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The Microsoft HoloLens Galaxy Explorer team tries to fix bugs in latest video

HoloLens and Microsoft Windows logo
HoloLens and Microsoft Windows logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

The small team at Microsoft that is working on the Galaxy Explorer for the HoloLens headset is getting closer to completing its six-week development cycle. In the latest video chronicling the team's work, it shows its members testing out the app and trying to find and fix bugs.

The video shows team members wearing the HoloLens to find things that are inaccurate, from a technical aspect, while also trying to make the Galaxy Explorer app look good. At one point, the team found what is technically a bug that occurs in the transition from the galaxy to Earth's solar system. While the bug didn't scale the transition correctly, it did create an effect of blurry to fine detail in the art. It remains to be seen if this "bug" in fact turns out to be a feature in Galaxy Explorer.

After the six-week development of Galaxy Explorer is complete, Microsoft plans to release the app for free and make it an open source project so that developers can look at the code as a guide for making their own HoloLens app, or even to add to the Galaxy Explorer app with new content. Invites to pre-order the HoloLens Development Edtion have been sent out to some developers, with the first units scheduled to ship some time at the end of March for the price of $3,000.

Apply for Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition

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  • ₹2,00,000...
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