Microsoft increases marketing efforts in Middle East with a suite of WP7 applications

Microsoft Gulf, a division of the company that is based in the Middle East, is increasing its efforts to make WP7 more accessible and usable to their customers who live in the region. By partnering with digital marketing firm Prototype, Microsoft plans to bring a number of new applications to the Windows Phone Marketplace, all of which are built for purposes and businesses that are unique to the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The list of new apps includes titles like Time Out Dubai, to give users access to restaurant reviews and locations; Aramex, for tracking courier shipments; and mParc, an exclusive Windows Phone Mango app that will give users instant access to Dubai's paid parking lots.

As more of these localized apps are built, Microsoft is making it clear that they intend to spend their massive marketing budget wisely to increase their WP7 user-base. Expect to see more such programs launched worldwide as not only Microsoft, but soon Nokia, continue to integrate WP7 into the world of smartphone users.

Source: IT Pro Portal

  • BlackBerry is still the strongest brand here in UAE, the 2nd is iPhone ..... Android is getting to be slightly popular...The only WP7 phones I have ever seen here are Samsung Omnia 7, HTC Mozart and HTC HD7...(all NoDo phones) and they are very unpopular because doesnt support Arabic input from the day one they released to the market.Also, people here like instant messaging like BBM, iPhone brought iMessage which is a serious rival to BBM since it supports iPads too.It is high time, Microsoft did the same. Man, you have had Windows Live Messenger for ages and its a known brand, why on the earth you did not put it into WP7 phones?
  • They better bring MS Points first otherwise no one will be able to buy anything.