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Microsoft has a fix coming to repair Word Flow spacing problems on Windows 10 Mobile

Have you ever tried using Word Flow swipe typing in Windows 10 Mobile? If you have, you've likely noticed that it doesn't always automatically add spaces between words when typing inside text fields in websites. It might seem like a minor issue, but the OS-level problem also extends to certain apps like Tweetium, making Word Flow swipe typing a less-than-stellar experience — both for developers and users.

Thankfully, Microsoft has isolated the problem and have a fix incoming.

Jonathan Sampson from the Microsoft Edge team confirmed that they were able to reproduce the issue, and will be repairing it soon:

"Great news, everybody. The issue has been tracked, investigated, and a fix is in the pipeline!"

The fix should extend to both Microsoft Edge and affected apps, and will hopefully make it into insider builds sooner rather than later.

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Welcome update... They just have to be quick
  • Ok you fix it
  • You mean fix your £&# ?
  • Lol
  • Bet he doesn't even know how it is to look through an entire OS to look for a single thread that's causing a simple issue. Then, you know, fixing it just to cause 5 other issues?
  • @Zulfigar Bet I don't even know how iOS and Android keyboards are much more reliable than W10M keyboard.. And these bugs in W10M keyboard are causing multiple issues in my phone..Now you know
  • iOS keyboard is the worst ever. But it s ok as ios users barely write.
  • iOS users barely read or write, the only thing they do with any degree of certainty is follow the other souls like sheep and come on here moaning about phones they don't have or know anything about !!
  • Brother... You are talking to a long time Windows and Windows Phone user... Trust me.. WPs are far far behind iOS.. the app quality of iOS is just awesome... May be iOS is boring. .. But definitely not a crap..
  • Yeah right... You can't just close your eyes and say it's dark.. Like it or not W10M is faaar behind otheR OSes... Still catching up though..
  • If you have to look through an entire OS to look for a keyboard bug then you did something really wrong. As paying end users, we don't really care if it is hard. That is why we pay for it.
  • Whether he does or not is irrelevant. Microsoft is the world's largest software developer, employing thousands of the most skilled, educated computer scientists and programmers on earth. They should not only be able to fix newly discovered problems quickly, they should be able to have a polished UX before they ship the OS. That they've actually *regressed* in UX design, introducing countless new bugs along the way, is unacceptable.
  • your ignorance of software development is unacceptable. I'm sorry, but you know nothing... and should have your commenting priv's revoked.
  • Lol... He's just saying.. Damn, you guys are so defensive.
  • Lol
  • Rude and silly. They're the coders, we're the customers. Other OS seem to be able to sort things out quickly. No reason Microsoft can't. Windows 10 has been out in the wild long enough for this kind of problems to be rectified by now. No wonder return rates of Windows 10 handsets are between 25-50%... It's just not ready for mainstream market. Ps. I'm a Windows fan.
  • Agreed. This was one of those features you expected the person in charge of testing Edge would have discovered and had the team quickly address. Promoting the new Edge browser, and it actually working properly with the only keyboard available would have seemed to have been fairly important IMO.
  • Good fix. I hope it also fixes the issue where only every other word appears when using Word Flow. That might even be worse than no spaces.
  • Yes. That is way worst than spacing. They need to fix that. And how come I can't swipe in the address bar? Used to be able to do it in 8.1
  • I know. Word flow not working in edge is the most annoying thing. I guess they'll get to it after they finish word flow for Android.
  • Second that. Real annoying.
  • If they could fix "all" coming out as "ask" every damn time, that would be great.
  • In fact if they could get it to work like it used to in 8.1 it would be great. Somehow word flow just became really bad in 10, I have a feeling the fix they are making is a drop in the ocean.
  • Not just the All/Ask issue. Word flow pulls some stupid **** out of the air way too often.
  • Those last three articles.... That's what WC used to be like back in the day.
    I'd say that at the rate MS is handling Win10Mo, and Win10 in general, the ecosystem will be hard to beat... I'm actually surprised how much attention mobile has been getting in 2016.. If I didn't know any better I'd say that MS might actually care (a lot) about mobile... Didn't seem so not too long ago.. These articles are like what we were reading in the WP7.5-81 days. Just good news, good ideas, progress, and attention from Microkia... They'd better keep this pace up (and more) if they know what's best for them.. Looks like they really are trying to impress with their second round of Win10Mo devices.
    I'll still keep my amount of scepticism, and criticism, at arms reach... Just been burned way to many times... But, I'll admit that if, and only if, MS keeps this amount of attention up there's still hope.
  • Agreed... But I feel sorry for MS for starting the mobile OS race late... We are in fact still catching up.. Gotta admit... Android is no more Lagroid.. iPhones are not iCraps.. W10M is trying hard to be the 3rd phone OS and still struggling... Even though the OS almosy feature complete , the bugs are intolerable...
    .. ... I'm using an iPhone 6 for the time being and testing W10M on my wp.. App quality is just awesome in iOS. .. W10M has a looong way to go...
  • Battery still blows on them
  • IPhone was never icrap. It may have lacked features, and quality took a hit around the iPhone 5 series but when was it crap? Android sucked for awhile and honestly still kinda does. I support a large telecom in the US and I'd wager that 75% of my calls are issues with Android. To be fair to Google, about 90% of that is Samsung related. Screen going blank and charging issues across all devices since the S2. So maybe its their problem.
    I agree with rodneyej (a name I haven't seen here in awhile). They seem to be getting it together. I really hope the telemetry from desktop is helping too create a better mobile platform. Desktop and Surface will help create a better Phone. Things people don't even realize they need, will be indispensable once these devices(Continuum enabled) reach the mainstream.
    My opinion
    Microsoft may appear to be "late" or "behind" but when the paradigm shifts... Who's following who? We've already seen the beginning with the iPad pro and Pixel C. We all saw it first and just adopted too soon and expected too much, but were helping the future. The acquisitions we've seen kinda point to as much.
  • iOS users have crap brains, istuff is not crap, is simply useless.
  • Yeah, battery life is horrible..... Still taking into consideration that 10 has not officially been released for my 1520.
  • Still no NFC mobile payment yet.......Is MS care?
  • Yeah... They should just throw some crap together... /s
  • thank goodness
  • Thank god, I noticed this the other day and it was so irritating. Glad a fix is inbound.
  • Glad to see this. I've reported it through Insider feedback several times.
  • Can you please report the frequent start screen freezing issue in the insider feedback app? It's been there for a while now ...
  • It isn't smart reporting issues that he doesn't have since the data will be messed up.
  • Well about damn time! Infuriating while using Tweetium which for me is 75% of the tine I spend on my phone ha.
  • Glad they are working on this. I love word flow and it seemed better on WP8.1.
  • Agreed. But why don't I have wordflow on my Win 10 tablet? Can anyone explain that?
  • Several times, i thought the same thing, but wordflow was done for one-handed use, which cant be done with tablet due to size and the swipe area is also much larger than on phone.
  • Of course it can, just use the whole hand...
  • I was a die-hard physical keyboard user until WordFlow came along, which finally allowed a Windows Phone w/o keyboard to be reasonably fast to type. It is frustrating knowing that Windows Phone and Windows share the same codebase, yet we can't use Word Flow on our Windows 10 tablets. I am certain that I could type faster while holding a tablet with one hand, using Word Flow with the other than by typing each character one-handed.
  • I found this and omnia pros(i think this was the 1 wm6.x device that swapped out the default) to be not as useful but ymmv depends on your hand i coordination
  • Finally!!!
  • I notice this from day one. If only MS employees use W10m themselves instead of ios or android, they would have known sooner.
  • They are.
  • I find that it's depends from app to app. But it mostly works as it should for me.
  • Thank you! That's very welcome!
  • Wait, is this coming via OS update?
  • Surely it would be an OS update. 
  • Just me or does word flow not work on edge?
  • That's not a bug... Word Flow isn't supported for browser use yet... May be the SwiftKey acquisition may change it SOON
  • Finally! Hopefully, this doesn't stop here, there is still a stability issue with WordFlow that sometimes it won't open and occasional typing lags. About the Edge, it would be great if they will implement WordFlow gesture typing in Edge address bar which is make sense for web search. Even better if they manage to make it work when typing URL.
  • Awesome! Oh, wait....they haven't officially released Windows 10 Mobile...
  • Then what is my 950xl running on?
  • sorry, that beta your running has been released. The other 95% of Windows Phones haven't seen boo.
  • Word flow doesn't work in edge
  • That is Edge's problem not keyboard's.
  • The keyboard is really buggy. It pops up in n unexpected scenarios, letters like h, i are difficult to type, and the word flow doesn't even guess the most common words.
  • And the skipped words bug?
  • How did it take this long to reproduce the problem? Seems like one of the easiest bugs to reproduce.
  • I hope they fix the copy pasting experience. Especially in Edge.
  • Fine
  • Its not as accurate as the word flow in WP 8.1.
  • Isn't the fix that $250 million they just spent?
  • Would be better M$ have to make a fix for the reboot problem! This would be more importend to fix! 5 reboots in 2h is really to much! Just a moment, for M$ exist NO problem aboud the reboots that around 80% of all Lumia 950/XL have! Shame you M$!
  • I must be one of the lucky few; I haven't had a random reboot since early December, shortly after I got the phone. That must really suck! :-(
  • No... We are absolutely in the majority to not have random reboots. Most customers haven't got problems with their 950/XL.
  • Most probably. No random reboots here. 100% stabil Lumia 950.
  • Is it safe to enter the insider program if you only have one Windows phone? I have the 1520, and kinds want to join the insider program. I just remember how easy it was to brick an Android.
  • I've been in the insider program from the start with my main/only phone, 1520 and now 950XL. No catastrophic showstoppers; just the usual ups and downs and quirks of living with beta software. Not saying you'll be in the clear, but in all likelihood you'll be fine. ☺
  • Maybe you can try the Slow Ring. I would advise against joining if you don't have a back up phone though. Posted from my Note 5
  • I was thinking about doing the slow ring. My Lumia 1520 is GSM unlocked, and is used on T-Mobile now, but is an AT&T phone originally. Will I have any problems getting the official W10M update when it is released?
  • I've had this issue for ages using just regular input with word prediction, not swiping. Things have gotten a whole lot better after the latest update, so they've obviously fixed something already... :-)
  • Indeed that was rather annoying.
  • When will you add Swedish to WordFlow?
  • I face it usually with edge!
  • They should first fix the Word Flow for other languages than english. There's only in english that the keyboard suggests a word WHILE you swipe. In my language, I swipe, have to stop, THEN I can see the suggestion. Feels a bit lame
  • The fix is swiftkey...
  • @Giddora: Not true! The most of all user in CH and D with the L950/XL have this reboot problem. 100% True. Reed at and you will see.
  • This is a much needed update.
  • tbh, never noticed a problem...
  • It is about damn time. This is been a crippling pain in the ### when using Edge and Tweetium. Bring it now!!
  • Ya it is creating problems for me.
  • I'm just hoping that the update will also fix all the random q's that seem to show up in my texts. I don't know if it's unique to my phone (HTC One M8), but it's been terrible to type on in portrait mode, under both windows 8.1 and windows 10, with phantom keypresses all over the place (but normally as q's).
  • I'd be very happy if Windows 10 gets the correct german spelling rules. In Windows Phone 8.1 spelling was fairly good, in Windows 10 (german) spelling is catastrophic.