Microsoft reports FY16 Q4 results, with $22.6 billion in revenue and $5.5 billion in net income

Microsoft has reported its earnings (opens in new tab) for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2016, stating that brought in a total of $22.6 billion in non-GAAP revenue and $5.5 billion in net income.

Microsoft previously recorded revenues of $22.2 billion from the same period a year ago, along with an operating loss of $2.1 billion. The company also revealed its full fiscal year 2016 results, with $92.0 billion in non-GAAP revenue and $22.3 billion in net income for the 12 month period.

Microsoft added:

"This past year was pivotal in both our own transformation and in partnering with our customers who are navigating their own digital transformations," said Satya Nadella, chief executive officer at Microsoft. "The Microsoft Cloud is seeing significant customer momentum and we're well positioned to reach new opportunities in the year ahead."

The company will be holding its quarterly conference call with financial analysts at 5:30 p.m. EDT (2:30 p.m. PDT) which might offer some additional detail on today's numbers.

  • Chump change
  • Xbox -33% Phones -71%..
  • Obligatory (and truthful) comment: Windows Mobile/Phone is dead.
  • True. Previous quarter phones were -46% Next will be -100%
  • If only your whiny multipost childishness was -100%
  • oh, **** off, troll.
  • And incidentally: the only one childish here is YOU, because you're an idiot who refuses to acknowledge facts. Numbers don't like. Windows is DEAD on Mobile. Satya saw to that, and he did it on purpose.
  • I don't think you know much. Windows is a platform. It doesn't matter what hardware you run it on.
  • Oh, I see. So it doesn't matter if it runs on the hardware you're likely to have in your pocket at any given time? It doesn't matter whether that hardware has access to apps that utilize its hardware? Gosh, I guess that's the missing piece that I never understood. You're so brilliant!
  • By definition, a platform is only dead when the owner/operator pulls the plug - only if Microsoft decide to stop developing Win10 Mobile would Win10 mobile be, as you put it, dead. BB10 isn't dead either even though it's in a far worse position than Win10 mobile. If I really need to point out an obvious example, WebOS on mobile comes to mind - clear announcement in mid-August 2011 making it clear that all future development was cancelled and the app store eventually closed in March last year - that is obviously a dead platform. Stop trying to say that poor sales figures and a "refusal to acknowledge facts" mean that a platform is "dead". It's only dead if Microsoft say as much.
  • No, a platform It's dead when almost nobody uses it, when its make ceases delivery of meaningful devices to support it, when the buying public abandons it. That's what's happened to Windows Mobile /phone. Microsoft can keep ******* the corpse all day long, but that won't bring the body back to life. Shitya Nutella killed it.
  • Do you want windows mobile to shutdown and all those people working on it to have no jobs?
  • What does this have to do with ANYTHING? Whether these people have these specific jobs or not is not my concern in any way, nor should it be yours.
  • Im not like you... And why should you dictate whether im concerning about it or not... I have been brought up to have concern for others who have families to feed.. Do you? Its just my opinion on your statement
  • Let me put it this way: I am not a charity. It is not my job to make sure Microsoft's employees have a job. It's not yours, either. You know whose responsibility it is? The people who need the jobs. If they get cut from Microsoft, they'll go somewhere else. Simple. They're intelligent people with advanced skills. They'll be fine.
  • Lol delusion.. But then again im not going to pursue further.. You are just too good. Bing could not predict that.
  • There's no delusion at all. Everything I said It's true. They're skilled employees. They'll roll right into new jobs elsewhere.
  • I feel terrible for those 3 people but sadly that's how it goes sometimes
  • Meanwhile vhyr's trolling has increased 1000%
  • I don't see how it's trolling. Anyone who looks at a YoY drop of 70% and doesn't see that as the kiss of death is delusional. Any company that didn't already have a massive market cap like MSFT would be out of business. And yes, I know this is only mobile, which is only a small division of the company, but the WM deniers really need to wake up.
  • Again, for the thousandth time, Apple went through a very simmilar period in the 90's, and was weeks away from bankruptcy.  On top of that Nadella made his Mobile first Cloud first speech when he was announced as the new CEO.  They will NEVER not have a mobile OS and I seriously doubt they will have an OS that isn't underpinned with Windows 10. I really don't understand why so many of you just don't get that Windows Mobile will always exist as long as MS exists....   
  • Apple's situation was not very similar at all. They were in a position where virtually every product they sold, in almost every category, was failing. That's never been true for Microsoft. They are nowhere near bankruptcy and never have been. Windows Mobile "existing" is not enough. If it cannot keep up with the other makers of phone and mobile OS's, then it's irrelevant. If it cannot deliver the apps I want to use, if it cannot perform the functions I need to do my job better, then it DOES NOT MATTER whether it exists or not.
  • In context of this article or in just one article alone, it might not seem trollish, but there are certain posters (not going to put names out there) that seems on every WC article posts something negative (I'm on this site quite often even if I don't post a lot, so this is my anecdoctal experience in reading the comments section). It feels trollish when someone is posting windows 10 mobile is dead on every article, yet for some reason they continue to comment the same things on a tech blog that writes about a supposedly dead device line. If you (not you specifically, but people in general) perceive something is dead, why are you devoting so much time to it. Clearly it's not dead to you yet. Regardless of the intent of said posters, it can be interpreted as trolling when many people who come to this site do so because they really want things like W10M to succeed and come to see the same windows 10 mobile/windows phone is dead comment on the majority of the articles. I'm not saying only positive comments should be allowed, but it's one thing to say something like (and this is an exaggeration obviously) "W10M IS DEAD, look at the numbers, it's fact I told you from day 1" vs  "microsoft is continuing to lose a lot of ground in the mobile space with this retrentchment phase and it really shows with these numbers, I hope they have something big planned when they do come out of the trenches to make up for these significant losses."
  • No one is going to buy an XBOX until the new version comes out and even then people will hold off until 'Project Scorpio' sees the light of day.  
  • that has nothing to do with that. these results are for a period prior to the announcement of the new xbox. i believe their 4th quarter ends on june 30th. 
  • Spend a dollar on marketing.
  • They spent all the FY 2016 net income on the LinkedIn aquisition, so marketing will have to wait until next quarter
  • They spent 1 quarters income on it.
  • No, they did not. They spent one year's income, or one quarter's revenue. Big difference Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Should we just stop using Windows Phones..because we are not going to get anything with the old devices..
  • Sounds like a good plan for you if you have to ask...
  • If Microsoft gives complete support, then I am fine with it..But them ignoring it because it's not making any business, would completely throw me off..
  • They have repeatedly stated that mobile was not their focus at the present time, 2017 will be the next push it seems once w10m is stable'ish :D
  • yeah..but I am not sure if the old devices are even gonna be a part of old I mean the devices not launched with W10M.
  • Probably not buy then they will be to out if date. If anything it'll be surface phone and a new push for OEM's to launch phone instead of all Microsoft phones.
  • Not their focus !! Your reply though true and so flippant.
    The way MS had treated WM in 2016 is nothing short of disgraceful, both publically and privately
    Seriously, the product deserves too tank given the fact it's master has beaten it and dissed it so openly.
    The way MS/Nutella have scorned on of their own is a fkng disgrace.
  • Forget about support if you are on WP8.1. Microsoft is removing even their own apps from WP8.1, so don't have any expectation of support...
  • Pffffft 8.1 is soooooooo yesterday ;)
  • I am on W10M but what I am not sure is whether Microsoft will support the older devices..I have a L730..that's all I could afford..
  • Its true your device will not be support in the future like other devices ios or android does not receive certain updates.. Its just the way it is even if you switch
  • Are you a Consumer? If so, then yes. MSFT doesn't want your business any more.
  • Agreed... the last MS phones were for the fans and enterprise... so nothing new there either
  • A lot of people admit that WP is simply too beautiful. I think that if MS rly does give up on WP which I doubt, they could partner with Google to make a phone that runs Windows and Google apps. I think that would be a good idea. What do you think? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Impressive, good to see Microsoft is making profit again. Hopefully the lay-offs done for this aren't going to stab Microsoft in the back in the future.
  • OK, got it they wrote off Nokia last year so technically it wasn't profit.
  • Good turnaround in my opinion :)
  • Last year, there was a loss due to Nokia Write off. They didn't actually take a loss, it was an accounting thing...
  • they actually did take a loss. they bought an investment in nokia and now it is worthless. that is definitely a loss. however, they didn't have a loss from continuing operations of their main business lines. that is more important since the nokia investment was a sunk cost and the main operations gives you an idea of future profitability.
  • These types of articles always bring out the Android trolls in droves. Something I'll never understand is why do people get emotional over smart phones/tech?
  • cultural tribalism, except applied to tech and certain tech companies.