Microsoft finalizes 1GB day one Windows 10 patch

Microsoft has not only been fairly open when it comes to Windows development, but the company has also been working hard to ensure the entire experience is bug-free. A sizeable day one patch for Windows 10 has been finalized, weighing in at over 1GB. It's expected this build will address multiple reported issues.

The build number reads 10240.16405.150725-1815.th1, and should roll out to consumers today while upgrading. Those of you who may be moving to Windows 10, the day one patch should download alongside the main OS files, which will update your installation to 10240.16405 by the time you finally reach the new desktop.

While the patch is clearly massive, it's worth noting that it's still early days for Windows 10 in the public domain and other issues may still need fixing. The good news from this patch is Microsoft is taking the user experience seriously to prevent another Windows 8-styled backlash.

Here are the compressed update files, should you be interested in downloading them:

Source: WinBeta

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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