We're headed into the finial lap for the Windows Phone 7 launch and we think Microsoft still has a few tricks up their sleeves to announce before release.

Next week, Microsoft is confirmed to be at Gamescom, the European version of E3 boasting to be the world's largest gaming conference with "...245,000 visitors, more than 4,000 journalists and 458 exhibitors from 31 countries". Yowza.

While just being there is expected, Microsoft is reportedly confirmed, in addition, to have " a full conference...and that they had several announcements to make".

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No doubt Microsoft will have something to say about Kinect (aka Project Natal), but we're going to be paying close attention for any Windows Phone 7 gaming announcements--after all, Europe appears to be slightly ahead of the U.S. market for release, so what better time to show off some big Xbox/WP7 titles?

We're still hoping/betting on a 'Halo' port of some sort for Redmond's latest mobile OS. But what do you folks think?

[via Neowin.net]