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Microsoft finally revealed (sort of) how many Lumia phones it sold in Q2 2016

A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has finally offered a way to figure out how many Lumia smartphones Microsoft sold in its last fiscal quarter, from April to June 2016.

For the past couple of years, Microsoft mentioned just how many Lumia devices it had sold during its regular quarterly financial results. However, it did not offer any specifics on that part of its business when it reported its fourth quarter 2016 fiscal year results last week.

Today's filing with the SEC did give a clue to that number, however:

Phone revenue decreased $4.2 billion or 56%, as we sold 13.8 million Microsoft Lumia ("Lumia") phones and 75.5 million other phones in fiscal year 2016, compared with 36.8 million and 126.8 million sold, respectively, in fiscal year 2015

We know from past reports that Microsoft sold 5.8 million Lumia phones in the first quarter of its 2016 fiscal year, followed by 4.5 million in the second quarter and just 2.3 million in the third quarter. Through simple subtraction, it appears Microsoft sold approximately 1.2 million Lumia phones in its final quarter of its 2016 fiscal year (which is the second quarter of the regular calendar year).

Obviously, that's the lowest quarterly number we have seen yet from that division but it's also not much of a surprise as Microsoft has done little to promote its latest Lumia smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile. That number will likely continue to drop while the company retrenches on the mobile hardware side.

  • I love my Lumia 950 XL and my wife loves hers as well. Solid product. We were hardcore iPhone users for years. The app gap will get smaller as time continues and then these phones will shine. Stay the course.
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  • I enjoy my 950 as well.. Me, only personally missing a small amount of apps... Just need apps, apps, apps, and that's it... But, they are still very satisfactory for everyday use, so I don't see the point in laughing at someone who likes their device.... Also, pointless to laugh because he has hope. If he likes his phone can you blame him to hope things get bette❓❓❓❓
  • @rodneyej - I'm surprised you went for the 950! I have a 950 too but I thought you'd go for the XL for sure
  • Blame ATT
  • Same here 950 on AT&T love it. 3 all together, my wife,bro,myself.
  • Look I like my windows mobile tooo... but the point is the absurd statement that app gap is closing when its proabbly the farthest yet.. with microsoft own apps being updated are made exclusive to other platform.. 
  • I have to disagree. The app gap is definitely closing and when you consider the top 10 main apps used across all platforms, there are MS apps or 3rd party alternatives for most of them. With the heavy investment in the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and the acquisition of Xamarin, Microsoft has positioned themselves to squash the app gap argument.Exciting things are coming...
  • App gap in terms of practical and top N ... not the mindless number of worthless apps. Let's be as reasonable as we can be.
  • Love my 950 too. It's nearly the perfect phone for me. I can of course understand why many would not use one due to limited app availability, but other than that it's very solid. As for apps, I personally have everything I need.
  •   I'm there with you guys too...I have a 950 xl, with leather mozo back....I flippin love it!  All these snarky "LOL" and "windows mobile is dead" comments do nothing to phase my enjoyment of the phone/platform.       
  • I have a 950 and think it is pathetic.  I liked my One M8, but think that both in terms of hardware and software the 950 represents a pretty big step backwards.  W10M, in particular, is just plain unpleasant to use. The browser stinks.  The camera stinks*. The battery life is mediocre, at best.  It is slow and laggy.  Core features, like text messaging and corporate WiFi and voice to text, are unreliable.  Bluetooth audio stutters.  The swipe typing has terrible word recognition.  And both the hardware and software are ugly, ugly, ugly -- which is an absolute shame since WP was so darned beautiful.  It's just not a good phone running a lousy OS. The app chasm was always there (but is maybe getting worse), but at least earlier versions of WP were differentiated by their fantastic reliability and one-handed ease of use.  The typing experience on W8.1 was first rate, but MS has messed something up in W10, in that resepct. I really do wonder who these satisfied customers are.  What is it that people like about the 950?   *The actual optics and sensor are first rate, meaning that when the L950 takes a nice picture, it is a really nice picture.  But it often takes a long time to focus, thus causing me to miss my shot, and many core features like panorama are missing (I know it's coming back but it's been months of living without).  Ironically, the much worse sensor on my One M8 took many better shots than my 950 because I'd push the button and the picture would take instantly.  Speed is probably the most important thing in a camera and the 950 just doesn't have it.
  • Im running a 950, on insider fast build, and have no such issues. It's fast, fluid, great battery life, camera wipes the floor with every other phone on the market, including my wifes iPhone 6, my brother in laws LG V10, and my cousins SGS6. We will all be standing taking the same exact photo, and my photo will always be best.
  • That's good news.  Maybe the Anniversary Update will help with the camera issues.  I just took the plunge and updated to the Insider Build last night.  Haven't taken any pictures, yet.  That said, I'm considering a switch to Android (have a new phone arriving today) so it may not matter, for me. The Mrs., who will likely inherit my phone, my appreciate it, though.
  • Which Android phone? There are only a few I would consider switching to should W10 Mobile not progress - I has a Galaxy S3 before switching to Lumia Icon, and bow 950. I would never go iphone, too many restrictions (even though 95% of my friends and family have iphones. I am considering getting a used Nexus that will live in my car for Android Auto. I just like the UI of Windows 10 so much more than Android. I originally switched because I just couldn't handle the lagginess and daily crashing of Android, which doesn't really happen anymore. Now I have a Surface Pro and 950, and they just complement each other so well......except for that damn app gap that is.
  • I ordered the BlackBerry PRIV for $300 from DailySteals.  I think the deal is over now, though, but considering it's selling for $650 on AT&T, I thought that was a good place to start.  It's apparently been updated to Marshmallow so I'll be able to test the latest-and-greatest on Android vs. the latest-and-greatest on W10M. I think my first thing to do will be to download the entire suite of MS apps for Android and see how they compare to the same apps on W10M.  I hate Google, but I'm pretty sure if I opt out of everything I can find and use alternatives for as many built in programs as I can find, I can keep them mostly off of my device.
  • Camera's going to be worse on Priv. I've read the performance isn't great either- stuttery. The SD808 is a dud, more so when it's powering a QHD display.
    That being said, BB's software is excellent and security updates are instant. Plus there's hardware keyboard for those who like it. One thing you'll definitely love on Android is how stable the Windows Central app is. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Camera (which looks pretty good, if not L950 good) and keyboard (yay!) asside, it looks to me like the PRIV and my current L950 are virtually identically specced phones (,BlackBerry-...), so if the SD808 is a dud, it's the same dud I've got now. I plan on doing some side-by-side performance testing since its almost a perfect 1 to 1.  I'll post my thoughts in the forums.
  • Can you post a vid showing the difference between the two. Thanks
  • Nase, the Droid phone of choice will of course be whatever Nokia come up with. If it beats the Surface phone, I'm going to be very torn.
  • So in conclusion, the 950 is probably not the right phone for you.
  • Why are you wasting your time with a 950 then? Why are you assuming everyone has your bugs?  
  • > Why are you wasting your time with a 950 then? New phone (PRIV) arriving today.  We'll see how that goes. > Why are you assuming everyone has your bugs? Because they do!  That's how running the same software on the same hardware works.
  • Lol. Do you even get what you say? Not everyone has the same software build as much as not everyone has the same hardware build. So you're completely wrong on that. 
  • I suppose you could be on an Insider Build but no, the way W10 works is everyone is on the latest all the time. And other than single vs. dual SIM, and minor differences in CPU, it's all the same hardware, too. I have three L950s and one L950XL in the family.  One AT&T-branded and the rest unlocked.  And they all behave exactly the same way.  As they should, since they are the same, and that's how computers work.
  • I am and you shoud too be on the latest cumulative build availlable. Minor differences is still differences. I'm talking about hw revisions. Look at the 535 for example. Some had really serious touch problems, some not. It all went down to who had what hw revision. If there's something my >20 years of developyng software teached me is that no hardware behaves exactly the same way.
  • > If there's something my >20 years of developyng software teached me is that no hardware behaves exactly the same way.   Funny, I too have been developing software for decades and have the exact opposite conclusion.  When something doesn't work right, either the hardware is defective or, 99.999% of the time, it's something I did wrong in the code.  Well-working hardware does not behave differently when running the same software.  That's the way computers are. But, be that as it may, I assure you with absolute confidence that the issues I am describing are endemic to W10M, and they happen on every W10M device, regardless of "minor differences" in hardware -- except those complaints that are explicitly about hardware (such as the aesthetics of the L950 devices, which look like developer devices not meant to be used in the real world). The quality of the browser, the word recognition when swiping, the lagginess, etc., are all just the way W10M works, or, rather, doesn't work.
  • > Well-working hardware does not behave differently when running the same software But that's just the case here. Some firmware's hardware may have a bug or two but not all. That's because some are experiencing some bugs and other aren't. If you're not happy with your experience you should use your products warranty.
    Of course some "issues" are hardware independent. I think the browser now is way better, I haven't a single issue with word recognition, lag on a 808/810? well, I don't see it on my good old S4 running redstone. Speed, the most important thing in a camera, really? Do you need to do a quick shot of a landscape for example? and is it that slow?
  • I have a 950 and 950XL. I use my phone literally all day. Have NEVER experienced the plethora of issues that you have. I will say that shape writing doesn't pick up longer/more intricate words, but total breaths of fresh air. W10 mobile is uglier than WP8... Well, aesthetics will always be subjective, but wow... Can't say that I've heard that being there overall consensus. Maybe switching to Apple or Google's offerings are best for you; you don't seem satisfied or happy with Microsoft's. Sometimes it's better to just leave the platform until it can do something for you. No need in living life with world's worst phone. You know?
  • I remember when 8.1 1st came out apps were crashing battery life sucked and everyone was complaining how bad it was. I have 3 950's my Wife,Bro, myself we love them best phone yet, I came from a 1020 and I loved that phone.
    But the 950 so much better.
    And u gotta give MSFT credit they did something no ones ever done before, one OS for all devices, that's not an easy task.
    And as far as the UWP those Apps keep coming all the time more & more which I didn't think would happen, I was wrong. But I think there are some Apps we'll never see, because the developer hates MSFT.
  • You know. My family has owned (owned + replaced) a total of 4 Lumia 950s. We have two of them still in use.  I have participated in preview programs and withdrawn. I am also not a light user or amateur tech person.  I have to say that I have experienced ALL of the problems one poster "x I'm Tc" described here on ALL of the 950s.  Still, we love Windows 10 Mobile, we just wish we had a better experience.  We've owned 640s, 830s, 920s, 1520s, One M8, Titan, Titan II, Quantum, and Focus. We like the 950. But the most solid experience was the 1520.  We like the 950 for only one reason: it was built to run Windows 10 Mobile.
  • sounds like you might have a faulty L950. Have you tried exchanging it? I don't have the 950 but I have the 950xl and love it.
  • Oh, so you're not in the Insider program. I have the 950 as well and while It's not my absolute favorite phone, it's not as bad as yours seems to be. Panorama is here and in my honest opinion, it's good. My gripe with the keyboard is predictive text. Oftentimes hit or miss. Bluetooth is working better in the build I'm using
  • Look I like my windows mobile tooo... but the point is the absurd statement that app gap is closing when its proabbly the farthest yet.. with microsoft own apps being updated are made exclusive to other platform.. 
  • Jajajaja
  • The denial is real.
  • I know, isn't it horrible how he and his wife enjoy their phones? They shouldn't be allowed to do that, they must be forced to like iPhones and Android phones, and those phones only. How dare they choose something else, the nerve of these people! Let's run them out of society, shun them and mock them for their decisions to dare think differently.
  • Lol. It's too rude, dude.
  • My issue isn't with the early part of his statement its with the later part. Stop projecting your insecurities. Why would I say someone who enjoys a particular product is in denial? If you took a moment to engage your grey matter you'd easily identify that the denial is in regards to his optimism for the platform. Engage brain not ar$e please.
  • I think you are projecting your insecurities. Deciding that someone who like his phone and remains hopeful that more apps become available need to be mocked for that. If someone goes to an Apple web site and talks about the low numbers that Mac sells compared to Windows computers, we see comments such as "who are you to decide how I spend my money?" And they are justifiably right to say that. But who the hell are you to decide that this person, who enjoys his phone, and his wife too, needs to be mocked over his decision? Why does your hatred of WP mean that he and his wife need to be mocked for it? And, of course, that means that I need to be attacked for not "engaging my grey matter" perhaps I did think about it, and WP is better for me than the alternatives. Truth be told, I have thought of switching to iPhone, but it is people like you, and your smug, condescending attitude that make me not do it, because I don't want to be like one of you pathetic people who want to decide for everyone what is the best and look down upon them for deciding what is best for them.
  • Oops, I don't use an iPhone. I use a Microsoft phone. Love the company you keep lowbrow.
  • He had you now calm down.
  • youwwould make a good apple guy htough...oh we think differnet badnwagon...except you dont... thepoint here is al thel ols are aimed at the whole app gap is closingwhen its farthest fro mthe truth...none of it is aimed at loving windows device..evenwthhout the apps i like my wm device...both of them  but doesnt change reality that the apps ecosystem s u kk s!
  • Is your denial on their satisfaction with Lumia so real it makes your eyes bulged?
  • I don't have an issue with their satisfaction. Perhaps if you read the rest of his post your note the misplaced optimism on the platforms future he expresses. I myself use the 950xl as my daily driver. I do have a Note 5 but at the moment its my secondary.
    Windows 10 for mobile though is a failure overall. Cognitive dissonance is what leads people to say otherwise.
  •   This comment is really stupid and let me say why. It assumes a static market in which Android will always win, iPhone will always be second, and Windows on mobile will always continue to shrink and become non-existent. That assumption is easy to dismiss and is based on ignorance, hence, why your comment is stupid. A few years ago, Windows on tablets was a non-starter. Every one stated that MS should give up trying. Then Surface came along. Sure, it took a while, but now Windows tablets and 2-in-1's (tablets with attachable keyboards) are the only ones growing, keeping the tablet market from free falling. Surface is now a multi-billion dollar brand. If it's properly leveraged for mobile, which I think it will, then we may well see a renaisance there as well. What will be the key for MS is how many UWP apps they manage to get in the store. Everytime I turn around more and more show up there, including some long time classics from iOS. So do yourself and us a favor and take your attitdude and keep it to yourself. Those of us who hope MS will turn things around next year, would like the opportunity to wait and see how things go before the Nostradomuses of the world declare its total failure.
  • Sorry buddy, but the difference in your example is that MS had continually pushed to make its software better, update those devices to the latest Windows version (excluding RT) and continues to release better Hardware and big marketing push... They have not done a single this on WP front... They have left it to die and the only promise they have given is that they might return to address it...
  • Microsoft tablet sales are still quite small. They aren't selling tablets either, they are really laptops that can convert. The experience is quite poor when used as a tablet. These devices are replacing laptops and work best when used as a laptop. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Zzzzzzz....and yet the smartphone market share keeps shrinking. Which is what the post is about, as is the OP, as is my response. You can ******* the Surface team in the next room please. My points, perhaps stupid, carry more sense than your irrelevant and off topic rebuttal. Zzzzzz.
  • No, cognitive dissonance is when people like yourself continue to use a platform that you believe sucks and has no future, and then venting that frustration at people who are satisfied with their experience. Seriously, you're looking very unstable when you do that.
  • It isn't frustration its the truth. Why you heff to be mad? When I feel frustrated I switch to my Samsung device. I too appreciate the aesthetics of Windows Phone. However it has no future.
  • One man's "trash" is another's treasure. Window's "failure" is an opinion of yours and it's perfectly fine. However, to emphatically say that for someone to think otherwise is cognitive dissonance is beyond ignorant. You would have to know what each persons' idea of success of the platform is in order to begin to proclaim that. Let people enjoy what they enjoy because they enjoy it. Oddly disillusioned or perfectly informed... Let them sans the persecution.
  • Lol
  • I really enjoy my Lumia 950 XL too when it's not crashing (happens less often now) but I've been saying what you're saying since I got a 920 on release day... then a 930 on release day. I've converted almost my entire family to Windows Phone/Mobile and I'm still waiting for the day when software developers think it's a viable platform. Microsoft killing off their mobile division isn't helping.
  • If you like them, great! No one who is disatisfied should "stay the course" however.
  • Exactly. Reassuring people that it will "get better" is disingenuous and misguided.
  • *disingenous ;)
  • Thanks :)
  • Dude, you're an idiot.. it's been doing exactly that, GETTING BETTER... to think that all of a sudden it will get worse shows the YOU don't engage your brain... so please, for us all here in the forums, SHUT UP!!
  • This article is about how it is getting worse, not better. OEMs are not picking up the slack like Microsoft had hoped. Getting them onboard now is going to be really tough. Do you really think there will be a path forward next year? Microsoft will have to manufacture and market their own devices. They will need something truly revolutionary to gain any momentum, and even then it will be tough. Next year they will likely kill development of Windows Mobile knowing this. They just don't have a path forward. Enterprise isn't the answer. If Windows phones are so great for business, why do they have almost no penetration in to even that market? Why is that suddenly going to change? If they do see some sales in enterprise, the past shows that people will just become frustrated with the devices and sales will tank again. Consumers certainly aren't going to start buying them after experiencing them at work. How many 520 buyers went out and bought another Windows phone? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This isn't a forum.
    Sales aren't getting better.
    Did you read the article?
  • I agree.....the course for them is IOS or Android at the moment.....and they may be happier of they just.....left, instead of moping around here feeling dismayed that people actually do like Windows Mobile and "the Course"
  • Frankly the app gap would largely be a non issue if websites were properly optimised for mobile, which more and more are becoming every day
  • But then WM STILL falls behind because of the buggy and weak Edge
  • Lol
  • You don't deserve 2 negative marks...Edge is still buggle for me and often not compatable with some sites. Trust me, on the PC, would rather use it than the battery sucking Chrome. 
  • Really ???? I cannot believe people up vote this, The app gap is a problem because there are no websites. Should my Sonos be running a website? my Wemo smart plugs? Don't think so. The App Gap is real and getting bigger. With people stuck on WP 8 (not everyone knows about or cares to join the insiders program) They are actual seeing apps disappear.
  • That's a good number considering they launched just lumia 950 and xl. Very good number I guess.
  • No, not really.. At least not relatively good.. I mean Apple launch the exact same amount of devices, and sold that much in Minutes.. It took MS 3 quarters to do that... Not downing, just being realistic.
  • Sorry, I got it wrong.
  • Lol.. Ok
  • And 550, and 650. And still selling 640 XL and 640 in many countries. Those 2 alone are probably half the total volume.
  • Yeah, I'm really starting to like my 950 too.
  • there's not much reason to not like it,just getting better and better
  • Depends. I don't like the creaking of my 950's chassis or the display that has developed something that looks like permanent finger print marks in the upper-left. That, and the thing gets pretty toasty under load, and the new keyboard is considerably worse than its predecessor (I did swipe-based texting almost exclusively on my 920, but only do it about 30% of the time now because it is constantly wrong). Still, it is a respectable upgrade, even if it took 3 years to replace the 920 on AT&T. The battery life is solid, the weight is decent (I'd prefer a but more heft), and the display looks good. It's basically a fine phone, but somewhat disappointing after the 920 was actually the best phone in its class at launch. The 950, against the competition, is ho-hum, at best.
  • Yes! Me and the missus are one the same boat. thouroughly enjoy owning it and to be fair (with banking as an exception) the app gap hasn't bothered either of us.
  • LOL
  • For me the app gap is not an issue. I have used windows mobiles for quite a few years now even in the wimo days. For me the best phone I ever had was the HTC Titan/HD2 and last year I decided I wanted a change and got an LG G4 it was a nice phone but I did not take to android and still did not find my self using apps on it to as I fond the web sites better to use. Then MS showed off the 950XL so I sold my G4 and go this phone and for me it beats the titan and HD2 to being the best phone I've had. People make out about the app gap but everyone I have talked to who say they are sick of ios but think android is to complex have moved to the 950 or xl even with me telling them about the lack of apps and not one has come back and complained they all love the phone and what it offers. I just hope more people try and give it a chance as for me Wm is the best so on the market it just needs other 3rd party's to help push it.
  • Lol.
  • Keep telling yourself that.
  • And I love my Lumia 650.... NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY. And I also have all the apps i need. I don't see any app gap honestly. 26 games and 136 apps... :D And there is no bloody lag.
  • I love my 950XL also. I think windows 10 mobile is so much nicer than android or iOS. Those operating systems are like children's toys in comparison. If only we got a little more respect.
  • Especially from Microsoft!  that would be awesome.  But when you get no Respect from the Company, CEO and lemming team that is developing you....its hard to get respect from others!
  • I bought the iPhone 6 plus loved it, but then i got bored with it and wanted to try windows, bought a used 1520 and never looked back. Now I have the Lumia 950 and I still Windows ( my son cracked my 1520).
  • I so wish I had your optimism... being a Verizon user and seeing a lot of apps not come to Windows Phone, I just can't see how it will get better. I'd be on a 950xl if it had been allowed on Verizon. 
  • I'm still surprised they sold that much though. Low is like 1000 phones. 
  • Mostly those numbers are of the KING 640
  • 1000 phones would be dead... One small enterprise Customer could gobble up that many... That could mean MS had only one Customer...
  • Thats close to the truth at this point....MS having one customer on mobile...
  • What this report reveals is actually low. 1000 phones roughly equates 0% market share. That'll mean the end of Windows phones altogether.
  • I still don't understand Microsoft's approach to mobile. They weren't doing that bad-- they were slowly but surely gaining ground, especially overseas, and then just...stopped trying. It's really hard to sell phones if you're not making any new ones.
  • The problem is you don't understand that Microsoft itself NEVER did that. The growth Windows Phone ever had was because it was the OS running on Nokia phones. The moment Nokia left, sales sunk harder than the Titanic. No one was buying the phones because of Microsoft or Windows Phone.
    And further proof of that is that Microsoft sold more than 3 times the number of Lumias in dumbphones carrying the Nokia brand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When Nokia came it just took over sales of existing OEMs. So it did NOTHING for WP. No market share increase, you can look at the statistics.
  • Are you delusional? Or can't you read numbers? Nokia WAS responsible for WP's market share increase. Next thing and you'll deny tge earth revolves around the sun... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Actually labsii is right. You are the one delusional djcbs.
  • Yes it would be nice if DJCBS would check the facts and stop spamming the site. Nokia partnership is the worst mobile decision Microsoft has ever made. On top of the things I said, Nokia earned most of the money by selling fairly good cheap phones in Europe, and if you want to earn money today you need to sell expensive phones in US and China because other than that there are only loses in the mobile industry. So Nokia's problem wasn't OS but that its target market turned from being profitable to being loss leader. Of course, it is silly how Microsoft today tries to undo its bad decisions like nothing has happened in the meantime. Even if OEMs can forget what they did they don't have the money today and things just can't be undone anymore.
  • DJCBS checked the facts. He just didn't read the "facts" that are fabricated by labsii delusional mind.
  •   I have kindly asked to you to read the facts. It isn't hard to find. But if it is a problem, go to Wikipedia's page about Windows Phone and check the section about market share for year 2011 (before Nokia) and 2012 (after Nokia). After that please post that Wikipedia is delusional, I believe that it will bring a lot of fun that we are missing here so badly.
  • I came to Windows Phone because of Nokia, I stayed with Windows Phone because I liked Windows Phone and Nokia hardware, I'm staying with Microsoft because I like Windows 10 Mobile and the Windows ecosystem. There was a time where I went wherever Nokia went, S40, Symbian, Meego, Windows Phone and more. I'm not following Nokia anymore as they left the OS that can power all device form factors for me and my family. For me and my family, it has never been about apps as all of Nokia's home grown OSes lacked apps compared to iOS and Android at times. Nokia got me into Windows Phone and Windows phone got me into the widest reaching ecosystem there is currently. For me and my family, that's more important than a handful of apps for one to two device types. I was sad, to get off at the bus stop and see Nokia drive away one last time but the Nokia I used to love is dead to me. It's like a girlfriend that is still alive but has changed so much that she isn't the person that you fell in love with. I wish them the best of success in the future but they left me. I don't blame them though, it is all business and as a company, Nokia needed to survive so I'm not mad, just disappointed in how they orchestrated their own phone business demise well before Windows Phone came into the picture. But hey, who am I, I'm just one guy with a family, not even a blimp on fiscal sales charts that would make a difference.
  • None of that makes sense. Microsoft moved the flagship from AT&T to.Verizon, where its peak was a shallow grave. MS never promoted anything on Nokia's level with the 920 line (which was heavily promoted by MS as well). People stopped buying because MS didn't produce elite devices like Nokia did. The 930 was so-so, the 830 was a joke, and the 1520 was niche. The 520, 820, and 1020 never got true successors under MS, so there was nothing to buy, unless you wanted a mix of underpowered and overpriced. That carried ok to the high prices of the 950 and 950 XL, IMO.
  • They didn't make successors to all those phones because they sold so poorly. Obviously it wasn't worth the effort. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The moment Nokia was BOUGHT by Microsoft (and they didn't just left) was the moment I bought my first Windows Phone :D (Not exactly, even a bit later, last October). And it was just because of Windows... I was tired of lagdroid, and wanted just one OS on all of my devices. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with it, it's doing amazing :D Not everybody here is a hardcore Nokia fan (although I have no problem with them at all, and was longingly looking at the Lumia 900 when it came out, mostly because Windows Phone. But I didn't have enough money, so I stayed with a lagdroid in that time).
  • Balmer did decently laid a solid vision to expand and then NUTELLA haragiri happened!
  • You made me Cortana haragiri. lol
  • I used siri....she's faster,  and more complete than cortana...
  • But you have to give Satya credit though. His retrenching program works wonder and impressive. It wasn't easy. :-)
  • Lol
  • You're joking right?
  • His trench should be 6ft deep,  him inside with said 6ft of removed dirt replaced on top of him.  Singlehandedly destroyed anything good in ms.
  • I don't know anything but microsoft made profit in last 2 years but that was not the case with Ballmer. Share prices was all time low.... But now they are improved and stable.
  • Gavin belson firing syndrome lookup silicon valley, CEO of tech isnt supposed to play the stock scale if he is intrested in makign  visionary stuff!
  • They weren't doing that good, otherwise Nokia wouldn't have left. Selling $30 phones (L520) in small markets isn't a successful business for someone like Nokia. Windows phones never had any traction, any sales they did have was fully from Nokia pushing the phones. Windows phones are dead. Eventually Microsoft will have to kill it completely or totally rebrand. It is just a matter of time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nokia did the best they could with the poor, uncompetitive OS Microsoft gave them. Lets not forget, its six years later and we're still battling basic functions like Bluetooth and WiFi. Microsoft is incompetent when it comes to mobile, full stop.
  • don't forget about VPN which is still half broken in wi10mobile.
  • Nokia probably would have had a better go trying to fix Symbian. Then again, their software efforts tended to suck.
  • I don't think Nokia sold the L520 for that cheap anywhere outside the US. Same with the cheap 6XX Lumias. Nokia maybe could have been profitable had they not had their own factories, but yeah, the biggest problem was the lack of "high value customers" since they were mostly happy buying iPhones and Android devices (or perhaps unhappy buying WP).
  • The Lumia 435 could be had for as low as as £4.95 last year (sub-$10), the Lumia 535 could be had for as low as £9.95 in the UK, unlocked.
    The Lumia 635 could also be had for as low as £9.95, and the 640 for as low as £19.95 at one point.
  • Woah, I never saw any Nokia phone for below 69€ in Finland. I understood the same was true for most of Europe and India. Hopefully people from other countries will respond too, and perhaps we will all have a better picture. P.S. at those prices they were practically giving them away
  • They were paygo upgrade deals (no contract) through car phone warehouse (the UK's largest independent retailer) but add another £10 or so and you could have the phone without being a paygo customer already. I got the girlfriend a 650 and it was £130, but the design of it suited her. I was hoping it would drop to sub-£99 but waited 3 months and no sign of it. I got a 950 for £370 from Microsoft direct on launch day, and it started wonderful, but gradually the OS is getting worse for stability. The same is happening to my gf's 650. Microsoft need to either sort W10M out, or simply kill the platform. There's far too many bugs and shortcomings to justify future purchase even for a big MS fan and longterm WP user like myself. The phones aren't selling and OEM's are nowhere to be seen. They need to either sorry the OS out and invest, or give up. The 950 will be the final Windows Mobile I'll own, after 6 years of using it. I'll hold into it for another year, and then probably get an iphone, unfortunately.
  • 535 for such a low price??? :O Here in Hungary, an unlocked 535 costs 32000 Forint (£87, $115 or €102). Even my little brothers used 532 did cost 15000 Forint (£41, $54, or €48). The U.S. is not the whole world, nor is the U.K. ;)
  • can you mail me ten of those here in india these all still cost above 90 USD
  • Rebranding..
    Isn't that part of retrenching?
  • It should be, but it doesn't seem to be. Maybe the big update next year will significantly alter the branding and UI though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What the heck is your problem with the UI ALWAYS? Go back to your bunch of icons on a wallpaper... "Really innovative and good design". Not like even Windows 95 looked like that... :D
  • Because the UI is rigid. Even the manufacturer cannot change it all or add their own identity. Why use Windows Phone, with its rigid UI and complete lack of customization along with non-existant app store and ecosystem when an OEM has Android available? Android allows them to fully customize their phone. It becomes theirs, it is no longer Microsoft or Google's. It is their phone with their UI and added features. They now have a reason to support and push the devices. That sense of ownership they do not get with Windows phone is what kills any OEM