Microsoft India releases a fun promo video for Xbox One

Microsoft India has released a fun promotional video for Xbox One - #AIBMeetsXboxOne - showcasing the gaming culture in India. The video features India's leading standup comedians Gursimran Khamba, Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, and Ashish Shakiya from the popular comedy group All India Bakchod, usually abbreviated as AIB.

The video mocks gaming identities compares Xbox One features with older consoles and experiences and showcases the life of a console gamer today.

Incidentally, the video is released around an ongoing March Madness campaign on Amazon India. As part of the Xbox March Madness offer, customers can get ₹10,000 off on standalone Xbox One until March 31, 2015. Check this link (opens in new tab) for details.

It's a fun video, and almost universal in observations that most gamers would identify with. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles, so you might miss a few lines in regional languages although the video is primarily in English. Have a look at it, and tell us your similar experiences.

Abhishek Baxi
  • Really hate these AIB guys. Don't know if they would help sell XBox any better.
  • Okay.
  • I like them
  • I think you are the only one who hates good sensible comedy.
  • Ohh u says..AIB is a good sensible comedy..! Haha joke of day,,!
  • What was sensible in their comedy? Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.. Seriously comedy is what that makes anyone laugh without hurting anyone
  • Talking about sensible comedy..! " comedy nights with Kapil"
  • These AIB ppl are instead tarnishing the Microsoft's goodwill SMH
  • Really like AIB. Not sure why would anyone hate them.
  • Lol..... That's funny...... :D
  • Yer.. "wazzup douchebag" ahah I had the lolz. Light hearted. Made me smile :)
  • Bhench... Benchpress karta toh... Hahaha :D
  • I wish the offer was upto may 31. May 17 ko to exam khatam honge yaar usse pehele kaise kharide!
  • CA exams?
  • Yea xD
  • Hehehe.. AIB is awesome :)
  • I think I'm the only Indian who hasn't seen their Knockout video.
  • Me too I like them...have seen every other vid of there's but not this...cuz that is not how you roast
  • That what indian do at cinema is best of their collection
  • No we don't need another roost.
  • These AiB guys made just one roast video and catered it too immature audience of India (by immature I don't mean backward just not used to such things) and boom they have attention of the whole India and now MSFT's too.
  • Really, I mean offense but I think I must respectfully disagree with you. Some of my good friends watched the video and they didn't like it too. Maybe its a perception problem? It really dis get MSFT 's attention though. Lol.
  • I didn't like it to at certain points. Especially considering the fact that Karan Johar's mother was in the front row. And he imitating all kinds of sex position.
  • His mother had sex... Ergo he exist... There's no point in your existence if cant talk about the cause of it.
  • Lol..
  • All hail AIB...these guys seriously rock...kind of like bad ass youth icons...make them use some that's good marketing
  • Mummy light gayi kya? Lol
  • Computer band kar warna battery khatam ho jaayegi. :P
  • Every one should watch this video.
  • That's hilarious
  • Very happy to see that some of the guys here think that making a roast that involves offensive and abusive language will make you a youth icon. Wow! AIB certainly aren't youth icons and MSFT shot themselves on the foot by using these controversial artists to promote a good brand such as XBox.
  • Grow up kid
  • Was expecting a comment like this from 'kids' like you. So thanks.
  • Haha, ab baccha bado Ko baccha balne loga
  • Go watch the AIB roast, kiddo. Don't waste ur time in WCentral.
  • Exaclty grow up kid
  • What's with you guys, exactly? Why are you so hell bent in defending these guys? And how old are you exactly? 16?
  • C'mon! You're aware what commercial videos are meant for ain't you? I'm not a fan of AIB either. But the sole purpose of the video was to attract viewers into buying their products should they entertain viewers the way people like no matter who they are, then there's this to it! xD
  • Well see asshole, the AIB folks attracts youths no matter what they do and the gaming consoles are mostly used/owned by the youths only. So....
  • Hmmm. Here you are behaving like a 16 year old
  • Ok. U won the internet. Now shut up.
  • I have no clue who these guys are and what a roast video is, but I thought that xbox video was amusing. I know little about indian culture. In America we have plenty of comedians, like Eddie Murphy, who use offensive and abusive language in one video and also do family movies.
  • And being a cliché critic doesn't make you a youth icon. Atleast those guys are making themselves heard and have a point and a life.
    What are you getting to? Your criticism is blunt, pointless. You don't like them. Dont watch them. You are no youth icon by commenting hate for guys who are atleast successful in what they want to achieve and are being hired by huge companies like msft. Profit?
  • What a crybaby u are. I never said I am a youth icon. I voiced my opinion. So u don't have to reply to my comment and go bark somewhere else. And it seems like you are a teenager with people issues.
  • Using words like blunt pointless and so on doesn't even justify your point. Just because you know some words doesn't make you some wise guy. Why don't you prove why my opinion is blunt and pointless? Or maybe argue with ur friends.
  • And i know quite a few 16 year olds who are more mature than you.
  • Lol. Owned. XD
  • Ads have no bearing on who promotes if it gets the job done. It has to be catchy and leave a lingering background thought. What was great about washing powder Nirma ad? This ad was not as weird or bad as you are stating it to be, I have seen worse. I was expecting more from AIB though.
  • Lol...awesome video...a true picture of indian scenario...wrt gaming seriously ;D
  • Awesome video, AIB Rocks
  • :O AIB in Microsoft ad. Kar di bakchodi :P
  • AIB folks are attention seekers! Group of overrated and self proclaimed comedians who think abusing is only medium of success. I used to like their earlier videos but AIB-Roast showed who they are!
  • And the show was funny. People who cant take roast for a roast can never appreciate it. Its once you elevate yourself that someone calling you MC, BC does not mean anything in real world that you can laugh about it. I was lucky to learn that in college. I am not saying people who take offense are bad or anything just that they are not able to see another viewpoint. You calling me swear words should have,no impact on me or family but still half of population cannot take it.
  • This was funny. No amount of voodoo could get a Nintendo cartridge working when you needed that gaming fix most.
  • Couldn't agree more. The knockout video that featured Rnvir Singh n others was boring AF, wasn't even funny.
  • wow windows central is being incredibly late reporting some stuff lately.
  • And where exactly did the sky fall?
  • On your head I think
  • Awe man... That's why I thought I read something miserable in comments. It must be due to the hit...
  • Awesome video!!
  • I hope it doesn't get banned
  • India -no country for funny men
  • Its nice they were able to get their tech support to throw this together. Lol
  • Better to get Shahrukh or they already a huge fan of Nokia..!
  • They are but how nokia devices are dead now. Time to move on for Hollywood they could get Stallone.
  •   That's awesome! Microsoft should have ads like this in the US too. 
  • They would really help augment the sell of Xbox one in India. They are hilarious man. The real essence of gaming in India is very nicely dramatized.
    It was a fun video at the same time using it to promote a product. It was meant to be taken on a lighter note not finding faults with the actors. The endeavour was successful.
  • I have no idea who these guys are but that's funny
  • Horrible AIB. It's the worst thing on TV. Got the shock of my life when Microsoft tied up with them. They are worlds apart. Xbox name is tarnished due to this.