sucks! Fortunately I'm unlimited at home but in the office we have no choice so got super fast double speed 4G but limited to just 50gb :( Thinking of getting another sim to save us going over all the time but seems crazy to be paying almost £100/month.
  • 50gb is awesome for 4G quota, why are you using 4G data for office, it should be Broadband bussiness/Leased line. Also, you can have some patience and download stuff at your home if such stuff is banned at the office.
  • It's a warehouse with office upstairs, the only fixed option is 2mb/s connection with BT, it's shocking and twice as expensive! Really weird as we're in an industrial estate in the capital city, but I guess BT can make more money from wiring up houses in the here than businesses. EDIT: Nothing banned, there's only 7 of us here and I'm in charge, it's just a pain in the arse constantly watching bandwidth usage.
  • Just download at home then, by BT i think you are in UK, 2mb/s is a shocking option for a UK industrial area as UK is a rich country, I am in India on a 50mb/s line, hope you guys get new line/fibre by BT.
  • I have downloaded Media*** app from Microsoft & opted for Upgrade rather than clean install.
    My download is now at 40%.
    Will this new patch be included in it? Or another 1Gb required?
    & Where this downloaded data stored?
  • this patch is downloaded during your upgrade process!!!! and the download sizei of this patch is only ~300mb for 64 bit and ~150mb for 32 bit!!!!
  • Those on the insider program may have already downloaded/installed this two days ago. Those doing clean install will most likely need to download it after installation (doubt it is bundled into the ISO), but the download file size is fairly small at just over 300 mb.
  • I have updated to win10 this morning.It was around 2500mb . .. Do I have to update again this 1gb?? Please reply
  • This update is just around 250-300mb. The source files aren't a GB. So just download it and enjoy
  • Can somone please tell me where the hell the new Windows 10 Startup Sound is and where the boot animation is???
  • so when I woke up this morning there was a message in Notifications saying that there was an update that needed to reset my computer again. I clicked on it, and there was nothing... very confused this morning.
  • Wohaa! Any improvements noted by anyone?
  • Seems faster
  • 2 machines, 2 failures I think it needs more work..
  • Very final build number after all the updates is not the same as what you have in the final build number is 10240.16393.amd64fre.th1_st1.150717-1719
  • Where do you see it?
  • I found it in the registry editor at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
  • Thank you, we have the same numbers.
  • Mine is the same as yours. My SP3 is up-to-date as of 6:30 this morning (local time, about 3 and a half hours ago).
  • Same numbers here...Where is WC getting 10240.16405 numbers from??
  • Same here
  • I already have this installed before
  • It's encouraging knowing that it's all evolving. Things that bug me might be improved over time. After all those MS workers take a break, they can get busy fine tuning any reviewing some things (I.e. that left hand corner mess).
  • Security patch?  I don't think that is the only thing contained in this download. Probably a good bit of this are enhancements to the OS and I have no problem with that.
  • Yes, every one of these recent security patches has also included undisclosed non-security bug fixes.
  • Still can't sign into a Microsoft Account from a domain user account despite the RTM release + numerous patches.
  • Wen in WSUS?
  • Wen RSAT?
  • Wen ENGLISH?
  • Surprised the patch never hit Insiders first.  Perhaps because they temporarily suspended it?
  • Insiders got the patch on 7/27.
  • What does the patch fix?
  • ,.
  • Whatever. I'm not upgrading from 8.1 to 10 for at least a few weeks or even more than a month. Perhaps not even until November 2015.
  • Why did I just get this article as a newsletter on May 12, 2016?