Microsoft has officially put the final nail in the coffin of Photosynth. Although Microsoft initially retired Photosynth's Windows Phone and iOS mobile apps all the way back in the middle of 2015, the service lived on via its home on the web. However, now that, too, has been shut down as of February 6.

Microsoft fully retires Photosynth with website shutdown

Photosynth, for those unfamiliar, was a unique panorama tool that let you stitch photos together to create a 360-degree photo. While the tool may not live on under the Photosynth name, Microsoft says that bits of the Photosynth code live on in other Microsoft products.

If you still had photos living on the service, then you won't be able to retrieve them any longer. Microsoft says that it won't be keeping a copy of them going forward, as each photo is owned by Photosynth's users and Microsoft only had a license to use them while the service remained running.

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