Microsoft gives its cloud operations a restructure and new team lineup

Microsoft HQ
Microsoft HQ (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Cloud + AI business is seeing a shakeup.
  • One part of that shakeup is the creation of a new unit: The Strategic Missions and Technologies team.
  • It will serve to help emerging businesses within the company.

Microsoft's Cloud + AI business is undergoing changes. As stated by internal Microsoft emails from November 17, 2021, which were viewed and discussed by ZDNet, the tech giant's cloud business is seeing an organizational shakeup and welcoming a new unit: The Strategic Missions and Technologies team, which will be headed by Executive Vice President of Azure, Jason Zander.

This new team will collect a few existing arms of Microsoft: The company's U.S. Federal business, as well as Azure Quantum, Azure for Operators, and Azure Space & Engineering. If you're wondering what that last team does, recall when Azure partnered with the International Space Station to give it an assist. Or when Azure, Nokia, and South Australia huddled up for space tech initiatives.

Zander spearheading the Strategic Missions and Technologies team is resulting in a Cloud + AI business reorganization for Microsoft. The Azure Dedicated team and Azure Global Infrastructure team will move under the Azure Core team umbrella. And, on top of those changes, another new unit will emerge: The Cloud for Industry and Global Expansion team.

According to the emails these updates were gathered from, all changes are effective immediately.

This isn't the first or last time Microsoft will shake up its cloud operations, given how central the sector is to the company's overall business strategy both presently as well as in the immediate and distant foreseeable futures. News about Microsoft inserting cloud ops into Mars chocolates is just the tip of the iceberg for what may result as the company refines its strategies and aligns itself with bigger-picture goals.

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