Microsoft at Gamescom--announcing some Windows Phone 7 games?

We're headed into the finial lap for the Windows Phone 7 launch and we think Microsoft still has a few tricks up their sleeves to announce before release.

Next week, Microsoft is confirmed to be at Gamescom, the European version of E3 boasting to be the world's largest gaming conference with "...245,000 visitors, more than 4,000 journalists and 458 exhibitors from 31 countries". Yowza.

While just being there is expected, Microsoft is reportedly confirmed, in addition, to have " a full conference...and that they had several announcements to make".

No doubt Microsoft will have something to say about Kinect (aka Project Natal), but we're going to be paying close attention for any Windows Phone 7 gaming announcements--after all, Europe appears to be slightly ahead of the U.S. market for release, so what better time to show off some big Xbox/WP7 titles?

We're still hoping/betting on a 'Halo' port of some sort for Redmond's latest mobile OS. But what do you folks think?


Daniel Rubino

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  • If they can make mobile versions of the 360 exclusives like Halo and so on, that's just instant phone sales right there. It'd be a great move, but we'll have to wait and see if/when it happens.
  • Halo just makes sense, lets hope MS has got over their disease of making stupid decisions!
  • I don't know how good a Halo port would be since we're dealing with a phone and, to make it available for all chassis-types, the controls would have to be on the screen, taking up valuable space. Maybe they could make it in a simpler FPS, but Halo fans might not appreciate using the Halo name for a nerfed FPS. Other options are a rail-shooter or a 3rd-person-shooter. Of course, they could also try to make some kind of universal "dock"-type attachment that can hold the phone in a sort of clam-shell way on the top part and have a mini Xbox-style controller set up on the bottom.
  • No one is expecting a straight Halo port, that obviously wont work. What can be done is a game set in the Halo Universe that ties in to the console games either directly or indirectly, or even using the phone as an in-game accessory, like the pip-boy in Fallout 3. All MS has to do is tie a WP7 Halo into the Halo Universe that leads to a whole series of mobile games, add on achievements and the Halo fans will take notice.
  • Yup, that's what I meant, I should have been more clear on that. It could be just a special version/off shoot of the series adapted for mobile play.
  • This is one of Microsoft's greatest differentiators. They've shown very little of Xbox Live and have said numerous times that they have a few big announcements left before the release of the phone. Combined with the fact that they've also mentioned how important mobile gaming is for their strategy, this all comes together quite nicely. I am expecting them to use all that leverage they have with Xbox 360 to really pull this off. Halo game? Project Gotham? I can't wait for this.WP7 really is bringing all of Microsoft's services together. However, on the same note, Microsoft is Notorious for not making ground breaking announcements but rather slowly and incrementally releasing changes without a big bang. This would be a great time for them to pull this ace out of the bag, but you just never know. Let's hope they've learnt from Xbox 360.