On stage at Build 2016, Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer spoke about the expanded gaming support that will be coming to Windows 10. Game developers will have added support for several new options, including the ability to repackage their Win32 games for Windows 10 through the desktop app converter.

When building a Universal Windows Platform game, developers will now be able to do things like disable V-Sync. There will also be official UWP support for the creation of mods, overlays, and other customizations. It will also be easier to add support for mice, keyboards, and controllers, along with Live Tiles and notifications.

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To experiment with these new features, Microsoft partnered with CD Projekt Red, to bring their game The Witcher II to the Universal Windows Platform, running at its full possible framerate. Age of Empires II was also converted, including the game's support for Steam.

Stay tuned to the Windows Central live blog of today's keynote for more.