Microsoft has posted some Windows 10 form factor and hardware recommendations

As more and more Windows 10 PCs and tablets are released, and plans for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones start to emerge, we will likely see a variety of form factors from third-party OEMS using the new OS. Microsoft has posted some recommendations for form factors and hardware devices that those companies can use to make their products.

Windows 10 Mobile smartphones

The smartphone form factor guidelines all use Windows 10 Mobile, of course, but each of the three examples shown have very different designs and hardware. Microsoft considers a Value Phone to be between 3.5-5-inches, with just 1GB of RAM and between 4-8GB of storage. Such a phone will have Cortana support but not for Continuum for Phone. The Premium Phone recommendations show a 4.5-5.5 inch screen, 2GB of RAM and between 32 to 64GB of storage, along with support for Cortana, Continuum for Phones and the facial unlock Windows Hello security system.

The Value Phablet, according to Microsoft, could be between 5.5-7 inches, but with 2GB of RAM and with just 16GB of storage, with support for Windows Hello and Cortana. A 7-inch tablet could also run on Windows 10 Mobile, with support for Continuum for Phones, according to the Tablets form factor recommendation page. Larger tablets could use the regular Windows 10 desktop OS.

It's important to point out that these designs and hardware specs are just recommendations by Microsoft to OEMs. There's no stopping those hardware makers from putting in a regular Windows 10 OS inside an 7-inch tablet, and they could decide to put in more powerful hardware parts inside a phablet size of a device. However, the support pages do show the kinds of products Microsoft would likely like to see OEMS make and sell to the public.

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  • He is talking about real devices on youtube. It can't be a lie. If your WP device is working slow comparable to the same device on the youtube video, do the clean install of W10M, as it knows to slow down with updates, even horribly.
  • so they recomend the oems to build crappy phones and phablets? cool. -_-
  • My thoughts exactly
  • So in my opinion 850 should have 2gb of ram with continuum support plus windows hello security..confirmed.. :D (my next phone)
    Edit:plus 32GB of internal storage..
  • Yeah especially when early chassis specs. allowed for 4k
  • What's crappy with this? 1 GB for value phones is a nice improvement. You know, it is as much as iPhone 6 Plus has. You may call it crappy if you wish, but then your opinion is of questionable value.
  • I agree with the RAM part. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't had much time to make Windows 10 Mobile all that efficient and on my Lumia a 640 XL with 1 GB of RAM, it lags. It is very close to release, and is much worse than 8.1, which also lagged by the way. Windows Phone is not the very memeory efficient OS it used to be in the WP7 days. iOS still is. Everything is super snappy on their flagship with 1 GB of RAM. Unfortunately.
  • W10M is still in early access. We thought Windows 10 sucked too a couple months before release and it turned out well =). I am much more encouraged after the last build.
  • nope W10 still sucks
  • Among one billion people at least one will always say that it sucks. Which doesn't mean it does, just it means he has his opinion.
  • For you may be, for me w10 & w10 Mobile both rocks
  • Go back to Win 95.
  • Man if there were a like button.... I would have given you 1000 likes for this comment.@yugiro
  • No way you're using the same build as me then, because I have no idea what the mobile OS team is doing. This thing is nowhere near primetime
  • I wouldn't agree, it does need performance boost in several operations, which aren't impossible in this period. If you see something worse than that, then go back to WP 8.1 and clean install the latest build...
  • It is? My 6plus toting friend tells me it feels under powered.
  • Try it and see for yourself. iPhone's UI feels very smooth and fast on the 6 and 6 Plus and yes, with just 1 GB RAM. If my word is not reliable (even despite my username), check out YouTube videos.
  • Comparing a released OS with a test version full of debug and test telemetry is hardly a fair comparison. Yes the iPhone is smooth, but even it has hickups occasionally.
  • Then compare it to WP8.1 on a phone that has 1 GB RAM... You will see the difference... And its just speed, because I don't even want to discuss the App quality...
  • M using w10 on my Lumia 630, its much better and smooth than denim on my 630.
  • Do you use your 630 as a daily driver? Are there any serious bugs?
  • I'm pretty sure these are MINIMUM requiremnents. 
  • A budget phone with 512mb ram came out 1.5 months ago, and it explicitly says at the end of the article that these are *just* recommendations, non minimum. (unfortunately)
  • Actually luckily they aren't minimum required, shows that windows can still run on much worse hardware.
  • Hey, if it means MS can focus on flagship devices like the Surface line, I'm all for it. Posted via Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/ Lumia 2520
  • It's has been talked about quite a bit. The Enterprise/Surface line will probably lag the high end Lumia line, because Microsoft will want to save costs to gain the interests in corporations looking to buy hundreds/thousands of devices.
  • What's crap here, its perfect specifications
  • Dammit wanted hello support for 640... Eh it was a wild dream anyway
  • I don't think 640 has the hardware for Hello...
  • So basically apart from W hello & continuum there's nothing interesting about W10m
  • True.
  • ... and universal apps.  Also, Win Hello and especially Continuum aren't exactly minor features.
  • Besides all the numerous OS changes to make it better in every way...
  • Hamburger menus.
  • Except that every single piece is changed. In the backend and in the fronted. Change couldn't be bigger. What do you expect anyway? What are exciting highlights of iOS 9 and Android Marshamallow?
  • What else is there on any other phone? ... Force touch? And a curved display? Thats all I can think of. Windows Phone has support for finger print readers and force touch anyways. This is a recommendation list not all it can have. And it seems that they are pushing Windows Hello pretty hard so that is cool. And continuum has the potential to be amazing.
  • Whole w10 is interesting
  • i realy dont like buttons i prefere the buttons to be by the operationg system like my 535 :3
  • It's all preference! I love capacitative buttons because you get more screen space and you always know where they are, but I wouldn't mind on screen buttons if they could reduce the screen bezels! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So does that mean the 950XL is a value phablet? /s
  • No it these are recommendations fot other OEMs so it are places in the ecosystem where Microsoft feels there is place for their partners to pick up the pace. There is not room for a whole lot of premium flagship device, yet. The 950 and 950XL are the very best Windows 10 mobile has to offer at the moment.
  • Yeah, premium should be min of 3gb Ram since flagships from other oem's will be coming with 4 or more soon. And I would love to see some premium phablets, (hate that word) from other oem's in addition to value ones. I do not like the 4-8 GB memory in the value phone segment at all. 8 should be minimum but really think that is ridiculous at this point too.
  • +750
  • 3GB+ of RAM isn't really necessary for Windows Phone/Mobile on devices below 6". The OS is pretty darn efficent. Android needs all the resources it can get because it is terrible at resource management. iOS on the other hand, is really efficient (like WP), and runs smoothly on 1 - 2GB. Yea, having more will future proof it to some degree, but chances are you'll switch phones before anything really requires the use of that much RAM. 
  • Not worried about how it runs, more worried about perception and media at this point. WP is fighting bad perception and media bias already. Kinda hard to convince people that a WP with 2GB is a flagship when android flagships will have double that. Specially when they spread view WP as a second class citizen as they are told it is.
  • Ask someone if he/she knows how much ram their phone has. I don't think anyone will answer that.
  • Okay, then the iPhone is a budget phone, as it only has 1GB. :) Frankly, most people don't care that much about RAM. Storage space on the other hand, is a HUGE deal.
  • The iPhone isn't exactly eating paste with its 1gb of RAM.
  • That BS of "Android Requires More RAM" is the exact same on the iSheep side of the fence. Android uses more RAM for better multitasking with backgrond/foreground processes in Widgets, split-screen, apps drawing their UI over other apps, etc. It doesn't require it, that's why ancient devices like the Galaxy S2, wait make that the Galaxy S1, run smoothly on Android lollipop. Even the fn iPhone 4 won't run iOS 7 that smooth. WP and iOS are a joke in terms of versatility compared to Android, they wouldn't offer much use beyond non-constant-refreshing multi-tab browsing and less app crashes with the additional RAM like Android.
  • I'm ok with 2gb as long as performance isn't an issue. Too much RAM is just gonna impact battery life, as there isn't anything current phones really need 4gb for. If they somehow built in PC streaming so we could play TF2, I would understand, but we currently have a couple of decent 3D games, across any of the platforms.
  • Actually, more RAM isn't likely to have a major impact on battery life. Unused memory essentially enters an "idle" state. However, if the system can utilize the memory to offset heavy workloads, having that extra memory can actually improve battery life. Again, not by a significant amount.
  • It's cute to see them draw bezel-less placeholder renders when they can not even accomplish that with their first party hardware. Just a snark made in joke. Lol.
  • I think those are screenshots rather than generic phone renders, but I still award you two internet points for your snarky joke.  ;)
  • Just wait till Oct..
  • extra points for the bezeless request... i've been requesting for that since...the smaller the bezel, the more premium a device looks and feels...
  • If only the could get it to look right
  • Less bezel = happy face
  • According to this, my Lumia 930 is a value phone. But wasn't low cost.
  • lol read the full table in the link.
  • 930 and Icon are labeled as premium. 5" screen, 32 GB of onboard storage, and 2 GB of Ram.
  • Every phone has Cortana... (in some regions). Is that mean the "Hey Cortana"?
  • The way that wmpoweruser showed the table is better than the way done in this article
  • Exactly, even the text in this article doesn't paint the full picture, for example, the Premium phones recommended RAM is 2-4 GB of RAM yet this article only lists 2GB and therefore milseading people and making room for people to complain in their misinformation.
  • I'd totally get a seven inch Windows mobile tab with continuum.
  • In fact, that'd even make more sense.
  • You promote your OS with three features but you don't plan to give it to us. Wow good work ms
  • Wtf? Explain, please...
  • ? Lumia 950...
  • What are you talking about idiot?
  • Talking about continumm
  • Kinda sad they back peddled on 4k & the optional 5ghz support as 2.4 band is getting worse by the day with all these multi antenna routers/modem combos
  • So MS doesn't recommend to build a premium phablet?
  • Nobody cares about a premium phablet. Normal people (who aren't over-compensating for a lack somewhere else lol) would much rather have normal phone that fits in their pocket that they don't have to hold up to their face like a comedy-sized phone.
  • Microsoft I don't know how you will make this happen but Continuum needs to come to midrange Phones as well.
  • So if the Surface Pro 4 are to follow Microsoft's own recommendations, this is revealing: 12" model (large tablet or mainstram 2-in-1?): 1x USB 3,0 port, USB type-C, Face recognition 14" model (premium 2-in-1?): 2x USB 3,0 port, USB type-C, Face recognition, Presicion touchpad!? (premium keyboard accessory? Will the 14" SP4 be a convertible laptop like the Lenovo Helix?)  
  • So... a windows mobile phone will have "face detection" but the new surface wont ? dont get it
  • I am quite sure that the new Surface will have face detection.
  • I'm really starting not to like where WP "devices" are going.meh.
  • A value phone should at the very very least have 8 GB. 4 GB is just the OS, no apps. It should be 8-16.
  • i personally feel that the internal storage standard should raise that i mean, 16 gb for value phones, 32 gb for midrangers & 64 gb for flagships. (i m talking abt the base models) 4 gb & 8 gb storage should nowhere be seen. 
  • Why can't Microsoft increased the storage of value phone? Because 8g of storage is not good for smartphone like this type. It will run out of space, if you continue updating your phone OS and app
  • giving people a 4GB phone in 2015 is a crime, I blame those carriers who want to push their agenda into a cloud based phone with no local storage and no microSD card so we have to pay money for expensive data plans.  This is ridiculous, starter phones should get 16GB, medium range 32GB and high end/flagships 64GB/128GB.  I guess the only company that understands this is Samsung. Not even Apple, you pay $700 for a 16GB iPhone 6 where I live, which is a dumb move, but people still purchase a high end device with so low storage.  Glad the Lumia 950XL will come with 32GB at least.
  • exactly my point.
    except that i read base model of 950 & 950 XL will be 64 gb
  • Nope... Rumours say 32 GB with microSD support... There rae no other model versions planned 
  • I find it interesting that the thickness of the premium Phone is 7.5 mm, in all L950-reports is at least 1mm thicker.
  • THAT was the first thing I noticed - maybe the fandom has judged too soon and there is a surprise on Oct. 6? Hmmmmm  
  • Ugh, sorry, but I draw the line at calling the WP community a "fandom". It's really more of a cult.
  • I see it coming, current 512 MB phones will be left off of initial Windows 10 Mobile launch... They will delay support for those phones till 2016... stay tunned for more WIP builds, blah blah blah...
  • They don't mention that but its good to pessimistic and cry about your own assumptions!
  • John, you had it wrong on the RAM issue in case of "Premium Phones".
    For this kind of phones, Microsoft specifically mentions 2-4GB RAM. Not only 2.
    Microsoft's recomendations for "Premium Phones" looks very promising - And it's not that I don't like the Lumia phones, but I really wish to see more of those "Premium Phones" from a legit number of OEMs :)
  • like samsung, sony, htc, asus !! these are some major manufacturers and are financially stable (except HTC).
  • That's what bothers me.
    Samsung just don't give a damn about Windows (and so is LG) ; 
    HTC isn't that financially stable anymore and they are trying to find themselves ;
    I don't see Sony develops Windows smartphones when Xbox is so deeply integrated with that system..
    I really wanted Asus to c​reate Zenfone 2 style of device for Windows, but they blew it on IFA while their chairman specifically said they won't make Windows smartphones in the near future..
    So all are eyes should be on Lenovo, Acer and damn hope for Dell to return to that market, because without those. it's gonna be Microsoft market only!
  • Don't drop 512mb!!!
  • Are you kidding me? I get that many Windows Phone users still have 512MB RAM phones, but they now have much more compelling devices to upgrade to which are cheap. And it's been at least 1-1.5 years since MS stopped manufacturing 512MB RAM phones. That's enough time to upgrade.
  • But don't forget that many people including me use a WP as their secondary device, we upgrade our primary phones every year not secondary......
  • Will be interesting to see if MS will follow its own recommendations for premium phone thickness... would be really nice if 950 actually is less than 7.5m thick. :)
  • I was just about to comment on this. I am sure they will meet or exceed their own recommendations. The 950XL is reported to be "very thin" and "between 7-8mm" (, but up until now, I wasn't getting my hopes up for anything less than 9-10mm. My 925 is 8.5mm, and is one of the thinnest Lumias as far as I know. The iPhone 6S and Plus are 7.1mm and 7.3mm respectively. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge are 6.8mm and 7.0mm respectively. I expect that given the 7.5mm upper limit Microsoft has set, we will see the 950/XL line come in around 7mm. This wafer form factor should help the two phones feel much more premium in person.
  • Let's hope so! I agree, it would go a long way towards making the 950/XL design more attractive. Especially if the cover is solid and not creaky, and does not come off too easily (like I feel the one in 830 does with every little bang - which on the other makes it durably as energy dissipates).
  • What my window phone 640 xl is value phone
  • And?
  • take alook
  • Off topic:I have to reset my tablet because the start menu stopped working besides the start screen was more stable then the startmenu
  • Great.
  • Remember when a camera hardware button was required? Those were the days!
  • Yes.
  • I think it's time they bump up the storage available on low-end phones to at least 16GB. 8GB is in-sufficient until and unless you have a micro-SD card, which adds to the cost of those looking for such low-end phones.
  • Ok so it means that a "Value Phablet" will run x86 apps/programs if run with Intel? Surface Phone? anyone?
  • Premium phone has only 2GB RAM? Could have put 3GB.(Not that windows isn't fast on 2GB, it is as smooth as best of Android and ios)
  • its kind of okk bro....1 gb for value phones, 2 gb for premiums or high ends, 3 gb for flagships (950 & 950XL) & then finaly 4 gb for a rumored surface phone.
  • So windows hello and continum is coming for phones as well. Wow
  • I wish they start pushing for more than just candy bar and slab form factors. We need form factors that will allow for landscape qwerty sliders.
  • 1k likes for your comment.
  • Shit I thought all windows 10 mobile preloaded Lumia are going to have continuum....
  • Sounds like a bunch of overpriced crap recommendations on the phone side...1GB RAM and 8GB storage are totally outdated in 2015. Reasonably priced flagship phones like the OnePl;us One come with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage for just $300, 16GB storage for just $250. If they're planning on playing Apple's rip-off price game, it'll fail just like the Surface RT did... On the contrary, if they're selling something like the following at Apple's price, I'd proudly grab one instantly. Money is no problem, just hate ripoffs with a passion.