Microsoft Future Decoded Tech Day to be held in London on 12th November

Microsoft is holding an event in London called Future Decoded. Spanning three days, Future Decoded appeals to a variety of communities, including business, enthusiasts and developers. Tech Day (day 3) at the event is focused entirely on IT Professionals and developers and the advancement of technology, coinciding with Apps World. Tickets go for £59, but it's worth it when you consider what's on offer.

Since we cover all things Microsoft (which equates to most things cloud and mobile these days), this event (specifically day 3) may well be up your street, developers and evangelists. So, what's planned for the Tech Day at the ExCel Centre? See the list of speakers below:

Microsoft Future Encoded

  • Jason Bradbury, The Gadget Show
  • Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Co-founder & Chairman, ODI Open Data Institute
  • Or Arbel, CEO, Yo
  • Michael Taylor, IT Director, Lotus F1 Team
  • Brian Cox, OBE, Physicist

As well as speakers providing insight into various topics, Microsoft will also be offering an array of tracks for attendees to check out.

Track 1: "Write Once, Run Everywhere?" – creating cross platform apps with Visual Studio

There's a tension between an app developer who wants to get the most from their investment in skills and tools and a device/platform vendor who wants to make sure that apps are really shiny on their devices. What's a dev to do? Go crazy, all-out "Native-Ninja" and build separate code for iOS/Android/Windows or spare yourself the cycles and build out hybrid, web view based apps and hope that no-one notices it doesn't work quite right on any platform?We'll dig into how a developer can use Visual Studio and .NET skills to build for any mobile platform without having multiple code bases or resorting to lowest common denominator techniques.

Track 2: Demystifying Data Discovery and Big Data

The track will target those who are interested in the process of building and delivering Analytics solutions to business users that incorporate integration of Structured and Unstructured data via Hadoop and relational stores, data mining, machine learning to build predictive models and finally enabling analysts and end user to incorporate into Data Discovery and Visualisation work via Power BI.

Track 3: DevOps – what is it and what can we learn from practitioners?

This track will demystify 'What is DevOps?' and show how you can easily implement DevOps practices into your working environment to improve your Application Lifecycle Management process. We will cover how Developer and Operations teams can work well together creating the best solutions by maximising the predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of operational processes using both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technology seamlessly together.

Track 4: Enterprise Mobility: Helping users keep on the straight and narrow!

The track will highlight the latest tools and tips to help IT Pros working in the world of enterprise mobility keep themselves one step ahead of the end users. Recent developments in the solutions offered by Microsoft now means there is a plethora of tools available. This track will provide real examples and case studies in this area to enable the IT Pro to develop the skills necessary to implement an EM Strategy using the Microsoft tools available.

Track 5: "Modernize, Transform and Extend your Datacentre to the Cloud"

The track will discuss how to modernize (including how to migrate from WS2003, EOS July 14th 2015), transform (through end-end infrastructure virtualization and automation) and extend your datacentre to the cloud with Microsoft Azure or local service providers to build a Hybrid cloud. The sessions will also provide an update on Microsoft's latest Modern Datacentre Solutions across Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, Azure Pack and Microsoft Azure, including demos of hybrid use cases. This track will all include a UK customer case study showing how the Royal Holloway University has implemented a hybrid cloud strategy.

Track 6: Building Apps in the cloud

Understand the economics and business models for developing apps and services in the cloud. Learn the base architecture of cloud services and infrastructure, VMs, mobile services, and websites. Understand the basics of data storage architecture, data processing services and then learn best practices from successful Azure implementations from companies large and small. Complete the first step of the training for your certification as a Cloud Developer for Microsoft Azure.

Track 7: Modern Development with Visual Studio

This is a developer focused track where we will discuss the latest in .NET, ASP.NET, Roselyn and web development using Visual Studio. See some great demos and find out the latest information and innovation around the future of development with Azure and Visual Studio.

Track 8: Developing Solutions for the Internet of Things

Are you interested in what Microsoft is doing in The IoT space? Find out about our approach and how customers & partners are starting to develop an Enterprise solution. Learn how to extend Azure Intelligent System Service to create rich, customized, vertical experiences, analytics, data visualization and other Intelligent Systems solutions that improve customers' time-to-value.


It's quite the event and one we're sure will appeal to many within the community. As highlighted above, tickets for the Tech Day are on offer for £59. Check out the Microsoft Future Decoded and Apps World websites for more details.

Microsoft's Future Encoded Ticket Giveaway!

We've teamed up with Microsoft UK to hand out five (5) tickets, enabling lucky winners to attend the third day of the Future Encoded event for free (tickets are worth £59). So, how does one enter?

Please note that you'll have to be located in the UK (since the event is actually in London). We'll select the winners on September 30 – you have three days!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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