Microsoft to formally release Kinect for Windows SDK September 15, Windows Phone team involved too?

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Let's file this under "rumors" for the time being. We know Microsoft doesn't have a great track record of keeping secrets, and China has been one major source of leaks. Combine the two factors, here comes another interesting leak.

The chaps at WPDang, the Chinese Windows Phone site who has been reasonably accurate on Microsoft leaks, state that the Redmond gang will be releasing the final version of Kinect for Windows SDK around September 15. Interesting timing, right after the Windows Phone 8 launch, and before the holy coming of Windows 8. What's most amusing is that according to WPDang's sources, Windows Phone division is involved in the development of Kinect for Windows SDK too...

If this turns out to be true, what are they doing there? Let's reason it out. There's just no way to physically cram a Kinect into a Windows Phone--not yet at least. And there can't possibly be any "Kinect for Windows Phone" scenario, because the motion sensor doesn't even come with a standard connector. Well, even if connector is not a problem, personally I doubt if anyone would ever want to hook up a Kinect (pretty much stationary device) to a Windows Phone (definitely mobile device).

Therefore I reckon the most likely answer is that certain Kinect *technology*, meaning some functions and features in software form, might be carried onto future Windows Phones, and programmers will be able to utilize the technology with a standard SDK. This is not entirely impossible. At least a mobile phone has a camera for simple motion detection and shape sensing, and a microphone for voice dictation. We would welcome features like face recognition on a phone.

Another, more reasonable interpretation would be the ability for developers to use Windows Phone with Kinect, akin to what was demoed way back in early 2011 with the Xbox 360.

True or false, we will know it soon enough. The supposed date is only about half a month away. Do you want scaled-down Kinect features on your phone? Or do you feel it too gimmicky to be worth the trouble? Let us know in the comment field below.

Source: WPDang

  • I would guess the connection between Kinect games on xbox and a companion app on WP. To me it just makes the most sense, also it was demoed some time back as you stated.
  • I bet it's going to be a SmartGlass/Xbox companion thing. That would be freaking sweet. I'd love to be able to sit back and watch Netflix on a Windows 8 computer and control it with my phone. 
  • You can do that now with the PC remote app.
  • I guess nobody here has seen the Kinect style apps that use camera only - no Kinect lasers needed. You can see the game I am talking about on Windows 8. My guess is their going another route with the phone. Can't see Kinect working very well with such a tiny screen. Might work good for the visual authentication but not much else. Unless...hmmmm.
  • I doubt that they would try to dumb down the Kinect just to cram it into a phone, the idea reminds me of my first android phone, the almighty Xperia PLAY. Sure it was touted as 'a true gaming phone' but that phone was a poorly supported device and didn't even play true PSN games.
  • Microsoft has always been kind of a 'Johnny come lately' watching and learning from other companies and improving where they fall short. So the if a developer using the SDK wants to make an app that uses the Kinect features such as facial scanning then it's there but I doubt Microsoft will put a Kinect into a phone, then again the boys in Redmond have fooled me before.
  • "We know Microsoft doesn't have a great track record of keeping secrets"
    Surface, anyone? O_o?
  • That's the exception not the rule ;-)
  • Lol
  • Initially the thought goes to using your phone with kinect, xbox360, but they could utilize facial recognition for different things. Use scan as a way to sign in, unlock your phone, for example. Once finger tracking is utilized well can use it for applications, zooming in and out, scrolling, all with small movements of your fingers in front of your phone and not touching the screen. The tech is already improved much beyond what the kinect does now that it is possible soon.
  • Maybe its because I can't imagine this, but why hold your finger in front of a screen and moving stuff when you can touch the screen and do it with more reassurance?
  • Gloves in cold weather? Sweaty fingers in hot weather? A kid with candy all over his/her fingers? Stop wiping the screen against your shirt every other second…
  • Use voice on your phone via the Xbox companion app or Kinect phone app to control the Xbox menu. Sure beats yelling across the room real late at night.
  • +20000000
  • What do you mean when you say September 15th is after the windows phone 8 launch? Will devices be available or are you referring to the Microsoft/Nokia event on the 5th?
  • I noticed this to. Do you know something we don't know?
  • +1
  • If they can build a miniaturized Kinect on Windows Phone which allows gesture control just a few inches above the screen without touching it, that would be so cool and make current touch screen phones so 5 years ago.
  • But why? When you can simply touch the screen and do it. I can understand for the sake of advancement, but it just seems impractical to me. Its a phone, not a tv that's 10 feet away
  • Touch screen is only a 2-dimensional input device. With Kinect the device can measure visual signals on depth axis and detect 3-dimensional gestures. Maybe more intuitive gesture control can be used in smartphones.
  • I imagine they'd make a detective game that allows us to use our phones and their screens to scan areas. Think UV light, night vision, flash light, etc. The hand that holds your phone could be the one that holds the gun, so Kinect can distinguish which one holds the flashlight and which one holds the gun. Could be a neat game
  • My opinion : Use the gyroscope of the phone to have more information about one hand position